Inchcock Today (In Rhyme): Thurs 12 Mar 2020: Inanity domineered day!

2020 Mar 12

2020 tttMar12

Thursday 12th March 2020

Hmong: Hnub Thursday 12 Lub Peb Hlis 2020

000 Mar 12

Bad, bad day!

Not the ailments to blame,

It was the brain I could not contain,

My logicality was just the same,

No one, but myself to blame!



Horrible day,

Concentration went away,

Much graphicalisationing,

In fact, I was addicted,

The end was being predicted,

I forgot things before I remembered them,

I was coughing and bringing up phlegm,

Signs of concentration, precious few, a gem,

Thoughts of giving up, I could not stem!


The mind in a tizzy and stew,

So bad, I rarely made a brew,

I think I might be getting the flu,

I pressed on, Dizzy Dennis making me feel blue,

The mind, all of a hullabaloo,

Shaking Shoulder Shirley was with me too,

I felt in another world, I can tell you!


Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failing,

I felt like sobbing and wailing,

The brain was confused, unavailing,

Life was not plain sailing,

Forever pain and ailing,

Depression was prevailing,

I could do with some wassailing,

But my hopes were failing!

Will I ever again, go abseiling?


The grey-cells thoughts were tangled, here and there,

My shattered hopes, now beyond repair,

I’d almost finished updating this blog,

Believe me, it had been a hard slog!

After hours and hours, I felt all agog,

Computerising, I got the shakes,

I lost this diary, ‘For Gawd’s Sake!’

Demoralised, hit by an emotional earthquake,

How much more, can I take?

WDP 13eR


Inccockski. Sat 7 Sept 19: A melee-like medley of mishaps!

2019 Sept 07

2019 Sept 07

Saturday 7th September 2019

Hebrew: שבת 7 בספטמבר 2019


WD 150.0.0 02:45hrs: I stirred awake, shivering with cold, and forced myself to evacuate the Brother-in-Law Pete damaged while he was flat-sitting, when I was in hospital, as he fitted new CCTC cameras, and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, I still haven’t got them back yet four-months later, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating and rotting-away recliner, and get the dressing gown on my goose-pimpled gross body. Brr!

WD 150.0.0 Taking a wee-wee in the unused overnight GPB (Grey-Plastic-Bucket). Which caught me out with its USBUWSS (Ultra-Slow-But-Uncontrollable-Weak-Sprinkly) nature! Also, my whipping down the PPs without thinking, and the dried blood from Little Inchies leaking fungal lesion got torn off, and the blood flowed afresh! (I believe a silently cursed, using language that I usually wouldn’t have, with the shock of the pain!)

While cleansing things and tidying up, I had a moment of… what’re the words, erm, err… ‘Feeling a bit sorry for missen’ I suppose! This was not good. But all the things going wrong, and carrying on from last night, just got a bit much for me, I reckon. I decided the therapy I needed was to get some work done. So I decided to sort things out, and then get the kitchen windows cleaned as best I could. So, off to the kitchen.

Got the handwashing I’d left soaking overnight, rinsed and refreshed with the ylang scented Wilko stuff. I needed a new bottle, so I hobbled (painfully, the RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) was still giving me grief), to the junk room mark two, to fetch a new bottle.

WD 150.0.0 Clouting my elbow on the door handle on the way back, and dropping the container, which landed on my right foot. At least it didn’t burst open! I got the clobber on the stand-up airer. Had a wee-wee of the freakish BOBSL (Blasting-Out-But-Short-Lived) mode.

WD 150.0.0 When it came to taking the morning medication, it came to light that I had missed taking last night’s! So, the getting to usual lately performance of trying to identify which were the tablets to not duplicate was done, and both doses were imbibed. 

WD 150.0.0 I set about getting the things out to do the windows with and had to divert to the wet room and the Throne. Under-‘rotten’-believable! What an evacuation. Right back to the solid, flesh-tearing, wait-for-it, mode! Argh!  My spirit and determination were wavering now!

