Inchcock Today – Sun 26 May 2019: Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplops ruled, today. Precious little sleep, too, Humph!

May 26

2019 May 24

Sunday 26th May 2019

Ukranian: Неділя 26 травня 2019 року

WD 0.0.50 W Got to sleep around 03:00hrs I woke in need of a wee-wee at 05:35hrs. My EQ told me this was going to be a stinker-of-a-day. A fraught, exigent sort of Sunday, lonely as well. (It was right too!)

I extracted my bulbous body from the rickety, ci 1968, gungy-beige, second-hand, £300 recliner, caught my balance, but still took the stick with me, and visited the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). I was gobsmacked at how full the bucket was. I knew that the hours spent trying my best to get to sleep, were wee-wee ridden, but the amount passed surprised me. I think I managed around three hours maximum. Getting fed up of this, especially as sleep was never a problem before the stroke. Hey-ho, mustn’t complain, I’m still here, pale and white, struggling, but alive. I must remember this!

I went to empty and resanitise the EGPWWB. The colouring was a darkish brown. As was expected, Sophia and Caroline had warned to expect this with taking the Nitrofurantoin antibiotic. The hands and finger had joined the right leg in dancing about every time any contact is made. The fingers and hand with a mug of tea and the foot contacting the floor seem to be very popular with the Axonotmesis at the moment. Hehehe! 

7Sun01WD 0.0.50 W I had a go at the sock-glide, but I might have been a little overconfident this time, as you can see in the photograph. The shakes came at the wrong time for me (Not that there is a right time, snigger!) Just as I was inserting the foot into the sock. 


I can testify to the good quality metal used in 7Sun16the frame of the sock-glide. Haha!

The picture is a little blurred, as the hands were also shaking a bit, but they all calmed down shortly. I even managed one of the Hokey-Pokey dance routines again.

Off to the kitchen, and was greeted by blasting wind coming through the windows. Mind you, 7Sun02it was blowing a good bit out there Brr!

On closer inspection, it turned out that I had not pressed hard enough last night when shutting the window on the left.

Hence the wind was blowing in.

So, I managed to get it appropriately closed, after a few tries. That’s some else since the 7Sun11astroke, I can’t believe how weak I am now.

I tended to the health checks, took the medications, and made a brew of Strong English Breakfast tea in the China mug.

WD 0.0.50 W I got on the computer and realised how late it was. I don’t like this getting up late. It was already hours passed my usual blog posting time, and I had not even started to update it yet! Sour, bitter, and Fed-up Modes all Adopted!

I had a comment on WordPress, answered it, and went on the Reader Section. By the time I had done this, the EGPWWB was already refilled to a third of its capacity. All of the wee-wees were of the UWTWW Unwilling-Weak-Trickle-Wee-Wee class, up to now. But, they seemed to be getting more frequent, so the antibiotics had worked. Another cleansing of the bucket. More disinfectant added and back in place near the computer chair.

The shakes had tryingly returned, and so much time was lost, with errors being made and having to be corrected. I bet I’ve missed no-end of them. Oy Vey! 

7Sun15WD 0.0.50 W Back to the kitchen to take the midday meds: I was most annoyed but unsurprised, almost nonchalant to find that I had left the hot water tap running. To make thing worse, I emptied the bowl, and sod-me, I did it again! Luckily, I noticed before the almost tepid water overflowed this time. I didn’t get annoyed with myself at all this time. For the earlier warnings from the EQ, had prepared me well. But if anything else goes wrong, things might be different. Semi-Smug-Mode-Harnessed! Hahaha!

WD 0.0.50 W I realised that I had not put the Ankle-Support-Strapping on, as the foot went over when I was still in the kitchen, lucky any damage was limited by my having the walking stick in my hand at the time. The reason for this being; The toes and feet, still in need of the Chiropodists attention, at least to have the toe-nails cut, are no just too painful if I put on the strapping. And, I have another week and a day, before I can get to see anyone. The situation is not good! For certain, walking is more painful, but perhaps less so than with the Ankle-Support on. But the risk of a broken bone is so much higher now. I  can’t win, can I? Peed-Off-Mode now adopted. Humph!

A few more UWTWWs were taken, and the bucket is now about just over half-way filled, so I once again sterilised and freshened it, took the EGPWWB back to the computer chair.

7Sun18The rain came down, and it took my spirits with it a little.

Finally, at last, around lunchtime, I got around to starting today’s blog going. The shakes were still flamboyant in the fingers and hands, but as I was sitting most of the time, apart from the occasional visit to the Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket, this was to be anticipated.

I did so far and then went on CorelDraw to create some funny political graphics and a couple of Inchcock Thoughts funnies for the drafts.

