Inchcock Today – Friday 15th September 2017: Hippy Hilda, The Trotsies, Arthur Itis, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas and Tooth Damaged – not feeling to good at all. Tsk!

Friday 15th September 2017

Still up at 0000hrs. To the Porcelain Throne post haste and in sudden need – Had Trotsky Terence returned I thought en route to the wet room? But no, not at all, I do not intend to sound rude, but the evacuations were like meatballs? Plop. Plop…. plop plop plop… pop… Hehehe!

Did the Health Checks: Sys 161, Dia 71, Pulse 81, Temp 33.6 & Weight 14.91.

Turned on the computer, so glad the internet had returned and the health alarms were now working.

Finished off updating yesterdays post and sent it off to WordPress. Checked Emails and one had come from Morrisons re the short delivery yesterday morning. Pleased to report that they are processing my refund. This may take up to ten days?

No messages from Virgin about the service loss. Not that I expected one, knowing their customer service record. I think only British Gas are worse than they are at this!

I spent time trying to get a decent shot from the kitchen window. Opened it to avoid any reflections (Not too cold, windy or raining at this time) and took four photos in different settings. But none of them was any good. This is the best of them, done in Auto, but still not good really. Tsk!

0120hrs: Made another brew of tea, had a wee-wee and back on the computer. Started this one off, did the graphics then went on to work on the Funny Ode about Virgin Media poem.

Stopped twice for a visit to the Porcelain Throne. I might have been wrong about Trotsky Terence not coming back to pester me.

0344hrs: Got the Funny Ode about Virgin Media poem finished and posted to Facebook and WordPress.

Made a mug of tea, and the vegetables in the Crock-Pot ready to start later. Tried a new mix today. Fresh podded peas, turnips, mushrooms and potatoes. Hello, back to the Throne again…

I’m back. Oh, dearie me. No doubt about it now Trotsky Terence has returned.

Had to clean up afterwards, a messy session. And I’m down to my last three toilet rolls now, must get some more today.

Made sure the crossword book and a pen were handily positioned nearby.

0405hrs: Took a Loperamide Imodium capsule, I found a full packet of six in the draw in the corner of the wet room and an extra painkiller with the morning medications. The stomach has now started rumbling and churning as well.

Yesterday’s Delightful Dinner

I queried that perhaps this new bout of the runs might be due to the meal last night?

I had planned to do a meal the same next week but think it best if I procrastinate over this decision.

The dinner tasted so good as well, but, better safe than sorry I guess. I must be sedulous about this, and not weaken!

Got the Emails checked again, Facebooking and WordPress reading.

CorelDraw 2017 next, had another go at the TFZer graphics. But got sidetracked when I went to make another brew – the sky was amazing, yet minutes later it kept going dark then lighter again?

Did the ablutions instead. No more calls to the Porcelain yet, mind you, four is enough surely? Ha!

Got things ready and set off down to the bus stop. Welsh Bill got on at a lower floor, and we started to chinwag. As we were going out of the foyer door, I realised why I had been straining to hear what he was saying. So I went back up to the flat to fetch the hearing aids. Whoopsiedangleplop!

By the time got down again and on Chestnut Walk on my way to the bus stop, Annie and Doreen were ahead making their way to it.

Another lorry load of hardcore was arriving. But the driver was having difficulties in locating any workmen on site. I wasn’t surprised no one had seen any all morning. It was going a bit dark again now.

Got to the bus stop, where Roy was already, and we were soon joined by a little-aged gang of pensioners. A few moans and laughs were exchanged, and I began to feel a little light-headed for some reason. The bus arrived, and we clambered on, still nattering away between ourselves.

I dropped off at the bottom, on Winchester Street and made my way left and down to the Polish shop. I make the decision not to call there again, ever. Why? I’ll tell you then. (Hehe) I felt the sliced loaf, and it was not as soft as usual, and I asked her if it was fresh; “Oh yes, today!” So I got a small 400gm one. Then a strip of pork ribs and 3 slices of cooked belly pork slices with the herbs and garlic in it. She charged me ¬£5? Mmm! She won’t do that again!

As I was leaving the store, the baker delivery man arrived to deliver today’s bread! Humph, conned again!

Out, and had a walk up the hill, nice and steady, because Hilda Hips and Arthur Itis were both giving me some grief. So much so, that I got the collapsible walking stick out of the bag and utilised it. Not feeling very good at all now, and the first signs of my needing to make use of the Porcelain Throne again were beginning to show. Heck!

I saw that the new eatery was open and trading. That is now three in a row on Mansfield Road, and another eight scattered nearby, with four having closed down this last September?

Popped into Co-op shop and got some toilet paper and some cans of cherry tomatoes that were less than half price, due to the Co-op selling them off and stopping stocking them. Then on to the Wilko store and bought a tub of fragrance booster for the laundry duties.

Up to the top of the hill and waited for the bus. Roy arrived at the stop and mentioned how I didn’t look very well. I smiled and thanked him. We laughed, and I told him of the Trotskys and Hilda Hip giving me tribulations and my not having got much sleep. Two other tenants were already on the bus, and a few words of laughter were shared during the three bus stop trip back to the flats. Where Roy, bless him muchly, took the bag off of me and carried it on top of his four-wheeled shopping cart. He was patient with me moving so slowly and even brought the bag into the flat for me. This restored my recently lowered faith in people a little bit. Grand chap, much appreciated. Thanked him and off he went.

Onto the Porcelain Throne, messy again, very messy. Huh!

Put the things away, and checked the vegetables in the Crock-Pot. All looked fine to me. Got the nosh all prepared to finish cooking later on. Tired as I felt, when I took this photograph of the prepped fooder, I felt I just had to make this graphic with it, cause I really thought it would be a funny one. I hope it is. Says many words? Haha! Left the pork marinating.

The Plates-of-Meat joined Anne Gyna, and Hippy Hilda is troubling me. However, my dubiety about my condition soon eased after I’d took the midday medications (And got the evening ones ready so as not to forget them) with another Loperamide capsule and two Codeine Phosphates extra with them. These helped I think to ease the discomfort.

Went back into the wet room and finished the cleanup campaign.

1415hrs: Onto CorelDraw again to try and get the prep work done for my next TFZer graphic idea.

1649hrs: Got a for fun one completed.

Hope they like it, I’ll post it off to Facebook now.

Decided to cut up the pork ribs into smaller pieces so they will cook quicker, smart eh?

Luckily I have plenty of Elastoplasts to use. Another Accifauxpa!

Took the evening medications and did the Health Checks.

The effort with the meal seemed all worth while when I got it presented on the tray.

I nestled down in the recliner and started to dine… Accifauxpa come Whoopsiedanglplop time again! A crunching sound accompanied with extreme pain emanated from the lower front tooth! I think it broke at the bottom but still attached, held in place, partly by its close proximity to the teeth either side and the nerve of course. Agony! The meal had to be abandoned, just too painful to chew or bite. The incisor hurts when I swallow?

No chance of taking any extra painkillers to cope with it, because I’d already taken two additional doses to counter the pains from a conglomeration of Hippy Hilda, the Plates and Arthur Itis! Very depressed with myself now. The slightest touch of the tongue on the teggie and the pain twinges in the excess. Humph!

I didn’t feel I could even do the washing up, Trotsky Terence and Duodenal Donald along with Arthur, Hilda and the tooth, I was not in a good state.

Despite all these things, when I did settle for trying to sleep, I drifted off very rapidly. But kept waking for an hour or so frequently when the I assume, the tongue caught the tooth and woke me up?

Perhaps I was talking in my sleep? Hehe!