Inchcock Today – Friday 29th September 2017

Friday 29th September 2017

0330hrs: Woke, tried to recall the dreams I knew I’d had, without any luck… a call to the Porcelain Throne was responded to in haste. A lot easier this morning compared to yesterdays agonistic session, but the blood flowed worryingly too much again from within.

Did the health checks and took the medications.

Then started to update things on the computer and the diaries. What a bloomin’ mess I got myself into, Tsk! Made the date graphics alright, then posted them to the wrong days’ posts, then realised that I’d got the wrong top graphics on the wrong pages… What a pickle I got into trying to sort it all out. 0600hrs by the time I got it right, at least, I think I have! Even had to have three or four wee-wees in between my efforts at getting things in order again. By the end of all this editing and rearranging, I felt almost crapulous.

I wonder if there is coterie or club for people like me to join for help and support? Perhaps it might be called “TLIF (The Losing It Fast) Association”? No doubt about it, senility dawns.

Made a brew of tea that did not taste good at all. Was it the milk, tea bags or me? Does it matter? Passed some wind, sneezed setting the two front Suzie Incisors off again, and back for another wee-wee.

Set about doing a graphic for my mates Lynton and Martin; also I’ll use it on one of the diaries as a top graphics and post it to Facebook, cause I was well pleased with this one as a funny thought prompting effort, although I say it myself. I won’t show it yet until I have used it elsewhere, might make it the top for tomorrows diary?

Oh, go on then, I can’t wait to show it off. (I say smugly. Hehe!)

Onto the Email sorting. I got carried away with some of the News Alerts for Nottingham. Sherwood, in particular. A street full of cars had their tyres slashed. The Alia Polish Restaurant on Mansfield Road had been attacked and vandalised and a knifing.

On to WordPress reading.

Emails got a request for a graphic. I like it when I get these, cause it makes me feel like I’m needed. Australian Marie, asked for this one of Australian Mary. Hehe!

I hope they like it.

Tried to catch up on Facebooking. Limited time though.

The Odd Ball Noisy Git above has started banging away again!

Off to get the ablutions done. Then gerroff to town.

Teggies, shave and nasal clean-out, then a quicky but good shower. Got the medications done below and at the rear end and changed into the clothes. Got the bag ready, checked for the brolly, bus-pass and cash-card, and off to the lift to go down.

The following experience is not a joke and actually happened. There I was, at the only lift still operational. Pressed the call button while the cage was on the 15th floor. It came down by-passing me, to the 6th floor. Then down to the ground floor. Then back up to the 14th floor, and down again to the ground floor. Eventually, it came up to collect me. Hehe! It stopped at the 8th, 6th, 4th and 3rd floor going down, but there was no one at the 6th or 3rd floors?

Sat in the lobby were Edna and Nora. We had a quick confab, and I gave them some nibbles. Then out and along to the bus stop, in the rain.

The City bound bus arrived first and waiting there a surprising amount of us old fogies that got on, and it picked up much more en route.

I went to the terminus stop.

As we passed Victoria Centre (Mall), the rain was easing, and the Nottinghamian pedestrians were still crossing over the pelican traffic lights on red, as usual.

Bless em! The fact that two people were knocked down at this junction while crossing over against the lights didn’t seem to have phased them at all.

The rain had reduced itself to barely a drizzle, as I wandered down Queen Street into the City Centre Slab Square.

The mobile cinema was still there. Since my last visit they had built a wooden surround around the vehicle trailer the films are being shown in.

A food trailer was being got ready on site.

Claiming in print on the side of it; “Genuine American Barbeque Take-Away Food”. Just what Nottingham City needs, more food! Hehehe!

I had a wander through the back streets. At the jewellery store window, one of them as dedicated to watches.

Expensive watches.

I assumed this one was a Cartier ladies one.

I thought I might do (What I have done now) a little competition to see if the TFZers can guess the price of this article?

Just for a bit of fun, like

I hobbled around the back of the Council House and down to St Peter’s Church and Square.

I attempted to take a photo of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist as he pelted down the hill.

But, he got hidden behind a car. Tsk!

I visited the Marks & Sparks food hall in their basement. Always a financial mistake me doing this. £11 spent this time. I really should resist the temptation to go in this shop! Ready-made colcannon mash, Cheddar mashed potatoes Rosti and a chicken risotto made up for the expenditure. And, I’ve got to chop up the chicken pieces before I dare try to eat it. I thought when I bought it, there would be only mushrooms in it. Idiot!

When I came out and limped up to the Square, there were so many Nottingham Pavement Cyclists about, I could not catch them all, but I managed to bag two of them, much to the displeasure of other people about. Oh, dear!

I called into a shop to get the TV magazine’ for next week.

I still don’t know I bother, cause I only fall asleep trying to watch the goggle-box, anyway.

As the light dimmed, I got this ‘Moody’ photograph of the Council House and the Little John’s clock bell housing.

Made my way to the bus stop on Queen Street to catch one home, and I heard several emergency vehicle klaxons. It was three police cars going up South Parade behind the Council House. But I was not in a position to get any picture. Tsk!

I did get a photograph of this ‘Uber Eats’ Pavement Cyclist though, making his way up to King Street.N

Caught the bus, it arrived on time, in fact, it left four minutes early. This I have learnt, is because the driver gets his meal break when he comes to the other end.

No ill bother from the ailment, despite my decent hobble around.

Two other tenants got on en route, one from Winchester, one from Woodthorpe Courts.

I had a chinwag with the gal on the way back.

Got in, had a wee-wee. The chump upstairs was banging about again, sounded like it was clanging noises?

  But the food away and got on with updating this diary and sorting photo’s out.

This took a few hours, and I was getting a little fatigued but pressed on and then went out and took some photographs of the new boarding signs.

Oh, yes! Hehe!

Many new small signs informing us that they are sorry for the inconvenience?

And many large posters, made up from four sections had been put up the length of the road, about four or five of them with graphics of what the place should look like when finished.

It took the expert doing the erection job, from 1045hrs to 1400hrs to get them all up. I know this because when I went down to take the pictures of them, resident Annie told me so.

I looked up and took this photograph of Woodthorpe Court at the same time.

Came back in and noise coming from the flat above mine, sounded like something being dropped on the kitchen floor repeatedly, and then the hammering sounds started off again!

I made a cup of tea and got to here on updating this page, then went on Facebooking again.

More banging from upstairs.

Got the thin chips in the oven, and pulled pork with some Balsamic vinegar in the saucepan. Stayed close so I could monitor it.

Had a Wee-wee. Fancy that!

More noise from the ‘Herbert’ upstairs.

Got the nosh sorted. A bit risky, but  did the Frits chips I got from M&S, but made sure they were not crispy.

The pulled pork in the balsamic sauce had to be well chopped up into tiny pieces.

No problems suffered, with the desserts of course. Tasty all the same, rated this a 8.5/10

The whole meal went down well, I must say. Perhaps a tad too much balsamic vinegar in with the pulled pork. But you don’t like to complain, do you? Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Health Checks and medications were taken.

Got resided in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… On and on this happened for hours again! I did find some scribbled notes in the morning, but they were beyond deciphering. Humph!

Inchcock Today Thursday 28th September 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop Day, well, more an Accifauxpa one come think about it. Huh!