6Sat02WD 150.0.0 WD 150.0.0a Back to the kitchen, took a picture of the wonderful sky.

Then moved the gear away, and got the spray and kitchen towels nearby. Up the stepladder… then fell off of it, backwards! No idea why, but I didn’t have a Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance from the leg? As I was struggling to get back up, so I could nurse my head, that I’d banged on the way down, I thought: What can I do? The chap who Jenny got in touch with said he was coming to see me about cleaning the windows last Saturday, but did not arrive. Maybe he meant another Saturday, and I got it wrong again. I came out of the Accifauxpas in remarkably good condition really. A little bang on the arm and the clout on the head was all I suffered. But the body was aching a bit in places.

6Sat01Mind you, the nut was throbbing away!

I checked out the legs for ant damage, and to my utter amazement, apart from a tiny bit of a mark on my right ankle, they looked just fine?

I began to question my ability to live a normal life.

I left the mess in the kitchen after making a brew, (I really wasn’t interested in doing anything in the cleaning up stakes, now) and in a morose frame of mind, I got the computer on to update the Friday blog.

5Fri20fWD 150.0.0 On selecting the photographs to go on, I put the wrong one for the nosh on the post. This is the one that should have gone on! Fancy me making a mistake. Humph!

WD 150.0.0 A confirmation email from Amazon arrived, to inform me that the two tomatoe slicers I’d ordered were due to be delivered this Sunday. How I managed to order two, I just don’t know. But, thinking about it, I am surely assured that I will either lose one or break one, so it might yet prove to be a good idea? Oy Vey!


WD 150.0.0 Anything to avoid any more cuts. Especially with the Sherrington Park Medical Practise, currently impossible to contact, I tried nineteen times on the phone this week to contact them, fifteen times in one day!  And leaving me in a right state over their lack of interest in my Warfarin INR levels, or arranging any test! The last time I heard from them, by email, they wanted to know if I still wanted a nurse to call to take the blood; if so, they will arrange for it. I sent a reply message saying yes please and thank you. That was three weeks ago. Now I can’t even get to ask them why no nurse arrived, and I do not know the level or how many Warfarin tablets to take! Warden Deana was busy with the opening of the Winwood Court and burying of the time capsule (Last Monday). So, no help there. I still do not know if or when the next test is due after the missed one! Am I so hated? Why are they ignoring me? Have I too many issues and ailments for them? Why am I asking these questions?

Anyway, with so many surgeries shut down through not coming up to scratch, I imagine they are getting an influx of new patients. Which will probably result in the Grim Reaper taking me earlier than I would have liked, but who is interested? I’m not coping well at all with the hassle and lack of concern. Let him come!

I pressed on and got the Friday post finished. The hands and fingertips are not so bothersome at the moment. The head still aches, Hehe!

Made a start on this blog, and then stopped to get the ablutions sorted out. Just in case the window cleaner man might call. Mmm?

Things must be improving, the shave, teggies and shower session, held only two dropsies!

Virg 150.0.0

Gave up. Decided to go to Sherwood to see if any of the shops had any shortcrust cakes in stock.

6Sat03I got the trolley and myself all ready, forgetting to take the black bags I made up in the kitchen and left, to find the three-flats foyer in darkness. The new light put in by the same electricians who cut my power for nine-hours, when putting in the Fire-Alarm sprinkler system I’ve little confidence in them working!) Not the NCH men who gave me the floods and destroyed my clothing in the airing cupboard, that people are even less interested in than my Doctor is in missing my Warfarin blood tests. They probably don’t even know it’s happened. I can’t get through on the phone to them. Oh, I’m getting niggly again! 

6Sat03aI wobbled through the cut-through passage to Winwood Court.

I checked to see if the broken locking mechanism had been mended yet, on the door out to the alfresco benches. No!

I got outside via the new Winwood Court Extra Care foyer door and made my way to the bus stop.

