Inchcock Today – Monday 30th October 0217: Accifauxpa, Blood Test with Nurse Nichole ♥, Shopping, Tree Copse Walk ♥, Memory Blanks, Elevator down, Bleeding… A Mixed Day!

Monday 30th October 0217

Woke and up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner at 0130hrs.

Health Checks, medications were taken and off to the Porcelain Throne. Settled and got the book to read, but no time this morning. The evacuation was a lightning fast sanguinary discharge. The blood splatter was widespread and needed a lot of cleaning up. During which, a little Accifauxpa, as I bent down to clean the floor, the head came into contact with the corner of the cabinet, and the porcelain. Above the nose and on top of the dome. Haemorrhoid Harold was in full-flow, bless him.

I think I said “Oh, fancy that!” or something close. Hehe! 

Good job this happened before I got myself dressed.

The head aching a bit, and the innards now growling and rumbling, I felt a little poorly and off-colour, suddenly. Then Roger Reflux started sticking and causing me some bother too. Oh dear, something coming I’m not going to like, I can tell!

I got the computer on and got the average readings for the Health Checks calculated on Excel for last week. Apart from the weight, I think it looks alright.

I checked that I had altered all of the clocks belatedly last night, to make sure I’d done them correctly and missed any. Travel clocks in Wet Room, Kitchen and next to the computer (Keep it there to use as an alarm), and the big Pound Shop one on top of the electric fire that I cannot afford to use. Hehehe!

Checked that the Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) International Normalized Ratio (INR) Warfarin (Coumadin) Blood Test, (A mouthful innit, when you use the complete name), the appointment was for 100hrs today. Got the nibbles ready in the bag and made sure I had the Record Card in the coat pocket to take with me.

Agoraphobia overcomes me at times. (Not a fear of heights but, the abnormal fear of expecting or experiencing an awkward or embarrassing situation from which I cannot find an escape). The mess I’m in. With trying to get the INR level in range, get proof and take it to the dentist. Who will not do anything with the teeth, unless they have this evidence of the reading? And this has to be provided within 48hrs of the said INR test being taken. Then I have to get to the dentist and beg them to fit me in! Total failure on this for eight weeks nearly now and the toothache is not getting any better. The Doctor is not letting me know the results in time… Oh I’m fed-up!

Off for a wee-wee, and spotted some blood I’d missed that had splattered onto the shower curtain. How the haemoglobin travelled that far I’ve not got the slightest idea? Cleaned it up and antisepticised it. Checked the rear end for any further leakages, only the tiniest few spots were found. Good that! Cleansed everything and applied some fresh ‘H’ Cream.

My lack of confidence was becoming lacker! Hehehe!

Finished off yesterday’s sad diary and got it posted.

Did some WordPress reading and comment replies.

Went for a wee-wee. Made another mug of tea and checked up on Haemorrhoid Harold’s condition; All fine, no bleeding at all now, sore mind.

Went on CorelDraw. Did a political funny about MPs and Hell’s Gates, to use on a later diary and posted it to my Pinterest Political Funnies Gallery.

Went onto Facebook.

Ablutions tended to. A jolly good session had. Shaved meticulously with only two cuts. Back-brush and loofa utilised. Freshened up with Brute and citrus deodorant. (I fully anticipate being lunged after by the ladies desperate for my body when I get out [Surprisingly this did not happen? Hehe!])

Sorted-out and took the refuse sacks to the chute.

I got everything needed. Well, I thought I had. Out and down the lift, met a new tenant lady and thought how quietly spoken she was. Then realised I had gone out without putting in the hearing aids. Tsk! So back up in the lift and collected them, and down again. As I got out of the elevator, Deana was talking to the new lady. I told her I had some nibbles for her and Obergefreiteress Julie and would lave them in the fridge in the hut for them.

Hobbled out and down to the hut with Daisy. Who didn’t look too good to me? Made a few funnies to try and cheer her up. Into the shed and left the fish and nibbles for the Wardens.

A quick chat with Doreen and Thundergob as I went out of the end door.

Welsh Bill, Daisy and a few others were at the bus stop as I passed them. Quick laugh, and onwards I trudged.

Down Winchester Street Hill and through the sideroads to Mansfield Road.

Some Nottingham Street Art on the pavement. Looked almost new some of the gear?

Left up Mansfield Road towards Carrington and the surgery. Over the crest and down. Do you know, I didn’t see a single Nottingham Pavement Cyclist? Never been known before! Hehe!

Got to the surgery car park, and had to wait a while for a motorist going in and a car going out had to manoeuvre a bit. Still, no rush, the appointment was for 1000hrs I thought. When I got in and reported to the Oberleutnant Receptionist, and sat down, getting the crossword book out.

I got really disconcerted when the lady came to me and told me my appointment was for 1050hrs. (How I made that cock-up, I didn’t know). She informed me the clocks should have gone back at the weekend by an hour. Anyway, she was very nice about it, and I told her I’d wait. She said the nurse might see me earlier if she gets the time. I thanked her and got on with a mammoth session on the crosswords, and even did rather well at them for once.

Half-an-hour or so later, a beautiful thing happened, a wondrous thing! A voice from the nurse, close my left ear-hole spoke to call me in – It was Nurse Nichole. I could have cried with joy. At last, I got to see her.

There was something, quoted by Photographer and Wordsmith Tim Price that I intended to tell her, but the brain and excitement of seeing her blocked it out, and I could not remember. Huh and Tsk!

She soon had the blood taken and was patient with me telling her about the ‘Blanks’ I’d been having. Told whatever I do if this happens again, I must see the Doctor. I also told her of my not being given the INR results in time for me to get to the dentist to beg for an appointment. I gave the nibbles for her and the others and departed.

Leaving the car park, I had to wait for an old couple to get into their taxi, and held the door for the lady, closing it when she was safely in and buckled her up.

Hobbled down to the Insult Store… sorry, Lidl Store and had a walk around.

Got one of the two things I’d gone in for (I forgot the milk, Humph!), and twelve items I didn’t need. Found some Balsamic Sauce. Some Texan and Hickory Maple Syrup Cooking Sauce and other not needed fodder.