Thursday 28th September 2017

0225hrs: Bad night for waking up and fighting to try and stop the brain wandering off on its own course. Going AWOL but taking me with it, sort of thing. I fretted and worried about Sister Janes operation, the noisy git upstairs, my own regular ailments and failures, the toothache, trying to accept my oncoming caducity… You name it, I think it rambled through the grey-cells at some point over the next ten minutes or so.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and straight to the Porcelain Throne. Far less a messy session this time, but boy, was it a painful one! Oddly enough, Harold’s Haemorrhoids did not bleed at all? Just stung like buggery! Hehe!

Did the health checks and took the medications, then I think I decided to do the remaining washing left over from yesterday, partly to give the still partly-fuddled brain-box something else to ponder on?

Got the bag and accoutrements needed and went with them to the lifts.

Number One Elevator (The one with the breeding alien blob on its floor), was out of action. The sense of humour was still working in the brain though… I imagined that the caretaker had after 3 weeks got around to cleaning up the blob and had probably been bitten by the Alien and mutated into something else? Hehehe!

Got the machine going and up to the flat.

Arthur itis in the left knee particularly bothersome now?

Making a mug of tea, I looked down outside and thought there was a free parking space opposite the building! Never been known I thought, and took a photograph to show others the proof. Haha!

When I got in, on the computer later, I found it was not a parking space, but a black car that was hidden in the drizzle and darkness.

Made a start on this diary, then back down to the laundry room to move the clothes into the dryer.

Getting out of the elevator, and Duodenal Donald started giving me a lot of jip suddenly.

Carried on with the dairy. When the alarm/timer beeped, I collected the empty bottles and took them down with me, to put them in the Recycling bin.

On the short journey down, Craig Cramps affected the fingers, and I had a job to get one of them out of the bottle. I had to smile to myself.

Out through the lobby doors, the rain was falling, and a collection of fallen leaves had gathered rather artistically against the brickwork divider, I thought.

It was warm but wet out there.

I sneezed as I approached, and the teeth began aching like mad again! Slowly the ailments were taking over my day again! Humph!

When I lifted the lid of the bin as mentioned earlier and gently laid my three sauce cleaned bottles on top of the nearly full receptacle (Not wanting to make a noise and disturb anyone), I realised that I may be the only non-alcoholic tenant in the place!

And likely, the only one who could not afford to drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whisky (93-year-old Polish Eddie?). Famous Grouse Whisky (86-year-old Bill – William on Sundays?). Hayman’s 1859 Reserve Gin, I could not guess who had drunk this, but there were two empty bottles mixed in with a good selection of wine, spirits and beer ones. For a fleeting moment, just seconds, I was tempted to start drinking again. Luckily, as I closed the lid, I belted my elbow on the corner of the brickwork, that did the trick, cleared away any alcoholicismistic thoughts. (Jealous? Me?)

Back into the laundry room to collect the things and titivate it up a bit.

Disaster! The lovely brown throw came out with the edges tattered and loose. Lost its colouring and all wrinkled up beyond saving I think. My Kippah had shrunken to barely wider than my hand when stretched. I’d done something wrong, but could not tell what, because, the settings clear after use on this machine? Tsk!

Cleaned out the filter and wiped the inside of the drum and the shell.

Back up again to the little dwelling box on the 12th floor. A wee-wee, kettle on and another wee-wee? Oh, dear!

Getting a bit lighter now.

Another mug of brew.

Had a wee-wee.

Checked on the weather forecast for the rain situations. Oh, we’ve got a lot to come and worse on Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

On with updating this again.

Ablutions tended to. Assembled the nibbles and raffle prizes for the Tenants Social hour meeting.

Had a wee-wee (Tsk) Took the black bin bags and put them down the chute.Then set off on a walk

Then set off on a hobble around the back of Woodthorpe Courts, by Winchester Court, up the hill onto Sherwood Vale. And right down to Chestnut Walk and down that to the Winwood Social & Obergruppenfureresses cabin come hut.

Then right down to Chestnut Walk and down that to the Winwood Social & Obergruppenfureresses cabin come hut.

Between the two blocks of flats, I actually saw some workmen.

Not many, but still, an improvement on lately.

A machine was moving very slowly towards my block. It had the name of a Mast-Erector Company on it. Appear more like a pile-driver to me?

I noticed through the fencing that ready-made concrete was being delivered this morning. So I assume the team will soon be getting on with the foundations for the new block of apartments to go in-between the two old ones.

As I walked along the side of the dividers, I had to take care not to slip in the wet mud from the rains.

Up the hill and onto Sherwood Vale without any mishaps, though.

As I turned right down Chestnut Walk, more caution was called for as sadly, the falling Autumn leaves combined with the rain, made walking decidedly dodgy! Hehe!

As I passed the top of Winchester Street on my way to the shed, I espied they had put up new signs on both sides of the road.

Resident Parking Only. Which apparently made no difference to the two people who got out of their car at the end of the Walk, and nipped off with their dog, up into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

I noticed through the fencing on Chestnut Walk, a load of Nottingham Street Art had appeared, thrown through or over the railings into the park. Humph!

Into the meeting, and got myself ensconced on a table. One that I usually get turned away from and sent to the one near the door to use. But not today, for the one near the doors was filled with four visitors of Frank Two, and no room was available. Which tickled me pink, cause I could have a proper chinwag with the gals at this larger table.

Put the raffle prizes on the table with the others, bought some raffle tickets and gave them away to two gals.

I dare not have a drink, cause it might start the rear end leaking. Jenny took the nibbles around for me. Not many came back to be used next week. BJ was in good form, no time to talk though he was helping to do the raffle.

Then, just as I was laughing about the crossword and not one of us could remember how to spell Deutschmark. (I can now when it’s too late to show off, Tsk!) And a Whoopsiedangleplop of an embarrassing nature took place! I felt the warm-and-wet sensation from the rear quarters, that is so commonplace for me, but not for ages now. Something had caused the bleeding to start again.

I knew I had to get back to the wet room and check things out quickly and was very uncomfortable with having to leave so urgently.

I think I red-facedly waved my farewells as I left. Rushing as fast as I could, and limping with Arthur Itis’s left knee and the right-angled right ankle bothering me, I must have looked a right wally hobbling at speed back to the flats. Especially with trying to walk in a fashion that prevented any more leakage!

What a mess to clean-up and treat, when I did get in. No going out for me today, too hazardous now.

It was Duodenal Donald that was the cause, which I was content with, for I feared it might be Little Inchy and his lesion causing the problem, luckily it was not so.

More flipping washing to do, now!

Made a brew. I half expected someone from the thirty or so folk at the meeting to call see if I was alright, but no, not yet anyway.

Updated this with the photos and verbiage. Then went on to sort the Emails and WordPress replies out.

The ‘Herbert’ upstairs is knocking and banging again!

About to go onto Facebooking, and both fire alarms went off, Communal and the one for this flat! I can’t hear the Communal one, but my alarm was going off, made me investigate outside, and I heard it then. Oh dearie me!

I looked out of the kitchen window and saw one fire tender – they usually sent a tender, ladder and back-up van to our alarms, but only the one today.

Mind you, just as well really, cause there was nowhere for the one to park, let alone three!

Two workers vans in the Emergency Vehicles Only double lined parking space!

