Inchcock Today: Sunday 17th September 2017

Sunday 17th September 2017

0420hrs: Amazingly, I had a decent deep sleep last night. No wee-wees, no Porcelain Throne attendances, no nibbling (Mind you, with a toothache I’m not surprised at this) and I felt a little jauntier when I awoke. This lasted for about 20 seconds. Until I tried to remove the headphones I’d fell asleep wearing, and caught the mouth and tooth when taking it off – Whoa, did it sting! Hehe!

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. No movements, oh dear? But worst of all, and much worrying was that Little Inchy was bleeding. After all this time and the appointment made for next week, the operation will have to be put on hold again! I sent an Email to the clinic informing them, and one to the GP surgery asking for an appointment with the Doctor. Going to see the Dentist tomorrow, then the Audio Clinic to get the hearing tested and aids adjusted. Blood Test Tuesday. GUM Clinic Wednesday. Have Hilda Hip looked at on Thursday… things ain’t going well recently.

The mind raced when I thought of it. If I go to see the dentist first in the morning that will mean if they treat the tooth straight away, I’ll be late for the Audio Clinic? So I’ll go there first. Then I might not get seen by the dentist until later in the week? Oh dear!

Not much enthusiasm now. I think I’ve thought myself into a depression. Haha!

I got the Health Checks done, and was shocked to see the weight had gone up again. This after not eating much due to Incisor Suzie Tooth, and yet the mass increases? Sys 149, Dia 79, Pulse 90, Temp 34.8, W 14.93 – Shame.

When I went to get the medications out of the drawer, last nights doses were still in the pot – Another Whoopsiedangleplop! I did not have time to get annoyed or sorry for myself, as I had to return to the Throne post haste! Another messy session.

When I returned after the cleaning-up, I had an idea for a humorous graphicalisation, and got straight on with creating it on CorelDraw, took me a couple of hours, but the humour came out of it I think. I made an edited version and will post it to author Les Johnson on Facebook later. His Erskine Quint books are fantastic.

I used this as a top funny on this dairy as well.

Notwithstanding and regardless of my suffering with a toothache, Little Inchy bleeding and very sore and Dizzy Dennis paying me a visit, I thought the view outside was fantastic this morning. So I attempted to take a panoramic photograph.

Not as exciting as last night’s I know, but I liked it.

Started this diary going then caught up with yesterday’s and got it sent off.

Started my next TFZer graphicalisation. Finally got it finished:

Feeling tired now, and Incisor Suzie is giving me a lot of hassle.

I think I’ve been taking too many 60g Codeine Phosphates to counter the toothy-peg pain, folks. Mind you, it seems to have had the reversing effect on Trotsky Terence – I can’t go, well I can go to the Porcelain Throne, but without any success or movement. Worra life! Hehehe!

Oh, while I think of it, I’ll do a sign to remind me that in the morning, I have to go to the NHS Hearing Centre Clinic for 0930hrs. Which means the Dentist afterwards, and I need to make sure I have £2 bus fare to get there, cause it is too early to use my bus pass. Oh yes, I must put the old hearing aids in a box to take with me too.

And, as well as and besides, I must put the Audio Record Book in the coat pocket now, so that isn’t forgotten. They will not see me without it. Back in a bit.

All done now. I’ve just done another mega-sneeze, and the tooth is really loose and painful now. Tsk! Still, if it comes out, it’ll save them money-grabbing, uncaring, nasty, snotty, uppity, supercilious, smart-alecky, topliftical, unshaven-stubble chinned, garlic breath impatient Dentist from charging me? (Sorry, I got a bit carried away there).

Thoughts turned to what fodder I could manage that would cause the least danger to Incisor Teggy Suzie. I tried some biscuits dipped in warm tea without any hassle of a serious nature. Then had a nibble, well, suck really, of some soft sweets I found at the back of the bread bin, but gave up, cause I kept irritating the tooth. Managed to suck on a softish banana.

Had a check on the web of the number 40 bus times in the morning. One due at 0822hrs on Winchester Street. Rechecked I had the £2 in coins in the trouser pocket ready.

Still, no calls to the Porcelain Throne whatever today, yet?

Did the Health Checks and then went and crunched on the molar with one of the tablets in the medications. (You probably heard my exclamation howl, yourself. Hehe!)

Ablutions tended to. Little Inchy seems to have stopped bleeding, although a nasty looking leakage of puss of some sort had started again. I must check the GUM opening times for unarranged visits, and see if I can get down to see them. (How I’m going to find the time with all the other medical demands this week, I’m not sure. Humph!)

Got the waste bags sorted, sprayed inside with disinfectant and tied up. I’ll have to remember to take them to the chute in the morning as I depart for the Audio Clinic visit. Can’t take them now, it is too late. It must be after 0800hrs in the morning, the bus arrives at 0822hrs, which doesn’t give me much time to get to the bus stop if I wait until then to drop the bags down the tunnel and catch the 40 bus. Best to leave them until I get back. If I remember, I’ll have whatever takes place at the Hearing Centre, and then the dentist to remember… I must get some more Daktacort cream too, so must make a note for myself to request a prescription on Tuesday when I got for the INR blood test. … the mind is frantically wandering here again.

It’s all go, innit? Haha! I wish someone would adopt me.