Got the fodder on. Black bean sauce with chicken pieces, tomatoes, spirit vinegar, and mushroom slices. Ate it all this time. (Not all the milk-bread of course).


Got the washing-up done7Sun19. And watched the rain falling for a while.

I got in the second-hand rickety recliner, and pulled the bobble hat down over my eyes, convinced I would surely be able to nod off this time, I felt so weary mentally.

An hour or so later, I nodded off. And had a repeat dream, I think. The night before, I dreamed of working at Scan Security and being sent to Netherfield in a  hurry.

WD 0.0.50 W This time tonight, I woke in a panic, thinking I was late for getting to the site… It took a moment or two for me to realise it was not twenty-odd years ago, nor real. Most uncomfortable making! I battled to get back to sleep, fighting the pain from the cramps, so it took me a while to drop-off again.

WD 0.0.50 W The landline phone rang, waking me up. I made my way painfully to answer it. An Asian sounding voice waffled on, but I could not understand a word he was saying without the hearing aids being available. Over the next hour and a half, he rang at least ten more times, but I ignored them all. On the next ring, I shouted down the line “What?” The same voice spoke, and I could make-out ‘food delivery’… I told him this is the wrong number, and he keeps waking me up! I slammed down the phone. Tired, weary and now annoyed as well! By now; 22:20hrs, any more sleep was out of the question.

So I got up, had a UWTWW, and got on the computer to update this diary.

WD 0.0.50 W The landline rang out again – it was as she said; A forwarded text message. I rang-off, an unhappy Inchcock!

7Sun22I went to make a brew and took a photograph of the night scene from the unwanted, new, light & view blocking, multi-window panes that need cleaning, and I can’t reach to clean them, windows; That will require the use of the stepladder to take pictures of, or see anything down on Chestnut Walk. Such as ambulances, paramedics, fire engines, Police Cars or muggers.

Then, a summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Crikey it was a hard, solid, and most painful, longest evacuation I’ve suffered for ages!  I took an extra Senna when I eventually got myself sorted out. Still, there was no bleeding, surprisingly.

Worra lonely, frustrating and nervewracking day! Humph!

TTFN, taketh care all.


Inchcock Today – Sat 25 May 2019: An irritating, omnium-gatherum ridden day, and sleep deprived night!

May 25

2019 May 25

Saturday 25th May 2019

Icelandic: Laugardaginn 25 Maí 2019

WD 0.0.50 W 03:30hrs. What a horrible, macabre, perturbing and disturbing night’s effort at sleeping. (I might think of more words to add to this list later, like atrocious, dreadful, direful, hideous, contemptible, execrable, lousy, frustrating, heinous, laughable, doleful, third-rate, rebarbative… depictive words like that! Oy Vey and Pickled Walnuts!

I only got about an hour in, then woke in need of the Porcelain Throne. Or at least I thought I required the Porcelain Throne. An almost nippy exit from the £300, c1968, grotty-beige coloured rickety, ramshackle recliner, the feet,, and toes were giving me bother once I stood up, and off to the wet room. Much wind and no movement, despite great painful efforts made, and my continuing to take the Senna tablets? While I sat there a long time, failing to prompt any activity from the innards, the causes of my lack of kip flowed monositantly and incessantly into the brain. Of course, as to be expected, there were no understanding or solutions found on my behalf, of why, or what can be done to solve this relatively new conundrum?

By the I capitulated and gave up all hope of internal movements, I was not interested in sleep anymore. In fact, it was a struggle to find anything to be involved in. Then I remembered it was Saturday, the Cheesy potato meal for Josie. This cheered me up a little.

WD 0.0.50 W A wee-wee of the VSSWWW (Very-Short-Sprinkly-Weak-Wee-Wee) urination classification. And then went to get the medications ready and do the Health Checks. A bit different today; Dia 154, Sys 69, Pulse 88, and temperature 54.8°. Getting the tablets out of the blister packs reminded me of Ping-Pong. Humph! The finger-ends were dancing about when they made contact with anything hard, more than ever before, and it lasted far longer too, this time. The right leg was occasionally jumping, but I’ve almost gotten used to that. 

WD 0.0.50 W I wanted to make a start on Saturday… erm Friday Inchcock to get it done. There is a lot of photographs and writing to take place. The fingers slowing me down was bad enough, but then the Liberty-Global crap Virgin Internet started going so slow! Of course, its the weekend again!

Virgin (4b)

I stopped trying to use the computer, in the hopes that it will come back to its average pathetic speed soon. “In the hopes…” saying such a thing brings on a feeling of dysphoria, and an acceptance of just how stupid I really am!

