Inchcock: What Needs Attention Today – In repellent rhyme!


Woke up, in the recliner where I nightly sprawl,

Nae bother from the Trotsky’s, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, at all,

Duodenal Donald, Dizzy Dennis were all good too, I recall,

I’d been dreaming of having holidays, first in Nepal,

Then I met a gal, and we made love in Montreal,

Then we both went off to Senegal,

Had to rush off for a Porcelain Session, it was a close-call,

No bleeding or dizzies did I befall,

Didn’t even stub my toe on the shower stall.

Should I today, go do a bungee jump, or play baseball?

Do a marathon, climb a mountain or play volleyball?

Whatever made me even think of this, I don’t know at all,

I’b be lucky to find the energy to make a phone-call!

___  __________________________  ___

The Morrison man is delivering this morning,

The dentist appointment needs confirming!

The hearing aid batteries need changing,

The filters and tubes need cleaning,

A letter came regarding the operation and grafting,

The Clinic will need telephoning,

The chair needs a repair to it’s cushioning,

The anxiolytic medication needs taking,

Now the mind is doing its own thing,

Off on tangeants, uncontrollabley wandering,

My logicality and senses are now waning,

Maniacally meandering, leaving me wondering,

Why, where, when and how, I’m still pondering,

Shame, there’s no snow, I could go tobogganing,

See? The mind is off again, outgunning…

Destroying my logicality by it’s picarooning,

It may improve, perhaps the madness is just sojourning?


4 thoughts on “Inchcock: What Needs Attention Today – In repellent rhyme!

  1. It’s not easy, Marissa my flower.
    I grow fond of the ailments you know. Not knowing which ones or how many will be the worst each day one awakens, keeps me young. Hehehe!
    Give me something to concentrate on in my sad, lonely, perpetually depressed life.
    Good job the A-Team’s on telly tonight. Haha!
    Only jesting pet. Hope all well your end, I know you are keeping so busy, don’t overdo it, but enjoy it.
    TTFN and the besest of luck! XXX Thanks.

  2. Too true pet.
    I’m doing well really, compared to many.
    Count my hatchlings before they are no longer worth three in a bush… got a bit mixed up there, sorry. Hehehe! XXX

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