Inchcock Today Tuesday 14th August 2018: Ironclad black biting beetles on the rampage! Tsk!


Tuesday 14th August 2018

Polish: Wtorek 14 Sierpnia 2018

1Mon2303:30hrs: When I woke up, I lay there still tasting the seasoned baked beans and American Style sausages I had for nosh last night. Might the seasonings have been a little over the top after all? Hehe!

Despite Duodenal Donald still lingering in the innards after 15 hours of hassling me, I felt a glow from within, of fullness. I don’t know what this means, but it is how I feel.

I remained in the crumpled up position precariously on top of the £300 second-hand recliner, and the thoughts, fears, and intentions started to come into the brain. Luckily as fast as they came, and the next one followed, I’d forgotten the previous one. Bonkers innit?

WDP001c A wee-wee was called for, so I disentangled my ever increasingly heavier-each-day body mass from the recliner, and off to the wet room. Picking up the camera on the way, sure that the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles would be waiting for me. The few that were showing themselves scattered so quickly, I could not get any photographs of them. Tsk!

I got the Health Checks done first. Results looked fair-enough to me, apart from the weight of course.


2Tue05I want to get to see Sister Jane, take her some things she wants. But things are busy at the moment again.

Got to wait in today for the Iceland delivery, if it comes. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the Critter Kill thingies, to hopefully temper the Ironclad beetle infestation. I bet it arrives when I’m at the blood test on Wednesday!

Oh, and Friday, I’ve got the CHD test at the surgery as well. Must remember not to eat or drink after 2200hrs on Thursday.

Saturday, the trip to Skegness. Reminds of Pete treating me to a day there when I got out of the hospital after the heart op.

I think I have a Morrison order coming on Thursday as well, I’ll check now.


Ah, the CHD test is a CDH test, and it is on Monday next.

Things seem to be coming together at the same time.

Back on the computer. Got yesterdays post finished and posted off. Then started on this one.

2Tue02fWDP001c A tummy rumble, out of the computer chair and into the wet room, speedily on the Porcelain Throne – yet again, just in time! All over in seconds, apart from the cleaning up that was needed. Talk about loose!

There were a few of the fearless Ironclad black biting mini-beetles over the floor this time. Too small to photograph clearly. It must be the kid beetles play time. Hehe! Not a single large one in sight?

Duodenal Donald seemed to be relenting a little, but now a cracking headache behind the right ear hole came on. I’m getting fed up with all these ailments. But come to think of it, I’m still alive to have them… yes, I feel better about them now. Hahaha!

2Tue07WDP001c Wiping out a bin I’d just removed the bag from, and a larger sized  Ironclad black biting mini-beetle was inside under the bag. Huh!

Put some photos on my Pinterest site.

Then went onto the WordPress Reader site. Once more, there was a lot of good readable post on it.


I got the next week’s dosage pots made up. And, without dropping a single tablet or packet of medications! Smugness Mode Adopted!

Time to get the ablutions tended to and had another hunt for the Ironclad beetles.

A few baby Ironclad beetles that appeared had to be flushed down the shower drain, and while I was showering and prettifying my 2Tue07bmagnificently sculpted torso. Or right, forget that bit, I fibbed!

I set out with a shopping list in the bag with the nibbles, umbrella and odds and ends of detritus.

Chestnut Walk was a right traffic jam once again, now that the Willmott-Dixon lads are working once more.

2Tue08The Nottingham City Home van had to reverse a few hundred yards to allow the incoming white car to get to find a parking space. That being the only one available after the NCH van had just vacated it.

Good job that the Willmott-Dixon builders had supplied a yard marshall to keep things flowing, in a fashion.

2Tue08aI took a picture of the centre new build extra-care block being built, and the Winchester Court block, with a lovely sky background.

When I arrived in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin, I spoke with OBergefrieteress Warden Julie. Ah, I nearly forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself on my blog. Suffice to say, we spoke.

Only about six tenants were in the place, but we had a good natter and the odd laugh anyway. Others joined us, and we amalgamated with the smoker tenants who were already at the bus stop.

WDP001c We shared greetings as I got on the L9 bus with, Josie, Pete, and John. I was so deep in chinwagging, I had to be reminded to press the bell, or I would have missed the stop! What a Yutz!

I enjoyed the talk and laughs.

2Tue09I set off along Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop, only a short walk to get there.

You can see the Aldi sign in this photographicalisation.

I noticed a Chinese Takeaway in the first row of shops. I pondered on treating myself one night. But do they deliver? I could see no sign mentioning this.

2Tue12aI was soon in the Aldi store in my element, looking at and buying fodder! Hehehe!

I came out with two bags of shopping and £15.51 lighter in my pocket. Klutz!

The sun was out, and a nice breeze was blowing as I left and walked further along Woodborough Road, to Sherwood Rise.

2Tue10As I turned to go down the road, I stopped to put the bags down for a moment or two. The plates-of-meat were giving me agony!

I noticed the beautiful sky, which did not collate with the abandoned, rubbish-strewn, rat-infested tatty old car showrooms below. While I was standing there, a giant brown rat actually came to the fencing to have a sniff around. Ha!

2Tue11With a degree of guilt, I looked down at the bags of shopping on the floor between my legs. But they’re not a single thing bought that I would consider an impulse or luxury buy!

Apart from the belly pork, the luxury pork pie and the cooked Polish and German cooked meats.

Did I make a mess of explaining that? I did, didn’t I? Hehe!