Caught a bus into Sherwood. As I got off, I saw the L9 bus across the road pulling away. I thought at the time, and guilty so; If I hadn’t stopped to help the old couple in the car park at the surgery, I could’ve caught that bus up to the flats instead of having to walk up! Naughty Inchcock!

I crossed over the road and up over and down the hill to the Woodthorpe Grange Park entrance. I’m so glad I did now.

Not many dogs were walking their owners this afternoon. But the lady with the two astonishingly friendly old whippets turned up as I was photographing the poor trees near the Pitch & Putt course. They seemed to recognise from the last time and appeared glad to see me as I was them. A bit of fuss for a minute or so, that made me feel good and happy. Funny innit?

Cheered me so much, I decided to have a walk down the gravel hill and through m beloved Tree Copse while there was still some greenery on the sparsely leaved trees.

The Pictorial Record of the Hobble Down Through the Copse.

I had to take care not to slip on the leaves or trip on the branches coming up through the ground, but did okay, coming out at the Meadow at the bottom, near the flats, and in amazingly high spirits too.

I’d seen and conversed with Nurse Nichole, actually been of use in helping others, hobbled without any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas, met the glorious whippets and had a fuss with them, and taken a slow, careful stumble through perhaps, to me anyway, the most beautiful Copse in Nottingham. Life seemed good suddenly. But it was not to last, I’m afraid.

Up out of the Meadow I went, and back down to the apartments.

I dawned on me that I had not seen any birds of any type since entering the thicket. This I was a sure sign… no idea what sign.


As I neared the building, I could sense (The EQ you know) that something was going to knock me back into depression again.

No workmen in the protective tent at the moment.

Got to the lifts (Elevators for my American friends), Number One was again out of action. The other one was on the twelfth floor as I pressed the call button. (Where it stayed for what seemed a lifetime to me) The need for a wee-wee growing ever more urgent as I waited for the cage.

And waited, and waited. Not sure how long it was before it started to come down, but I was on the verge of having to walk up the stairs, and the holding of the water was doing me and my innards no favours.

When it did arrive, Jenny and Frank were struggling out with a dirty great fridge freezer. They were taking it to the other block of flats. Bless the Jenny and Frank, always helping others. In my condition, I could not help them and felt incompetent at this. But the warm wet feeling was already showing itself from the lower regions, and the embarrassment was total!

I got to the wet room in the flat as soon as I physically could, feeling confident I had involuntarily passed some wee. I soo found out that I hadn’t, but had moved some blood. Yes, the damned fungal-lesion had opened again! Got things cleaned and the Betamethasone Corticosteroid Cream applied.

I’d spotted some American medication for people on Warfarin on the net earlier. Sounds just the ticket for me.

I must remember to ask Nurse Nichole or Doctor Vindla if anything similar is available on the NHS for me try out.

Things appeared okay after half an hour or so, but I shall be ever watchful.

The noise from the workmen, drilling and knocking was driving me mad, hours and hours it went on. Of course, it can’t be helped, the jobs have to be done.

Got the nosh cooking, then updated this diary.

Baked beans, Vegetarian and battered Chip-Shop Sausages and the horrid Anya Potatoes for din-dins. Lemon Dessert to follow. I left most of it. Not that it was any worse than my meals of late, it’s just that the appetite seemed to disappear as I ate?

The loose and painful incisor teeth suffered.

Put the pots in to soak in the bowl and had a wee-wee, then checked out Little Inchies lesion, no bleeding. Added a blob more of the cream.

A headache began, but I was confident it had been the earlier droning, drilling and knocking noises from the builder lads that had caused it. So I wasn’t worried. Dare not take any extra pain-killers with whatever drugs are in the various creams I’m using.

Talk about beautiful, after the fantastic walk in the Copse, now the evening sky cheered me up a bit as well.

I took a few more similar photographs of this scene and saved them to use later in the TFZer graphicalisations.

Today had definitely been one of the ups and downs, extremes. Highlights and lowlights.

Got the TV on and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner. Fell asleep and dreamt of being in a vast artist studio with ubiquitous clay models easels, paintings spread all around. I was not the artist, I sensed that much. Spike Milligan’s head was on the wall, he was whistling while I was being told off in no uncertain terms by two ladies wearing Victorian-like clothing? That’s all I found on my scribbled note about this dream.

Stayed awake to watch a bit of TV in between nod-offs, for a good while. Pointless of course.

The last thing I recall was Reflux Roger giving me some gip, and I took a swig of the medicine on the side Ottoman and spilt some down my dressing gown.

Been a funny day.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 29th October 2017: Laundry done, Whoopsiedangleplop and Depressed. Messy day.

Sunday 29th October 2017

Filipino: Linggo 29 Oktubre 2017

0215hrs: Woke in a surprisingly good state of spirit and with only Duodenal Donald giving me any real bother. All the other ailments were apparently taking a hiatus?

I even got out of the now working correctly again £300 second-hand recliner with relative ease, didn’t stub any toes, couldn’t see any signs of nocturnal-nibbling either. I had no appetency for fodder or even a mug of tea. Very odd that?

Gathered the washing bag and accoutrements and set off down to the laundry room.

As I left the lift, a new poster from Jenny was on the board.

Took this photographicalisation of it.

Went to foyer doors and then took this photograph of the workmen’s area.

No idea what they are doing in there.

When I got into the launderette room, I was mildly surprised to see someone had beaten me to the better washing machine. (You can’t win them all. Haha!)

Then I very nearly had an Accifauxpa as I slipped on the gungy liquid on the floor under the washing machine in use. No problem, I didn’t go over or bang myself, it was lucky the casing was there to grab onto. No injuries incurred at all. I set about mopping up the liquid with the paper towels I take down with me to clean up along with the spilt soap powder afterwards. Bit of a job to get back upright.

Got the gear into the first machine, which I had not used for a year or more and worked out how to start it. Sad innit? Hehe!

