Inchcock Today – Saturday 7th October 2017

Saturday 7th October 2017

0300hrs: I stirred in a uhtceare fashion, fretting over almost everything that came into my mind as well as whatever it was I was dreaming about, but these details faded fast from my intellectually challenged brain. A headache too, now that is very uncommon for me.

After reacquiring some semi-control of the grey-cells, I stirred myself and climbed out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair. (It was not working) A dangerous task, but I managed it without a Whoopsiedangleplop or Accifauxpa, and taking care not to stub my toes, I made my way to the Porcelain Throne.

The rumbling and grumbling in the intestines yesterday was a warning of what was to come, for it came! Hehe! Trotsky Terence was back with a vengeance. Had a good cleaning up of the WC and my lower regions. Utilised the Citrus Body and Lemon fresh-air sprays. Realised that Harold Haemorrhoids was bleeding in the process. Also, I was sneezing again. So, I applied some Corticosteroid Cream took some kitchen towels with me when leaving and deposited them near the computer for later use. (And well-used they were!)

Did the Health Checks: Weight 14.93 again.

Created the Goose Fair post with the photos and got it posted.

Then finalised yesterday’s diary.

I found some more photographs I had missed off of the Goose Fair blog, and trimmed and then and put them together in CorelDraw and added them to the post.

Back to the WC for a wee-wee, but found I needed a heavy-duty session. Just as well I’d got there for the wee-wee, or else there might have been an Accifauxpa. Humph, lucky that! Another clean-up activity session.

Back to the kitchen, back to the WC for a wee-wee, back to the kitchen and made another mug of tea. I opened the window to have a good nosey around outside and realised I could see the Nottingham City Homes at Sneinton near the City Centre in clear view. According to Google Maps, it is about 3 miles away as the crow flies.

This Bentinck Court was modernised at the end of last year.

Feeling a little pleased with my efforts, I did the above on CorelDraw and then tried to do a Panoramic of the skyline. Huh, failed yet again!

I just can’t seem to master this skill at all. Grumph!

I glanced at the new vinegarsI’d bought to have with the fish noshes, and spotted what might be an error. The two bottles, Asda and Morrisons, were exactly the same sizes, but they claimed difference volumes. One 250ml the other 350ml?

Beats me.

As I was shutting the window, I noticed the excellent parking of our Senior Citizens. And this, when we have been informed that the workers will be operational this weekend to get the concreting finished in time. Thus, the ready-made lorries will need access to deliver their ready-made cement, aggregate and water.

0650hrs: Made the brew and returned to the computer… via a trip for a wee-wee en route.

The sneezing is just as severe at the moment. Not earth-shattering I know.

But it doesn’t-half give the poorly-teggies some stick when it comes. Mind you, with a bit of luck the noisy DIYer upstairs might hear it? I don’t think Anne Gyner is too keen on the more forceful sternutations either.

Finally, I got around to starting today’s diary.

Rechecked the Emails. Nothing new in? Hope things are alright.

On Facebook and the Virgin Media service became very slow.

Checked the potatoes in the crock-pot, nowhere near ready yet.

I must try to remember to see Jenny and find out if she is in next Wednesday so I can give her the Thank You present I’ve ordered online for her.

Hello, Oddknob upstairs is doing some DIY again, Tap, knock, thud… Tut!

Checked spuds again, getting close to being ready for mashing now. Got the water boiling for the smoked haddock and got the cos sticksi n the oven.

Got the meal served up and the washing up done.

Mashed Crock-Pot potatoes boiled with White Wine Vinegar and mixed with strong cheddar cheese, garden peas, battered cod fingers and a most delightfully tasty bit of smoked haddock in butter.

I masticated this meal with relative ease for the teggies. But, the batter on th fish fingers proved minacious to the incisors, I should have known really. Didn’t half make me jump! Hehe!

Cleaned the accoutrements and to the Porcelain Throne, where things had changed again and turned to a foul-smelling wind with threats of something coming, but nothing did.

‘Herbert’ above me began to knock drill and tap-tap again.

I put the TV on with the headphones on high to escape the man’s noise, fell asleep and spent the next five hours waking to wonder what this programme is on the box, thinking of turning it off and nodding off again, repeatedly.