Inchcock Today – Saturday 4th May 2019 – A risky, much regretted hobble out without the walking aid. Tsk!

2019 Mar 08

Saturday 4th May 2019

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 4 Cèitean 2019

WD 0.0.30A 03:30hrs. Woke feeling so cold for some reason. Then realised that using the three-wheeled trolley meant I had to move the towel heater in the hallway so I can make room for using the walking-aid-trolley. Phwert! Ah, well! 

I got the foot saddle ready for the carer when he or she comes later. Then got a shower and shave, did the teggies.

WD 0.0.30A Rang Sister Jane. She had a good time last night, but can I please not ring her so early! I felt such a fool!

The carer arrived early, different chap this time. The good news is I had mastered the sock-glide this morning. He only had to put the Ankle Protection strap on for me.

WD 0.0.30A Did some blog catching up from the notepad until it was time for me to take the medications. Nice not to forget for once. With month or so of people giving me the meds, it is so easy for me to forget to take them. Grumph!

Got ready, then off to the bus stop with the trolley-walker of course. Called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnant Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. Some bits were left over from the cheap out-of-date food selection. Some leeks, that looked all wet and runny. But seeing them made me decide to get some leeks when I was out in Arnold shopping at Asda in Arnold.

WD 0.0.30A However, my getting on the wrong bus forced a change of mind. Nebekh! I decided to go to the old fashioned but not cheap greengrocers on Mapperley Tops, Woodborough Road. So I dropped off the bus and had another battle with the three-wheeled walking aid as I nearly fell getting off the flipping bus again!

I made my way to the shop. It’s excellent shopping there, cause you can buy one leek, one onion, one carrot, one mushroom, and one potato, which I did, along with some large eggs for brekkers in the morning. Mind you; they keep the scales out of view?

Walked over to Sainsbury’s store, resisting buying any meat from the butchers. Swank Mode Adopted! The plan was to have the vegetables done in the slow-cooker and add a tin of beef, later on, a stew of sorts, but we’ll see. Got some tomatoes and bread thins

KWaf07On the walk home, had to walk downhill to get to the Woodthorpe Grange gates to cut through to the flats.

I took this photo of the clouds, making sure I got the leek sticking out of the trolley walking aid, just for fun.

By the time I got to the gates, I’d had some harassment of sorts.

WD 0.0.30A Farther down Woodthorpe Drive, two Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist shot by very close me from behind, and the bigger of the two gits, actually spat in front of me, and the spittle hit me! Swine!

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KWaf07a2This made me so angry!

I recovered my composure, not suitable for my getting excited in my condition, is it?

A bit further down and the trolley again proved it does not like going downhill at all!

I took this shot of the traffic slowing down for the speed-check monitor.

KWaf07a3I cut through car park into the Grange and around the footpath on my way to the flats. It was too heavy going shoving the trolley over the semi-wet from last nights grass.

As I stopped for a breather, a man and woman with a little white, long-haired dog came and asked me if I was alright as I didn’t look so good and a bit pale skinned. I thanked them and said I was only taking a breather.

Further along, I met them again, and we had a natter. You can see in these photographs I took of their friendly dog, how windy it was, despite the sunshine.


I took some more photographs as I struggled down the gravel hill to the complex. There is no doubt about it; this trolley will have me over before long.


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Somehow I got down and into the apartment without injury, but it was a close thing a few times.


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I got in and started the stew going from the purchases in the slow-cooker.

Then spent too much time doing the blog updates, and got caught up at last, and posted them off, did some Facebooking.

6Sat01Got the fodder finished and served up.

I ate it all up without any bread.

Felt a bit bilious, and it was very unsettling laying there in the same place and position in which I had the stroke.

All of which was too much for me. I ended up in panic mode when eventually settled, very late.

19 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 4th May 2019 – A risky, much regretted hobble out without the walking aid. Tsk!

  1. A walking trolley? You got a Harlley Davidson there! You also got to tell your sister at those early hours if she says anything about disturbing her sleep your response should say that you are doing her a favor since sleeping is wasting time.
    Another thing, I saw that the date of expiration (I think it was that in the U.K) was 6 of May, so tomorrow, I know tomatoes can last longer but remember to eat them not in the middle of the month. You made some good stew there, plus the French fries or in this case English fries, don’t be surprise one day if I appear in your apartment (by the way it looked like you have beautiful green surroundings) and join you.
    Another thing that has always bothered my mind, what’s up with the Fish and chips? Never got it. Fish and chips…. they just don’t seem to mix, I can´t get my head around that mixture.