Back up to the flat and started to sort out the week’s medication pots. What a pickle I got myself into. Whoopsiedangleplop Time! Halfway through I discovered I had put the wrong medications in the wrong containers (Day – Midday – Evening) and started resorting them, but ran out of time and had to go back down to move the washing into the dryer.

0245hrs: Finished the tablet pots at last. Visited the Porcelain Throne, another good session, no bleeding at all. With all this feeling good lark I began to wonder if I had actually woke up or was I still dreaming a dream?

Took the morning medications with an extra painkiller to counter Duodenal Donald and a good few extra gulps of the antacid medicine, but it is not very good, better than nothing though. I remember when the Doctor, many years ago, prescribed me Aludrox SA medicine for the ulcer. Boy it was good, really efficient and pain relieving – then it went off the NHS list of Drugs available. I asked the Chemist if it was possible for me to buy the medicine myself. He informed me that it is now available only in Germany, but he would find out for me. A week or so later I called in to collect my monthly prescriptions, and he told me he could order some, but it would be £119 a bottle! And that was donkeys-years ago. So, you see why I make do with the lesser advantageous stuff now. Tsk!

0350hrs: Down and collected the cleaned and dried clobber. Cleaned the filters, wiped around and back to the flat.

Put the clothes away, made a mug of tea, passed some wind and got the computer on.

Started this diary off up to here, and then did some WordPress Reading.

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary.

WordPressing and the onto Facebooking.

Two hours later, I made another brew, had a wee-wee and took this picture.

I just can’t seem to master these out of the window night shots. Tsk!

I spent several hours doing some graphics prep work for use late. Then another hour or so getting diary posts done in advance.

I’d love to know what the bloke upstairs is doing with all the noise emanating from his flat.

I rang Sister Jane, and she rang me back later. Had a nattering session.

Got the nosh prepared and settled to eat it.

I think I’ll just have a tin of beans and vegetable sausage next time.

This was a disaster of a nosh. The usually nice mackerel sweet-cured strips were rock hard and caused a great deal of tooth pain, the tomatoes bitter, and the battered fish came out very runny inside. The apple, potatoes and baked sheet of cheese were okay, although, I had to soak the cheese to avoid that giving the teggies bother. All-in-all, one of the worst meals for a time. I wondered if it was just me? My EQ tells me something not nice is coming medically, so maybe the taste buds were in turmoil for some reason?

I found later I’d missed the evening HC and medications. So I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and tended to them.

Started to watch a war film (Channel 31), fell asleep, woke and a Horror film with Peter Cushion was on, nodded-off again with an American Ghost film on when I woke (Horror Channel). I can’t recall changing channels.

I looked at the schedule and realised I had not put the clocks back for winter. Huh! So I did.

Sleep came again and for once a good long one, over three hours uninterrupted.

Evening all!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 28th October 2017

With Virgin Media, You are guaranteed interrupted weekend Connections. Can any other supplier make this Promise? So disappointed was I in BT, I moved to Virgin… What a clot!

Saturday 28th October 2017

Hindi: शनिवार 28 अक्टूबर 2017

0300hrs: Awoke and the brain slowly grasped my desire for it to reboot itself and joined the rest of my body. The ailments all seemed kind to me, no signs of any nocturnal nibbling. Although the fact that I had on my head, two pairs of spectacles confused me a little.

Spotted a scribbled note on the pad about a dream I had early last night. So I dismounted from the £300 second-hand recliner, had a wee-wee then got the computer on and updated the diary for Friday with the details that were for once clearly written and finished the Chronicle and posted it off.

Did the Health Checks, took the medications and made a mug of tea. Off to the Porcelain Throne session, another good one today, nae bother at all.

Went to make another brew, and pondered on the fodder situation and that £10.40 piece of smoked cod I bought yesterday.

I put some seasoned Anya potatoes in the crock-pot but didn’t start it. Decided to have the remainder of the belly pork today, but season it differently. A tin of garden peas and that should do me later on.

I squashed the smoked cod into the freezer to have later in the year.

It would be nice to get this meal right for once, instead of vicennially. Hehe!

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that went cold.

Took this photo from the kitchen window and went back to updating this diary up to here.

Did the WordPress reading first. Had some helpful comments to answer to today.

Had a wee-wee and onto Facebooking. Took a few hours. What with having to catch up on yesterday and Facebook sticking and freezing. Tsk!

Turned on the Crock-Pot. Had a wee-wee. Replaced the second mug of tea to go cold and back on WordPress to do an ode of sorts. Eventually got it finished and posted off. I titled it, “I talk to myself, You Know!”

Got the nosh served up, took a photograph of it, with the Anya potatoes. Belly pork and garden peas looking nice, tasty and good… But, could I find the picture on the camera card later to put on here? No! Tsk!

Anyway, it was terrible! The Wine Vinegar with the belly pork is a no-go for the future. The potatoes were horrible. A decent amount of them left to get through yet as well. The garden peas were okay, mind.

Did the washing up of the pots.

Went to the Porcelain Throne and had a Blank-Patch, no Dizzy Dennis visit as far as I could tell? I clearly remember going in, settling and getting the Lenigrad book from the cabinet top. Two hours or so further on, I found myself sprawled half-on, half-off of the toilet seat, the tome on the floor and a pong from the evacuation that had seemingly taken place without my being aware of it, lingering. Had I just fell asleep, perhaps? It didn’t feel like I had. Cleaned things up.

This did my confidence no good at all.

I turned the computer off and put the TV on. No idea what was on, the bloke above was banging and knocking again, but somehow this did not bother me in the least.

I knew I’d nodded off this time because the dreaming started and I was back, like in a dream from a week or so ago, and committing urbicide. This time a panel held a layout similar to a model railway layout of City Streets, buttons on each building house or whatever when pressed blew-up the real building? Hope that makes sense. There were two other people (No idea who two were, but the other looked remarkably like Vincent Price?), and we were arguing over which buttons to press. I can’t remember anything else about it.

When I woke and went for a wee-wee, the Herbert upstairs was still knocking away.

Took the medications for the night and returned to the £300 second-hand recliner. I did watch a part of a documentary about the war, fell asleep for an hour and woke up again with a start. No idea why.