I made a brew of tea and got some hand-wash clobber in the bowl with freshener and liquid soap powder6Sat07. A heavy shirt and a pair of bamboo socks. Oh, and the Ankle-Strappings.

WD 0.0.50 W I checked on the computer, and surprisingly, the Liberty-Global internet service was still hogwash and slow. So, I have to be careful without the Ankle-Support on, but at least I am not going out anywhere. Another reason for feeling low!

6Sat06So I carried on with the hand-washing, and did my best to wring them out and got them on the slow-airer flatbed, and hung some up.

Despite the Liberty-Global ramshackle pretend service being so slow, I pressed on, battling not only internet, but the electrified jumping fingers, and it was a hell of a struggle, too, I can tell yers. Humph!

Some or other I got the blog finished but was really in need of some sleep. iLife was feeling mashugana to me now!

A lot of tap-tap, nock-knocking from the flat above this morning. I hope he’s fell over and injured himself, self-stabbed with one of his screwdrivers or drills. Oh, I meant I hope he’s not fell over and hurt himself, self-stabbed with one of his screwdrivers or drills. Silly me!

WD 0.0.50 W I called to see what time Josie would like her nosh, but no answer.

I kept turning the clothes that were drying.

I went on TFZ Facebooking then WordPress Reader.

WD 0.0.50 W I called to see what time Josie would like her nosh, but no answer.

I made a start on this post. But after an hour or so, the internet became even slower.

WD 0.0.50 W I called to see what time Josie would like her nosh, Aha! She was up and answered.

We agreed 12:30 > 13:00hrs for the food to be delivered.

I took some photographs from the view-blocking, thick-framed, multi-glass-panes cleaning needed new Kitchen window, that I have to get on a step ladder in the event of my wanting to see anything below, like a fire engine, ambulance or policeman. I take back the last one, we don’t even see any policemen anywhere in Sherwood, and precious few in Nottingham. Tsk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Got the cheesy potatoes in the oven already, turned them up and went into the wet room to get the ablutions done.

Virgin (4b)

All cleaned up and feeling better, I got Josie’s nosh prepared and went to deliver it for her, at 12:55hrs. No answer to her doorbells. Oh, dear!

I titivated the drying clothes and got my potatoes in the oven.

WD 0.0.50 W No answer to her doorbells. Oh, dear! Mark Two!


 Later, with my potatoes burning and hers going cold, I went again to delivery Josies for her. She answered she had not heard the last two bell rings.

WD 0.0.50 W Shame it was as hot as I would have liked to have been for her. Still, the gal ate it all she said, apart from the bread, she does not eat white bread, sourdough or otherwise.

I did a bit of updating on this blog, then Josie called to return the tray and things. She seemed to have enjoyed it, which pleased me.

6Sat29WD 0.0.50 W I got my plate of food. But once again, I overdid the quantity. I ate the cheesy-potatoes (Of course, Hehe!), some of the tomatoes, sausages, and cucumber, and a little of the greenery, along with the mandarins in water. Not so bad though, I reckon I consumed about 70% of the fodder on offer.Not too bad, really, and the cheesy-potato flavouring was out-of-this-world, delectable. I used distilled vinegar this time, with a little bit of mustard and sea salt added to the mix.

I got down to watch some TV and set the timer, so I wouldn’t miss that Jackie Chan’s film, ‘Who am I’. A light-weight semi-comedy.

Josie rang the ‘I only want to be with you’ tuned doorbells. She gave me some yogourts and two potatoes. It was her way of saying thank you, I think, bless her cotton socks. ♥

Back to trying to get to sleep, and I saw an advert for the Hughie Tyson v unheard of Canadian Norrad fight. Being as kip was again showing no signs of coming, I foolishly stayed up to watch it. Crap! Absolute rubbish!

WD 0.0.50 W To make things worse, I was feeling so tired, despite having done nothing physical for ages, but Morpheus meant to avoid me at all costs. Then the brain started throwing things at me, my worries, desires, and failures, with childhood misery-memories thrown in the salmagundi of sleep denying torments.

WD 0.0.50 W The curtains were drawn, and I pulled the bobble hat down over my eyes. This was not working. So I tried the thinking of happier times… which took a lot of memory searching, and brought to mind more errors and wrong choices I had made over the years: Which made sleep even more distant and reluctant! I concentrated on the angling days at Attenborough reserve. And this brought on how much I miss my pipe of Erinmore Mixture. Getting disturbed, wanting a wee-wee so often. This was not working at all.

However, sheer tiredness, I think, got me off to kip eventually. By then it was about 03:00hrs!

I woke in need of a wee-wee at 05:35hrs. Peed-off! Tsk!