    • God thought Charlie. I might ask for an electric walker? Hehe!
      I’ve got to be careful with Jane, I’d be lost without her help, but don’t tell her. Haha!
      I enjoyed the nosh, pleased with how it turned out. Fish and Chips (Fries), bootiful!
      The area around here is wonderfull and green, but hilly. Still, can’t have it all good can we? Tsk!
      Cheers for commenting mate, take care.

      • I was wondering at the beginning of the read if it was one of those electric ones that… can sit in and drive it like a motorcycle really. My uncle has one and I constantly ask him if he is from the Motorcycle club ¨Hells Angels¨ I have the sneaky suspicion he is, but he won’t tell.
        I´m sure Jane is a great asset, I won’t tell her, but what she has told me about you wooo………..
        Have a great day sir.

      • My old mate had a three-wheeled Motorbility scooter, that looked a bit like a Harley. 8 mph. They built him a shed where he could store and recharge it. In about a week it got stolen, along with the shed! Tsk!
        Hope he can use it regularly.
        No room at the flats to store one, though. Grumph!
        If I can get the rain and legs to work again, I’ll be happy enough Charly. It ain’t easy. Hehehe!
        Cheers mate, TTFN

      • I know is not easy. as I had commented before, you´re a great inspiration.
        Hey! I´m a pretty good mechanic, I can turn that shit of 8 mph to 150.

      • Poor old Malcolm, he died a few years ago, I still miss popping over to see him at the old house. But he would have loved reading the turning it into a 150 mph speedster. Hehe!
        TTFNski, cheers.

  2. So the swine cyclist have started to spitting? That’s just low down. The bigger guy especially had no business being on the sidewalk. The walker has cool handlebars and brakes. It looks like a chopper from photos. Easy Rider Inchcock hits the road. Good looking dinner.

    • Unbelievable swine of a Pavement Cyclist – if I had a gun handy I might well have used it! My blood boiled – which did me good at all combined with the hatred I felt for a moment, Tim!
      The brakes only stop one wheel when going downhill, hence the trolley goes on it side and that is why I nearly went over twice getting of the bus, and twice late going through down the park. Hehe!
      THe appetite is still not very good, but the morning carer said it is freguent with many stroke sufferers, so I ain’t too bothered.
      My neighbour Doris called in today to see if I was alright… oh yes!
      Easy Rider Inchcock may have a last fling yet? Haha!
      Cheers Sir.

    • Never mind. I found the earlier ones and scrolled backwards through them. Whew! No wonder you’ve been off radar for the past few weeks. Take care and don’t rush getting back into your old routine. In 2016, I was out of circulation for two months 10 days wehn I suffered hospitalization and rehabilitation for end term kidney disease. Even with the rehabilitation, I was still weak compared with before this happened. I had a few near misses (close to falls where I barely avoided landing on my canboose!) beforfe I realized I needed to let nature heal me more before I did the Highland Fling!

      • I think that has been my problem over the last few days – thinking just cause I’m out and home, things should return to normal. Having to wait in for the carer to fit the Ankle Strap every morning, and not knowing if he will arrive on time, then havig to use the sock-glide. I had to sign a form to say I woud not venture out without the Strap fitting and with a stick or Trolley Support, means even less time for me to do my beloved intenetting. Sensible advice Doug, which I promise to try to keep to – let nature take its course.
        Give the lads a bit of fuss from me, please.

      • I’ve taken care of mussing up the kitty boys’ hair – that riles them up except when they get turned on by it. Never know whether I’ll get a tongue bath or a claw when I do it!

        Anyway, sounds like you are in proper care, with a good attitude toward what you need to do for your safety and continued progress.

      • A wise person learns and antiocipates reactions. They do give subtle signs that this or that reaction will come shortly!

    • Thanks Doug. I missed the computer, no access or ability to use it for nine weeks of so. Glad to read you and the lads are doing okay.

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