Might be an idea to change my name to Dontknowwhy Chambers? Hehehe!

He Talks to himself, you know!

Insanity is his guiding light – Sad I know, but there you are!

I talk to and chastise myself,

How did I lose all of my wealth?

However, did I get like this, pale, achromaticity?

Memory has gone to pot, it’s such a pity,

I’ve lost my guile, drive and stealth.

_ _ _

My once slim body, now a flobby monstrosity,

Sometimes I find it hard to breathe,

At times I think it best if I pass-on with fugacity

I’d have liked to learn how to sew and weave,

I’ve always had too much sensuosity.

_ _ _

Life is getting filled with struggles and tortuosity,

I’ve never had sufficient tenacity or ferocity,

Now I’m losing my logic and synchronicity,

To be a good man, I have ever striven,

Passionate about nothing, never driven,

Alway tended towards showing sequacity.

_ _ _

Fell in love and lost her, a crying shame,

Heartbroken, but who should I blame,

Never again for me, the romance game,

Anyway, the ailment stopped that in its tracks,

Even tried fishing, but just caught sticklebacks,

Nothing left now to set me aflame!

_ _ _

That’s another thing, setting the cooker on fire,

Lifes desires are sinking into the Grimpen Mire,

Ah, Sherlock Holmes, his books were good,

I suppose I’ve become a Stuck-in-the-mud?

Ever since poor health and I did retire?

_ _ _

Even my thoughts confuse me, so much now,

Leaving me frustrated, baffled somehow,

Depression I used to disallow and disavow,

But not anymore, and that’s for sure,

No desire for wealth or pleasure to store,

But I still like my mug of tea and chow.

Now the blank spells have taken a grip,

Nae doubt for me it’ll soon be Toodle-pip,

Still, it’ll free me from the pains in the hip,

Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, and the Enoxaparin,

I’ll no worry about me being fat and flabby, not thin,

Yes, I welcome the end, not to worry about losing my grip,

No fretting over the level of heparin!

_ _ _

Oh, hang on though, the A-Teams on telly tonight,

Now that’s put my mind in a plight,

I’d better take me tablets after all, whatever,

I love it when a plan comes together!

_ _ _

Hehehe! Cheers all!


Inchcock Today – Friday 27th October 2017:

Friday 27th October 2017

Javanese: Ana 27 Oktober 2017

0205hrs: Woke and started to pandiculate in a slow, calm manner. But Anne Gyna started off despite the care I thought I’d taken. Only Hernia Harry joined her in giving me grief, though. So things were looking good enough for me. I actually felt quite salubrious, but this was before I tackled the evacuation of the £300 second-hand recliner chair. Somehow or other I managed to let my supporting limb slip off of the arm of the chair and onto the phone charger on the Ottoman, thus cutting my hand on the edge of the plug thingy, in the purlicue, Tsk! And I thought seconds earlier how good things were looking. It didn’t bleed much though. Into the kitchen and wiped it up.

Carried out the health checks, afraid the weight has gone up again.

Also, I felt a right Schmuck for ringing the NHS Helpline on Wednesday about the increased Sys and Dia readings, there are now back to normal. Just as well they did not ring me back anyway. Huh!

Makes me feel Floccinaucinihilipilification (Looked that one up, Hehe!) for myself. Considering my insecurity and diffidence more lately. The futility of my efforts to get some help or guidance lowers my esteem as well.

Still, along came a demand for the Porcelain Throne and I forgot all about it. Had an excellent session once again. So then I perked up a bit – mad innit?

Back to the kitchen and took this photograph out of the window. IT came out horrible, and I can’t understand why in the viewer it looked so much more clear and distinct.

Felt a bit down again then.

I thought I would pan and start prepping the meal for later. Cut up and seasoned the belly pork I got from Aldi yesterday, into the crock-pot. Used some Light Soy sauce in the water and added some onions to it. Put the baked beans in a saucepan and small potatoes in one too. A splash of balsamic vinegar in both pans. LAter I chopped up some tomatoes and added them to the beans.

The chap from above started his knocking about again.

I got on the computer and finished off yesterdays Inchcock Today. I had a lot of Emails, so I went through them.

Then onto WordPress Reading.

Out of time to do any Facebooking or graphics. Had to rush and get the ablutions done in time (I hope) to catch the bus.

All went well, and I was on my way to the bus stop in plenty of time.

As I poddled down Chestnut Walk, this lorry was backing out of the building compound. This was one of the smaller trucks and shows the difficulties they have in getting into and out of the delivery area. They have to drive to the far end, behind where I was, to get to the only space big enough to turn around in and back up the Way to escape the place. How those dirty-great Ready-Mix Cement lorries get in and out bellies believe.

Resident May, was at the stop when I got there. Gave her a nibble-bar and we were soon joined by a few more folks. A chinwag was interrupted when the bus arrived. I caught the L9 outbound along with eleven other tenants, all of the others dropped off in Sherwood, and I carried on to Daybrook to alight and go into the Sainsbury Store.

Where an embarrassing incident took place. I was trying to get done quickly and only needed Smoked Fish, Surimi, Dessert and potatoes. I thought I might catch the next bus back to the flats if I was quick enough.

Luckily the store was not very busy.

Straight to the fish counter and they only had two pieces of smoked Cod Loin, and I asked for the larger of the two. I distracted myself by asking the lady how long I should cook the slightly thick tasty looking lump of fish. Then to the prepared fish counter and got two packets of Royal Surimi, then the veg section and got some small potatoes, one of them being expensive only available at Sainsbury’s, Anya variety. On to the fridges and got some Lemon Meringue Mousse desserts. All done in no time it seemed and off to the checkout.

When the bloke asked me for £17.54, it shook me a bit, but I had not the time to investigate then, as I had to rush off to the bus stop.

Got the bus in time and settled to have a look at the receipt. That piece of fish had cost me £10.14! Tsk!

When the bus got into Sherwood, many other tenants got on, and we had a bit of a laugh going up the hill to the apartments. George, May and I started to walk to the block after a few words were exchanged with some tenants getting on the bus.

