Inchcock Today – Thursday 4th to Saturday, April 6th 2019: Green Ward.


Thursday 4th April 2019 to Saturday, April 6th 2019: Green Ward.

Africaans: Vrydag 5 April 2019

01:55hrs. After a while spent in hopes that the noise would die down so I could get some rest, in came a team of doctors and off I was taken for more chamber-scanning. Then to another ward and kept in a mobile scanner for the rest of the night.

Then back to the Green Ward. Doctors visited me to confirm the stroke an where it had affected me, I realised then that I had no clothing, apart from what the hospital had supplied. I used some pages from a crossword book to make notes on to record things. But did not realise how badly they were written until much later.

Oncology, Speech Therapists, and Physiotherapists set to work unremittingly.

There were six beds in my section of the ward. Sleep was not an option, day or night. Physios, feeding, medications and then they put in the bags for the front and rear, as nothing was working in those areas! No control at all, luckily the others in Green Wing were all suffering, in the same way, judging by the aromas! Hehe! Much of the scribble was illegible by the time I got around to updating.

I had an end bed, which was excellent for watching the squirrels and birds, not that I much time for this, the medications, speech therapy, and finding out I had Vascular Dementia saw to that. Along with the night staff leaving a radio playing all night, the windows open and the poor bloke in bed number one, who wailed begged, and insults all night, every night. Not making himself the most popular patient. Humph!

Got a visit from Sister Jane and Pete. Pete took control of my money, cash card, keys etc. for safe keeping. He did bring me some cash though, even if it was out of date pound coins and a fiver from my stock of old coins that I had hidden (Obviously not well enough) as part of my leaving for him and Janet when I snuff it. Hehehe!

With my shaky hands, shaving was a problem, as was the controlling of front and rear emissions with the bags. I asked Pete to bring me some after-shave from home to control the bleeding. (I’m still waiting for it! Hehe!) I thought that he had a smirk and sneer on his face when I mentioned this. Haha!

Poor old Jane tried to tidy the flat a bit for me and cleaned up the horrible mess I had left, bless her cotton socks. ♥ Tsk!

Thanks to them both.


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 4th to Saturday, April 6th 2019: Green Ward.

  1. That’s great they got right in on the speech and physical therapy. Strokes can really bring you down.

  2. Thanks, Tim.
    The shakes are still there. I had a bout walking home through the park. A man and woman asked me if I was alright and I was looking very pale. Bless them. I took photos of their little dog in the wind.
    TTFN mate.

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