By the time I got the camera out the crew were in the foyer I assume. The cab doors were left open

A minute later (eight minutes in total) they were out again in the tender and were off to the end to turn around, then they appeared again, as they left the site.

I bet there will be some bother over the parking in their dedicated bay, and I hope they kick-up a stink too!

Had a wee-wee.

Did the health-checks and took the medications.

Back on the computer and forgot I was doing Facebook and I did a Morrison order for next week. 0630>0730hrs Wednesday 4th October.

Back on Facebook. What a mess. It kept freezing and would not let me edit the photo galleries. Most disappointing. It took me three hours to get through and almost finish what I wanted to do. Tsk!

Did the Health Checks and took the evening medications.

Had a wee-wee.

Finally got around to WordPress comment reading.

Tired now, I got the meal on the go and served it up.

The loose one of the two bad Incisors had become a lot looser. But I coped without too much trouble to masticate with unbearable pain. I’m becoming a bit of a Mastication Maestro. Hehehe!

While sorting the meal, I stopped to photograph a most beautiful scene from the kitchen window. It produced an amazing crepuscular ray, and the dust reflected the sun, it was marvellous. However, by the time I got the camera, the sun had gone.

What I still think is a good un, though. The wind showing in the trees?

Tired as I felt, the nodding off routine of late, did not mature: as I watched the TV for over two hours without any.

Then when they did begin later, I reckon I had a dream everytime I nodded. But annoyingly I could recall nothing about them at all. I think they were all sort of set in my younger days, but don’t understand how I think I know this?

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 27th September 2017

Whatever happened to the Wine Lakes and Butter Mountains?

Wednesday 27th September 2017

0520hrs: Woke and automatically wondered when the scab-end upstairs is going to start his knocking, banging, drilling and other sundry noises this morning. I was feeling a little low from the onset.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, unfortunately, setting off the tooth-ache when I caught a Trentall tablet against the teggies as I tumbled it with the other collection of unwanted drugs into my mouth.

A very unexpected and urgent call to the Porcelain Throne arrived as I was pouring a mug of tea. Into the wet room and on the Throne… the tea was cold by the time I got out of the chamber again. The agony temporarily superseded my toothache for ten minutes or so, when I was at an impasse in this session. Rock hard, half-in and half-out, excruciating, bleeding and in agony for the last couple of minutes or so.

The bowl needed a cleansing of blood, I needed the same. Another third of a toilet-roll was gone. Hehe! Medicational extras utilised, creams applied etc. Tsk!

Refreshed me and back into the kitchen to make another mug of tea. Took a look out of the window, feeling self-pity and wondering why everything seems to be going wrong again. Little inchy bleeding again, Haemorrhoid Harold, the noisy b_______ upstairs, the toothache that cannot be seen to cause the INR blood level, the return of Crampy Craig, can’t eat without pain, can’t even go to the toilet without it either… Oh yes, I was in the depths at this moment.

The fog in the distance threatening the coming of winter didn’t help. But when I looked down below and saw the changing colours of the trees and bushes, I felt so guilty for the feelings I have now. I might not be able to remember much in detail of recent events, but I could remember Reverend Salmon in 1959 at the Bridgeway Hall Methodist Chapel on Arkwright Street giving a sermon to us younger ‘Life Boy’ members, and roughly what he said too! I think I can still smell the club-room we were in when the thoughts go back.  “None of us deserves contentment, and none of us will find it – without an effort on our behalf, and removal of greed from our systems!” No mention of his Lord? I liked this man, When he used to join in with us to play ‘Murder-ball’ with us, he did not hold back. I reckon that a few of us must still have some of the scars from the injuries he inflicted. I know I have. Hehehe!

For some reason, this little memory session brought about a change in my attitude and, I have no concrete idea why.

Went on CorelDraw and finished a graphic for a TFZer, who lives in Idaho.

It shows the expensive blooming packet of instant potatoes and cheese I bought the other day. Bit of a laugh, I hope. I’m not sure whether to eat it or keep it as future financial thingamajig? Hehe!

I started this diary going up to here, then moved to yesterday’s to finalise and post that one off. But it seems that the photograph of the meal has disappeared from the camera?

On with the Emails, WordPressing, replies etc.

WordPress would not let me update to Facebook? Which I went onto next.

First sounds of banging about from upstairs at 0845hrs.

It was a sad day for the noise, and I put the headphones on while I listened to the radio on the computer. (I found out hours later the delivery had arrived, but I had not heard the doorbell.)

Spent a few hours on CorelDraw, doing the next TFZer graphicalisation.

Hope they like it.

Spent another few hours cleaning the bottom cupboards. I shan’t go into the not being able to get back up again. Nor the bloody noise from upstairs. Cause I need to cheer missen up a bit.

Shattered now.

Got the nosh ready.

Pork & Mushroom pate, instant potatoes soft with cheese melted and mixed in, Garden peas with balsamic vinegar.

The pate bit of mushroom caused the teggies some bother. The left Incisor is getting looser every day.

Checks, medications and in the chair to watch some TV. Which I only managed a bit of, because of the nodding off and waking over the next few hours. Heard the doorbell, later on, it was a neighbour who had spotted the parcel outside of my door. Thanked him, took it in, checked the paperwork and left it in the spare come storeroom.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 26th September 2017: Mega-Busy Day – Laundry room duties. Many photos of Nottingham City Centre taken.

Tuesday 26th September 2017

0255hrs: Woke-up, the dreams I’d had annoyingly drifted off into the ether in seconds.

Then, a much-awaited call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. I made my way to the wetroom in almost celeripedean style… well, with less hobbling and limping than of late anyway. Hehehe! The session went well, but Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled a bit. I was happy that at last something had been passed.

0315hrs: Took the laundry down and got it into the washing machine.

0324hrs: Back, up and did the Health Checks, Sys157, Dia 74, Pulse 80, Temperature 33.6, W 14.94.

Started this diary off, did the graphics ready.

0345hrs: Down to move the things from the washer to the dryer.

I noticed they had removed the bookcases from the lift lobby.

Looks rather stark now, to say the least.

But at least all the lights were working this morning.

Some new Commandment Posters had appeared on the board near the elevators.

The first informed us in Capital-Letters again, of the TRA (No idea what it stands for... oh yes I do, Tenant Resident Association. Only guessing)

In capitals again, and red lettering in places, this one was Commanding us to remove everything from our balcony.

If we fail to do this, anything on the balcony will be, as it is wrongly typed here: WILL BE REMOVE AND DESTROYED. Hehe!

I wonder who Lynne Rowe is? How do we contact her… or should I say HOW DO WE CONTACT HER?

I am naughty here. Sorry.

The third poster from Obergefreiteress Jenny was a handwritten one (Not in capitals, though).

Now, this was nice of her. Being concerned about someone who might need her help, and trying to put whoever it was, mind at rest.

Well done with this sign, Jenny.

0359: Up and continued with the diary update. I made this graphic adding this mornings photograph at the bottom, of the AMP  (Alien Mutation Process) on the elevator number one floor.

It looked to me like the life-form worm or whatever it is, has survived and is still waiting to give birth perhaps?

Whatever it is, it has withstood the caretaker’s efforts to clean it up and or remove it?