Limping along down the hill, the feet now causing me even more hassle, I once again put down the bags to take a photo of the skyline. When I got home, I trimmed this failed panoramic shot to look like this. Slightly a decent shot methinks.


Down to Chestnut Walk.

2Tue12Not exactly a welcoming site is it?

No pavements are available on the right-hand side. Risk life and limb to cross over to the left side, where there is a pavement, for a couple of hundred yards. Then no sidewalk or footpath any further.

I met tenant gal from Winchester court, enjoying a strong cider with the also lads on the bench near the cabin. I stopped and greeted them. Gave the girl a choice of nibbles from the bag, and a most delightful entertaining nattering session ensued. Walked with Doreen back to the flats and had another chinwag. She is not very well, chesty coughing, and wanting to stop smoking. It’s not easy, I know. Tried to cheer her up.

When we got into the foyer of the flats, May and two other tenants were sat there. I was well-spoilt today, one more nattering session. Handed the nibbles out. We were all concerned about how Roy was going on, I’ll nip up and call to see him later on, hope he is coping alright. I can ask them if they need anything from the shops at least.

2Tue12bGot in the flat and put the food away.

I decided on belly pork, mushrooms and potatoes for nosh tonight. I split the muffins and wholemeal bread thins in half (2) into two bags and got them in the freezer.

So, with the potatoes in the crock pot still from earlier, I got the mushrooms in the saucepan on low and warmed up the oven for the belly pork later.

Aug 14bI set about getting the photographs ready to use updating this post.

Hours later, the doorbell chimed up. Yahoo! 

It was the postman with the Critter Kill Cards. Now I prayed they will work.

WDP001c I tore off a strip as instructed on the paper. After manipulating, Aug 14dbending and sticking as advised, I’m afraid it did not look like the picture on the graph?

Excitedly I took the box and camera into the wet room. 

Where I found a group of about six young looking Ironclad black biting mini-beetles on the shower floor and took a picture.

Aug 14eI noticed a beetle on the sink. I got a tissue and crushed it, then I dropped it back on the sink, and it was still alive!

Had a sort-sharp-painful wee-wee and flushed this beetle down the toilet. My attention returned to the Critter Kill box.

Guess what?

Aug 14ddThe dang Ironclad black biting mini-beetles had vanished. I was hoping perhaps to find some stuck in the Critter-Kill box, but no, it was bare of beetles inside!

So I left the one box in position, washed my hands and went to check on the mushrooms and potatoes.

I went up to see how Roy was doing. I’ll take him a bottle of Lucozade like we used to with neighbours who were poorly many years ago.

WDP001c No one in or answering and the door was locked. Shame, I hope Roy is okay.

Back on the computer now. I made a start on putting pictures on Facebook.

2Tue12dGot the pork in the oven. Laid out the plate with tomatoes, gherkins, beetroot, sugar-snap peas and red onions. Mushrooms potatoes and belly pork to add yet, I’m making myself hungry. Haha!

Got the fodder served up.

A mega taste-rating of 9.55/10 granted to this culinary effort.

Aug 14gPut the dishes in the washing-up bowl in the sink, and did the Health Checks.

Went for a wee-wee, not the usual short-sharp painful type this time, it was a long-sharp painful one. Tsk!

Just the one ironclad beetle in the wet room on the floor. The trap had not attracted any of the beetles to suicide yet!

I returned to the kitchen to find Ironclads all over the place. I cleaned around the edges of the base units, getting down and back up was another pain-producing job, and Duodenal Donald kicked off. When I cleaned the cloth, the bowl of bleach and washing-up liquid water was inundated with swimming and a few dead Ironclad black biting mini-beetles! A photographic record of the mess I had to contend with:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone tells you retirement into a part-time aided complex is going to be relaxed, restful and peaceful, your showing dubiety, dubiousness, incertitude, scepticism, and suspicion would be a wise reaction.

For anyone telling you that if you dwell in Winwood Heights Village, that peace of mind and restfulness will follow; will be fibbing to you. Humph! Hehe!

Last Health Checks and medication taking completed. 

Tired, drained, aching and with Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and now Arthur Itis all giving me grief, I got into the £300 second-hand rickety and on its last legs recliner, and turned on the TV.

2Tue15aThere was an old 1958 film on channel 81. The Trollenberg Terror. I had not seen it before. But it must have been the height of skillful filmmaking at the time. I watched it with great nostalgia, and despite the ailments, I was enjoying it.

Then Arthur Itis and Crampy Craig both had a go at the fingers on the left hand. Nothing unusual in this, it occurs every night lately; but this time it stayed for ages, and I almost cried out in response to the pain! Hope this doesn’t happen again, I’ve got enough ailments to cope with already, thank you very much!

At this rate, I’m going to be shattered by the time the Saturday day out in Skegness gets here. Tsk!

Tomorrow it’s the surgery for the blood test, 1000hrs appointment.

I tried to watch another film later, but I had to give up, just could not stay awake.

Then began a night of dreams I could have done without.

TTFN each. Have a good and enjoyment filled day.

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  1. So the beetles can read? They saw the Critter Kill and said “!Hasta la vista! Baby!”? You’ll have to see what happens. It looks like they are making progress on the new construction. That is one nicely arranged plate of food.

    • Haha! the clever cunning little things! The Ironclads seem to do what they want. Hehe!
      Got a few this morning on the Critter Kill card. (8)
      Hoping things will get more productive now I’ve put another down, Tim.

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