Inchcock Today Monday 13th August 2018: Under-Cover Photographicalisationing in the City Centre, today. Hehe!


Monday 13th August 2018

Punjabi: ਸੋਮਵਾਰ 13 ਅਗਸਤ 2018

03:35hrs: Once again a different person wakes up in the rickety shuddering £300 second-hand recliner. Gone, were Anne Gyna and Reflux Rogers incursions, but Duodenal Donald was still having a go at me. Shame. Because apart from the plates-of-meat, no other ailments were of concern at all. After I had the above thoughts – the innards suddenly started to rumbled and grumbled and I had to escape the recliner and get to the Porcelain Throne as soon as was humanly possible.

During this visit to the Throne, I did not see any of the Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles anywhere. I was discombobulated and engaged my How-why-is-this-real Mode. My EQ told me not to get too excited about this, though!

Another messy affair. Requiring plenty of cleaning and aeration after the event. Hehe!

I got the Health Checks done. Took my medications and


1Mon001The sphygmomanometer took a few tries before it worked.

Might be like me, ageing and getting tired? Haha!

Notwithstanding Duodenal Donald’s harassment, I felt in the mood for satisfying my obsession with the written word. Which even surprises me, considering my lack of education. I spent my schooldays avoiding being beaten up! Leaving school at fourteen years of age, but I used to write poetry from an early age, just a shame I didn’t know more words then. I’m waffling again, sorry.

I had an idea for a funny post about this week’s thoughts and problems. So, I got straight on with the ‘Inchcock’s Thoughts’ post and got it done relatively quickly for me, Smug Mode Adopted!, sent it off.

I turned my temporary new found enthusiasm to good use and got on to finalising the double-post of the weekend completed.

 A little satisfied with my efforts, off I turned everything off and went to do the ablutions.

WCplaster No longer confused, but somewhat gobsmacked when I got in the wet room! Argh! Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles were everywhere I looked on the floor, in the sink, on the WC lid, around the floor cupboards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d have run out of battery on the camera if I photographed them all.

WCplaster Had a bit of bad luck when trying to get me back upright after collecting a few that would let me, up in some tissue. Now the flipping left knee has started to play up as much as the right patella. And, as well as, and besides, the beetle killing pads have not arrived yet! Grr!

I resolved to go out today, to buy a spray bottle to use, so I can make up a mixture of the Zoflora Citrus with some caustic soda in it, and give them a blast with that later. Got my paddy-up now, they have! I’ll throw a tantrum anytime soon! Hehehe!

Aug 13Got the washing and brushing up over with. And after the shower, I had to get rid of some more of the damned Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles down the drain. I suppose with their resilience, they’ll just climb back up when I’m gone. Tsk!

WCplaster Got changed and ready to go out. Went into the kitchen to check things, and shiver-me-timbers, another beetle in between the cellophane and outside glass was spotted!

1Mon06I took the black bags to the waste chute and returned to the flat to get the bag and brolly, taking the recycling bag down with me.

In the few moments it took me to drop off the bag, and walk a few yards to take this photograph of Woodthorpe Court and part of the new Extra Care Build, the sun had been in and out several times.

1Mon07I noticed Roy in front of me with his four-wheeled ankle and chin destroying trolley.

He did not look very good from a distance, bless him. A bit wobbly on his pins.

The traffic was in a bit of a jam near the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus porta-cabin.

As the black car went through and when the van in the background got through – he hit the wing mirror of the transit in the foreground and knocked his own off!

It must be a nightmare trying to drive on Chestnut Walk, with the manoeuvring room being so limited.

A bit of a gangle of residents going into the shed, I see. I passed by the alcoholics on the bench with there extra strong lager and offered them a good morning, and they replied with one for me, bless ’em!

I got in and chatted with wardens Obegruppenfürheress Deana and Standartenführeress Julie. Then had a wander around the fellow tenants, trying to cheer them up and offered them some nibbles I had in my bag. Roy needed gentle handling, poor chap did not look very well at all. His better-half was a bit concerned about him. I pray he can soon get feeling better. I told him I knew he was poorly, cause he had not insulted me and I’d been in the room for ten minutes. It raised a bit of a smile with him. I hope things go well.

Welsh Bill made up with the insults, though. We did have a laugh between us.

Out to catch the bus, and a few jokes were shared. Got on the bus and took the crossword book out. Did a few clues en route. (Smug Mode Adopted again).

1Mon07bGot off, like most of the others did, on Upper Parliament Street.

The nippier than me passengers who got off (all of them, hehe!) shot off ahead if me.

You can see in this picture, the L9 bus that we all had just alighted from, off on his way to town.

I noted the new road marking lines that had been done, while the new tarmacking took place on Saturday.

I called into the Wilko Store. Came out with sealing bag clips and two Citrus body-sprays. I could not find any sprayer bottles, though.

So, I called in the nearby Poundland shop. I came out of there with a fair amount of stuff: Mini-pork Pies, American Hot Dogs, Chocolate brazils, Sunflower hearts, and some spray bottles, and a pressure sprayer bottle. All bought for £11.

As I hobbled on towards Clumber Street West, I followed an NCT street cleaner vehicle. Pedestrians scattered as the driver kept a steady slow speed. But, he got the job done, bless him.


1Mon07cAS I passed the end of Clumber Street, I took this picture.

A police car coming my way seemed to almost shock the Nottinghamian pedestrians.

Well, let’s face it, there are not many about nowadays!

1Mon09As is usual, this street was well used.

On the corner of King Streer, which I went down to get the Slab Square for a photographicalisationing session, the new white lines were more prominently showing up.