I assume some attempt must have been made over the fourteen days since it landed on earth? But, then again, without the incentive of extra financial gain, backhander, bribe, inducement, schmear, sweetener, some people are not interested in working without an additional bonus slipped to them. Who can blame him?

Looking closer at it, it really does look like there is still a life form of some sort in it?

I’m surprised the caretaker hasn’t tried to sell it to a museum by now. Haha!

0444hrs: Down once again, to collect the laundry and titivate the place. It certainly needed some attention.

The other washing machine that I do not use for this very reason had the doors all tacky with soap powder dried hard, stuck on them. W2, the one I use was not so bad.

The filters looked like they had not been cleaned for days, so clogged up with gunk and fibres.

The waste bin was rather full, and with some out-of-place items laying on top of it, that surprised me somewhat.

As to why they should even have been in the laundry room in the first place?

I got the clothing out of the dryer and sorted and folded into the bag.

Then, I got on with cleaning the filters and machine casings.

They were in a sorry state I can tell you.

The other washer drawer where you should put the soap powder, freshener etc. in, was so grotty, I could not get the soap powder off of the areas it had spilt over into.

0525hrs: Got it all sorted and cleaned, apart from the drawers of course.

Then, as I went to go back to the flat, I spotted outside the foyer door, a traffic cone had appeared?

Had the yobboes been calling again, I wondered. Or, maybe someone has been parking their vehicle up against the automatic outer doors? Hehehe!

Put away the cleaned clothes and onto updating this diary again.

0730hrs: Got it done up to here. Expecting the Morrison delivery soon.

Started to update yesterday’s diary, then.

I pondered on whether or not to take a Senna with the medications, being as there have been no movements from the rear end for a few days now? I didn’t though.

It bugged me about the dirty input drawers. So I went back down again to have another go at cleaning them. But no luck.

The solid soap powder would not come off, whatever I tried on them. I considered fetching a knife down and trying that, the scouring pads I tried, were not moving anything. When I knocked the knuckles trying, I gave up and returned to my nice but noisy (Thanks to the moron on the next floor up) apartment.

2Tue14The Morrison man arrived. In and out like a flash he was.

I carried the bags into the kitchen and got the stuff stored away.

Once again I’d overdone it a bit.

I realised that I had now bought three products claiming to be from; USA, Australia and specifically one from Idaho.

This is the instant mash that I foolishly pain £1.50 for!

When I could have got an English generic brand of instant potatoes, for around 50p for the same weight packet!

Tsk, Plonka!

Had a good ablutionalisationing session. Feeling alright at this moment. This worried me, Hehe!

The git upstairs has started drilling again, now!

Got ready and took the last of the food in the fridge that the teeth will not let me eat, to get rid of it before it goes out of date. Apples, tomatoes, bacon and peppers.

Had a chinwag with one of the gals as we walked to the bus stop.I saw Deana coming towards us, and told her about the food, she asked me to drop it in the toilet for her. As tenants tend to see food and think it is freebies and knick it. Haha! So I dropped the bag in there for her and carried on to the bus stop. At least there was no rain today.

Arriving in the City Centre, I got off near the old dancehall and made my way to the Aldi store. Where I managed to get some Balsamic Vinegar, the same size as the one I got from Tesco yesterday at £1.50, or 99p. So I got three bottles at that price. And a pint of milk.

Hobbled over (The feet were stinging) the road and through the Victoria Centre onto Mansfield Road, then along Milton Street and took these photographs of Clumber Street.

Limped up to Trinity Square, passing two bit of Nottingham Street Art en route. The simple artwork of crushed alcohol can be of no interest, far too quotidian. But the liquid graffiti on the wall of the Coral Bookmakers was curious… well, I was inquisitive about what had caused it. It was well set in whatever did it. Haha!

King Street and Queen Street were both bottlenecked as I passed them. I saw on Queen Street, a traffic warden booking some vans that had parked on the bend at the end of the road. I’ve never seen a traffic warden on either of these roads before.

Upper PArliament Street was also jammed up. It soon became apparent why.

On Long Row, there had been a collision between a bus a lorry and a van

This had been caused by the trailer parking on the edge of a bend that the coaches use from the Slab Square, and the bus had pushed the white van into the back of the lorry.

I assume this is why I saw my first traffic warden on Queen Street, which only a hundred yards or so from the incident?

I got to the bus terminus stop, and although late as I expected, I was soon on my way back to Sherwood and the flats.

The bus was busy en route, picking and dropping folk off. You can see in these pictures how the traffic in town did not let up at all.

The bag at my feet was not very full, but it caused a bit of attention when I accidentally dropped my bus pass into it. Hehe!

We were soon back home at the flats, dropped off and making my way up to the apartment to get a wee-wee ASAP.

As I entered through the door, the tapping and knocking from the bloke upstairs was apparent. I am getting a bit fed-up with this.

I got the fodder away and took the medications, then did the Health Checks.

Went into the kitchen to make another brew of Thompson’s Strong Tea, and spotted the three empty bottles awaiting taking down to the recycling bin that I’d forgotten to take when I left this morning.


I got the fresh Morrison’s mackerel pieces I had delivered this morning out of the fridge and spread some of the Italian De Nigris Glaze Fusion Soy with Balsamic Vinegar over the fish. To marinate for use later, Mmm!

I toyed with the idea of having a bit of the Morrison ‘Best’ Lemon Curd Ice-cream as well, but only got as far as looking at it in the freezer… And this phenomenally robust and breathtaking will-power overcame me! Talk about mazel tov myself!

This encouraged the depression to go away. Until the slob upstairs started drilling again. I’m ashamed, and hesitant to say, I shouted out loud and used a naughty word!

I added some soy sauce to the peas in the saucepan.

The weather was so beautiful.

I went out onto the balcony to take this lovely photo of the greenery and my most appreciated and beloved copse on the left in this picture.

Fatigued now, I got the evening medications sorted and got the meal prepared and served up.

The noise from above continued on and off until around 1900hrs.

Had the meal, nice it was, but still hard to eat without pains form the teggies.

Sudden and utter fatigue overcame me, and I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and nodded of. Occasionally waking and wondering hwat it was that was on th TV, then off again. It was like this for hours. Tsk, Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Monday 25th September 2017

Monday 25 September 2017

0230hrs: Woke and fell asleep again – 0315hrs: Woke and nodded off again – Craig Cramp’s attack!

0345hrs: Woke, thought about things in a melee of confusion in my brain, fell asleep again – 0400hrs: Woke with the teeth aching bad, took an extra Codeine and fell asleep again…

0425hrs: Woke in a terribly depressed,  disconsolate state of mind. I was thinking amongst other things. Would any noise from that flat start off again today?

0440hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, had a wee-wee and to the kitchen.

The rain was belting down this morning, as I took this photograph out of the window and down below, I thought it looked like part of the Chestnut Walk might have been flooded near the works gate?

Depressed at the thought of the noise starting again from the flat above.D

I had to take the photo through the glass, due to my not wanting to get wet. I think it looked like a Stanley Workbench on their balcony?D

That I assumed would be part of the cause of all the constant noise yesterday? But surely this would not have been the workmen on a Sunday? You’d have thought they would have warned other tenants of this if it was them on the job. It was worse to contend with, due to my toothache I think. These noises have been going on for several days now, and it is getting to me, I’m afraid.

I made a mug of tea and got the medications taken and did the Health Checks next. I did not take any extra painkillers because I took one earlier in the night.

