Inchcock Today – Sunday 7th April to Tuesday 9th 2019: Green Stroke Ward


Get-Well Cards, flowers and pressies from loved ones! And a great view!

Sunday 7th April to Tuesday 9th 2019

Newell Stroke Ward

Luxembourgish: Sonndeg, 7. Abrëll, to Tuesday 9. 2019

My going over twice on Physio training, they decided I could not be allowed to try to walk without the aid of a Wheelie and a qualified assistant with me. Which was not so bad, until they removed the rear-end bag, which meant my having to need a nurse at night when I needed to go, or thought I did as it turned out most times. Tsk! I was not the most popular patient then!

But the poor chap in bed one was still the most unpopular with the other patients. Haha! Sunday night they had to fetch some of his vast family in to help keep him quiet! But it didn’t work. Now some other patients were shouting and swearing back at his, suggesting he go forth and multiply, etc. 

Jane and Pete visited on Monday, and laid bare all my faults to the doctors, with a smile on their faces too! Hahaha! They had informed Tim Price of my problems.


I received some yellow flowers (Two) and cards from the TFZer folk, which cheered me up no end. Even a Teddy Bear, they all tickled me pink! ♥ Unfortunately, the flowers were not permitted on the ward, but the photo Pete photograph on with me looking out of the window, and he took a shot of the other flowers for me. The plants were sent to the pregnancy ward and went to some unvisited patients, for which the nurses their thanked everyone and assured they were appreciated. Naturally, they did not get the cards or Teddy Bear! Hehe! He went with Koala Katie at home!

The new patient, Barry Arrived. Nice chap. Unfortunately, as  I was watching and him get some much-needed sleep, the poor chap fell out of bed. I immediately pressed my buzzer, getting told off for doing so later after the staff had got together to cover themselves for not putting the sides of the bed up for him! Tsk! 

On the first Doctors visit it was decided that as I had put on an enormous amount of weight, the started me by mouth feeding grade C, (Softened) and kept piling up the plates, with instructions to eat it all up? This was before telling me I was too heavy! Humph!

Jane and Pete called on Tuesday. (No aftershave!) Haha! They had been at the flat, as Pete said, well, we might as well use your electricity! He was only joking! Hahaha, made me laugh! They had been tidying up for me cause I’m a messy, disorganised Herbert! I thanked them!

More exercises throughout the day.

Went for a shower late on, a male nurse went with me, and  I felt much better afterwards I must say.

Guess what?

… To continue! (I hope!) Haha!


Inchcock Today – Thursday 4th to Saturday, April 6th 2019: Green Ward.


Thursday 4th April 2019 to Saturday, April 6th 2019: Green Ward.

Africaans: Vrydag 5 April 2019

01:55hrs. After a while spent in hopes that the noise would die down so I could get some rest, in came a team of doctors and off I was taken for more chamber-scanning. Then to another ward and kept in a mobile scanner for the rest of the night.

Then back to the Green Ward. Doctors visited me to confirm the stroke an where it had affected me, I realised then that I had no clothing, apart from what the hospital had supplied. I used some pages from a crossword book to make notes on to record things. But did not realise how badly they were written until much later.

Oncology, Speech Therapists, and Physiotherapists set to work unremittingly.

There were six beds in my section of the ward. Sleep was not an option, day or night. Physios, feeding, medications and then they put in the bags for the front and rear, as nothing was working in those areas! No control at all, luckily the others in Green Wing were all suffering, in the same way, judging by the aromas! Hehe! Much of the scribble was illegible by the time I got around to updating.

I had an end bed, which was excellent for watching the squirrels and birds, not that I much time for this, the medications, speech therapy, and finding out I had Vascular Dementia saw to that. Along with the night staff leaving a radio playing all night, the windows open and the poor bloke in bed number one, who wailed begged, and insults all night, every night. Not making himself the most popular patient. Humph!

Got a visit from Sister Jane and Pete. Pete took control of my money, cash card, keys etc. for safe keeping. He did bring me some cash though, even if it was out of date pound coins and a fiver from my stock of old coins that I had hidden (Obviously not well enough) as part of my leaving for him and Janet when I snuff it. Hehehe!

With my shaky hands, shaving was a problem, as was the controlling of front and rear emissions with the bags. I asked Pete to bring me some after-shave from home to control the bleeding. (I’m still waiting for it! Hehe!) I thought that he had a smirk and sneer on his face when I mentioned this. Haha!

Poor old Jane tried to tidy the flat a bit for me and cleaned up the horrible mess I had left, bless her cotton socks. ♥ Tsk!

Thanks to them both.


Inchcock Today – Wed 3 Apr 2019: Doing okay before having a Stroke!



Wednesday 3rd April 2019

German: Mittwoch, der 3. April 2019

01:25hrs. I woke up, and as out of the £300 second-hand ci1968 recliner, and over to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket) within a couple of minutes. 


