Inchcock Today – Wednesday 23rd August 2017:

Wednesday 23rd August 2017

מיטוואך 23 אויגוסט2017  Yiddish

I awoke at 0415hrs, the mind in turmoil and confusion again. It was severe this time, the jokes of where am I, who am I, what day is it questions became a reality for a couple of minutes.

As I manoeuvred myself to escape the comfortable clutches of the £300 second-hand recliner, Hippy Hilda (Right hip) showed her great displeasure at me doing so.

However, as I eventually got stood in an upright position, it dawned on me this might not be such a bad day after all. No Dizzy Dennis, Cramp Craig, Arthur Itis, Harry Hernia or Anne Gyna worries were affecting me at all. Only Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald, and later Haemorrhoid Harold were interested in giving me some gip. So, overall a good start to the day. Even the brain had regained it’s admittedly limited, logicality again.

No demands to use the Porcelain Throne (A little confusing and worrying this was), but many wee-wees followed over the next few hours.

The view outside was a little hazy, but beautiful. It stayed like this for hours, a little misty.

I had an idea out of the blue, for a funny ode about these strange thoughts I had earlier and started a blog off about them. Inspired by insanity, I think? This took many hours and wee-wees. Haha! I was semi-pleased with the outcome and posted it on WordPress.

There is the direct link: What Needs Attention Today, in repellent rhyme.

As I started on finalising yesterdays Diary, Ear-Ache Eric started off abruptly in the right-lughole. Tsk! Did I speak too soon? Hehe!

The Morrison man arrived, and I got the fodder stowed away. Once more, the freezer and fridge are crammed full of gear.

Podded the peas and got them shelled and in the slow-cooker. They (Morrisons) had sent me a free packet of Del Monte keep-in-the-fridge peaches in syrup. Moments later, I saw a neighbour coming into the flats with some of his grandkids, and I thought they might like to have the fruit. So I collared them as they got to their door and asked them if they’d like to have them, they did, and I was happy.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading. Doctors Surgery had sent Email giving the new dosages for the Warfarin and blood test results. They had booked me in for next Wednesday at 1107hrs for the next test. A bit late in the day for my liking, but, beggars and pensioners can’t be choosers.

Got the ablutions seen to and although it was getting late for me, I decided to have a walk in the Copse, despite the foggy mist outside.

Getting the potato sticks in the oven for later after the hobble, and the door bell rang out. It was Footlady Susan. She had been called to another flat and wanted to do me now, while she was in the place. So she did. Never been done so quickly either. I handed her all my money and asked her to take what she needed, she gave me some back, and she was off and gone within 14 minutes.

The plates were a little sore, so I abandoned the idea of a walk and got the food ready.

The sticks were overcooked by the time I got them on the tray, the bread had lost its freshness, but the garden peas were excellent.

Down and settled to devour this, and the phone rang. Tsk! It was Footlady Susan, saying she had given me £20 too much change and could I check. I had no idea whether she had or not, I could not remember or know how much I had to start with when I handed it to her. Took her word for it, and told her I would put it in the top left-hand drawer so it would be safe and she would remember where, when she called for it.

By the time I got back to the fodder, it was not very warm, and disappointing in the extreme.

The unceremonious, but nowadays expected drainage of energy befell me even earlier tonight. Got the Health Checks done and took the medications.

Remembered to add Susan’s next visit to the calendar. Friday 6th October 1330hrs.

The innards began rumbling and churning a while later as I settled with the TV on, into the £300 second-hand recliner.

I planned the viewing of some programmes, immediately the nodding-off began. I have no idea what I did watch and what I missed, but the misses far outweighed the watched! Hehe!

I had to go for a Porcelain Throne visit. It was not good. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding and very sore afterwards.

Dreamed a lot and kept waking up, but no definitive memories.

TTFN all.