Sys 158, Dia 79, Pulse 82, Temp 32.9 and the weight 14.92.

Compared to the previous weeks, there was little difference. Last week’s at the bottom, the week before at the bottom.

Although the weight had gone down a bit for a nice change.

I’d started a list of things needed from the shops. Just milk, balsamic vinegar, tinned peas and instant potatoes up to now.

0540hrs: No signs of any Porcelain Throne activity being needed yet, a bit concerning this. Hehe!

I got the last of the potatoes into the Crock-Pot and seasoned them. The intention is to overcook them, then bash them up with some cheese and milk, so they can be eaten with the minimum of hassle to the damaged teeth.

Made another mug of tea and blow me down with feather duster… I found a packet of Morrison’s Cheese & Onion Instant Potato Mash in the tea bag cupboard! How I missed that when searching for some over the last few days, I don’t know. Tsk!

I did an order for a Morrison delivery, while I thought of it. Had to rush a bit, cause I want to catch the first bus to get the other bits in, hope the rain stops soon.

A session on the Emails completed.

Still raining.

Ablutions tended to, still no Porcelain Throne usage. Huh!

Had an excellent shave and did the teggies with the greatest of care not catch the tender front incisors. Black bags sorted and dropped down the chute on the way to the lift.

Limped down the road to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut (The white one in this photo). Went in and Älterer Wächter Deana was in. I gave her the food from the fridge that I would not be able to eat or masticate while the teggies are so bad. I mentioned the noise from the flat above, and a knowing look came over her beautiful face as she replied: “Oh, yes, him. He likes to do a lot of DIY, leave it with me!” So I left it with her and departed for the bus stop outside.

Nora and Roy were there, and we had a good chinwagging session. Others joined us, and the City bus arrived, only two of us got on this one.

T’was a wet journey all the way into the City Centre and I did some Crossword catch-ups, and even finished one. Although I had to give up and cheat with the answer for one of the clues. Tsk!

Dropped off the bus and went into Victory Centre (Mall) and up to the Market. Called at a stall to see if they had any Balsamic Vinegar, no luck there.

I took this photo, as I hobbled down and along to Tesco.

Thought the TFZer gals might like to guess the prices if I cover up the tags on the one I use on their site? Bit of fun, like.

Got into Tesco and had a search for the instant mash. Had to ask an assistant, she showed me where they were. In an isle, I’d been up and down twice earlier. Sad innit? Hehe! Ended up spending a bit more than planned again. Value mash x2, petit pois x2, Garden peas x2, Caramelised gravy granules and Balsamic vinegar. Total £5.54. Paid the none-talking lady on the checkout and left the centre (Mall).

Out and over Mansfield Road, the rain was easing now. Called in the PoundWorld excuse for a shop, to see just in case the had any cheaper Balsamic vinegar on sale.  The didn’t. However, they did have some things of interest to me. Some Hellmans Australian BBQ sauce and American BBQ sauce. Tiny bottles, but I thought they might come in handy while I’m eating so much mashed potatoes, to flavour them with something different. They also had some Smedley’s tinned garden peas at 3 for a quid. So I got some of each.

The bag was now getting very heavy to carry.

Hobbled up into Trinity Square and to a photograph of some pearls in the jewellery shop window.

I can use this one on the TFZer site.

I went into another shop on the search for cheaper Balsamic vinegar, but no luck there, either.

I took this photographicalisation of the top of King Street. It shows people how tight things are for the bus drivers, who are continually delayed and I do not know how they manage to keep to their timetables at all.

Knowing this scene is repeated all over the City Centre, is why I try not to complain when they are late when I’m waiting for one to arrive anywhere. Over to the bus stop, and sure enough, the bus was late coming, only five minutes or so, though.

I got the crossword book out, and at the next stop, Lillie and Nora got on the bus and sat behind me. I asked if they could help with a clue about a type of ear-ring. ‘Loops’ she said straight away, bless her. This helped me get going with it nicely. But 4 down Virtuoso, still has me beat! Tsk! Last one, too! I feel I should know this one, but the brain refuses to cooperate. Haha!

We chattered away, and I mentioned the noisy neighbour. Lillie said she heard the racket as well. And she is one floor below me! When we alighted the bus at the flats, I had a job keeping up with them again. But credit where it’s due, they kindly held the list for me until I got there. Bless em!

The rain had stopped now. Another chinwagging session in the lift, fond farewells and into the wet-room, but only or a wee-wee. I am getting a bit concerned about the lack of movement in the Porcelain Throne area today. None at all?

Got the kettle on and checked to spuds in the Crock-Pot.

I thought I heard a dog barking outside, and thought it might be my loveable Greyhound. Opened the window and had a look down, but no signs of any dogs. I did note that the leaves were beginning to fall early though. Very sad for me. I don’t like seeing this. No idea why, but I am sad when this happens. I spotted something else down there, near the Chestnut Walk sign. Unless I saw things, another bit of Nottingham Street Art. Do you see it, please?

I got the things out of the bag and put away.

I’m looking forward to trying the new Balsamic vinegar on my next ‘Soft Meal’.

And the BBQ sauces might go well with mashed potatoes, do you think?

I had to absquatulate the kitchen and off to the Porcelain Throne… A false alarm I’m afraid. All wind and nothing substantial. Humph!

Noise coming from the flat above again – Grrr!

On with getting yesterdays diary finished. Yes, I forgot about it! What a Plonka!

Got the nosh served up, a bit of a battle with the preparations being messy and needing a lot of cleaning up afterwards.

The Soy Sauce I put in with the garden peas was well too sweet. But this simple tooth-friendly meal was alright otherwise. Easy to masticate too.

I pondered on whether or not to take a Senna with the medications, being as there have been no movements from the rear end for a few days now? I didn’t though.

The noise from up above had been far less, but still too much again today.

Settled to watch the TV, and was soon in the land of Nod.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 24th September 2017: The toothache and the noisy neighbour did not go well together! Humph!

Sunday 24th September 2017

0159hrs: There I lay after waking up in the £300 second-hand recliner – toothache, TV still on, remote control on my over-ample belly, mind full of bits of dreams that wafted away within seconds. Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald giving me some stick, I passed some wind, belched and this brought on Anne Gyna’s temper for some reason. Moments later a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, which had to be responded to in quick time… stubbed a toe getting up and out of the recliner en route to the wet room. Where things went very well but confused me. Yesterday I was convinced that Trotsky Terence was coming back, this morning, no signs at all of him, now!

I washed and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks make a brew of tea and take the medications. I could not understand nor did I have the perspicacity, to grasp how, considering the lack of fodder consumed thanks to Incisor Suzie’s discomfiture, that my weight had indeed crept up!

I did the tests twice again over the next few hours, these are the results. Why the little Sys?

Can anyone explain this, please?

0215hrs: Got the computer going and started this page to here, then had to catch up and finish yesterdays diary.

0445hrs: Got the journal posted. Onto the Emails and replying, then WordPress reading.

Did some Facebooking.

Off to make another mug of tea, and I took these photos, the left one from the kitchen after opening the window, the right one from the balcony in the other room. Left on Auto Mode, right in Night Scene mode.