The sky kept changing from bright sunshine to 1Mon10clouding over regularly.

Still earlyish, so not many people were on the beach or amusements.

I smiled at this giant deck-chair with Mum sat in it, on her mobile phone of course. Obedient looking Dad nearby, and the ankle snapper enjoying himself.

1Mon11The second picture of the beach was surprising to me. So many folks and only two on their mobile phones. Far left and far right)

Like to see the nipperoonies having a good time.

I had a hobble around the square, noticing a few smiling Nottinghamian faces on the way around the perimeter.

1Mon13Not many, mind!

Walked down to the church and back up towards the Council House up Exchange Walk.

WCplaster Limping up the walk, I suddenly felt a little apprehensive for some reason, and could not understand why. But it was a genuinely sad moment or two for me, it felt like I had been isolated from everyone else. Peculiar sensation, I can tell you. But it had vanished into the ether by the time I got to the top of the hill.

1Mon14As I crossed over South Parade, I spotted some Nottingham Street Art on the steps up to the Council House entrance.

I realised that all those £75 on-the-spot fines that could have been handed out, if only they had not cut back so on the Community Officers numbers?

Ah, well!

1Mon17As I cross over the front of the Council House steps, I could hardly believe what I saw!

WCplaster This van and trailer just drove through the pedestrians without slowing down although he was not going fast at all) and once again the Nottinghamians had to move out of the way. If any of them had been hard of hearing, I doubt they would have heard 1Mon07dhim coming from behind them! Grrr!

I poddled up Queen Street to the bus stop.

Getting a tad dark now, but still, no precipitation falling yet.

Met a lady at the bus stop and we had a chinwag. Bus on time, and we were soon back at the Winwood Heights mayhem. 

I fell asleep on the bus, but miraculously I woke up as it was stopping on Chestnut Walk. Phew! Hehe! Lucky me!

Had a wee-wee. Then got the sprayer filled with Zoflora Citrus, Lavender antiseptic, and Caustic Soda. And set about Ironclad black biting Mini-beetle hunting in the wet room!

1Mon18WCplaster What a mistaker-to-maker!

I bent down close to a few of the many beetles, and fired the spray gun at them, full of determination!

The bottle leaked and the contents spilt all over my fingers and hand. Instantly turning the pale skin to a deep blue, and it stung a bit.

Worst of all, the damned beetles weren’t bothered in the slightest!

I caught a couple of the scallywags in a kitchen towel. Struggled to get back up and clouted my elbow on the edge of the door in doing so. Dipped the hand in the sink of water, where luckily I’d left the face cloths soaking earlier. Put some cream on the digits, swore, cursed and had another wee-wee. What an old Eizel I am!

Cleaned up, and got on with updating this diary.

1Mon16 Took a break from computing, and got the Health Checks done.

The simple nosh was then prepared, seasoned baked beans, American Hot Dog sausages in the saucepan.

Took the evening medications.

While I thought of it, I did the monthly battery check with the Nottingham City Homes control room, via the panic-alarm panel. All okay.

Went for a wee-wee, and the flaming Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles were out again in the wet room. Only about ten or so, but they still annoyed me.

Back on the computer, I looked for and found a message from Amazon about the delivery of the insect traps.


The workmen’s hoists are busy up and down at the moment, and the sunshine has come out and stayed out currently.

1Mon15I checked on the seasoned baked beans and sausages. I hope I get it right this time.

Back to updating this blog again.

Got this far, then went on the WordPress reader section.

Some brilliant post on there today.

Popped on the TFZ Facebook page.

Got carried away with there. It is now beyond my head-down time, and I have to sort out and eat the meal yet.

1Mon23Well, the flavourings in the sausages and beans came out alright. Here’s what I put in the haricots, just in case you fancy trying it… better not though, I might have forgotten some of what went in or got a seasoning wrong. I think it was:

BBQ cooking sauce – mustard, demerara sugar, distilled vinegar and tomato passata. Very slowly simmered for three hours. I did it for three hours because I forgot it was on the stove while I was getting into the computerisationing, Tsk!

I slowly savoured the bowl of beans and American style hot dog sausages. It took me an age to get through it, and I left a lot of it. So my plan to eat really slowly (I read it somewhere or other) did make me eat less! Getting the saucepan, cutlery and bowl washed afterwards took me even longer. Boy does this stuff stick to the pan and plates. Hehe!

2Tue04 Did the Health Checks, had a short-sharp wee-wee and gobbled the medications. Had a rinse and settled down, fully aware that it is so late, to watch the first episode of the newly arrived from Amazon, Hetty Wainthropp DVD.

The starting page was in Dutch. But, the same format and layout as other DVDs, it was easy enough to follow.

I was over the moon to see that it had as advertised, sub-titles (The reason I bought the thing!) and pressed to look at the options… Which were; Dutch or no subtitles!

My enthusiasm and short-lived seconds-long contentment were shattered! Destroyed, crushed and replaced with a self-pitying, loathing and frustration.

I viewed the first episode, which I have watched many times, and a lot of little bits had been cut out of the original. Most aggravating!

Nodded of as it moved onto the second episode.

I wonder if I should sell my later year’s life story: ‘A Nottingham Pensioners life story of exhilaration, excitement, pleasure, delight and joy?

Maybe not. Hahaha!

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  1. The beetles must be an alien plot if the blue death spray doesn’t phase them. Great set of street photos. Looks like people were out and about. Great looking BBQ been and weenie dinner.

    • It seems the alien beetles have the upper hand, Tim. Hehe!
      Lovely smokey flavour to the weenie. (Never heard them called that before, but I like it, Haha!)

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