Inchcock Today Wednesday 5th October 2016: Late Whoopsiedangleplop


Wednesday 5th October 2016

Approx: 0520hrs: Woke up in need of a WRHD session again. No bleeding, good that!

In hopes that the scales from last night were wrong when they indicated I was at my heaviest weight ever, and not working correctly, I mounted them… but let’s not talk about that, to avoid depression.

Took the medications, made a strong cuppa and laptop on to do WordPressing and graphicalisationing. The onto Facebook. Checked emails.

Spent many hours on the laptop.

Did the ablutionising using lemon soap and citrus spray.


The Lovely Olive, this morning

Got the things ready and called to see Olive.

She was looking radiant this morning and in fine fettle.

She told me off for taking her photo from the wrong angle. So I took it from a different perspective. (No objections from me, I’m not brave enough! Hehe!)

She told me off for carrying too much stuff in my bag.

I collected some empty jars from her, to take to the glass recycling bin with mine, on my way out.

Chinwag and a cuddle, then I was off on my walk to the clinic, dropping off the glass jars en route.

3wed2As I climbed the gravel footpath hill passing the tree copse, I noticed on the right, the grass had what looked like straw spread over it.

Not being a countryside lad, I wondered why?  

To the top of the hill and left down to Mansfield Road. As I got on the pavement, the leaves blowing about 3wed3indicated the change of season to me.

I plodded on steadily and got to the surgery in Carrington (The third walk there in three days – Tsk!).

The unknown nurse a (Stand-in? perhaps),  gave me the Enoxaparin injections and told me I’d get notification of what happens next through the mail. I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and limped back into Sherwood.

The feet were stinging now, and the need for a WRWW was becoming urgent, so I stopped at the bus stop for an L9 or L8 bus, whichever came first, back to the flats.

3wed4Waiting at the bus stop also, were three lady tenants.

I gave them each some chocolate coins and told them it was towards their bus fare. Hehe!

Two other tenants joined us, Mad Frank, and 93-year-old Eddy. By gum, the Eddy is so nimble and quick.

Back up to the flat and another close call time-wise getting to the WRWW, Phew!

Got the new potatoes back in the saucepan. Peas in their own pan, and the chicken steaks out of the fridge ready to eat cold, with it all later.

3wed5Went into the kitchen to have the midday medications. In the distance down below were three men, apparently in difficulty with some kind of agricultural or gardening machine.

Anyone know what machine this please?

Decided to do an order with Morrisons. Got it done.

Feeling well drained now for some reason?

3wed6Getting the meal early today.

Expensive BBQ chicken breast, boiled potatoes, beetroot, garden peas, chestnuts and a Cox’s apple. Followed by a banana and a Strawberry dessert.

It was an absolute disaster, tastewise!

The apple and Marmite dabbed boiled potatoes were alright, mind. Tsk! Still, I ate most of it. The chicken was awful!

The body and mind felt drained again, and I nodded off watching a Primaeval DVD. Dreamt of my being forcefully thrown out of each office I tried to get into along a corridor of hundreds of doors, unkempt place, dust, mice, rats, cracked walls… somehow I knew that I had to get it one of these offices and safety from the zombie like pursuers after me, but there were more of them in each office I attempted to enter, and they kicked me about and ejected me back into the long corridor?

Woke from the nightmare in need of a WRWW, went into the kitchen afterwards to get a drink of orange juice and… Whoopsiedangleplop! Found I’d left the hot tap running again!

Tired and peed off with me now.