0625hrs: Got an Email from Bishops of Stortford with a £10 discount number to use if I spent over £40, so I made an order and did not find anywhere to write the code number into and the order was gone off by then! I emailed them to let them know. No reply of course. Tsk!

0600hrs: On Facebooking.

0620hrs: Graphicationalisationing.

The noise from above flat continued. Huh!

0825hrs: Got the TFZer picture done.

Then to make a drink again, and thought that the view from the window deserved being taken a photo of. Tried to do a panoramic, but only part of the width I actually made, came out.

Back onto Facebooking again.

Feeling a bit better now I was, then, when I bent down to get the pie out of the freezer it hit my mouth and banged against the teeth! Oh, Woe is Me! Hehe!

The noise from above flat continued. Huh!

1450hrs: Back on CorelDraw again.

1600hrs: Got the pie into the oven. Did the Health Checks and took the medications (A little early, I know) with the meal.

Took me awhile to get nosh sorted, with having to cut up and mash everything – and I made a right mess of it too!

The gravy was okay, the peas very nice… but the chopped up pie was not hot enough and far too lumpy for me to eat without the teggies suffering.

1700hrs: Although soft, eating the cob was not an option either. A little disappointed all around with myself, but at least I ate the gravy peas and the lemon desserts. Next meal, back to the mashed potatoes, BBQ mackerel and peas methinks.

The noise from above flat continued. Huh!

I decided that I’d watch some DVD and get the headphones on to alleviate the noise from the flat above me.

I did well with the Heartbeat DVD, watched three episodes before I nodded off…

Inchcock Today – Saturday 23rd September 2017: Toot-peg bother, but I got out of the flat

Saturday 23rd September 2017

0335hrs: Woke up feeling depressed and a right nullifidian, lonely and self-loathing as I laid there in the rickety £300 second-hand recliner for a few minutes of self-cogitation.

I decided that these feelings must have been precipitated by a dream or nightmare. But could not remember having either? Although I had, I am sure, dreamt of Sister Jane in hospital after surgery on her hammer toe, and finding she now had six toes on her foot, all perfect. Brother-in-Law Pete was trying to get compensation and arguing with, and I don’t know why it was with a Traffic Warden, about being compensated?

Wobbled to the Porcelain Throne for a messy session, I think Trotsky Terence might be trying to return. Did the Health Checks and took the medications, then I put the kettle on the boil.

Hung out of the window and face right, to the North and took this photographicalisation. The lower lights came from outside the tenant’s garages. The ones at the distant top would be from Arnold and Bestwood, I think.

Computer turned on, and I took a look at an old list of words I’d compiled some time ago. I sorted through which I thought I might use later. Put them in my MS Word dictionary on my hard drive. But the programme would not allow me to add them to the editing diary. Took me ages to sort out how to get this word dictionary started. After much help-seeking on the web, I got it started. A couple of hours lost there!

Went for a wee-wee, sneezed and the Incisor Suzies started aching like mad! Took another extra pain-killer. It feels to me like the pain is coming from three or four teeth now?

Did some graphics for the diaries and got yesterday’s completed. Made a start on this one, in between having many mugs of tea. A sudden thirst?

Carried out the ablutions and readied me to go out to Arnold to get some more instant potato mixes.

Took the waste bags with me and dropped them down the chute as I departed. Every time I used the lifts, it was the one without the Alien Blob in it that arrived? Hehe!

I started walking down the road with some other tenants, but they left me in their wake.

But when I caught up with them at the bus stop and other joined us, an exceptionally enjoyable bout of mickey-taking, sarcasm and complaining were in the air! Haha!

The lovely lady from the at-risk home arrived and was as usual ignored by the others, and I made a point of having a chinwag with her and sat near her on the bus into Arnold..

The bench was unoccupied. Hehehe!

Got off the bus at the same time as Welsh Bill and nattered a while.

I went into the Wilko store and got one of my favourite air sprays, Air Wick Citrus, that was on offer at half-price.

Then walked along the Front Street to the Saver Shop and got some Neutrodol Cloth Spray, cleaner pads, citrus mouthwash and cleaner pads.

To the Asda (Walmart) store and had a wander around. Got some lemon dessert, surimi fish sticks and bits. Had a bit of a farce at the Serve-Yourself counter. No one to help, but I struggled through it.

Out and up to the bus stop, where, as the bus arrived, Welsh Bill came and joined me. I also realised then that the thing I had gone to purchase, the instant potato mix, I had forgotten to buy! Humph! We had a gossip on the way to Sherwood, but Bill is not easy to lip read and the old hearing aids were playing up again. I’ll be so glad when the new ones are ready, another three weeks or so yet, though.

We alighted the bus and were lucky enough that the number 40 bus arrived in minutes and took us up the hill.

Roy’s wife was on the bus when it arrived, and she was so kind and walked a little slower with me to the flats from the bus stop so I could keep up with her. She really is one of the best natured and lovely ladies in all the complex. And, she is easy to lip read too.

Up in the lift with her and chinwagged all the way.

Into the flat, took an extra painkiller with the medications, had a wee-wee and got on with the fodder preparation. Of which there was little to do. I’d decided to have the Lamb and Rosti ready meal. Not advisable I know, with all the hard bits in it, but the thought of it going to waste prompted me to have it anyway foolishly. The first photo is of it out of the oven and ready to eat – the second is what I had to leave. Tsk! This was just too painful a meal, to try and eat with the teeth so bad! Humph!

Still, the desserts and soft banana were easy, almost painless to eat.

Washed up the things and had a wee-wee, then settled to watch some DVD of the ‘Heartbeat’ series.

I don’t recall much else, I think I must have drifted off quickly, cause I woke up in the same ‘TV watching position’ on the £300 second-hand recliner around 0200hrs, thinking it was much later and got up.


Inchcock Today – Friday 22nd September 2017:

Friday 22nd September

0425hrs: After many wake-ups and nodding back off again, I rose from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to visit the Porcelain Throne. Far less messy this morning, glad to say.

Made a mug of tea took the medications and did the Health Checks. The weight had gone down a bit. (He says smugly, Hehe!)
14.84 St. Mind you, I have not been eating so much, what with the Suzie incisor teeth situation.

Not bad again the ailments, apart from the tooth and Hernia Harry, the day has started very well indeed. (Big mouth?)

A pleasant sight this morning, a chimney, out of all those in view, and there are hundreds of them, actually being used to heat the house! Most rare nowadays, a solid fuel fire.

The distant scene, looked to me, with the mist and all, that the sea and coastline, that could be seen through the fog.

Got onto the computer and finalised the Thursday diary and got it posted off. Then checked the Emails.

A touch of guilt came over me as I went to make another cuppa, and I saw the state of the kitchen floor.

No sooner had I swept it and started to mop it up, Craig Cramps attacked the left hand and both set of fingers.

Never mind, I rubbed in some of the Phorpain Gel to ease the fingers. Dare not take an extra Codeine cause I’m using some to deaden the Incisor Suzie Teggies, already.

A bash on Facebooking, and WordPress reading for a couple of hours.

During the Facebooking, someone asked what they will do with the old Police Stations site on High Street, in Arnold behind the Asda store.

I looked it up on the web.

Went off for a wee-wee.

Stubbed my toe and swore.

Returned and discovered that it is to be a Petrol Station with three pumps, six individual service accesses.