I lagged behind again, and they were off ahead. But waiting for the lift had delayed them, and I caught up as they both were getting into one.

Got in and put the food away. Did the Health Checks and took the medications, had a wee-wee and got the kettle on as I got the fodder cooking.

The belly pork looked right, well all of it did as I got it served up in the bowl. But it didn’t taste like I had hoped it would, although I#ve had many worse efforts. The pork was the worst tasting thing on the plate. Cooked soft as I had expected, but tasteless.

I got the pots washed up and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner with a ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ DVD on to watch.

Around 2000hrs, I fell asleep and had a dream, a long time since I recall having a nightmare. I was back on the water, the steaming water in the fog, dirty water. Not a wooden one this time, but a coracle; that leaked continuously but did not sink. Mist all around. Faces, people would appear through the haze now and then, glide over to the boat and stick a hypodermic needle into it, no aggression was shown, they smiled as they stabbed… Oddly, I felt I knew each one of visiting spirits despite my not recognising the faces. I think I dived out of the boat for some logical-at-the-time reason? Despite my fear of deep water and inability to swim. Hey-ho!

I’m so glad I had scribbled the notes of the dream in much better than regular hand-writing because I can remember nothing of it now. Well, apart from the water and fog.

Woke 0000hrs and must have made the notes, because they are here on the pad?

Drifted off again without any hassle.

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th October 2017: Tenants Social Hour

A Sign of Mankind’s abject failure, squander-mania, greed, ingordigious, intolerance, esurient cravings, avarice, jealousness and self-destructiveness!

Thursday 26th October 2017

Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 26 Oktobro 2017

2230hrs (Yesterday): I’d woken up thinking it was morning and discovered what time it actually was.

I’d taken the Health Checks but did notice the time before swallowing the medications and applying the various creams and lotions Tsk!

I got the Wednesday Post finished and started on this one. A little confused to say the least!

Did some graphic tops for future use.

Turned everything off and Nipped into the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. All was good in this department this morning.

0110hrs: Made a fresh brew of tea and had a peek out of the window.

No rain or wind, and it was warm really.

Got CorelDraw back on, and the Virgin Media Internet returned.

Although depressed with things, the toothache and NHS Helpline had not rung back etc. The brain did not have its Boeotian spell like it has for the last three mornings. I wish it had, then I might not feel so low if the grey-cells had played up and gave me something else to worry about. Hehehe!

I updated an old TFZer graphic on CorelDraw.

Emails, Facebooking and WordPress Reading followed.

I got a good long hard ablutionalisational session done. Scouring pad, back brush and elbow grease used in the shower. Hehehe!

Applied the medications and lotions and sat on the Porcelain Throne… where I stayed for hours! I’d got to a fascinating chapter in the Lenigrad book, and seemed unable to put it down. Several pages later, as the body mass and extremities started to feel the cold, I put the book down and adorned my well-upholstered flobby body in some clothes. A challenge this is you know!

Assembled the raffle prizes and nibbles box in the bag, and did the second of the day’s Health Checks. The reading seemed to have come down and steadied a bit now. I wondered if I might get a call today from the NHS Helpline?

Soon it was time for me to set off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Where I was so pleased to see that Jenny and Frank had returned from their short holiday. Jenny looked in fine fettle and spirits. She actually sang to the three gals and me as we entered. Welcome to my World, I think it was, of course, I might well be wrong on that. I probably am. Bless her.

Jenny supplied me with a small cup of tea. I put the raffle prizes on the trolly. Bill (William on Sundays) was at the same table, along with the big superior chap who helps me with the crosswords sometimes, and the lady who is assigned to the flats for the duration of the building works. A few more in attendance this week, and seemed cheerier. I took the nibbles around in the hopes of getting a chinwag or two in with the other residents, but it didn’t work out like that again.

I was thinking of leaving to catch the L9 bus up to Mapperley Tops to get some fodder when BJ arrived. Managed a quick natter with him, he was looking in good health today.

Bid my fond farewells to one and all, but they were nattering away, and no one responded. Which was not a bad thing, cause they were communicating, laughing and I was glad to see them having such a good time.

To the bus stop and a few others joined me.

I took this photo from the stop, of my Woodthorpe Court Flats. The builders were putting something up at the back of the block, to the right. Looked like a climbing frame of some sort to me.

Caught the bus up to Woodborough Road.

Walked along to the Aldi Store. Where I spent a fair bit of my ever-dwindling cash. Tsk!

They did not look busy as I approached through the car park. But when I got inside, it was pandemonium.

On my hobble around, getting many things I did not need or were painful for the poorly teeth to eat (Humph!). Some tiny potatoes, long-life skimmed milk, fresh whole milk, cooked Free-range Chicken Thighs, tomatoes, tinned garden peas, a packet of two Ciabatta rolls, belly-pork slices and a bargain bottle of Maple Syrup for £2.99, that is £2 less than Morrison charge for theirs.

Of course, I withhold judgement until I actually get around to tasting it.

Paid the young man and got to the door to leave, and I had to stop and distribute the weight between the two bags.

As I got out onto the road to walk along to turn right and down Winchester Street Hill, I was struggling with the bags and did not see tenants Margaret and her hubby. (I think her name is Margret). She laughed as she nudged me. They were on their way to the Aldi store I reckon. Lovely couple, I always like to have a talk with them.

A short distance down the road, I noticed this Speed-Warning sign. Most likely that is had been there for years, but for some reason, I had not seen it before. This brought on a moment of self-pity and feeling sorry for myself. Huh! No longer having a licence or car and there I was with Anne Gyna giving me grief and carrying a bag that was making it worse.

But I soon came out of it, when I came across this piece of Nottingham Street Art.

I wondered what it was?

Walked on with a little visit from Dizzy Dennis that only lasted a few moments, thankfully. Anne Gyna not happy, but I was because Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were both giving me a rest.

I got back and into the flat, not feeling bad at all, just so tired.

I got the fodder away and prepped the meal.

So exhausted now, I got a Rumpole of the Bailey DVD on and watched a couple of episodes while the meal cooked. Glad to say, I did not nod-off and let anything burn.

