Graphicationalisation in need of explanation, Please – I fank you…

The Mystery Photo

That needs explaining, please?


This photographicalisation, possibly of an AA meeting, Poetry Appreciation Society or a Bring Back Communism Support Group, is in desperate need of explanation and descriptive interpretation, please.

I fank you.

9 thoughts on “Graphicationalisation in need of explanation, Please – I fank you…

  1. I still think this is a snap of my party as I leave the Foreign Office in London behind and head off to Bucharest where I shall take up my new post as ambassador…many Svetlana’s live in the city by the way.

    • Well done and congratulations on your upward promotion Comradeski.
      My heart pines for the Svetlana’s of Bucharest, who’s activities in support of the Politburo’s instinctive easing of regulations in their desire to determine and understand the downtrodden masses of the democracy-ridden West and why they do not rise up and free themselves.
      Naturally, the Svetlana’s will play a big part in communicating their message to the proletariat shoplifters of the West.
      Without reports of Svetlana activities in counter-espionage, the West would be bereft of the inspirational stories, odes and explanatory rhymes brought to the profit-seeking citizens. Thus they would not be aware that Marxism–Leninism is a synthesis of philosophical and economic theories of Karl Marx with the revolutionary political theories of Vladimir Lenin. Lenin brought Marxism into the 20th century, with his original theoretical contributions such as his analysis of imperialism, principles of party organisation, and the implementation of socialism through revolution and reform thereafter. As the official ideology of the Soviet Union, Marxism-Leninism was adopted by Communist parties worldwide with variation, in any local application. Parties with a Marxist-Leninist understanding of the historical development of socialism advocate for the nationalisation of natural resources and monopolise industries of capitalism and for their internal democratisation as part of the transition to workers’ control. The economy under such a government is primarily coordinated through a universal economic plan with varying degrees of market distribution. Since the fall of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries, many communist Parties of the world today continue to use Marxism-Leninism as their method of understanding the conditions of their respective countries.
      Just thought I’d mention like.

    • Your thought provoking input is always appreciated Sir Soz.
      Incidentally, whoever took the photographs that night in the Coal Hole, did an excellent job.
      May you foible flourish frequently with fulfilled fantasies in abundance.

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