I found the planning permission on the Gedling Borough Council pages, and also edited the Google page which showed that the Police Station was still there and working. Got an email back from Google thanking me. Nice that!

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Onto CorelDraw to do TFZer graphics. Hours later, I’d got it finished.

Drained now, got the nosh going, rinsed and suddenly the flipping tooth started off for no apparent reason as far as I could see.

I was careful about what I prepared tonight. Instant potatoes, made thinner than I usually would mash them, they were soft. The tinned BBQ mackerel I knew should be safe, cause it has no bones or hard bits in it normally. The surimi fish sticks not hard at all, the garden peas were safe, and the fish sticks I cut up into tiny pieces before I put them into my mouth.

All this effort and it was still a pain, literally, to eat the meal. But, I downed all of it, slowly. Had the evening medications along with it, followed by the lemon fool and meringue mousse.

Settled to watch a film on the box. I reckon I must have seen it with fifteen nod-offs. When I woke after the last one, I could not change the volume at all? I tried all the usual things, going into the options thingy and all that.

Fell asleep again, and woke with the teeth not half giving me some bother. Got up and took an extra pain-killer and rubbed some Phorpain gel in the hands that were stiffening and cramping a bit. As I got back into the £300 second-hand recliner, it dawned on me, that I had not checked the plug connection on the headphones to the TV set. So I did – Yes, it had come lose. Tsk!

By the time I was about to nod-off, the nocivity from the teggies had started to ease a bit. Phew!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 21st September 2017

Thursday 21st September 2017

0345hrs: Woke, a dream memory remained, just the one bit of it: Someone who is a partner to someone on Facebook, who I had never seen, of course, was telling me off for something or other about red peppers and how I cook and eat them wrongly? She was not loud, but her words got through to me, and I kept apologising and kissing her hand. Very odd.

Slowly it dawned on me, no Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harold or Duodenal Donald hassle at all this morning! Incisor Tooth Suzie and Anne Gyna were the only two of the ailments interested in giving me grief. Haha!

My thoughts were interrupted by a call to the Porcelain Throne. Trotsky Terence had eased, and I read a bit of the Lenigrad book while I waited for the evacuation to start. Some medicationalisationalistic activities required afterwards.

Little Inchy was sore, but not bleeding, unlike Haemorrhoid Harold, who was bleeding. Tended to these problems and cleaned up, then went into the kitchen to make a brew of tea.

Noticed the odd hue in the sky while the kettle was boiling. Took this picture using the night-setting mode on the Lumix camera. Not a very decent one, and… I managed without any effort to bang the back of my head again on the window frame as I got back inside after taking the photo.

Made a nice string drink of tea, using the new dainty Porcelain mug with the beautiful pictures on it.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Gave an almighty sneeze, and Incisor Suzie and Reflux Roger let me know their displeasure at this. Hehe!

Cleaning the sink area, I dropped a plastic bowl, when I went down to retrieve it, Hernia Harold gave me a rather nasty twinge. I think I might have spoken (Written) too soon about the ailments being kind to me. Haha!

Got the computer going, and checked the Emails. Not many today. Then finished off the Wednesday post and sent it off. Then started this one and the graphics for it.

Went onto Facebooking. After a couple of hours, I went to make another mug of tea.

I took this photograph of the same area as the earlier dark one. It was a tad misty and drizzling now. However, I did not bang my head getting back in this time. Haha!.

The Iceland Man cometh. Bringing the extra fodder I’d requested. And what a mess I’d made of this order, too!

I thought I had ordered two 2 ltr bottles of Fanta Orange Juice, but 2 x 500 ltr bottles arrived. Kitchen towels that I figured I had not ordered and certainly did not need came. A frozen cheesy beans and sausage ready meal. I thought this was going to be a fresh Cottage Pie one. And, a bag of chips I could not remember ordering.

Why I bought BBQ mini-ribs after breaking my tooth on the last ones I had, is beyond me!

These memory blips I mentioned last time I saw the doctor, but she was unconcerned and told me “We all do this, and you’re getting on a bit, you know!”

I had to take out some stuff from the freezer to make room for these items, and the fridge is now fully loaded.

Did the ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. Also with the stuff I’d taken out of the fridge to make room in a separate bag. I dropped the bag off at the cabin with Obergruppenfurheress Julie to use or hand out. Had a natter with some tenants at the bus stop, and caught the bus into Arnold.

At the traffic lights at the bottom of Winchester Hill, I noticed the closed down Kebab shop had lost some more letters from its signing. ‘The Golde L’, sounded to me like it could have been the name of a cattle ranch in Texas or Nebraska. Hehe!

Dropped off the bus on High Street, close to the Asda (Walmart) store. All I was going to Arnold to get was a packet of the fish surimi sticks. But I came out having spent £12. Tsk!

Luckily a arrived at the bus stop in plenty of time because it arrived 4 minutes early.

This would, I assumed, have been due to the driver getting his lunch break at the end of this journey.

The old Police Station across the road, well, it wasn’t old actually, only been there for a few years, last week I noticed the builders or demolition men working on it. Was now all gone and a new building being erected. No signs of what it was going to be, offices or retail most likely. Although any more retail would surprise me. I wondered if Lidl or Aldi might be moving in? But thinking about it, there was not much room for a store of their size.

Back at the compound and up the lift with three gals and we had a laugh or two.

The rain was coming when I got into the flat.

I got the bean meal and added some cheese, tomatoes and yellow peppers on top and got it into the oven cooking.

My years of doing Security Work came to the fore when I looked outside and noticed these two chaps at their vehicles below. Funny that, cause they were probably just getting ready to go home?

“Suspicious Minds”? Hahaha!

I abluted and changed in the nightwear. Put on the rather colourful leisure trews with the pockets in them. My mate and neighbour of many years ago, Jock Kirkpatrick had a pair very similar to these, and I had a sad moment or two thinking of and missing him but enjoyed a few happy memories as well. “Hang on Jock, I’ll be up with you soon mate. Please make some of your tatty-scones for me when I arrive, cocker!” Hehe!
The reason for taking this photo was to show how the right foot was not sticking out. Amazing really, how some days it is like this, and others it sticks out at an almost 90° angle?

Got the fodder served up, and mighty grand it looked and smelt, too!

But, it was a disaster! I threw 90% of it away. The tooth was just too painful, couldn’t manage the tomatoes, potatoes or peppers at all. Scooped up the beans and ate the soft banana and lemon desserts, a bit disappointed in this, but all my own fault for even trying to eat such food while the teggies are playing up. I did nibble, no, rather suck some Mini Stilton cheese biscuits. Got them to the back of the mouth and let them melt. I’ll have a job cleaning the gnashers without catching the two incisors in the morning. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks, the weight had gone down! 14.85, Hurrah!

So tired now, I got down to watch a film on the box, fell asleep, and Sister Jane rang me. She is going to have her club-toe, that’s not the word used I think but can’t remember it now. Hope it goes alright for her. I was well weary and drained.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner and watched some of the film on the box.

Nodded off very quickly, waking a couple of hours later and turned off the set.

Kept waking and fretting over everything and nothing, but nooded off soon, each time.

Didn’t get up until 0425hrs, broken, but decent sleep all the same.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 20th September 2017: Surgery, Pharmacy, Flu-Jab then the continuation of the Denist Farce! Tsk! Oh, and an update on the Alien-Blob on the lift floor! Hehe!

