Inchcock Today Wed 15th Aug 2018: Warfarin Blood Test. Shopped Again! DVT Clinic Rang, I’m not doing well! Ironclad Beetle punch-up. Hospital rang me back again new instructions. Enjoyable Chinwags today, though!


Wednesday 15th August 2018

Norwegian: Onsdag 15. August 2018

Whoopsie O1A 03:30hrs: After dreaming I had woken up a few times during a bit of a nightmare, I did arouse myself for real. I knew this cause I was half on – half off of the antiquated rickety £300 second-hand recliner, and banged my toe on the Ottoman as I retrieved the hanging off of the recliner, leg, and foot. Tsk!

I found myself in an amazingly calm submissive frame of mind. I decided to raise my torso from the recliner and get the Health Checks done. Then the brain started its usual wandering off on its own incongruous fretting, worrying and panicking style, considering and investigating, almost inventing problems, and nervously failing to come up with any explanations, suggestions or solutions.

Finding myself in the kitchen, before I did the Health checks, I had a hunt around in search of any Ironclad black biting mini-beetles. Finding not a single one!

Whoopsie O1A Aug18iI shook myself a bit when I saw the working first time Boot’s made in China sphygmomanometer’s results.

Sys 168 and the pulse at 101!

Seems my insides are cooking with gas this morning? Hehehe!


3Wed02I took myself off to the wet room for a short-sharp wee-wee.

No call to the Porcelain Throne yet?

I did spot a few of Ironclad black biting mini-beetles when I returned to the kitchen, though. Did they seem to be loitering with intent? Soon it looked like a scrap had broken between them? Haha!

Got the Tuesday post finalised and sent off to WordPress, then more Windows updates arrived. Oy Gevalt!

Went on to the WP reader, and yet again, there was some excellent blogs work on it.

0530hrs: At this point, some weird, outré sounding noises emanated from somewhere. Inside or outside above or below, I could not tell. They only lasted a minute or two. Reminded me of distant ghostly, howling, wailing, voices a bit?

I made a start on this diary. Then got the ablutions tended to. Not a single Ironclad beetle in sight. What’s going on here? Haha!

Made up and took two rubbish bags to the waste chute. Then got ready to go out, carrying a bag of recyclables down with me, leaving it near the caretaker’s door.

3Wed04aThe Willmott-Dixon lads were busy working away again.

A bit nerving having to walk on the road, with all the plant, lorries vans, and cars using the narrow Chestnut Walk, along with the old pedestrian tenants. Willmott-Dixon had supplied monitors to supervise, though. So, I managed to get to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, telling Inchcock off Zone, things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed, safely. This time, Hahaha!

Arrived at the hut, and greeted the extra strong lager drinkers on the bench with a good morning, and got a similar reply. A good start that, having a mini-natter, cheered me up somewhat.

Nipped in to see the Unterscharführeress Warden Julie and Oberstgruppenführeress Deana, reminded then about the Ironclad Beetle infestation and had a talk and giggle. I asked if they knew how Roy was going on. He is okay. Cheerios shared, and off I limped on my hobble to the surgery.

3Wed05Halfway down Winchester Street hill, the traffic had built up.

The queue had all but cleared within a minute, and by the time I’d got around the bend, it was clear of any blockage.

Doesn’t it irk you when you don’t know what the cause of the jam was? Tsk!.

3Wed05aWhoopsie O1A As I walked through Marshall Street. A naughty monkey of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist almost caught me as he sped by me on my left-hand side. Humph! The scallywag!

On to Mansfield Road and up over the crest and down into Carrington I plodded.

I was genuinely pleased with the progress I made today. I didn’t have time as I’d typically do, but it seemed no time at all to me, and there I was at the doctor’s surgery.

I reported to the patient, kind new receptionist, and took a seat. Got the crossword book out and as I opened it to have a bash at some clues, my adorable, sweet nurse Nichole arrived and called my name out. Put the book back in the bag, and I followed the Angel into her treatment room. It was such a pleasure to see her again! ♥

Whoopsie O1A As we walked, I reached into my inside pocket for the DVT record, and realised I had not got it! Shmendrik! Then I recalled getting up yesterday, thinking it was Wednesday, not Tuesday, picking up the log, then put it somewhere while I went for a wee-wee, remembered it was Tuesday, and I will not need it, then forgetting about it today. Bit of a mouthful that. Sorry!

The pulchritude ridden Nichol did my blood, and we had a catch-up chinwag. I showed the picture of the Ironclad beetles, amazing! She has the same problem at her home! We did larf! Hehehe!

Aug18N3Whoopsie O1A She did the blood taking, then said to me; “We (The GP surgery) have been contacted by the Nottingham City Hospital Management, and been informed about your (Me) going to the haematology department for the blood tests. This is not allowed, you must come to this surgery for it!” “Can I ask you why you went there?” (All spoken in a none-threatening tone!)

I explained about my not being able to get an early appointment with the surgery, and my falling asleep and getting tired so much earlier in the day now, means I can’t get things that take me a lot longer to do nowadays, done.

Nichole said the same as on the last two occasions I’d been admonished for doing this. She would put a note on my computer file asking for an early appointment. As if it had worked before? Ah-well! I thanked her, gave her a nibble bag and dropped some biscuits off for the reception staff as I left.

Went over to the chemist to confirm the date for the next prescriptions, and wrote it down in my crossword book cover. The pharmacist gave me the eyes up in the sky glance and tutted. Huh!

