Inchcock Today Wednesday 9th November 2016: Another day stuck indoors, Tsk!


Wednesday 9th November 2016

In Punjabi: ਬੁੱਧਵਾਰ 9 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2016

Awful stomach ache when I woke around 0200hrs this morning. I chunted away to myself, tried to recall the dreams without any luck, passed wind then dismounted the £300 shuddering second-hand recliner and to the porcelain for a WRHD session. Nothing happened. all wind?

3wed02Got the clothes in the  washing bag and plodded down to the laundry room. (Got dressed first like… Hehe!).

Someone had beaten me to it today, their wash had about 7 minutes left on the cycle. I got the washing going and returned up to the apartment and started work on yesterdays diary.

Down to move the things into the dryer, but whoever had used the washer had utilised the best of the dryers. So I used the dodgy one.

Noticed a new sign on the message board near the lifts; A bloke had got into the flats and was trying to sell cigarettes at £100 a pack of 200 to a resident, who told him he had no money, and the bloke said he’s go with him to the cash dispenser to get some! Dodgy!

Back up to the computer and started this diary off.

WRHD session again, success this time. The innards started twinging again after the session.

0345hrs: Down to collect the laundry.


I took a photographicalisation of the notice on the wall. Since I noticed this an hour or so ago, someone has added some writing to the bottom of the page. I think is says; Wheres the disabled badge ??? gone to! Not the best of grammar. Any idea what the word I cannot decipher is please?

Up to 72 again, put the clothes away, I now have an odd sock again? Tsk!

cabh2 Funny ode here.

The Gammarly add-0n is not working again.

CorelDraw to do a graphicalisation to post later.

G0t it done and posted. then did a poem and graphics of a humourous nature.

Facebooked a while.

Carried out the ablutions.

3wed06Acedia brought on by the miserable weather, a bit of snow that cleared then rain with a freezing fog and amber warnings to drivers and old folk on the radio!

Floods anticipated and ice tonight to follow. Oh ‘eck!

Waiting now for the Hygeine Operative to arrive. Hope they are not late, then I can get out and to Asda-Walmart to get some Polish bacon Block, if they have any in. But with the weather forecast being so bad, I’ll top up with essentials I think.

Updated this, and noticed the grumbling innards had eased off. Nice!

MC cleaners arrived, had to titivate the kitchen after they had cleaned it! Still the htree of us had a laugh.

I got an HP update, HP BIOS Recovery Update  and it took over an hour and a half to download and install, with me having to (nervously) make choices on the way. The computer restarted and I still have no idea what I’d allowed HP to make changes to?

Moments later, Windows Updates came in, I opted for Update and restart, moments later the restart took place. The configuring took about an hour, the installing another hour.

3wed07 Facebooking done despite my being so tired by now. some lovely comments tonoght.

The nosh was got ready. Stewed steak (tin) Gigantic slow boiled potato, Crock-Pot vegetables and some bread to soak up the gravy.

Lemon yoghourt and a packet of the Pea Rice 3wed09vinegar flavoured thingamobobs to follow.

Though not in that order.

Medications taken, creams applied and the last of the Amoxiparin injections injected.

Started coughing a bit. I’ll be glad when they come to get the heating going again, I hope Deana remembered to call them for me?

The cut, swelling or whatever it is on the top and the internal bleeding on the bottom of my eyelid started stinging again. Arkward place to apply cream on, so I just tried to dab it with clear warm water.

Viewing the Goggle-Box was not easy with the eye problem, couldn’t read, and computer work is difficult, seems to get a lot worse as I tire?

Soon nodded off.