Inchcock Today Saturday 15th October 2016: Stuck indoors all day, but I got a lot of graphicationalisationing done.


Saturday 15th October 2016

السبت 15 أكتوبر 2016

0245hrs: Awake and aching all over. Serves me right for having the marathon hobble yesterday. But Anne Gyna, Duo Denal, Rea Flux and Haem Aroid are all in a good mood this morning, glad to say.

The dreams, although I know I had them and thought they were depressing, left no memories of actual happenings in them. I do hate it when this happens.

kk02Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner for a WRWW. One of many that followed throughout the day. Huh! No demands for a WWHD yet?So, when I took the medications, I added a Senna tablet to the morning’s selection.

So, when I took the medications, I added a Senna tablet to the morning’s selection and had a chinwag with KK (Koala Katie). Don’t laugh!

Still no signs of a WWHD being needed? I added some Senna tablets (The last one used – that, or I’ve lost a pack of them?) to the Morrison order that should arrive Sunday morning twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. Hope I remember!

Checked the emails and started to finalise yesterday’s WordPress diary and got it posted off.

The feet and ankles are still painful, ah-well. Might be best for me not to go out today, or maybe just a little walk in the park?

Got on with some CorelDraw creating, working on one I started ages ago. Finally got it done after several hours, but I’m not pleased with it.

Still, I dun me bestest.mb-day

I’ll post it with the title, “Well, it’s good that the lads have a hobby!” This is Duncan Robertson and Mike Steeden in their shed with Shirley peeping in. I hope to get some Caption ideas with this one, we’ll see.

Spent hours on Facebooking, but got a little mixed up with what I’d done and not done when I had a dizzy spell, first one for yonks.

CorelDraw graphicalisationing for hours and not getting it right, Humph!

Got the meal prepared and took the evening medications, noticed the jar of pickle was out-of-date, Use-by Jan 16: Tasted a bit and binned it in two plastic bags to avoid any fallout or burning. Hehe!

6sat04Very happy with this one.

I tried doing the instant potatoes, mixed with onions and cheese sauce (Ran out of cheese proper), added butter, sea salt, oregano, distilled vinegar and some Vegemite. Bashed it all up in a basin for ages to mix it well, then put the mixture into an oven dish next to a flakey pastry beef pie in the oven for 40 minutes.

The steak bits in the pastry was a bit harsh, but otherwise, everything was okay. So giving this one an 8.8/10.

Watched the first Star Trek Movie from my collection of 10 Original Star Trek Movie box. I’m forgotten how bad it was!

WRWW and WRHD then settled to watch some TV. Knocked over the bottle of orange juice, that luckily didn’t break open – but it rolled away from the chair and knocked the router thingy for the internet over!

Crossed fingers for the morning when I put it on. Oh, must remember the Morrisons Delivery arriving in the morning too!

TTFN all.

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