Off to Lidl, where I came out considerably less well off. Ha!

3Wed06Caught a bus into Sherwood. Met Shirley and Cyndy there and we had a gossip. Cyndy told me the Social Hours have been cancelled until September. Shame. We all got on the 40 bus, Shirley and me getting off on Winchester Street top, and walked back to the flats. Having a talk en route as we both struggled up the hill.

I called in the hut and dropped off a packet of shortcrust cakes I’d bought. They were half-3Wed07price, so I shared one. Gorgeous flavoured! Yet another natter enjoyed.

Back to the flats and caught up Shirley, one more chinwag enjoyed. Must be a record this, I love em!

Took the photos on the right.

Got in the flat and put the fodder away. Had a wee-wee, Still no signs of any Porcelain Throne activity needed?!?!

Did the Health Checks and took the medication doses.

Set about updating this blog for three hours straight! Concentration was not good for some reason.

Whoopsie O1A The landline chirped. It was a chap from the Nottingham City Hospital DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis unit. Apparently, over the last six months, my INR Warfarin blood test results, have only been within range for 36% of the time. Something must be done about this he said. Then commenced to ask me many questions, which he listened patiently to the answers to. In the end, he said to take my evening medications at 1600hrs, and do not get stressed. He will consult with someone or other, and get back to me. I thanked him.

Not getting stressed is not really an option at the moment. The death-defying walk along the footpathless Chestnut Walk every day going out and returning home. The beetle infestation, The dirt, noise and hassle from the upgrading. Which can’t be helped. Along with Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna getting frisky with me, are a few reasons for this. The chap who rang is aware. Cause I told him, also that it will be a good few months yet until it is all done and dusted. The upcoming balcony pod being fitted, the dreaded electricians and plumbers to install the sprinkler system… Sod it, I’m getting myself all uptight now. Tsk!

I got back to updating this blog, and a single voice emanated from the Health Alarm, it just said ‘Hello’, then nothing else.

I got the mushrooms on in the saucepan and the oven heating up, then checked the potatoes.  I’m getting tired again, and it’s getting late now.

3Wed10I did the last Health Checks.

I got a tin of stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce from Lidl earlier. With minced pork inside. I’m looking forward to trying it later on in the month. I have a lot of dated fodder to eat first.

I opened the packet of the Shortcrust biscuits and put them in an airtight container, after nibbling one of them. By gum, they are good!

Still no indications of any need for the Porcelain Throne today. Worrying that, Hehe!

Got the potatoes in the oven.

Carried on with doing this post again.

Then got the meal served up.

4Thu21Apart from the tomatoes, everything else was most stomach warming and taste-bud tickling.

I settled down and tucked into the mini Lincolnshire sausage feast with relish.

Duodenal Donald seemed to ease off at last after I’d eaten my heart’s content.

Washed the pots, leaving the saucepan to soak for a while.

Into the recliner chair and nodded off.

Whoopsie O1A The blinking light from the landline phone woke me up, and I struggled out of the £300 rickety second-hand recliner and got to it before it stopped ringing. A second call from the DVT clinic, someone else about the low INR level.

I scribbled down notes, that I’m afraid are confusing me now, reading them afterwards. I think; I have to take 4.5 Warfarin now – 2.5 Thursday and have another INT test on Friday. Also, (according to my scribbled notes) I have to inject 05.9 of Enoxaparin now.

I’m grappling with my confusion, to understand it all. Being half-awake when the second call came, did not help.

I’ll have to ask someone to call the surgery for me in the morning… oh, and the Morrison delivery will be here too. I’m struggling now.

Got the head down. Laid fretting for hours. Humph!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wed 15th Aug 2018: Warfarin Blood Test. Shopped Again! DVT Clinic Rang, I’m not doing well! Ironclad Beetle punch-up. Hospital rang me back again new instructions. Enjoyable Chinwags today, though!

    • Thanks, Tracey my kind petal.
      Just about to close down the computer, get the ablutions done and then try to find someone to ring them (the surgery) for me, as they have not replied to my email. I can collect, if they are ready, the enoxaparin and take it to the surgery to ask if the nurse can find time to check if it has the correct amount inside, and ask for an appointment on Friday at the same time. I hope.
      Cheers again. TTFN. ♥

  1. I was just thinking that you hadn’t talked about going to the surgery or clinic of late. So you’re a bad boy and got a sweet tongue lashing from Nurse Nichole? You should have asked for a spanking from her for being so naughty! Those stuffed cabbages look interesting. I see you got a bit of “SEX” on your plate with your alphabet taters and mini Lincolnshire sausages. Speaking of food and sex, did you ever see the Japanese movie “Tampopo”? I agree with Tracy. They should email you or text you instructions for your medication. I hate taking notes over the phone, especially for medical stuff.

    • Three days on the trot for blood tests, counting this mornings visit for INR & CDH blood tests, Tim. My feet are aching a bit now with all that walking. Hehe!
      Nurse Nichole can do and say anything she
      likes. ♥ Haha!
      One of the lady tenants, Sheila, mentioned the unfortunate wording the potato letters show up. I did feel a fool!
      ‘Tampopo’? No, is it worth making the time to look up? I will then!
      Not a good idea to use the phone is it. They know of my hearing problems too. Humph!
      Another cock-up medically yesterday, mate. The email told me they had sent the prescription electronically to the chemist and it was ready for me to collect the hypodermics. it wasn’t of course. Tsk”
      TTFN Sir.

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