Wednesday 20th September 2017

0215hrs: Woke up feeling a bit better about myself and medically speaking too. Weird that the tooth was giving no pain at all, Anne Gyna has eased so much too. Only Arthur Itis was really bothering me, the right wrist. But it may have been brought on when I took the tumble on the bus the other day when it braked hard?

I soon regretted thinking “Weird that the tooth was giving me no pain at all” when as I was rising out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I sneezed. This set Incisor Susie Molar off. Tsk!

To the wetroom and tended to a Porcelain Throne session, messy but not too bad. I was just glad that things were ‘moving again’.

0245hrs: I got a few of the washing items out of the bag, and set off down to get them into the machine. Up again and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

0310hrs: Down to move the clothes into the dryer.

0318hrs: Up and got yesterdays diary finished and posted off to WordPress. Duodenal Donald started giving me some grief then.

0400hrs: Down to collect the bits of laundry. I popped outside and took this photo of the garages at the end of Chestnut Walk.

Something was flying about near the trees on the left near the storage container. Very fast they were, these whatever they were, made me take a photograph, but I can see nothing of them in this photo?

Folded the togs and cleaned the machine and filter, sink and floor.

The area near the lifts was very messy, leaves and what looked like crushed corn all over the place. The Alien Blob was still there on the floor of the first lift. I tried to photograph its mutationalisationing process, but the elevator cage was shaking far too much to get a clear picture. The flickering lights were also on show this morning.

0415hrs: Put the clobber away and made a mug of tea. Then made a start on this diary up to here.

Sorted out the medication pots.

Checked the Emails, hoping to find one from the surgery with the new Warfarin INR level. No such luck. WordPress reading, then onto CorelDraw to work on the next TFZer graphicalisation.

Got it finished eventually.

But I was very pleased with this one and how it came out in the end.

Pattie from Canada, being shown around on her visitation to Nottingham Castle, by yours truly. I told her not to worry about transport, I’d provide it for her. Hehehe!

The Morrison man arrived, must have been a bit late or behind, because was in and out in a shot! Thanked him, wished him good weather and got the fodder away.

The fridge had plenty of room yet, but the freezer was cram-packed full! Plenty of scope for the Iceland order coming tomorrow.

The freezer was so full mainly because I thought I had ordered a 500g pack of McCains Oven Chips… but had in fact ordered a huge dirty great big bag of 2.25kg! Tsk!

Had a long, excellent refreshing, enjoyable ablutionisationalisticalisationing session.

Changed into togs and set off for the hobble to Carrington and the Surgery. The lift was still shuddering a fair bit, and the lights were flickering, the second lift did not have these impediments. Hehe!

There were about twenty residents at the bus stop when I limped passed them. I stopped and had a little chinwag with them. Obergefrietereress Jenny was there with them, and I apprehended that it was the party of pensioners I should have been going with, to Sprinters in Arnold for the free Fish & Chip meal. I explained to Jen’ about my tooth and why I was not going with them again.

My farewells were given (Not that anyone answered them, Huh!) to them all and I pressed on down Winchester Street to Mansfield Road.

Good job there was no one in a wheelchair or disabled scooter rider, or someone with a pram with me. They would have struggled to get by this lorry.

Turned left, up the road and as I passed the traffic light junction with Haydn Road, I saw they had finished the new road markings.

Up to the top of and over the hill towards Carrington, I laboured a little en route. The plates-of-meat were stinging something awful by now.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, on a dinky little child’s bike, was making his way down the hill. It was a youth of about 15-16 years-of-age. He must have been over 6-feet, too.

He looked so comical on that bike to me. His knees were up almost to his chin height.

Down the road, walking amongst the fallen conkers and their outer shells was a bit bothersome. As I could not avoid treading on some of them, and the resultant pain made me jump a bit. Never mind.

The traffic got a bit denser as I hobbled on. The gas repair and water roadworks further on to blame I suspect.

I sneezed, and this caused both of the front teeth to sting a bit. I suppose the song, ♫ The hip bone’s connected to the backbone
The backbone’s connected to the neck bone, The neck bone’s connected to the head bone,
 Now shake dem skeleton bones! ♫ Must be right. Hehehe!

I arrived at the surgery and asked the Obergruppenfureress on the reception if I could get my INR Warfarin level results. Then went into detail about the Dentist and why I needed them.

I got a semi-frowned look in return. Then the lady consulted with Obegrefreireress Nurse Ann. They both looked at me from a distance and returned to their private talk.

Nurse Ann left, and the new receptionist went back to her computer. After a while, she came over to me and told me the result was at 3.0 – spot on the target! I was so pleased that I could get the teeth done now! (Huh, read on, Humph!)

I went to the Chemist in Carrington, to fetch the prescriptions. Bit of a wait, they were busy.

Kiran asked me if I wanted my flu jab doing while I was there. I thanked her, and she gave me the shot in the treatment room. All done and dusted.

I was beginning to cheer up now. (Fool, I should have known better with my luck, please read on).

Merrily I caught a bus to Sherwood and approached the dentist place, with confidence and an air of expectancy. Humph!

I got in and to the Oberleutnantess receptionist and explained everything to her again. Despite the fact that she dealt with me yesterday.

They could not see me today, but I could see my dentist (Vitesh Patel) on Friday evening. Otherwise, it will be into October before I can see him. I explained about how I get in the afternoon, tired and weary, and why. This was of no interest to her, of course. So I asked if I could see the dentist I saw last time. (Snehali Patel) Telling her, I prefer to see that dentist and would like to be moved to her list if possible. No answer to my request. She just said it would not be until October when she could see me either, and even days later than the other dentist. Not until the 13th October. Fair enough I said, I’ll have to wait then. She tapped her computer and gave me a read-out with the appointment on it at the top.

Then as I was leaving, she added: “Of course you will have to go through getting your INR result clarified as within limits again before you come!” That was only time of the whole meeting that she smiled; with curled lips! As if she had won a victory and was enjoying it!

I was now back in depression again.

I left and waited at the bus stop to catch the 90 up the hill part-way to the flats.

Feeling very depressed now.

I limped back to the flat.

In the lift, that was not shaking so much now, I took a photograph of the Alien Blob, still there on the floor after, how many days now?

I think it is mutating now.

The centre seems to be holding something ready for birth? Hehe.

Inside and I picked up some mail that had been posted and had a wee-wee. Two letters, one from the NCH with an A-Z of Home Improvements. Basically, a list of things we will be responsible for during the upgrading of the flats. I’ve not got round to reading and studying it yet, but did read one little section on Personal Belongings.

Surely the onus is on the workers not to steal anything? How can we find somewhere safe and secure when the workers are in the flat and able to go anywhere, they tell us to leave while it is being done and have all those tools with them… Sod it, never mind.

Then sorted the prescriptions out with an uninterested will-power.

Got the nosh ready.

Thesmoked haddock was superb, the peas warmed very slowly with added balsamic vinegar were tasty, same with the overcooked on purpose potatoes.

Now that Incisor Tooth Suzie has started, what’s the best word… sinking and leaning a little. eating without catching her, is actually a bit easier. No less painful when I do mind. But cleaning the teeth is a nightmare. Tsk!

Settled and watched some nodding-off affected TV.