Inchcock Today: Sunday 24th September 2017: The toothache and the noisy neighbour did not go well together! Humph!

Sunday 24th September 2017

0159hrs: There I lay after waking up in the £300 second-hand recliner – toothache, TV still on, remote control on my over-ample belly, mind full of bits of dreams that wafted away within seconds. Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald giving me some stick, I passed some wind, belched and this brought on Anne Gyna’s temper for some reason. Moments later a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, which had to be responded to in quick time… stubbed a toe getting up and out of the recliner en route to the wet room. Where things went very well but confused me. Yesterday I was convinced that Trotsky Terence was coming back, this morning, no signs at all of him, now!

I washed and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks make a brew of tea and take the medications. I could not understand nor did I have the perspicacity, to grasp how, considering the lack of fodder consumed thanks to Incisor Suzie’s discomfiture, that my weight had indeed crept up!

I did the tests twice again over the next few hours, these are the results. Why the little Sys?

Can anyone explain this, please?

0215hrs: Got the computer going and started this page to here, then had to catch up and finish yesterdays diary.

0445hrs: Got the journal posted. Onto the Emails and replying, then WordPress reading.

Did some Facebooking.

Off to make another mug of tea, and I took these photos, the left one from the kitchen after opening the window, the right one from the balcony in the other room. Left on Auto Mode, right in Night Scene mode.

0625hrs: Got an Email from Bishops of Stortford with a £10 discount number to use if I spent over £40, so I made an order and did not find anywhere to write the code number into and the order was gone off by then! I emailed them to let them know. No reply of course. Tsk!

0600hrs: On Facebooking.

0620hrs: Graphicationalisationing.

The noise from above flat continued. Huh!

0825hrs: Got the TFZer picture done.

Then to make a drink again, and thought that the view from the window deserved being taken a photo of. Tried to do a panoramic, but only part of the width I actually made, came out.

Back onto Facebooking again.

Feeling a bit better now I was, then, when I bent down to get the pie out of the freezer it hit my mouth and banged against the teeth! Oh, Woe is Me! Hehe!

The noise from above flat continued. Huh!

1450hrs: Back on CorelDraw again.

1600hrs: Got the pie into the oven. Did the Health Checks and took the medications (A little early, I know) with the meal.

Took me awhile to get nosh sorted, with having to cut up and mash everything – and I made a right mess of it too!

The gravy was okay, the peas very nice… but the chopped up pie was not hot enough and far too lumpy for me to eat without the teggies suffering.

1700hrs: Although soft, eating the cob was not an option either. A little disappointed all around with myself, but at least I ate the gravy peas and the lemon desserts. Next meal, back to the mashed potatoes, BBQ mackerel and peas methinks.

The noise from above flat continued. Huh!

I decided that I’d watch some DVD and get the headphones on to alleviate the noise from the flat above me.

I did well with the Heartbeat DVD, watched three episodes before I nodded off…

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 24th September 2017: The toothache and the noisy neighbour did not go well together! Humph!

  1. I’m not sure what you mean by “little sys” as it is technically an elevated pressure in all 3 readings, but nothing critical. The diastole is pretty in all 3 readings, pretty healthy ranges. <3

    • Thanks, gal.
      Methinks I got them mixed up again, Corin.
      Sorry. Not very good am I wiv words lately. Hehe!
      Gentleman Andy from Canada thinks that with me eating softer (More healthy) food ’cause of the toothache, this has helped.
      The noise from the flat on the floor above is getting to me now. When I get the new properly adjusted hearing aids, I might hear him more than ever?
      Cheers for bothering, most appreciated. XXX ♥

    • It’s the neighbour, Corin.
      Obergruppenfurheress Dean, tell me he is a DIY fanatic.
      I fear the very thought of moving home again, but if this continues, I may have to.

  2. On the Sys and Dia, the systolic is the pressure on your veins when your heart beats or pumps, and the diastolic is the pressure on the veins between beats. Normal is 120/80, so 146/57 shouldn’t be bad, but I don’t know what it should be when you are on warfarin and all.

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