Inchcock Today – Wednesday 13th September 2017: The 13th… what a day to have a dentist appointment. Howling winds and rain last night. Humph!

Wednesday 13th September 2017

0315hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner. The stomach giving me no bother and I felt almost in a state of ataraxia for a few minutes… Until I tried to get up, the recliner shuddered almost violently as it lowered, and as soon as I moved to stand up. First, Hippy Hilda was most unhappy at the movement and then, standing on my painful, poor plates-of-meat stung and almost burned as I got onto them. That would be no doubt due to the enforced route march – Whoopsiedangleplop number three of the five from yesterday?

However, the other ailment were all much easier this morning. Off to the Porcelain Throne, no bother at all there. Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, Hernia Harry even Anne Gyna were most acceptable pain levels. Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda and the plates were the only ones giving any grief.

Made a brew of tea in the new second-hand dainty mug, got a pot of porridge ready to have and did the Health Checks. Sys 159, Dia 79, Temp 32.4, Weight 14.96.

At this point, the innards came to life and bubbled up like, instantly. The rumbling and grumbling and a feeling of, I don’t know the word I need. Queasiness perhaps overcame me (Or should that be squeamishness?). I got the grabber and put the pot of porridge back up on top of the cupboard.

I was earlier, well pleased with the innards situation, especially after waking up to feel the ailments so much better. And now, the relief I felt earlier had turned to a discombobulated feeling of disappointment. Tsk!

Put the hearing aids in, after a search to find the reading glasses that took several minutes (I’d left them in the wet room hanging over the mouthwash bottle?). I went to make another brew, and by golly was the wind a-blowing or what! The beautiful wet-you-through rain persisted down and along in the wind. The howling gusting winds, that seemed to be getting stronger. I hope I can get to the Dentist safely later?

The note I’d left for myself helped me to remember this. Hehe!.

On the computer and started off this diary up to here.

Then finished yesterday’s and got it posted. Checked the Emails.

I popped into the kitchen to make a mug of tea, and saw all the street lights and thought this might make a decent photograph. Back to the computer to collect the camera, returned to the kitchen, and nearly all the lights had gone out. Huh!

Tok this one anyway. The wind had eased a little, but the rain continued to fall.

I thought I was gonna get soaked on my visit to the Dentists, but the rain and the wind dropped quickly?

Got the ablutions tended to and getting ready for the hobble into Sherwood, through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the dental surgery, the lights in the living room flashed and flickered for ages. Mmm?

I sorted and took the waste bags to the chute. Thre was no end of bits of detritus that had been blown in through the gigantic holes in the wall at both ends of each of the corridors.

The chances are the wind would have knocked down the building last night, without them being there? Such was the ferocity of them.

I set out, taking two jars to put in the recycling bin, the recycling bin that has been full for over five days now, incidentally. I’m not blaming our indifferent, elusive, unavailable, unobtainable, unreachable phubbing expert of a caretaker at all. I’m sure he has so many phone calls to make, it must be annoying him these alien blobs on the lift floor, the bins overflowing and debris on every floor of the flats near the lifts, all awaiting his expert attention. Oh, no, not blaming him at all.  Only joking.

I crossed over Chestnut Walk and up the steep gravel path hill. This picture came out very well, considering. I was just about to take a photograph, when the leaves and branches on the ring were blown straight into my face, then back again out of view again. They didn’t hurt at all, just made me jump a bit. Hehe!

Limped slowly up the path and into the park, then left down towards Mansfield Road. The damage from the winds had left branches, berries and leaves all strewn about.

As I neared the gate, a sad sight to behold. Some huge branches had been broken off the wonderful majestic, as was, Conker  Tree near the walkway, by the winds.

I pressed on, feet stinging of course, but Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald were both easier now.

Left out of the gates up and over the crest of the hill, and there, was a wind damaged new advertising hoarding sign.

Onward I limped, down to the dentist, with a feeling of foreboding at having to be seen to by the new younger dentist. The lady one who used to deal with me has gone back to Poland, and I had this chap tend to me on my last visit. Very curt, short and uncommunicative he was. Yesterday I spoke with Bill (William on Sundays), and another chap from the eleventh floor and they both said they used had the lady do them, and remarked on their feeling towards the new man and his not very friendly at all, nature.

I plodded down to the Co-op store. Bought a wholemeal loaf and some smoked bacon, to have with some tinned tomatoes with basil tonight.

Departed and walked back up the hill.

