Inchcock Today – Monday 28th August 2017: Papplewick Pumping Station Visit today

Monday 28th August 2017

Scots Gaelic: Diluain 28 Lùnastal 2017

0430hrs: After a dream filled forever waking up sort of night, I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe, had a Dizzy Dennis visit and made my way to the Porcelain Throne, discovering en route that Hernia Harry was also in a bad mood.

The dream recollections were very vague.

Much bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harry, but the session went well regarding the passage, and Trotsky Terence seemed to have eased off again.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, made a brew and made sure the bag of nibbles was ready to take tothePapplewick Pumping Station for the Craft Fair visit later, with BJ and David. BJ is to ring me before he arrives after picking up David, to take us to the station.

Caught up with finishing the weekend post and started this one off.

I went to make another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold, and peered down out of the kitchen window, to see that we were back to no car parking spaces available. I think that some of the tenants have returned from their holidays?

Checked Email, WordPress reading.

Titivated the Morrison order for Wednesday delivery.

Facebooked a while.

1100hrs: Tended to the ablutions, just in case BJ is on time. (Of course, he wasn’t, bless him. Hehe!) He rang 1215hrs to say he was on his way, told him I’d meet him at the end of the road cause of the parking difficulties near the flats.

I was very pleased to see that they had supplied us with a bin outside the lifts on the ground floor, to put out glass in for recycling. Pound to a penny when I get back there will be some other sort of waste in it?

BJ picked us up at the end of the road with David installed in the back seats. David seemed a lot less distracted than usual and his ‘Voices’ were not bothering him so much, or so it seemed. Cheered me up this did, as I chatted with him en route.

At Papplewick Pumping Station, BJ and David went their way and me mine. First thing I did, was to walk around the pond and admire the foliage as I wandered limpingly through the woods. The model boat people were out in force, but a mystery of why the photographs I took of them were not on the SDH card, still remains? I was very disappointed in that!

I’m sad to report that Dizzy Dennis and Duodenal Donald both started to kick off then. I was not up to much for a couple of hours. I got myself in the trees on a bench, out of the sun and listened to a group of ladies giving a musical show on a nearby lawn. They were outstanding, singing the oldies songs in harmony. Dennis made it hard for me to concentrate, and when the foursome of gals stopped singing, and what started like a kiddies entertainment started, I tried to get up to start my walk around again, but gave up and returned to the bench. I got the crossword book out. It is Collin’s version, that is a little harder to solve (For me, anyway), and I spent ages on them. Everything else seemed to disappear from my brain. Odd sensation? Then I needed a wee-wee, hobbled to the WC and began to feel a lot better. The weather was hot, and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves everywhere. Not a tantrum in sight!

I met BJ and David near cafe the tables, and a group of BJ’s friends arrived for a chinwag with them. I managed to catch a photograph as the mini-train went by some of them. BJ left, David in the middle.

I felt in better nick now, and set off to have a hobble around the Station and fair, while BJ and his mates went to the cafe for a nosh.

I found out much later that some more of the shots I’d taken had also failed to record on the camera card? I think I might have been doing something wrong, but what?

Duodenal Donald had now been joined by Anne Gyna in giving me some grief, and things were not good… well, maybe more like just uncomfortable.

I managed a decent hobble around and was so pleased when they found me, and we were ready to leave. Big hearted BJ, told his two friends he would give them a lift home, as it is on our way. A good chap, our BJ!

As we approached the gatehouse, I tried to get a shot of this little wasp whatever it is, ferreting on this flower, whatever it is. Hehe!

In the distance, I could see an orchard and zoomed in to have a look to see if I could identify the apples in it.

They looked like they might be Discovery variety, but perhaps not, they fruit in winter, I think.Most of them had brown spots on them and did not look very appetising. I mentioned this to BJ, and he said he thought they were grown to sell to a cider maker?

Eventually, we all arrived at the Gatehouse.

I approached from the rear nearer to the orchard, thus avoided struggling up the steps to get through.

I had cunningly taken this photograph earlier on arrival.

BJ’s car didn’t half sink when all four of us (No lightweights either, Hehe) got in.

I was a little surprised when BJ dropped off the man and woman at a Premier Inn on Mansfield Road in Daybrook on the way back.

BJ insisted on going right up to the flats to drop me off, as he said: “Yer don’t look too good yoof, hang on til I get back from my holidays before yer croak, see ya later, cheers!” Haha!

I thanked him, bade my farewells to David, and struggled up to the apartment.

The sun now blazing more than ever. I opened the windows wider, got the Health Checks done, took the medications, taking an extra Ramipril and got the fodder cooking.

Into the wet room to sort things out down below.

Not up to doing anything now really, so drained, but I’d had a trip out and enjoyed it despite the ailments.

Served up the food and enjoyed what of it I could eat. For some reason, the appetite was not as large as usual. However, it was tasty, delicious. I had to use distilled vinegar as I have run out of malt vinegar.

Got myself settled eventually and the TV on with programmes selected to watch.

Craig Cramps started off with the hands. This occasion was so different to any others I’d had. The fingers did not warp and bent as they normally would, a few of the digits straightened out painfully and it was a bit of a job getting them to bend again afterwards. Humph!
One finger actually seemed to grow fatter for some reason? (Arthur Itis joining in? Haha!)

Still, it made a nice change. If you see what I mean.

Nodding off and having little dreams ensued. What about, I have no idea, I just know I had them?

Poor old twit!