Inchcock Today – Sunday 15th October 2017: I don’t like Sundays. Still, I got some decent graphicalisationing done.

Sunday 15th October 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 15 Oktober 2017

0225hrs: I woke up in an odd position on the £300 second-hand recliner. The right leg over the arm of the chair, apparently having knocked off the medical supplies from the Ottoman onto the carpet. And yet the book I had been reading remained on my over-ample bulbous stomach, I still had the reading glasses on, and as I took in this scenario, I could clearly see the kitchen light had been left on? I remained there a while, musing, wondering and derestrict thinking, serving only to confuse myself further.

Retrieving the leg back to its usual location was a little painful, and I asked myself how I got it over the arm in the first place… and why? Hilda Hip was most displeased with me.

No visit from Dizzy Dennis as I got up and went to investigate the light from the kitchen. Tsk! I’d left the oven on again! Back in the front room and got the medications picked up.

Then to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne session. Amazes me, it really does, no problems at all today? How it can vary all the time from splurting loose and messy, to agony to pass and like bullets, I don’t understand.

Back to the canteen and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Made a brew of tea and got the computer on to update yesterday’s post, and sent it off.

Forgot to take the tea with me, so back into the kitchen and opened the window and took this picture of the skyline – got wet rain dripping down from the frame onto the back of my neck as I did so. Hehe! Tsk!

Back to the computer and guess what?

Luckily this time, unlike last weekend’s Richard Branson episode that lasted hours, this one was short lived.

Then as I started this diary going, the flipping whatever it is with the right wrist started again!

The boney area to the right top is giving me the hassle.

Checked the Emails. Then went on the WordPress Reader.

Moved onto Facebooking, fingers crossed it does not freeze on me again… here goes:

It froze.

Turned everything off and on again. Very slow, but it worked stutteringly.

Three hours later, I got most of it done on Facebooking.

Then set to work on the TFZer graphicalising again.

I think I got 19 TFZers into the graphicalisation. Took me five hours on and off to get it something like I wanted. A little surreal, but I was reasonably satisfied with it, I just hope the clan of TFZers like it and get a smile from it.

I was so dissapointed with myself later, when I realised that I had put two graphics of the same TFZer lady on this picture. Felt a right fool!

Wholly exhausted now, an early meal was called for.

Sweetly cured mackerel strips, surimi sticks – both with the new fish sauce (Anchovy) pored on them. Baked beans with balsamic vinegar and softly cooked frits with distilled vinegar. A banana and a lemon Fool Dessert.

I’m afraid both of the incisors suffered as I ate it, I could not masticate without pain from one or other of both of the teggies. Humph! Despite this, it tasted okay.

Nodded of and woke repeatedly, missed most of my Rio Bravo film including the end ten minutes. Grumph!

Made a note on the scribble-pad to remind me of the Audio Clinic at 1130hrs in the morning.

I dropped a remote control and had to dismount the recliner on my way to do the health checks and take the medications. Amazingly, despite my having supposedly hoovered this bit of carpet several times since, I found some bits of toenails that had shot-off when Footlady Sue did my feet over a week ago! And… wait for it; A rock-hard dried up garden pea! I found that when I trod on it. Hehehe!

Took the medications with an extra Codeine to counter the wrist and teeth discomfort. Health Checks looked okayish.

Settled again to resume the nodding-off and waking with a start routine, that lasted for hours.