Inchcock Today Friday 30th September 2016


Friday 30th September 2016

After a night of ups and downs for WRWWs and dreams not recallable, I fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and once more to the porcelain. Little Inchy was a bit red and sore, and the lesion area looked like it is about to crack again. Oh heck!

5fri02Back into the front room where I spotted the written reminder about the Iceland delivery coming today twixt 1200 > 1400hrs under Koala Katie.

I greeted her with “Good morning and thanks, petal” and brushed her nose…

Insanity comes so easily as you age!

img_0267Remembered also the District Nurses will be calling sometime today to give me the Enoxaparin injections.

I can recall the last ones I had.

All those horrible looking blood blotches on my rather flabby well-endowed stomach. Hehe! But there was no pain with em.Must memorise I’ve to go Monday for the INR tests, and Tuesday for the Flu Jab. BJ said he’d take me to the laundry Tuesday, so hopefully, I can get the washing in the machine and nip over and up the road to have the jab done.

Must memorise I’ve to go Monday for the INR Warfaring Blood tests, and Tuesday for the Flu Jab. BJ said he’d take me to the laundry Tuesday, so hopefully, I can get the washing in the machine and nip over and up the road to the surgery and have the jab job done. Flu jab, the job was done. Try saying that when you’ve had a few jars, Hehehe!

Washed the pots I’d left in the sink last night. Another WRWW and got the laptop on.

Checked the weather for Nottingham, not that I was going anywhere with Iceland and the nurses due to call. Today and tomorrow forecasted rain and plenty of it, and the temperature was to fall, today 48°f -9°c and down to 6°c tonight? Did I read that right? Brrr!

5fri03I had hoped to get to see Sister Jane and Brother-in-Law Pete today. Thought I might get to call in the arboretum to see the Mallards too.

Thought I might get to call in the arboretum to see the Mallards on the way there or back, too. But there you go the best-laid plans…

Did the WordPressing, then spent a few hours graphicalisationing again.

5fri04I did one for Jane and Pete.

Took a while to get it right, but I enjoyed it… well you do, when it comes out okay don’t you?

Another WRWW, getting worrying this is now.

I emailed a copy to them. Hope that they like it.

Checked the emails and Google Diary, both the nurses and the Iceland delivery had been done… although I can’t remember doing the nurses one? Huh!

Must get to visit Olive as soon as the two visitors have been today. I need another telling off! She is excellent at it. Hahaha!

Set about starting a graphic of the TFZer lasses and lads.

Hours later now, just got it finished.


Into the wetroom and ablutionisationing completed, carbolic soap and citrus body spray today.

Off to visit Olive. She was in better form today, but only told me off once. Chinwag and a cuddle and kiss, and I had to get back to the flat in case the nurses or the Iceland man visited.

Mashed up the boiled potatoes and added cheese and mashed and smashed em up together with white vinegar, butter and a little origami. No, oregano, Tsk!

The Iceland man cometh. put the fodder away, but had to dish some frozen stuff from the fridge to make room for the frozen stuff that came. What a clot!

Seconds later nurses arrived, in a bit of a rush they were, soon got the Enoxaparin injected, said they would email me with the results of the test they took and told me they would return Monday morning, I explained that I had an appointment to have an INR blood test Monday at the surgery. They seemed concerned about this and one of them made a phone call. The nurse finished her call and told me my appointment was for 0900hrs, the surgery will inform them of the results and they would email me about whether they will or will not be returning. A pair of affable, pleasant ladies. I thanked them and off they shot to tend to their next victim… I mean patient. Hehe! 

5fri05Got the meal prepared. The meal consisted of the Tasty cheesy mash with a beef slice, tinned garden peas, tomatoes, chestnuts, tomatoes and a Cox’s apple, skinned and cubed

Did some work on an idea I’ve got for a humorous poem. (Not very good, it needs more work or scrapping altogether methinks) Tsk!

Got the meal ready, I liked this one a lot. I tried doing different mashed cheesy potatoes today, used small boiled ones, mashed them all up in their husks, then baked them.

TV on to watch a Law & Order DVD, but gave up the battle after several nodding-off sessions and having to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner for WRWW’s.

Put the pots to soak in the bowl in the sink. Head down and the dreams seemed to start immediately. Wish I could recall more of them, but when I got up for one of the many more WRWW sessions I endured: bits about Sister Jane unhappy in Italy and romantic activities with Grizelda from the distant past came to mind?

A lousy night really, tired as I was when I spurted into life for yet another WRWW around 0200hrs (Must mention this to the nurse on Monday), I could not get back to sleep. Humph!