Monday 28th November 2016: Inchcock Today: Nottingham City Hospital for INR Blood Tests, then the protracted marathon started!


Monday 28th November 2016

In Gujarati: સોમવારે 28 નવેમ્બર 2016

0040hrs: Woken, I battling to recall the dreams I just knew that I’d had. Only bits were available from within the depths of my confused and at times almost uncontrollable memory. Oh, that sounded good! Being chased again and something about flowers, giant flowers?

I laid here, pondering on what duties were required today. Got to go to the Nottingham City Hospital this morning for the haematology Warfarin INR blood level test. Then to go to Bulwell if time, to have a look in Fulton Foods and then the cheap-shop for any bargains, and feed the mallards.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and assessed the ailments as I walked into the kitchen to make a brew. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve and Duodenal Daniel all felt calm at the moment, only Little Inchies Lesion was going to be an immediate problem; I felt the warm wet sensation as I walked, Humph!

Into the wetroom and cleaned things up best I could, the stopped bleeding after a few minutes and I applied some Dakacort Cream for now. I’ll apply some Betamethasone after I have my shower later. Uncomfortable feeling down there now? Put in new hearing aid batteries and cleaned the tubing.

I was glad I’d woken so early, cause it gives me time to do some diary work, Facebooking and graphicalisationing before I’d have to leave early to walk to the hospital to arrive early so I can save time waiting in a larger queue if I arrive later. If that sounds right?

Got the computer on and updated these diaries first. Predestinately, Duodenal Daniel started giving me grief then.

Did a few graphics for the TFZer folk site.

bishirley marieh-aged2

Got the kettle on ready to take the medications. Both bottles of milk, full cream and semi-skimmed had gone off! Fancy that! Have to get some in Bulwell today.

1mon01Ablutions were done in a Stand-at-the-sink style, too early to use the shower and disturb the neighbours.

All ready and set off on the hike to the Nottingham City Hospital Haematology Department to have my INR Warfarin blood level test done.

The journey, setting off in the semi-1mon02darkness was fascinating in many ways I observed the faces of some of the drivers as they passed by, a certain lamentable Monday morning expression of… what’s the words I’m looking for here? Er, erm, Regretfulness, resignation and a drugged-up stare of desperation.

To Mansfield Road and down Edwards Lane, then left onto the Ring 1mon03Road.

Where the first of many a pavement cyclist during the day, nearly hit me as he belted by and then did the same to a school lad further on.

I crossed at these lights on the left, nd continued along to the next junction and traffic Island, where I was to turn right into Hucknall Road where the 1mon04City Hospital entrance for my blood taking session was.

A sudden lack of traffic at this place when the photographicalisation on the left here was taken.

Wondered up passing the GUM clinic and right into the main building and took a ticket and joined the queue for the blood letting sessions. Hehe! There was a trainee nurse doing me, and when she said, as she stuck the needle  into the vein; “Just a little prick here…” I resisted replying; “Oh, are my flies undone then?” I was soon all done, thanked them and gave the1mon07m their nibbles, which they appreciated.

Made my way to the bus-stop and realised it was far too early yet, for me to use my beloved and much valued Free Pensioners Bus Pass. I was loath to pay cash, but decided it must be done… then… I realised that I’d no coin-cash with me! What a plonker!

I pondered on what was to be done. I settled on having a further marathon walk into Bulwell instead of using the bus, as Anne Gyna the legs and feet were not feeling too bad at the moment after the walk from the flats. Thought this was a good idea at the time.

1mon191mon08Never again.

Out onto Hucknall Road, avoiding a few pavement cyclists along the way.

I got a call on the mobile, the firs tone for months, and wondered what that strange noise was coming from (New hearing aid batteries put in this morning), but missed the call, they rang again, and it was the new receptionist from the GP surgery. She reminded me that I had not attended for my INR blood level test. I explained, a tad sarcastically I’m afraid: “I usually get an email reminder from the surgery, along with an appointment to see the nurse for the next Monday. I didn’t this week, so the results that come two days later makes it impossible for me to book an appointment cause you are alway too full for the day they tell me to attend and have it done. She said, ‘Well I have a free appointment for Wednesday evening…’ No, I said, Wednesdays I leave free to stay in so I can arrange for the laundry collection, cleaning ladies, any deliveries of food, the Chiropodist, etc. so I’m in when they arrive. That is why I leave Mondays and Tuesday free for the INR blood test. Told her I’d just finished having it at the City Hospital and she said: ‘Oh well, you’ve had it done’ and rang off. I sense future altercations between my and this new Obergruppenfurher receptionist?

1mon09 1mon10By the time the conversation ended, I’d walked as far as Basford. Turned right along Bulwell Lane and proceeded through Highbury Vale and into Bulwell. Now the feet and Anne Gyna were starting off. And I needed a leak badly.

Avoiding more pavement cyclists, I eventually got into Bulwell. Where I did an awful lot of shop searching for bargains.

Went into Fulton Foods first, no PeaRice snacks there so came out and went to the cheapo out-of-date shop. None there either. To Farmfoods and got nothing there. Then to Heron Foods, where I got a packet of cubed seasoned potatoes for only 75p and some milk. Then the B&M, where I did get two pairs of 1mon11heavy duty work socks. Popped into Poundland shop, nothing there.

Made for the tram station, stopping off to feed the mallard ducks on the river Lean, but they were not eating at all. Still, the pigeons saw the food off without any delay.

Got on the tram, and it was pretty full, and there sat a young lady using her 1mon12aphone, which she did for the entire journey, with her feet on the seat and people were standing? She did take her feet off the seat when I gave her a glare but put her bag on it so nobody could use the place! Inconsiderate thing her. The tram got busier than ever as it approached the City Centre, and a lady removed the girl’s bag and sat down, the girl just carried on using her phone. Good for the elderly woman!

I dropped off at the Theatre Royal and went to Tesco in the Victoria Centre, and managed to get some Seaweed cheesies and Sourdough bread at last. Got two loaves, hoping there would be room in the freezer. To the upper floor and got some nuts from the market stall.

As I left out over the walkover, to the left was a fire engine, right a police van.1mon151mon16

1mon17No idea what had occurred. Walked through Clinton Street to the bus stop.

The feet were stinging badly now, and the only public toilets were closed. Oh heck!

Caught the L9 bus back, met a fellow tenant and we had a chinwag en route. This helped me to forget the bladder urgency.

Glad the self-imposed hike was over.

Of course, it took a lot longer for me than the forecast in the piccy below.
With me limp and calling at the Haematology for the Blood Test with the very nice nurses, then once in Bulwell, I visited many shops in search of bargains, of which I only got one. Took me around 4h 15min to get this done and to the station to catch the tram home, that took a further few minutes. (an hour or so), then the 40-minute bus ride home.
Shattered I was! Hehehe. Only me to blame, though.

1mon20Not sure the 4.432 miles was as far as that? The timing was well short of the actual time taken of course.

1mon18Back at the flat, a desperate and painful WRWW, ahh! And got the meal prepared and cooking.

Used the last of the chicken legs, beetroot, tomato and the seasoned potato cubes.

Not too bad a plateful. The sourdough bread was gorgeous.

As for doing anything with the mind numbed by fatigue and the aching feet and Anne Gyna in a bad mood with me, nothing was done really, I just flaked out.