WD 150.0.0 I made the queue into three of us. It soon grew to about twelve of us. I enjoyed a nattering session. Despite my struggling to hear everything, as I had failed to put my hearing aids in. Malcolm told me how to get up to the rooftop seating on top of Winwood Court. There is a dedicated lift up and down! I thought I’d see how I was when I came back if well enough I might have a nip up take some photos?

WD 150.0.0 I thought about going on the outward-bound L9, in search of the flaky pastry biscuits. When the first bus arrived, without even thinking, I got on, to find it was the inward bound bus! Surprisingly this did not seem to bother me. I just thought I’d go to the Aldi store then, on Mapperley tops. I got off and took a photo to the left then right. And a zoomed-in one of my new destination.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I came out with, a BLT sarnie, rice-cakes, caramel bars for the nibble box. Sourdough baguettes, walnut halves, ham off-cuts and eight kitchen rolls. The kitchen paper was bought cause it was on offer. Carrying it home caused a bit of a kerfuffle, as it filled the spare carrier. In fact, the young man on the till packed the rolls into the carrier-bag for me. That was kind of him!

6Sat07The highlight of my mini-hobble home came as I got on the main road. A pavement cyclist also leaving the store stacked all his purchases in a carrier bag, on his little bar at the back of his bike’s seat, and rode within inches of me as he passed. A hundred yards or so further along Mapperley Top, his things fell off! It made a right mess for him to sort-out. In the end, he had to walk pushing his bike. 6Sat08There is a God!

Somewhat perked-up, now, I wobbled on and down Mapperley Rise. Where I took this photographicalisation. Regrettably, it came out looking nothing like how the eye saw the distant parts of the scene! Shame!

WD 150.0.0 Limping down the hill, turned out to be little more arduous than I wanted. The three-wheeler really doesn’t like going downhill on uneven ground. And the pavement got worse, more irregular dips, rise’s and pot-marks, the further I travelled. There was a couple of near-trips and falls en route, but I managed to stay on my now, painful feet. The brakes are not very useful on this trolley.

WD 150.0.0a When I reached the corner of Sherwood Vale, where I had to cross over, the road surface is as bad as they come. My closest call to a fall happened here. I did go down on one knee which pissed-off RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis)! But no injuries 6Sat09really. As I was trying to get up, a bloke who’d stopped his came over and asked if I was alright. Another humanitarian gesture! I thanked him and said I was fine, thank you.

I took this picture as I walked down to Chestnut Way and the Winwood Heights barren looking person-less area.

The planning as not be thought out too well. To avoid all the high pavements safely, would mean going onto the road all the time and back again.

As I neared the Gulag, I mean, flats, I decided I would have a walk up to the Extra Care Winwood Court sitting-out area, now Malcolm has told me how to get up there. They have a games room, with a sink, power-sockets, seats and tables, and a kitchen as well. I got in the one-stop lift, and a lady in there, sat at a table, gave me rum-look and said something, but couldn’t hear what she said.

I went out onto the terrace-top. There were no chairs as you will in the photos that I took  ad-lib:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6Sat21Inside of Winwood Courts dedicated lift, on my way back down. I didn’t see anyone at all on the walk home through the linking-passage to Woodthorpe Court.

I stopped for a while, something was not right. What was it? Ah, the silence! No banging from the flat above, no laughter, no fridge rattling away, no mystery whining sounds, no wind 6Sat22blowing through the holes in the wall and floor, courtesy of the builders and repairmen… still, you can’t expect it sound just like inside your Woodthorpe Court flat, can you?

And of course, it’s the weekend, many people going to see their families or being collected, that’s another reason for the lack of Winwoodonians about.

6Sat23I got in the apartment. No wee-weeing, no Porcelain Throne requirements, no new ailments acquired. Apart from a little bruise on the head still there from my falling off the stepladder earlier, and an even smaller injury-come-graze, on the knee, from the mini-fall on the road.

I got the fodder stored away.

