Inchcock Today – Friday 18 August 2017

Friday 18 August 2017

Sethoso: Labohlano la 18 August 2017

Woke at 0305hrs: Feeling almost insensate as the demented mind toyed with itself seemingly considering many facets, thoughts and ideas at the same time. Mostly in a psittacistic manner, and these evaporated within seconds of their arrival in the brain-box. I put this down to my having a dream as I woke up and the subconscious clinging onto bits of them?

The knees were much easier as I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner. However, the plates were not. I’ll be glad when Sue the foot-lady comes. Limped into the wet room for a Porcelain Throne session. All good.

Into the kitchen and made a brew.Health Checks were done.

Health Checks were done, and medications were taken. Took an extra Codeine this morning, to help mitigate the stinging and burning pain from the tootsies.

Got the diary finished for yesterday and posted it off.

I went to make another brew to replace the one that had gone cold.

0415hrs: Took this picture from out of the window, did you spot the oddity? A free parking space! Haha!

Had a thought out of the blue – I have not had the INR blood test results yet? This in mind, I went to check the door to see if it had arrived, and as I put the light on in the hallway (Well, I thought I had), it did not light up. Oh, dear, thought I, another bulb blown! I felt my way along to the door and saw two bright patches on the floor that were two letters, one with the INR results and one from Pharmacy2U?

As I returned with the intention of getting another bulb, I spotted the light glowing under the convenient 1¾ inch gap at the bottom of the wet-room door.

I’d turned on the wrong switch and had lit up the Throne Room by error for the hallway. Tsk, Wotta Plonka!

The Pharmacy2U solicitous advert did not install any confidence or feelings of trustworthiness in me. They had initially posted it to the address I lived at years ago? If I did sign up, what would the chances of the prescriptions getting through to me? Tsk!

Got the computer back on and checked the Emails and sent off a request for an appointment for the next INR blood test for Tuesday next. With a happy heart, because I knew Nurse Nichola was back on duty and I stood a chance of her seeing to me this visit.

WordPress reading then started this diary off.

Did a Morrison’s fodder order for next week. It was getting much lighter now.

Carried out the ablutions without too many shaving cuts today, only two.

I chose not to abrogation my wishes of getting out for a bit of a hobble, down into Sherwood to get some bread and aluminium foil trays.

Knocked on neighbours door. Josie, to see if she was interested in taking the ready meal off my hands. But she does not eat chicken, so that was that. Set out into the sunshine with the second Chinese Chicken Curry in sauce meal with me.

It was a bit windy, but not cold at all with it. Called at the Obergruppenfurheresses Cabin and gave Obergefreitereress Julie the meal. She seemed to like it and told me I was a diamond?

Set off on the hobble down Winchester Street Hill and a  good few folks were at the bus stop, awaiting the arrival of the L9 bus.Had a chinwag with them then continued down near the allotments.

Had a chinwag with them, then continued down and passing the allotments and into Sherwood. Left and down to the Continental Food Store to see if they had any of the small sliced wholemeal bread. They did not, so I got a small white one instead. But, they did have some of the Krakowski Cooked belly pork with herbs and garlic. My will-power was immediately emaciated at seeing this meat, and I got some thick slices and felt thick afterwards for paying so much for it. Tsk!

Out and up the hill, calling in one or two charity shops window shopping for bargains. I didn’t find any. Popped into the Wilko Store and got some foil trays.

Hobbling nice and slowly now, no rush the bus back up the hill was not due for ten-minutes. I heard an emergency vehicle siren, and a police car sped by with what looked like four Officers, and I could see clearly, at least one of them had machine-gun type weapon in his arms! The police car was almost out of sight by the time I got the camera out and zoomed in, to take this shot of it going towards the City Centre, on Mansfield Road.

As the bus arrived, William only just got there in time. A chinwag en route and walk from the bus stop to the flats, I enjoyed listening to him talking, a nice chap he is. Still on the Morphine.

Back in my mini-flat, I had a wee-wee and checked out what I was going to have for fodder. I think belly pork sandwiches, tomatoes and maybe a few potatoes with the garden peas. Final determination to be made later.

Got the computer back on and updated this diary to here.

Email checks again.

Got the nosh served up, and it looked beautiful on the plate.

In reality, most of the food was a disaster, I have to report. Huh!

Rated this one a 4.4/10.

Health Checks and medications sorted.

The Boon, DVD watched for a while. Fell asleep doing do. Woke for the Wee-wee, and started nibbling.

Around 2300hrs, sprang awake and tried to recall the dream I’d been having, but danged if I could. Most annoying.