The Amazing Mikhail Steedenski Mystery Photographicalisation


Naturally, any mispelling found in this post was dun on purpose like.



Mikhail showing off his talent of transmogrification?

Or should that be transfiguration or transmutation?

Whichever; Marissa, Rachel and Duncan are showing elation,

His ping-pong skills and his 007 imitation,

His shady character, driller or a PC at the station,

His snogging with Shirl, gets no castigation,

I think they others may be about to give him an ovation,

Rachel in red seems to like them, offering her beautiful smile,

Marissa in black, sober and overjoyed for a while?

Duncan’s looks suspicious, thinks this might all be an halucination?

Confusing; might there be a table-tennis match invasion?

What do you make of Mikhail’s skills of duplication?

Can it be he’s an alien from another nation?

Is this they see, an out-of-this-world eerie occasion?

Marissa noted, there was no Claret bottles around Mikhails location,

Could this be true, or just an assignation?

So, she nipped into the house, to his work-station…


Blimey! She found another Mikhail, guzzling wine, some were Malasian,

They instantly formed an affiliation,

Got sozzled, with a healthy enjoyable determination!

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