Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th October 2017:

No-bother for me!

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Hungarian: 2017. Október 25., zerda

0135hrs: Once again I woke as if I was another person, not actually here, but watching myself from above or through a camera lens? And, like the last few mornings, things fell into place slowly as the grey-cells reformed themselves into a semi-coherent workforce again. Memories of a dream filtered through. I was committing urbicide, stood at a model town layout with buttons that when pressed, blew-up that area of it? No idea which town it was. Someone was with me, damned if I know who, a bloke, tall, spoke proper coherent eloquent English and had a tweed jacket on with brown leather elbow pads. He would not let me detonate the explosives at the latrine building? I was amazed that I could recall so much, and in minute detail, and yet felt far more took place that remains a mystery to me?

I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner without any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas and made my way, without stubbing the hallux, or any other toe actually. The Porcelain Throne Session was a good one, but signs of things slackening were present, I think Trotsky Terence might be lurking charging his loosening batteries ready to attack later. Tsk! I’ll take an Anti-Diahorrea capsule with the medications I think. Or should I? I seem to procrastinate, hesitate and waver without any effort, you know. Sad innit?

I carried out the required, ‘but no one is bothered really’ Health Checks then.

Blimus! Sys and Dia are still a bit high. Not sure if I should see someone about this. I could ring the 111 number and ask them? There you go, see? I’m vacillating again!

I updated the Excel record page.

0515hrs: Then bravely rang the 111 NHS Helpline. After confirming my Telephone Number, Date of Birth, Address, ailments, NHS number and that it was not an emergency, the lady asked me what I was calling about. Took me a second or two to remember. Hehe! I explained that I did not want to go to the effort of going to see the Doctor and bothering her if the readings from the BP machine were okay for me and in range of acceptability.

0525hrs: After few more questions she told me to reconfirm my telephone number and not to use the phone until I get a call back from a qualified advisor.

I guess I partly don’t want to bother the doctor, but just want assurance?

I made sure the readings and dates were all correct.

Went to make another mug of tea and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

I’m still uncertain why the pictures are coming out as if the light is different to reality. I think.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress Reading.

Tried Facebook, knowing that it is going to go down to a crawl speed-wise or freeze on me.

Did some TFZer Graphics. Using photographs as a background for each one, from those I took at the Papplewick Pumping Station 1040’s do last Saturday.

In the last one, I think I got in 14 TFZers and a few pets.

0715hrs: No call from the helpline yet. I was hoping to get out today, but dare not until they do call with the advice for me. I can’t do the ablutions either, too early with making the noise from the shower, and I can’t hear the phone in there either. Tsk!

Back on Facebooking, got the graphics posted on the TFZ site.

Had a stand-up wash and shave with the door open. (Yes, it was a bit nippy in there, Hehe!) So I could hear if the NHS Helpline rang back.

Getting on now, 1105hrs, so too late to get out shopping now. Well, if they ring soon I might get out, but there will be no buses back then.

Got another TFZer graphic done. Sandie in her hippy gear and Nash. An Austin made a compact car, the Austin Metropolitan.

1355hrs now, still awaiting the call-back from the NHS Helpline from 0515hrs call I made to them.

Another day stuck indoors lost. And the weariness is coming on strong.

Got the oven on to heat it up.

1410hrs, got the meal cooking, that it needed much preparation.

The chestnuts were too much for the teeth to bear masticating, but the rest chewed and went down pretty easily.

I felt so weary now. I washed the pots and got the TV on without sound or headphones on, just in case the NHS Helpline rang back. Which, of course, either they did not, or somehow I missed the call?

I woke and thought it was morning. I found out this was at 2200hrs! Foolishly did the Health Checks, but did stop myself in time from taking the morning medications.

Made a brew and updated this diary.

O. I did feel a right fool!

To make myself feel worse about my calling the NHS Helpline, the Sys and Dia had gone down a bit now. The pulse had gone up some though.

Did a graphic to use later as a diary top and tried to get to sleep again.

But, no chance.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 24th October 2017

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Moari: Rātū 24 Oketopa 2017

0201hrs: I woke feeling so much betterer than last night. A different person. Proof sure, that the getting a decent few hours uninterrupted sleep in can do help.

