Inchcock Today Saturday 8th October 2016: Computerisationing day, aching all over – But, I did get to talk with Olive


Saturday 8th October 2016

Woke around 0130hrs, struggled out of the now refusing to work £300 second-hand recliner chair again and off for a WRWW. Back to the seat and the thing worked perfectly?

Settled down, soon got off again and dreamt of when I was once again an ankle-snapper living in the Meadows area of Nottingham. Not many details clear, though, I think I was on a railway line with some other nippers?

Up again at 0400hrs for another WRWW and WRHD session. The haemorrhoids were bleeding a good bit, perhaps the marathon walk yesterday had something to do with it? The feet, were still stinging from the marathon hobble? Arthur Itis was lingering, but Anne Gyna was giving me far less hassle.

Into the kitchen to take the medications, and made up another weeks pots. Made a brew and got the laptop on. Much computerisationing ensued. CorelDraw graphic creating, Facebooking and WordPressing, then checked the emails.

Hours later, Anne Gyna joined in with my other flipping ailments and started getting worse. Tsk!

p1120021I found a photograph on the camera that I’d missed off from the Goose Fair Album. Hehe!

It’s the ladies loos!

These are the ones for the fair! There is an automatic one with three cubicles at the far end that is there permanently for the tram passengers – but they need a degree in science to work out how to get yer 50p in and operate them they tell me. Haha!

Going to get my ablutionisationing done now, then pop to see if Olive was in.

The ablutionising was done, and Olive was in when I called. A nice chinwag and a peck or two followed, and she sent me back to the flat, feeling rather more contented. Although I was a bit worried, because she only told me off once. Hehe!

The reflux valve, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna both pursued me as I got in the apartment and had a WRHD. Was I feeling old suddenly?

p1120045My eyes bigger than my stomach tonight.

Two small Krakowsa filled cobs, oven chips, mushrooms, beetroot, fish sticks, tomatoes, gherkin, mini pork pie with pickle, an egg followed by a lemon yoghourt apple and pot of mandarins in jelly.

Much of it was left uneaten and dished in the waste bin, I’m afraid, Tsk! 

As for watching the TV, which I wanted to do to see some of the programmes I’d selected to, it was impossible. Dropping off, then jumping awake, sometimes the programme had finished, at times it seemed only a few seconds had passed. The nodding and waking-up went on, for hours it seemed.

With me stubbornly resisting getting me head down properly for some reason. Eventually, after a good nod-off of an hour or more, I gave up, turned off the TV, got settled and was in a seemingly deep asleep, no idea what time this was. But around 0230hrs I was back in the wetroom on the porcelain, struggling.