6Sat24I got on with updating this blog, for hours, but the finger-ends were making it slow work. Eventually, the CIDP won, and I gave up working on the computer.

WD 150.0.0 I got the nosh prepared. The oven in the chips… now there’s a cock-up! I meant, Chips in the oven, and got the tomatoes sliced. Sliced the finger as well! Not really, just a knick under a fingernail again.

WD 150.0.0 So, there I was, limping around in the nude prepping the meal, and the Intercom light flashed (I couldn’t hear the pathetically week chiming it is supposed to give out). When I pressed the answer button, the picture of the caller, disappeared, and the picture screen came up ‘Picture Fault’. I pressed the door open button, but I was not sure if it had done so or not. Pushed the reset button, then the answer button, and got the picture back. No one in view. I assumed they had been let in by someone.

6Sat25I got the dressing gown on sharpish, and the door chime rang out. Guess who it was? It was the tomato slicer delivery from Amazon, that was due to arrive on Sunday. I thanked the lady and took the box into the kitchen and had a look at the slicer.

A shame it didn’t come half-an-hour earlier, it would have saved me losing the blood. Hehe! I just had to try it out. So I cleaned it, and sliced another tomato with it, and added it to the plate. Works alright, I have to be wary when cleaning the fixed blades.

6Sat26I got the handwashing done and hung.

Then sorted the meal out. I overdid the quantities, and could not eat it all, but what I did eat was flavoursome, a taste-rating of 7.5/10.

Got the washing-up done, and settled to watch some TV. Staying awake to see the England v 1Mon02Bulgaria Euro qualifying match. When I say stayed awake, I mean mostly. Half-time I drifted off.But came back to life when the match restarted.

At long last, the RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) was easing in the knees. It should just about have got to a bearable pain level, in time for Tuesday, and the next crippling, blood-curling, agony-ridden, depressing, After-Stroke physio session! Haha!


The Amazing Mikhail Steedenski Mystery Photographicalisation


Naturally, any mispelling found in this post was dun on purpose like.



Mikhail showing off his talent of transmogrification?

Or should that be transfiguration or transmutation?

Whichever; Marissa, Rachel and Duncan are showing elation,

His ping-pong skills and his 007 imitation,

His shady character, driller or a PC at the station,

His snogging with Shirl, gets no castigation,

I think they others may be about to give him an ovation,

Rachel in red seems to like them, offering her beautiful smile,

Marissa in black, sober and overjoyed for a while?

Duncan’s looks suspicious, thinks this might all be an halucination?

Confusing; might there be a table-tennis match invasion?

What do you make of Mikhail’s skills of duplication?

Can it be he’s an alien from another nation?

Is this they see, an out-of-this-world eerie occasion?

Marissa noted, there was no Claret bottles around Mikhails location,

Could this be true, or just an assignation?

So, she nipped into the house, to his work-station…


Blimey! She found another Mikhail, guzzling wine, some were Malasian,

They instantly formed an affiliation,

Got sozzled, with a healthy enjoyable determination!

Inchcock Today Saturday 15th October 2016: Stuck indoors all day, but I got a lot of graphicationalisationing done.


Saturday 15th October 2016

السبت 15 أكتوبر 2016

0245hrs: Awake and aching all over. Serves me right for having the marathon hobble yesterday. But Anne Gyna, Duo Denal, Rea Flux and Haem Aroid are all in a good mood this morning, glad to say.

The dreams, although I know I had them and thought they were depressing, left no memories of actual happenings in them. I do hate it when this happens.

kk02Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner for a WRWW. One of many that followed throughout the day. Huh! No demands for a WWHD yet?So, when I took the medications, I added a Senna tablet to the morning’s selection.

So, when I took the medications, I added a Senna tablet to the morning’s selection and had a chinwag with KK (Koala Katie). Don’t laugh!

Still no signs of a WWHD being needed? I added some Senna tablets (The last one used – that, or I’ve lost a pack of them?) to the Morrison order that should arrive Sunday morning twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. Hope I remember!

