I’ve got a feeling, something is going to happen today…


I’ve got a feeling, something is going to happen today,

Not a Whoopsiedangleplop, or something I’ll mislay,

A cut finger, or losing another involuntary affray,

Summat more important, even than mankind dying away,

Whatever it is that will happen, I have to say,

I’ve no idea, but it involves mayhem in some way,

Will this event be the chance for human life to replay?

Were we foolish to think the human’s reign would stay?

Maybe all life will return to clay?

Will Aliens poison our Claret and cheese souffle?

Will retired Nigel Farage, propose to Teresa May?

Will Mr Trump start to use extra strong hairspray?

Will Bill Gates or George Bush both run out of money?

Will peace come to the world, will bullying pass away?

Will the earth’s mass shudder, rot and decay?

Will Starbucks, pay their taxes one day?

One thing for certain I will pray…

For an irrevocable last Armistice Day!

Inchcock Today Sunday 9th October 2016 A visit to the Copse today


Sunday 9th October 2016

Woke around 0400hrs, aware I’d been dreaming, but no actual images or memories of them in my brain – I hate it when this happens!

Nodded off again for a bit, then at 0445hrs woke again in urgent need of a WRWW, out of the shuddering and wobbly this morning £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the wetroom.

Into the kitchen, glad to see that nothing had been left on, taps, cooker or lights.

Put the kettle on and got the vegetables, carrots peas and onions into the Crock-Pot on a low setting. Then the demand for a WRHD arrived, so, back to the porcelain and everything seemed to go easy enough, until I got up to wipe things like, and the blood in the water was very pretty… scary, but pretty. Tsk! Not bled like this for months. I assume this leakage was due to Haem Aroid activity. Cleaned up the porcelain and replaced the toilet roll with a new one cause I used up all of the old one clearing the mess up.

7sun02Popped onto the scales after much preparations and wily cunning tricks beforehand, and it was down 1lb (Well, nearly practically, and approximately almost!) compared to yesterday. Ahem!

Made another strong mug of tea and got the laptop on to update the diaries.

7sun04I nipped into the kitchen to check on the Crock-Pot vegetables progress and add som seasoning to them now they were warming up and took a photograhicalisation of the skyline and Tree Copse.

This reminded me that the photograph I took yesterday, of this area when I spotted intruders! Oh yes!

7sun03But I’d forgotten I took it and did not include it in yesterday’s post.

Fancy that, me forgetting something.

I assumed it was some conducted tour of some type? Wish I’d known about it, I could have hobbled along with them.


Then, and I’ve never had this happen before, so late on in the day, I suddenly remembered bits of the dreams I’d had. I was in a lecture hall with raised seating and a lecturer at the base of the seats boning bacon, shoulder bacon, and he was doing it wrongly, he should have tunnelled the bone out I thought, and I protested loudly and went down to show him how it should be done – I woke up in Veterinary Surgery lying in a cage with some dogs with two people outside the bars apologising to the Alsatians and German Sheppards in the holding pen with me, telling them they had muzzled me for their safety… later I think I was on an operating table and a surgeon was planting flowers cuttings into my crevices? I’m sure there was much more going on too. I was amazed at how the string recollections came to me hours after waking up, and so much fine details were available for me. Insanity? Perhaps?

h-mariePosted the diaries, did some more graphicalisationing for the TFZ site.

I used a photograph I’d taken at the Nottingham Goose Fair on Friday and doctored it, with extras, and Thomas and Betty (TFZers) were put into it.

Pretty pleased with it, I just hope the TFZers like it, I might get some suggestions for a caption for it?

The flat was cold this morning, I put my dressing gown on on top of my jumper and kept my woolly hat on too. Brr!

Went on Facebook for an hour or two.

Got the ablutions tended to, a carbolicalisation session today.

Checked the potatoes and vegetables were okay.

Called to see Olive on the way out. Very busy, no time to talk to me. Oh, dearie me.

7sun13Readied me and limped out for a walk to Sherwood to get some bits, taking in the Copse on the way back to the apartment. No mega-limps today, just a steady walk down the hill to the shops, then a slightly more constant struggle back up to Woodthorpe Park, and down through the Copse and out and further down to the flats.

7sun05Set off along Chestnut Walk to Winchester Street Hill and right down to Mansfield Road.

A hoodie-pavement-cyclist came towards me: Well you can see how heavy the traffic was, I suppose he didn’t want to risk getting knocked over?


Pressed on and turned right up Mansfield Road and popped into the Co-op store to get some mushrooms to add to me Crock-Pot vegetables. Also got some small bananas.

Out and up to the Wilko Store, where I spent a bit more than I had planned. The yhad the Regina kitchen towels on offer at 2 half price. Got some of their Special Priced Citrus Body Spray and  Lavender Antisceptic disinfectant. Oh, and a citrus air spray. Came out £10 and a bit poorer.

7sun06Up over the hill and right into Woodthorpe Grange Park. Spent a while looking at the dogs enjoying themselves.

The trees near the pitch and putt area looked so colourful today.

To the top of the path and right, facing the little entrance forced through the 7sun07bushes by nature lovers during the day, and drug addicts during the night.

I could see my apartment in the distance on the skyline – and thought of the porcelain waiting for my use! Hehehe!

Into the thicket and it was so cool under the trees.

7sun08As I made my way down the path, I picked up some empty pop cans left by the local yobbery presumably – Swines! A few pace further on, I collected two empty wine bottles? High-Class yobboes around this neck of the woods it seems?

Then, coming up the beaten track come path, were two little dogs 7sun09walking their owner.

I gave the white one a bit of fussing – the brown and black on growled at me, but ignored me and waited for the other one, to rejoin him.

I nearly had a Whoopsiedangleplop further down as I tripped on the tree root coming up through the ground. I swore a bit but managed to stop 7sun10myself going over. Humph!

The area just before the exit gap at the bottom that is usually damp or wet in any weather was bone dry.

Well, we haven’t had much rain lately.

I nearly went over again when I got out of the Copse and looked up at the apartment block to my left.

7sun11I did feel a fool!

Plodded over the field to the path, and down to the buildings. Put the waste things I’d collected in a carrier bag that I found blowing in the breeze to drop down the chute on my way up to the twelfth floor.

As I got in the foyer, I noticed a poster 7sun12on the table.

Nottingham City Homes are pleased to announce they have appointed Wilma;; Partnership Homes to carry out improvements to Woodthorpe and Winchester.

Their work will include insulation of the blocks and the new Extra Care unit.
Surveying and inspection of the grounds will be starting week commencing 24 October.
Meet the team Wednesday 19th October Arrive: 1545hrs Presentation: 1600 > 1700hrs.

I anticipate a touch of chaoticness will reign? Hehehe!

I threw the rubbish down the chute, and made my way to the porcelain and utilised it.

Cooking turned back on, Crock-Pot checked, all okay. Laptop on and updated this.

Did a bit of Facebooking. Some lovely comments from the TFZ gals.

p1120059Took the medications and checked the cooking progress and got the meal ready.

Put some Marmite on the potatoes, the Crock-Pot veggies were tasty, pickled egg, peeled apple, tomatoes and the Surimi Imitation fish thingies, banana, orange in jelly and tomato juice – enjoyed this one.

Tired, but could I get to sleep? No! I thought I’d put the TV on, that usually sends me off – but no, not tonight Josephine. Tried to read a book, no, that didn’t work either.

It must have been well-gone 0100hrs before I drifted off, and then only for three hours before I woke again.