The meal itself looked grand and tasty, as indeed it should have been. But, my option of the chicken thighs was a bad one. For the teeth would not let me masticate at all, as the flesh was so tough. Usually, when the teeth are okay, I like it like this.

As I did my best with it, I noticed blood had dripped down from the loose tooth onto me and the plate. Ah-well, that’s life nowadays!

This took the edge off of the meal. The potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peas and apple were grand.

The bullet-like beetroot from the Sainsbury’s British Baby (Note that these were quartered and are still as big as the potatoes) Beetroot in Sweet Vinegar jar will have to be given or thrown away now. Never in the field of Gastronomic Disasters have I come across such rock-hard undercooked tasteless beetroot in my life! Argh!

Did the washing-up and turned the TV on.

Soon off into the land of nod, at the time the first set of commercials started.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th October 2017:

No-bother for me!

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Hungarian: 2017. Október 25., zerda

0135hrs: Once again I woke as if I was another person, not actually here, but watching myself from above or through a camera lens? And, like the last few mornings, things fell into place slowly as the grey-cells reformed themselves into a semi-coherent workforce again. Memories of a dream filtered through. I was committing urbicide, stood at a model town layout with buttons that when pressed, blew-up that area of it? No idea which town it was. Someone was with me, damned if I know who, a bloke, tall, spoke proper coherent eloquent English and had a tweed jacket on with brown leather elbow pads. He would not let me detonate the explosives at the latrine building? I was amazed that I could recall so much, and in minute detail, and yet felt far more took place that remains a mystery to me?

I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner without any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas and made my way, without stubbing the hallux, or any other toe actually. The Porcelain Throne Session was a good one, but signs of things slackening were present, I think Trotsky Terence might be lurking charging his loosening batteries ready to attack later. Tsk! I’ll take an Anti-Diahorrea capsule with the medications I think. Or should I? I seem to procrastinate, hesitate and waver without any effort, you know. Sad innit?

I carried out the required, ‘but no one is bothered really’ Health Checks then.

Blimus! Sys and Dia are still a bit high. Not sure if I should see someone about this. I could ring the 111 number and ask them? There you go, see? I’m vacillating again!

I updated the Excel record page.

0515hrs: Then bravely rang the 111 NHS Helpline. After confirming my Telephone Number, Date of Birth, Address, ailments, NHS number and that it was not an emergency, the lady asked me what I was calling about. Took me a second or two to remember. Hehe! I explained that I did not want to go to the effort of going to see the Doctor and bothering her if the readings from the BP machine were okay for me and in range of acceptability.

0525hrs: After few more questions she told me to reconfirm my telephone number and not to use the phone until I get a call back from a qualified advisor.

I guess I partly don’t want to bother the doctor, but just want assurance?

I made sure the readings and dates were all correct.

Went to make another mug of tea and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

I’m still uncertain why the pictures are coming out as if the light is different to reality. I think.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress Reading.

Tried Facebook, knowing that it is going to go down to a crawl speed-wise or freeze on me.

Did some TFZer Graphics. Using photographs as a background for each one, from those I took at the Papplewick Pumping Station 1040’s do last Saturday.

In the last one, I think I got in 14 TFZers and a few pets.

0715hrs: No call from the helpline yet. I was hoping to get out today, but dare not until they do call with the advice for me. I can’t do the ablutions either, too early with making the noise from the shower, and I can’t hear the phone in there either. Tsk!

Back on Facebooking, got the graphics posted on the TFZ site.

Had a stand-up wash and shave with the door open. (Yes, it was a bit nippy in there, Hehe!) So I could hear if the NHS Helpline rang back.

Getting on now, 1105hrs, so too late to get out shopping now. Well, if they ring soon I might get out, but there will be no buses back then.

Got another TFZer graphic done. Sandie in her hippy gear and Nash. An Austin made a compact car, the Austin Metropolitan.

1355hrs now, still awaiting the call-back from the NHS Helpline from 0515hrs call I made to them.

Another day stuck indoors lost. And the weariness is coming on strong.

Got the oven on to heat it up.

1410hrs, got the meal cooking, that it needed much preparation.

The chestnuts were too much for the teeth to bear masticating, but the rest chewed and went down pretty easily.

I felt so weary now. I washed the pots and got the TV on without sound or headphones on, just in case the NHS Helpline rang back. Which, of course, either they did not, or somehow I missed the call?

I woke and thought it was morning. I found out this was at 2200hrs! Foolishly did the Health Checks, but did stop myself in time from taking the morning medications.

Made a brew and updated this diary.

O. I did feel a right fool!

To make myself feel worse about my calling the NHS Helpline, the Sys and Dia had gone down a bit now. The pulse had gone up some though.

Did a graphic to use later as a diary top and tried to get to sleep again.

But, no chance.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 24th October 2017

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Moari: Rātū 24 Oketopa 2017

0201hrs: I woke feeling so much betterer than last night. A different person. Proof sure, that the getting a decent few hours uninterrupted sleep in can do help.

I got the washing sorted and was soon going down in the lift to do the cleaning session.

0220hrs: Back to the flat. Lift One had gone down again.

0248hrs: Down to move the things from washer to dryer.

0258hrs: Up and made a brew, did the morning Health Checks.

Took the medications.

Started the computer and got carried away with updating yesterday’s Inchcock Today. Graphics and photographs sorted and I was doing well. Then I realised the time, as I started to scan over the Emails.

0540hrs: Whoopsiedangleplop there! Shot down, lift number one now working? Extracted the clothes and folded them into the bag. Cleaned the filter and casings. While I was doing this, I had a mini-Accifauxpa as the cloth slipped and I caught the knuckles on a sharp edge of the machine. Hey-ho!

Back in the flat, the lighting seemed to have gone all greenish? Earlier when I photographed the HC machine, it was kind of yellowish?

Beats me.

Got the clobber put away. As I went to make another cuppa, I spilt the milk on the floor.

So I had a good sweep and mopped up session. Took this photograph and the hue in the room came out a different one this time?