Checked the emails and started to finalise yesterday’s WordPress diary and got it posted off.

The feet and ankles are still painful, ah-well. Might be best for me not to go out today, or maybe just a little walk in the park?

Got on with some CorelDraw creating, working on one I started ages ago. Finally got it done after several hours, but I’m not pleased with it.

Still, I dun me bestest.mb-day

I’ll post it with the title, “Well, it’s good that the lads have a hobby!” This is Duncan Robertson and Mike Steeden in their shed with Shirley peeping in. I hope to get some Caption ideas with this one, we’ll see.

Spent hours on Facebooking, but got a little mixed up with what I’d done and not done when I had a dizzy spell, first one for yonks.

CorelDraw graphicalisationing for hours and not getting it right, Humph!

Got the meal prepared and took the evening medications, noticed the jar of pickle was out-of-date, Use-by Jan 16: Tasted a bit and binned it in two plastic bags to avoid any fallout or burning. Hehe!

6sat04Very happy with this one.

I tried doing the instant potatoes, mixed with onions and cheese sauce (Ran out of cheese proper), added butter, sea salt, oregano, distilled vinegar and some Vegemite. Bashed it all up in a basin for ages to mix it well, then put the mixture into an oven dish next to a flakey pastry beef pie in the oven for 40 minutes.

The steak bits in the pastry was a bit harsh, but otherwise, everything was okay. So giving this one an 8.8/10.

Watched the first Star Trek Movie from my collection of 10 Original Star Trek Movie box. I’m forgotten how bad it was!

WRWW and WRHD then settled to watch some TV. Knocked over the bottle of orange juice, that luckily didn’t break open – but it rolled away from the chair and knocked the router thingy for the internet over!

Crossed fingers for the morning when I put it on. Oh, must remember the Morrisons Delivery arriving in the morning too!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Saturday 13 August 2016: Lovely visit to see Olive


Saturday 13th August 2016

0520hrs: Forced my eyelids to open and mind to activate… with difficulty.

The bits I could remember of the dreams was very sparse. At one part I was being flayed verbally and with a whip and castigated over my bad memory? Mind you, for a change it wasn’t in a bombed out building, nor was I being chased… this was on the deck of a galleon, my oppressors were many and varied, some who I know or have known in real life? And, they appeared, to be fighting and squabbling with each other to get the use of whip? It felt so real, the pain I mean. Later when I had my shower, I found myself checking to see if I had any lashing marks on me from the dreams? Hehe!

Eventually, after I’d depressed myself over the dreams, I got out of the £300 noisy, shaking second-hand recliner and to the wet-room, where the WRHD did not go well at all. Difficulty in passing, blood in the stool and back passage and it took an inordinately long time to complete. Then the stomach started of grumbling again, but nowhere near as back as yesterday morning.

Made a brew, forgot to take the medications, but I remembered later on. Got the kitchen titivated then the laptop on to do the diaries to date. When finishing yesterday’s journal, I had a sudden impulse to do a humorous graphic post and set about doing this on CorelDraw and CorelPaint.It took around two hours or so. This is the header for the funny. Rachel Carerra, Shirley and Mike Steeden and Marissa Bergen. A 

It took around two hours or so. This is the header for the funny post. Rachel Carerra, Shirley and Mike Steeden and Marissa Bergen. A cracklingly attractive and desirable selection of females! (Not including Mike is this statement like) I made it a bit of a Funny Caption/Comment Competition thingie.


Had to nip for another WRWW.

01bOn the way back I looked at the desk with all the paperwork that needed sorting – thought about it, took the medications with some lemon flavoured spring water, made another cuppa and started this diary off.

Should get on with this sorting later actually.

After an hour or so on WordPress, I went to get the Peptac for an extra swig cause the stomach is still playing up. Then realised I had not got the vegetables going in the Crock-Pot! So enjoyed yesterday’s that I tried to put 01dthe same seasonings into this one. A tiny bit of demerara sugar, oregano, mint sauce, vegetable stock and a splash of vinegar. No idea if that was what I used yesterday, but it sounded okay?

