Inchcock Today – Wednesday 2nd August 2017: Nurse Nichol not available to do my blood test… Sob!

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Maltese:  L-Erbgħa 2 ta ‘Awissu 2017

0535hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner, feeling bloated and confused. Once again annoyed at not remembering the dream I know I’d been having.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. No adscititious ailments, only Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding a lot.

Into the kitchen to do the Health Checks, do up the medication pots and take the drugs.

Sys: 62, Dia: 72, Pulse: 79, Temp 35.3, Weight (Oh dear) 14.95

The sky outside did not over encourage me on the coming weather.

Got the computer on and consulted the calendar. Only the INR blood-test, get a razor scraper, and I have to contact the clinic about the new date for the op, now the last INR reading had come down a bit.

Suddenly felt a bit dodgy when Shaking Shaun visited me when I was making a brew. A bit worrying, I might mention this to the nurse at the blood test if it is nurse Nichole on duty and not Obergefrieteress Ann, that is. When on the odd few times I’ve been brave enough to mention any new ailments to her, she is giving me a matter of fact reply before I finish speaking. (Seen it all, done it all syndrome?) Hehe!

I took an extra St John’s Wort to try and get myself to cheer up a bit; I was sinking somewhat spiritually now. Spiritually? No that’s not the word I mean… er, erm, oh, that’ll have to do. Tsk!

Very quick bash on Facebook and checked the Emails, WordPress.

Dropped the pan of peas on the floor, that I’d just shelled. Tsk! Damned Shaking Shaun!

Off to get the ablutions and medicationalisationing done.

Noticed after the shower that the veins had turned red again, well, pink then! But at least the swelling had gone down. Haha!

Already, I set off down and out to Winchester Street. Having a good laugh with some of the crowd of residents at the bus stop, as I passed by.

Onto Mansfield Road up the hill and observed that the Restuarant Car Park sign had been tended to by ‘Nottingham Street Artists Blolblets’, again.

As I approached the crest to go down into Carrington, I observed a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming towards me.

Unfortunately, he turned left as I took the picture. Humph!

But fear not, a few more yards down the hill and another Varmint Nottingham PAvement Cyclist shot by me at a high rate of knots, and I got the camera out and managed to catch him as he weaved between other pedestrians.

I pressed on down and got to the Surgery with plenty of time to spare.

Registered with the new receptionist.

She’ll fit in alright here, high loud voice and does not listen when you speak to her. Perfect for the job.

Notices informing us of a change in Doctors and their status. Dr Lona Vindla is now in charge, the other bloke has left to retire early, and a new doctor is female and will be starting soon at the surgery.

Had a good long session with trying to do some crosswords in the book. Not, a very successful one, though.

An unknown to me nurse came out and called me in. Lovely lady, patient and polite. Must she be a locum? So, no nurse Nichol again. I inquired where she was, but this woman did not know?

She got the blood taken, but stopping it flowing afterwards, was as big a job as it has ever been. The EQ told me to expect a very high Warfarin INR reading and a phone call from the DVT clinic this afternoon. The gal was very patient with it taking so long, and plastered and tape covered it and told me to wait outside and make sure it had stopped before going away. If it is still bleeding after ten minutes, to tell the receptionist and she would let her know so we could have another look at the problem.

Disappointed with no Nichole being there, but glad to have met this new nurse and her similar pleasant nature. After a few minutes I peeled off the tape, and things seemed to have settled down on the arm. So I gave the receptionists their nibbles and out into the rain. This weather put me off going to town to find a razor scraper, and I thought best to go back to Sherwood after visiting Lidl.

Limped along into Carrington.

Yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was avoided en route.

The rain kept stopping periodically to try and catch me out on whether or not to use the umbrella or not.

I crossed over the road and into Carrington proper.

No attention paid from Shaking Shaun or Dizzy Dennis at all now.

Things, I thought, were improving. What a Silly-Billy, I am!

Further along, near the Co-op store, a Nottingham Street Artist had been at it again, decorating new benches with an empty can, bottle and prettily spread sick underneath it, in a heart shaped design.

Tsk and Well, I never!

As I moved on to be insulted and cheated at the Lidl Store; Yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist had a go at me!

But I do not think this was maliciously meant at all.

He was making Rap sounding noises and had his earphones on under his Benny Hat.

The rain started to come heavily, as I got in the concentration camp… sorry, I mean Lidl’s. I noticed that all four check-outs were abandoned and only the end bit with the self-serve tills was in use.

I took a good wander around and ended up spending too much again.

I came out with biscuits, Pringles and chocolates for raffle prizes and nibbles, Sultanas, razors and fresh tomatoes.

To the bus stop and caught one to Sherwood. I long wait for the L9 bus, just as well because I remembered to go to Wilko and search for a razor scraper. Came out of there spent up as well, having got; A measuring jug, Dettol disinfectant, Citrus deodorant, Cooking foil, black refuse sacks, toilet cleaner blocks, kettle descaler, fragrance booster, foil trays and…. Yes! I did it, I got a Glass razor scraper!

Had a chinwag with 93-year-old tenant Polish Eddy at the bus stop.

Glad Sandie recommended trying these on the black marks on the window glass.

Thanks, Sandie (Loud voice cause she is in America Hehe!) I hope the bad weather other there is improving for the TFZers and Facebook friends.

Caught the bus home.

The rain got worse as we walked from the bus to the apartments.

Got in and had a wee-wee. Too wet to try and clean the windows yet. Put the food and things away and got the computer on to update this diary.

Got the meal cooking. Having a little different one today. Carrots and swede, potato cakes, onion bargees (Hope I like them), beetroot, cheese, an apple and Maple Syrup yoghourt.

Porcelain Throne for heavy duty and wee-wee session. Blood flowed! Tsk!

Health Checks and medications were taken. Sys 166 Dia 75, Pulse70, Temp 34.8

The meal took a lot of preparation tonight, but it was worth all the effort.

Potatoe cakes, tomatoes, carrots, swede, wild mushrooms, Gherkin, soft cheese, apple, beetroot, silverskin onions, fresh garden peas and onion bargees. I’ve never had bargee’s before, glad to say they were not too hot for me. Got them crispy on the outside. The tomatoes from Lidl, despite the label saying ‘Sweet Piccolo Tomatoes’, was very bitter tasting. But and however, they went well with the rest of the meal. Rated this one as 9.42/10. Very good! The plain yoghourt I flavoured with Maple syrup was delightful.

This meal will take some beating in the enjoyment stakes.

A lot of odd loud noises again tonight, from the apartment up above me? Third night in a row now. Perhaps, someone new is moving into the flat.

Tried to watch some TV, but as usual, the nod-offs and trips for a wee-wee prevented any successful viewing.