I got the washing sorted and was soon going down in the lift to do the cleaning session.

0220hrs: Back to the flat. Lift One had gone down again.

0248hrs: Down to move the things from washer to dryer.

0258hrs: Up and made a brew, did the morning Health Checks.

Took the medications.

Started the computer and got carried away with updating yesterday’s Inchcock Today. Graphics and photographs sorted and I was doing well. Then I realised the time, as I started to scan over the Emails.

0540hrs: Whoopsiedangleplop there! Shot down, lift number one now working? Extracted the clothes and folded them into the bag. Cleaned the filter and casings. While I was doing this, I had a mini-Accifauxpa as the cloth slipped and I caught the knuckles on a sharp edge of the machine. Hey-ho!

Back in the flat, the lighting seemed to have gone all greenish? Earlier when I photographed the HC machine, it was kind of yellowish?

Beats me.

Got the clobber put away. As I went to make another cuppa, I spilt the milk on the floor.

So I had a good sweep and mopped up session. Took this photograph and the hue in the room came out a different one this time?

I wonder if it is the camera or something I’m doing wrong with it? The colouring on the few pictures I’ve taken this morning are all different? I can’t work out what’s happening.

Got back on the computer, and a reminder of the Morrison Delivery being due shortly came up. I thought I’d ordered it for delivery on Wednesday as usual, but no.

Got the diary posted off at last.

0725hrs: Then onto WordPress Reader.

The Morrison order arrived.

Stored the stuff away. I had ordered 2 x 8 (240g) Birds Eye Fish Fingers on offer from £1.39 down to £1.

They substituted them with Two  Birds Eye Fish Bites (350g) @ £4-04. And I had to take them out of the boxes to get them to fit into the freezer and stuff them into an open packet of chips (fries) and jiggle them about to get the drawer to go back in. Grumph!

Comestibles and nutrients were plentiful to keep me going, anyway.

Began on this dairy again.

Then onto Facebooking.

Made a fresh mug of tea.

The outlook from the window was bleak?

Back to Facebook. Had to save then restart everything because the computer had gone very slow.

Still not up to speed.

The doctor’s surgery sent me the INR reading, at last, it’s on 4 – which, had it arrived with the first Email, would have given me time to get to the dentist and try to get the teeth done.

But too late now. Grumph!

Got on with the TFZer graphicalisationing.

I’m putting some of the TFZers in scenes come photos I have taken of Nottingham.

These ones are from the Papplewick Pumping Station I went to, thanks to BJ, last Saturday.

Took me a few hours to get them done mind, but I did enjoy doing them. No Dizzy Dennis visits either.

The boiler room picture I added two of the TFZer lads.

The original picture ! was quite pleased with, this on with the added personalities I took to and thought one of my better efforts of recent times.

The old Austin Ambulance shot I took near the coal supply depot, and blacksmiths forge place.

Three TFZer gals were added. One in the driver’s seat, and two others in front of the vehicle in nurses uniforms.

I really hope they like them.

Started to try and sort out why the MS account would not let me access the Word or Excel upgrade without having to go through a selection process that always ends up with them offering me to pay again to get into the extra things, that I still have no idea, are?

As I stumbled around, trying to avoid clicking and paying again. Eventually, I got Access, at least I think I have. I’ll find out I suppose next time I open Word?e

The doorbell burst into chime, and the young man, Ryan from the Nottingham City Homes arrived.

He set up the Slarm strobe and Pillow Alert (Shaker) in short time.

More electrical cables to worry about now, and less free sockets, but no complaints, he did a good quick job.

Tested they were all working.

He cleverly got the Pillow Alert under part of the £300 second-hand recliner backdrop cushion. Tested it so he knew I could feel it when it shook. I hope it doesn’t affect the metal ticker, though, should it go off?

Got the nosh ready.

Luckily toothache-wise, the Cox’s apples were soft fleshed.

I struggled to chew the cheesy potatoes a bit.

Overall a rating of 9/10.

Drained once more, I got the pots washed and down into the recliner and watched an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey on DVD, then I feasted watching TV favourites, London is Burning, Pie in the Sky and part of Hetty Wainthrope investigates, before drifting off into some much-needed sleep.

Ah, Nice!