Where I noticed that another Sherwood outlet had closed down.

It’s getting bad now.

I arrived outside the Dentist and took this picture of the new signs and poster on the front of the premises.

Classy innit? Hahaha!

Tentatively, I went in and meekly reported myself to the Sturmbahnfureresses on the reception. I filled in the statement form, two pages now, not one. I was commanded to sit down, so I did.

I did very well with the crosswords. I didn’t finish one of course, but I came very close. Haha!

A nurse came down and had a bit of a job with me concentrating on the crosswords, to make her orders for me to follow her, heard. This did not please her in the least. I accompanied her up the steep stairs, and she disappeared from view, returning a few moment late back at the top of the steps, asking if I was coming – then she must have spotted my right foot sticking out and my battle to get up the rungs, and her nature softened a bit.

The biggest shock of the visit (Apart from the cost to come), was the young dentist being kind to me! “Hello, Mr Chambers and how are we today?”; with a fixed imitation half-smile showing through his chin stubble. It was all put on, amateurishly as well. Plainly, others had complained about his previous bullish approach and told someone about it, and he had been warned. He was even mock-patient with me when I struggled to get down in the chair.

Within seconds he was hovering over me, saying something to the nurse about the teeth. He leant back to me, sharing his curry scented breath with me too, and prodded the back teeth with a tool of some sort. Gave them a right few belts he did. Then declared I needed a filling, but I don’t need any anaesthetic because it was only a small one. Could he do it now? – I nodded, I would have spoken to him, but the pain from where he’d stuck the prodder in the tooth was still hurting. Huh!

He got on with the task, it did hurt of course, but he was no doubt trying to save the cost of the painkillers.

He gave me the paperwork to take down to the receptionist, he even offered to carry my bag down the stairs for me.

The Obergefeiteress received the paperwork and charged me £56.30, bless her. Gave me a time and date for the next appointment. Wednesday 14th March at 0840hrs. I wrote this down on the crossword book, and hobbled out, thinking I would catch the first L9 back up the hill to the flats. This I did. But, it turned out to be a Whoopsiedangleplop AGAIN! It was too early to use the free bus-pass… AGAIN! So, I had to pay the man. It was only after two bus stops and a lady got on at the next one, and got on for free! This, after she told him, she was a pensioner and could not walk up the hill and waffled on at him. Tsk!

I alighted and walked limpingly along towards the flats, and took a photograph of this rather beautiful bit of the walkway.

The mobile phone burst into tune. It was the Doctors surgery telling me that the INR Warfarin Blood level had risen to 5.8 now. This is opposite to the blood-clot and heart attack area. Rather the ‘Cut your yourself and bleed to death’, and the ‘You’re going to feel cold mate’ mode. I added the details she gave me to the Crossword book with the Dentist details already in there. She gave me the new dosages and the next blood test was arranged for Tuesday 19th September at 1100hrs.

As I did, a voice from behind called my name… it was Warden Deana, and I was go glad to see her. Always cheers me up seeing this lass. We walked into the flats together.

I got in and had a wee-wee.

Put the bread in the bin, bacon in the fridge and got the computer on to update the appointment calender. Then added things to the written diary as well.

Seems I am going to be medically busy next week. Hehe!

Between cups of tea (A bit of thirst developed here?).

Got the tomatoes seasoned and into the saucepan with some tomato juice added and heated the oven ready for the bacon later.

Although raining again, the view was very nice as the sun popped out for me to take this photograph.

Did a bit more TFZer graphic prep work. I may have to abandon this series I’m working on, because CorelDraw has started freezing on me when I try to edit in CorelPaint. Most irritating!

Got the meal in the dish, just the seasoned tomatoes and smoked back bacon, with the fresh bread, followed with the last pot of the Lemon Mousse and a lemon-curd yoghourt. So easy to prepare, but a devil to clean up after cooking. Does anyone clean ovens in their spare time please? How much do you charge? Hehe!

Such a simple meal, but I gave it a 9.2/10 rating.

Settled and got the DVD on and watched some of the ‘Hustle’ episodes. I was surprised I was still awake after being up for over 16 hours, and still conscious and enjoying the stories.

Had to dismount the recliner for a wee-wee, which turned into a Porcelain Trone session, a good one, no mess, no blood.

While up, I decided to clean the pots and to look threateningly at the dirty oven. Hehe!

Back in the recliner and nodded off, but woke up at 0140hrs, wide awake again. Tsk!