I wonder if it is the camera or something I’m doing wrong with it? The colouring on the few pictures I’ve taken this morning are all different? I can’t work out what’s happening.

Got back on the computer, and a reminder of the Morrison Delivery being due shortly came up. I thought I’d ordered it for delivery on Wednesday as usual, but no.

Got the diary posted off at last.

0725hrs: Then onto WordPress Reader.

The Morrison order arrived.

Stored the stuff away. I had ordered 2 x 8 (240g) Birds Eye Fish Fingers on offer from £1.39 down to £1.

They substituted them with Two  Birds Eye Fish Bites (350g) @ £4-04. And I had to take them out of the boxes to get them to fit into the freezer and stuff them into an open packet of chips (fries) and jiggle them about to get the drawer to go back in. Grumph!

Comestibles and nutrients were plentiful to keep me going, anyway.

Began on this dairy again.

Then onto Facebooking.

Made a fresh mug of tea.

The outlook from the window was bleak?

Back to Facebook. Had to save then restart everything because the computer had gone very slow.

Still not up to speed.

The doctor’s surgery sent me the INR reading, at last, it’s on 4 – which, had it arrived with the first Email, would have given me time to get to the dentist and try to get the teeth done.

But too late now. Grumph!

Got on with the TFZer graphicalisationing.

I’m putting some of the TFZers in scenes come photos I have taken of Nottingham.

These ones are from the Papplewick Pumping Station I went to, thanks to BJ, last Saturday.

Took me a few hours to get them done mind, but I did enjoy doing them. No Dizzy Dennis visits either.

The boiler room picture I added two of the TFZer lads.

The original picture ! was quite pleased with, this on with the added personalities I took to and thought one of my better efforts of recent times.

The old Austin Ambulance shot I took near the coal supply depot, and blacksmiths forge place.

Three TFZer gals were added. One in the driver’s seat, and two others in front of the vehicle in nurses uniforms.

I really hope they like them.

Started to try and sort out why the MS account would not let me access the Word or Excel upgrade without having to go through a selection process that always ends up with them offering me to pay again to get into the extra things, that I still have no idea, are?

As I stumbled around, trying to avoid clicking and paying again. Eventually, I got Access, at least I think I have. I’ll find out I suppose next time I open Word?e

The doorbell burst into chime, and the young man, Ryan from the Nottingham City Homes arrived.

He set up the Slarm strobe and Pillow Alert (Shaker) in short time.

More electrical cables to worry about now, and less free sockets, but no complaints, he did a good quick job.

Tested they were all working.

He cleverly got the Pillow Alert under part of the £300 second-hand recliner backdrop cushion. Tested it so he knew I could feel it when it shook. I hope it doesn’t affect the metal ticker, though, should it go off?

Got the nosh ready.

Luckily toothache-wise, the Cox’s apples were soft fleshed.

I struggled to chew the cheesy potatoes a bit.

Overall a rating of 9/10.

Drained once more, I got the pots washed and down into the recliner and watched an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey on DVD, then I feasted watching TV favourites, London is Burning, Pie in the Sky and part of Hetty Wainthrope investigates, before drifting off into some much-needed sleep.

Ah, Nice!

Inchcock Today: Monday 23th October 2017:

The quomodocunquizing philargyrist

Monday 23th October 2017

Chinese Traditional: 2017年10月24日星期一

0145hrs: I woke, still felt so tired and wished I could get back to sleep – and blow me, I did!

0300hrs: Stirred again, this time I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, cumbersomely and in need of the Porcelain Throne. A good session too, where the mind became emergent and into life proper.

Health Checks: Sys 188, Dia 75, Pulse 80, Temp 35.1 and  Weight 14.96, not happy with how the Sys seems so high lately.

I think I’ll go for the INR Test today instead of tomorrow and at the City Hospital DVT Clinic, and mention this to them, for the staff at my GP surgery, don’t seem interested at all. I don’t overly worry about these things as a rule, but this is concerning me a little.

I’ll take a nice steady walk up to Sherwood and down to the ring road then up to the City Hospital later this morning, get the blood test done and hopefully some advice on whether or not I should bother the doctor about the high level of the Sys. Don’t like to bother her just in case there is no need and I get that famous “What the hell are you bothering me for” look back from her. She hides it well, but not well enough that my EQ is fooled. I still like her a lot though, she is usually straight with telling me what’s what… well, she has been in the past.

I made a start on this diary up to here, then got on with finishing yesterday’s off. Then did some WordPress Reading.

Checked on Facebook.

Did the Emails next.

Got the stand-up ablutions done next. Strip-wash like, so the shower noise did not bother the neighbours.

Got the nibbles and checked I had everything for hirple to the hospital. Bus-pass to get back, Mobile phone with the flat battery, Lumix camera, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) appointment card, umbrella, folding walking stick, nibbles for the nurses, crossword book, Emergency Medical Card, pen, bird seed… Yes, I think everything is there. Hehe!

On the way down in the lift, the latest Alien Blob had already escaped her mucus shell.

Her light brown skin now exposed, the gel lingering around her.

Set out on the hobble. Only a light sprinkling of rain, low winds and not cold with it at all.

Up gravel path hill, passing the Copse on my left. Anne Gyna did not like this incline at all.

But amazingly she eased off with the pains, and my gasping for breath ceased once I got to the top of the hill into the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Where I was met with a sombre sight – many of the trees near the Pitch & Putt golf course were in the process of being murdered.

I just hoped that the reason for this herbicide was not to make it easier for the golfers?

Most likely some disease I convinced myself. I went left down towards the Mansfield Road exit gate, and as I stood underneath the beautiful trees that lined the footpath and took in natures wonderment, this Nottingham Footpath Cyclist came by me, making me jump a little as he wissed by somewhat close to me, I thought. At least he had a light on his bike.

Out and crossed over the road and made my way over the hill and down to the traffic lights.

At this stage, I felt somewhat okay physically. No Dizzy Dennis, Duodenal Donald, Haemorrhoid Harold and Reflux Roger also in a good mood with me. Why even Hippy Hilda was alright to me. (Although she did have a good go at me later, bless her!)