The vegetables today were: garden peas, carrots, leeks, red and white onions, orange peppers (Hope they aren’t too strong?). Cleaning afterwards I managed without any effort at all, to cut my finger with the paring knife. It didn’t bleed much, but I did drop the cutting board, and it hit my knee on its way to the floor. So, another pair of jammie bottoms into the already overstuffed, overflowing huge laundry bags! Blooming good job BJ is lifting me to the launderette on Tuesday, bless him.

I’d had been hoping for less Whoopsiedangleplops today as well. Humph!

1120 hrs: Got myself all cleaned up, scrubbed, polished, scented, showered, shaved and fit for my visit to see Olive this afternoon. Spent a lot longer under the shower. Lavender soap was utilised. (Can’t find any more in the shops, this tablet is getting like should be getting, thinner and far less volume – Hehe!) Citrus body spray used, no aftershave, though.

01e1155 hrs: All done! Feeling better now. I went in to weigh myself.

8 oz down! (Well, 7¼ oz then!)

So chuffed about this. Especially after giving up all hope of stopping the daily increase over the past week and finding my superbly conditioned but jelly-like blob of ageing body mould to have increased daily to a higher total by 8lb! Hee ha!

01fInto the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the midday medications and noticed I hadn’t taken the rubbish bins to the chute after sorting the out earlier.

Back on the laptop, it’s still too soon to go and visit Olive yet, as her son, grandson, daughter or granddaughter is taking her shopping this morning.

I put the Feet First appointment for Saturday 17th September at 1400hrs that I made yesterday, onto the Google Calendar.

Checked on the Crock-Pot vegetables cooking and added a spot of mint sauce to the mix as it bubbled away before I realised I’d already put some in. Tsk!

I did some Facebooking on the TFZ site. Two hours or so later, I checked the Crock-Pot and had a taste… still a bit bland, so I added a spoon of concentrated black bean sauce. I’ve no idea what I’m doing here now. Hope it comes out alright in the end.

Got a phone call come in, answered it quickly with a ‘Good Morning’ (Although is was afternoon) – Silence reigned for a few seconds, then a strongly Asian-accented voiced chap or woman began: “And jolly good most morning to you, I am…” I put the phone down. Felt a bit bad afterwards, but with getting so many of these calls that are trying to con or sell me something… Tsk!

Off to see Olive for a laugh, chinwag and cuddle. Rather sadly, I returned to my own apartment, and the vegetables looked to be done to perfection. So, I got the meat in the oven and sliced some pork loin to go with it as an extra treat (Not that I deserved it).

01bCleaned the utensils and put the Crock-Pot porcelain bowl in the sink to soak, and the meal was ready to serve up.

It looked a bit of a generous serving to me… but I guiltily ate it all up with great lip-licking passion.

One of my better efforts (Although a too large meal, Tsk!) A 9.3/10 methinks. Took the evening medications and faded quickly, into the £300 second-hand recliner and put the TV on, channel swapping a lot because I couldn’t make my mind up what to watch.

Around midnight, I awoke from a nod-off and got up for a WRHD… and it proved to be a painful exercise. Stubbed my already blackened toe on the Ottoman, did the job on the porcelain throne bloodily and painfully, dropped my bar of carbolic soap as I washed my hands and clouted my head on the sink as I went down to retrieve it!


Mikhail Steedenski asks: Did Ronald Briggs copy Inchcocks 1952 Escape Plan?

Author, poet, alcoholic and bamboozle-brained Mikhail Steedenski, currently abiding in between Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Champagne, Cotes du Rhone and the Loire Valley in his never ending search for sex, profit, the return of Communism and the perfect Claret, who was himself planning his own escape from a €2342 a week Paris Alcohol Rehab Clinic, pointed out the similarities between Ronald Biggs escape in 1965, compared to Inchcock’s failed escape from his parents dilapidated home in 1952.