Inchcock Today Tuesday 1st November 2016: Bewilderment, befuddlement and bemusement Whoopsiedangleplop day!


Tuesday 1st November 2016

Up, out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and down to the laundry room, washing in the machine and back up to the flat and computer on all by 0205hrs. WRHD session, only a little bleeding and hassle.

0210hrs, down to the laundry room and got the washing going on Quick Mode. Back up the lift t’flat and on the computer again.

2tue020240hrs, Down and moved the things into the dryer, wiped the machines. Up and did some work on the computer. Started work on the diaries and graphicationalisationing.

0345hrs, To the laundry room again, folded the things into the bag, cleaned out the filter and wiped the machine and sink area surfaces down.

Put the clobber away in the airing cupboard and hung some up, readied the powder, capsules, freshener and droplets for the next session and brought them in the empty laundry bag ready.

2tue05 Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. At this stage, 045hrs, the first Whoppsiedangleplop of the day occurred. I dropped the pot of tablets, bent down to retrieve it and knocked the bottle of antacid off the kitchen counter and what a horrible mess it made as the bottle broke and the medicine looked like gunge and stuck like gunge to the kitchen floor! Picking out the brown glass bits was easy compared to cleaning up the liquid that had clung to the floor like a moveable glue!

2tue03Tried using paper towels but that wasn’t very successful, so I got the mop and bucket out – eventually the floor was presentable it – but it took as long again to get the mop and bucket cleaned, and it took two rolls of Blitz kitchen towels, flash liquid, bleach, washing up liquid and a lot of swearing to clean the sink that I cleaned the mop and bucket in!

But at least I was happy at getting the things cleaned up rather well, even if it did take me ages. And it did too, I reckon it was around 0540hrs by the time all was sorted, well over an hour. Tsk!

2tue04Good job I’d just collected this month’s two bottles yesterday. So I started the last one off.

I’ll have to ask for a prescription for another bottle when I pass the surgery, that’ll make me very popular with the staff!

Thinking of all the hassle and effort it took to get the stuff off of the floor, and they tell me to take four doses of the stuff a day?

No wonder I’m having troubles with my WRHD sessions is it? Hehehe!

I checked some paperwork waiting to be sorted and put away, and found the hospital appointment for November and realised it was a Serologist the arrangement was for me to meet.

Had to look up Serologist on Google. Turns out he or she is a specialist in bodily fluids – blood, serum, saliva, etc. Then I looked up what serum was. It told me it was: An amber-coloured, protein-rich liquid which separates out when blood coagulates. So now I know, being on Warfarin which thins the blood to avoid coagulation. I wish they wouldn’t confuse with changing the names. Haha!

Reading this reminded me to check the emails in case I’d received any from the surgery about yesterday’s INR test. Nothing from the NHS in it. Plenty of Can-We-Sell-You-Something Emails, though. Asda, HP, CorelDraw, Serif and Epson being amongst them.

Eventually got back on the computer, with my wrinkled hands and fingers after the marathon cleaning up operation, and got on switching between the diary and doing graphics, and Facebooking.

Realised I could not remember the pin number for the new card! Duncan said he’s put his phone number in the mobile, but I could not find it? I’ll have to see them at the bank for advice.

Got the ablutions done post haste so I could catch the half-past bus.

A gossip with a couple of residents at the bus stop. The L9 bus came on time, and I was soon in town. Well, with 35 minutes.

2tue06Made my way straight to the bank and they couldn’t find Duncan’s number on my mobile. I needed to call him cause he knew where I’d concealed the number, Humpf!

It’ll take five working days for them to get me a new pin number.

Running out of money here!

Came out of the bank and nearly got hit my a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on Exchange Walk! Not surprising, there were dozens of them about.

2tue112tue12Nipped down to Broad Marsh, to take a photograph of a particular area to put on a Nottingham site, along with one from the 1950’s.

2tue07Back up to the Slab Square, where they SSE electric company workmen were busy setting up the Christmas decorations, on and around the Council House.

Waltzed (Well I use the term waltzed but…Hehe!) up King Street and down Upper Parliament Street, left up Milton Street, across that and hobbled through the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and out the other end, over Glasshouse Street to Huntingdon Street, across that and into the Aldi store.

2tue13Where I was in luck today.

I got some Gnocchi potatoes, Tomato & Mushroom sauce and some Pea & Rice nibbles for after the nosh. I added a tin of mini sausages to go in the sauce later, and I already had some Ciabatti cobs at home, they’ll need doing in the oven for a few minutes. The Gnocchi can be done in another saucepan, they only need simmering in boiling water until the food rises to the top the instructions say.

2tue08Walked back through the Victoria Mall (Centre) and noticed this Pizza place, The Stonebaked Pizza Company. Four staff and no customers.

Another one to close down soon I expect?

Out onto Mansfield Road and around the corner to catch the L9 bus.

There were no Woodthorpe or Winchester Court tenants at the stop, which is rare.

2tue09I took a picture from the bus stop, facing where the bus would arrive from. Can you see some of Fothergill Watson designed building on the left-hand side?

The bus came, and I had a chinwag with a lady passenger en route. Lovely lady, she was telling me about her family and the problems she was having.

2tue10At the flats stop, I found Mary, having a rest on the bench there, before she carried on into the flats. I stayed with her, and we had a gossip.

She was in fine form today. She let me take her photo twice! The on you see here, and one where she was pointing at the metal lattice seat. This is the one where I took a photograph of a ladybird last week for the TFZers on Facebook.

I walked Mary to her flat, gave her some nibbles, then got the lift again up to mine. Where a WRWW was tended to with a degree of urgency. Hehe!

Put the bits away and had a search for the missing PIN number, then realised the Bank had suspended it anyway, while they arrange to send me a new one.

Got the computer going and updated this rubbish.

Then did a bit of Facebooking again, and some graphicationalisationing was done.

2tue13Got the meal prepared.  Put the sauce, and mini sausages in a saucepan were slowly warming.

Ciabatti cobs in the oven for five minutes.

A big pan of boiling water and added the Gnocchi.

Served it up in the bowl, and this helped me forget the terrible accident prone, frustrating and embarrassing day I’d had, as I savoured the wonderful taste of the meal.

Washing up afterwards took a while.

Put a DVD on and fell asleep.