The wind got up, but it was not a cold.

Even found myself merrily singing away to myself? I say singing, I was Yodelling actually. (Not out loud, Hehe)

Turned right at the lights and down along and Edwards Lane.

Crossed over the road at the pedestrian crossing and onwards to the Traffic island on the Ring Road.

Not a lot of traffic this morning.

As I crossed the pelican light, I saw this in the middle of the path. I had to smile and say to it: “Not at the moment thanks.” Hehehe!

And then, another Nottingham PAvement Cyclist came at me.

This one was in a hurry

His little legs were going like pistons.

I carried on along the side of the fields, looking through the old rusty iron fencing and wondered how these avoided the wartime collections of metal to build s Spitfire in the olden days? Just a thought.

At the kid’s play area in the fields, I spotted some Nottingham Street Art Graffiti on one of the children’s, well I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps a skateboard area?

I’d not noticed this monstrous artwork before, but it looked well worn?

As I plodded on further, more unintentional Nottingham Street Art? Haha!

The rain started as I passed this by, and I hoped that the junction box was not still connected.

Onward and to the hospital around the corner. Into the haematology waiting area, took a ticket from the machine an sat down to await the number 129 being called out. Got the crossword book out and within a minute, my turn was called out. Blimey, talk about quick!

Into cubicle three and was met by a lovely lady. She reminded me of Nurse Nichole. We managed a chat as she took the blood. Heck of a job stopping it bleeding afterwards, so I assume the reading when I get it will prove low and unsuitable for the Dentist. Spit!

Gave her the bag of nibbles, thanked her and set off to catch the bus back to the flats, well, Sherwood to get some milk to replace the bottle that has gone sour on me.

Caught a number 40 bus and dropped off in Sherwood. Seemed that someone or other had been having a feast at the bus stop.

I wandered down to the Co-op store and got a pint of milk.

Out and back up to the bus stop.

I managed to avoid the Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on my way back up the hill.

Three gals from the lats were waiting, and I joined them. The noise from the builders seemed like their topic for the morning.

Dropped off on Chestnut Walk and they soon left me hobbling behind them. I got there eventually and up the lift and into the apartment.

I was suddenly hit with weariness again. Not ill or sick, just so tired.

I got an early meal. A simple, quick one today.

Instant mash with lots of cheese, nice and soft to be kind to the teeth. Smoked mackerel which was a little painful to gnaw on, I had to suck on it. Hahaha! The tomatoes were not too bad.

Basically, all I did after that, was to sit and nod-off and wake repeatedly.

Most annoying not being able to get anything done.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 22nd October 2017: ♫ I don’t like Sundays ♫ Hehe!

Sunday 21st October 2017

Basque: 2017 Ko Urriaren 22an, Igandea

0200hrs: Woke with a throbbing headache. Apparently, I overdid it yesterday with the excitement and hobbling around the Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s do. Late finish as well, that does not help.

The mind again running away toying with me as it tried to assess what the heck was going on. No fecundity, as I slowly got to grips with it and stirred myself into tackling the extrication of the body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner. Not an easy task this morning.

Made a brew of tea and got on with finalising the Saturday Diary. Got it posted and made one solely for the Papplewick Pumping Stations 19040s show visit yesterday. Nearly all just photographs.

Then started on this one, up to here. The rumbling innards began, so it should be an interesting Porcelain Throne session when it finally arrives. Haha!

Checked the Emails, still nothing from the surgery about the INR level or appointment. I feel sad about this, a little uncared for… no, that’s not the word, erm… neglected by the medical people.

0500hrs: I stopped to do the Health Checks: Sys 188  Dia 75 Pulse 80 Temp 33.1 Weight 14.94 The Sys seems a bit high? Made a small drink of tea and took the medications.

Chopped the remainder of the belly pork up and seasoned it in the Crock-Pot to marinate a few hours before I turn it on. This time, I’m recording the seasoning that went in. ¼ little bottle of light Soy sauce, a good sprinkling of balsamic vinegar, some distilled vinegar and a rinsed out the few remaining dregs of the Maple Syrup bottle. I have no idea what I used yesterday cause of the blanking out, so will just have to hope that this comes out anywhere as near good as Saturdays; Because it was super-good! Incidentally, I did not have any dizzies or cut fingers today, either. (Bragging a bit here? Hehe!)

Back to the updating.

My headache has eased a lot now since I took the medications with an extra painkiller. But I do not feel happy taking any additional drugs.

Went onto Facebooking. (Hoping that it will not start sticking and freezing again, Grr!)

Internet signal gone once more, the weekend isn’t it! Grumph! Turned everything off, pressed the reset button. Into the kitchen to make a mug of tea. The rain was more substantial, sky darker and wind higher.

Had a wee-wee, the tried again with the web. Working, but very slow.

Finished the first TFZer graphic eventually.

With all the stop starting while doing it, thanks to Mr Branson and his so-called Virgin Media; I’d made errors in it. Grr! Got the names the wrong way around and missed off two TFZer gals from the graphic. That was because I could not save the thing when the grunglesloptitty internet died on me.

Tried again.

It was slow going, but doable.

Got this one of three TFZer lassies and one chap, Andy, in a bakery shop having a tea break I think?Hope that they like it.

Getting a bit tired now, poor old thing. Hehehehe!

Hope that they like them.

Got them posted of with the bestest captions I could think of.

Then added them to the respective Facebook albums.

The day had gone by the time I completed these graphics, so I got on with sorting the meal out.

The seasoning on the belly pork that I’d hoped would come out similar to yesterdays, was a disaster.

The onions and tomatoes were excellent.

Masticating was easy, what with the belly pork being done in the crock-pot and coming out nice and soft, easy on the teggies.

Settled and got the TV on, there was plenty of films to watch on different channels. I didn’t have the energy to concentrate on the book. Hehe! I didn’t even have sufficient to stay awake either.

Ludicrous really. Started watching an old movie, Railway Children and nodded off at the commercial break, woke up with another film on, nodded off and missed an entire Steven Seagal film waking up to a War Documentary, then nodded off again.