WD 0.0.0 Unfortunately, leaving a trail of damage behind me; I knocked the remote control off of the arm of the recliner, stubbed my toe on the Ottoman, tipped a bottle of spring water off of the small Ottoman, and dragged the cover off with me! And then, when I finally thought I’d got things flowing, I hadn’t! I needed to wait a further couple of minutes before anything moved! When it did eventually begin to activate, it warranted a new classification-wee-wee being given. An RPDDWW (Reluctant-Painful-Drip-Drip-Wee-Wee) grading. The few drops that did tortuously come out would not have half-filled a small cup! Yet, the bladder had given me all the signs of a mega-resounding (with possible splash-backing) wee-wee being needed? My EQ advised me that I was in for a stressful, anxiety-ridden, fraught day! Tsk!

3Wed03I tidied up the mini-maelstrom I’d made. Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks. Sys 167, Dia 77, Pulse 76 and temperature a 35.3° readings returned. Got the kettle on and the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room, and for once, an infrequent, easy, unmessy non-bleeding evacuation was almost enjoyed. Hehe! Back to the kitchen and made a brew of tea.

WD 0.0.0 To the computer and started to update the Tuesday Diary… And guess what? 

Virg8 black

I was very dispirited now, downhearted and had a hatred brewing up for Mr Fries. Which only served to make me more agitated, as feelings of hostility and resentment to others are unnatural to me, and then the guilt joined in with the already mixed emotions I was going through.

3Wed06I decided that a philargyrist and quomodocunquizing personage like money-mad Mr Fries, with his usufruct instincts, is not going to make me lower my standards and become embittered. Besides, apart from anything else, just look at the man above – if he isn’t involved in a Mafia of some kind, then I’m a good looking, fit, healthy, young man, fighting off the attention of the ladies!

I fiddled and faffled about, trying the usual things to get the inept, overpriced, stuttery, incapable, impotent, unfit-for-purpose Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet service back up and working. Tried the reset button – Nope! Turned off the power and back on again, Nope! Switched all off and unplugged everything then went to make another brew. Returned, everything back in and on – the lights flickered weakly on the modem (I think that’s what they were called, the Virgin box?) – Nope. Painfully I utilised the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). Desperate now, I had a search for the number to ring to see if the service had any problems. (It’s a recorded message of course), but I could not find it!

3Wed05a1Then I needed to return to the Porcelain Throne. A grand clear-out followed, and again without any bleeding. Although the piles were now stinging a bit. I had close look a the pin’s knees.

Well, they had changed shape again from yesterday, and Spotty Muldoon sprang to mind as I took this photo? I hope that the Weevils hadn’t laid eggs under the skin and they were coming out after hibernation now? Hehe! 

Washed and went back to the computer. To find lights flashing on the Virgin box. Slowly, the service (I use the word in the vaguest sense) returned. The input was slow, but enough for me to get on with updating the Tuesday Diary, at last.

The old EQ (Emotional Content) told me that something was going to happen today that woud be terrifying to me?

These persistent RPDDWWs were taking it out of me.

Virg8 black

Eventually, I got the blog updated and sent off to WordPress. Went on the WP reader section, and then the TFZer Facebook site.

Started on this post next.

Nosh sorted outAlk09.

Mushrooms and parsnips veg soup. Tasty with some balsamic vinegar and bread.

Medications taken, a wierd tiredness overcame me, an off I nodded.

About 2125hrs or so, I woke up. In a terrible state, the whole flat was swirling and seemed to be leaning to the right and out of the recliner, moments later realising something was not right, and nor being able to move at all without losing control and balance, I pressed the panic alarm wristlet.

(This was typed on Thursday 2nd May, my first day home, nad me not in a very good state for typing, concentrating or brainwork, thanks to Brother-in-law Pete and Jane collecting me from the Nottigham City Council Home and back to the flat, to be interogated by the Social Services chap for the first time in a long while.) But I felt the need to tell the tale, sad as it was.

The alarm lady was talking to me while the Stroke was taking place. Everything that could escaped was doing so at the same time, was doing so! Front, rear, being sick, blood from the throat, in unison! I was trying make me way to the door to unlcok it, all I cpuld hear was the lady telling me to nlock the frnot door or they will have to break it down to get in! I was on all-fours and still faling over repeatedly. Somehow (without a doubt hekoed by the lady on the phone, annoying as hrr voice was at the time, it made me get there to let in the paramedic. A blank spot, until I recal being on the floor in the bathroon apologising for the mess I had left in the front room, and three medics in attendance, another blank spell, then I remember being an ambulance, blues and twos a-ringing out.

Going in a reception area. Seconds later I was gathered after a qucik going over, for an MRSA and Head scans, nad returning to the first bay I was in. A Doctor came and told me I had had a stroke, and was going to be moved to the City Hospital Stroke ward. Along with two other patients I was moved to the Nottingham City Hosital Green ward.

Blanks for a while then I recall being in a ward, but not really with it so as to speak.

Further titilating revelations to follow!