Inchcock Today -Wednesday 29th November 2017: The Trotskies Terrible Return! Humph!

Wednesday 29th November 2017

Russian: Среда, 29 ноября 2017 года

0055hrs: I stirred and sensed the innards rumbling as I lay spreadeagled on the £300 second-hand recliner. Within seconds of my waiting for the brain to activate – there came a most embarrassing Whoopsiedangleplop! No warning arrived for me to respond to, apart from the churning stomach; a messy, frustrating escapage from the rear-end. Shame, Humiliation, mortification, chagrin, ignominy and indignity!

The following paragraph contains details of my Whoopsiedangleplop – please pass by it if you prefer to avoid the lurid details. Thank you.

Already too late, I struggled out of the recliner painfully and made my way to the Porcelain Throne. It really shook me up, when I bent down to remove the clothes, more spurted out – liquified. I’m sorry, but this is how it was. But I shan’t go into any more detail, other than to say the bottom half of the jammies were cut off and thrown away along with the socks and slippers. Much cleaning and freshening-up followed.

I dare not risk doing the cleaning today, after the escapage when I bent down. And I shall not go out anywhere either, far too risky. The dégringolade in my health from last night was worrying a bit.

Took an ADRC capsule with the morning medications, and did the Health Checks. The worrying thing is I cannot find any more tablets as I thought I had in stock. Only three more left now.

The HC readings were a little changed from recent morning ones, but with this instantaneous visit from Trotsky Terence, I think this is to be expected?

Then, as I was making a mug of tea, Splurp! Back to the Throne. Not much and runny in the extreme. Another clean up of me and the wet room required. As I leant down to clean the outer part of the bowl, another involuntary leakage! More cleaning followed.

Last night’s fodder?

Got on the computer and finished off the Tuesday Dairy and posted it. Then started on this one. Not for long though, back to the Porcelain Throne. Where is it all coming from? Was it what I ate last night?

I checked the use-by dates on the cobs (20th Jan), franks (16th Dec), lemon fool (2nd Dec) and Lemon yoghourt (14th Dec). All of them had a long sell-by-date. Confused Mode Adopted!

Back again to the Throne. More wind but less content this time, no need for cleaning up the bowl, just me. Hehe!

Made a start on this blog.

Porcelain Throne visit. Oh, ‘eck! Still, a little less messy this time.

I foolishly sent an email to Jenny, asking if she could let them know my interest in going to the Heater Control Tuition classes. Then realised it was only about 0500hrs! I do feel a fool and sorry about that!

Took this picture out of the kitchen window. Despite all my ailments, I could see something beautifulness in it.

Started doing Food and Drink related graphics for each of the TFZers. I might get the graphics done by tonight.

A terrible thirst on me today. I wonder if it is connected to the Trotskies? Still, no chance of me running out of tea bags with the load I brought in while they were on Special Offer. Hehe!

1000hrs: Pressed on with the TFZer Food Themed graphics, Slow hard work it is… but being as I can’t do any jobs or go out thanks to Haemmorhoid Harold and Trotsky Terence, I’ll carry on until I’m too tired.

Off to the Porcelain Throne.

Jenny sent an email saying she would ask about the heater training for me to try and book me in. Bless her.

1300hrs: The workers have now moved down dead level with my flat. The noise is too much to concentrate on the graphicalisationing. Going to get the nosh done early.

Back in a bit.

Didn’t eat it all, and kept the fingers crossed that Trotsky Terence would not disagree with my choice of fodder.

Fell asleep for half an hour after eating. Then off to the Throne once more.

The damned Fire Alert Alarm Strobe and Pillow Shaker activated waking me up. I had no choice but to go through the checks, which meant: Getting up out of the recliner. Looking out of the window to see if any emergency vehicles were outside, tested the door handle with the back of my hand to see if it was hot, it wasn’t, in fact, it was icy cold. Opened the door to listen-out for any alarms, but heard none.

I did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Visited the Porcelain Throne. I’ve got three-quarters of the way through the Lenigrad book, oddly thanks to the Trotskys. Hehe!

I placed the notepad next to the chair and settled once more, and watched some of a Jonathan Creek DVD, and had to extract my lumbering body from the recliner and off to the Throne.

I found this photograph the following morning. I’m a little confused as to why and when I took it.

I had barely settled down again in the chair, and I think I nodded off straight away.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th November 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017

Sesotho: Labobeli la 28 November 2017

1150hrs: Awoke, the body not up to any pandiculating. Once again the body was not suffering in a poorly way, just still tired, weary and aching in places.

The mind, was very polyphiloprogenitive, I was momentarily concerned as it seemed to be doing its own thing, going where it wanted, as if feverishly searching for something but not letting me know what it was? When it found it, I was informed of, in what was almost a command; “Get the laundry done!” Then the central nervous system enclosed in the cranium of my head, the convoluted mass of grey and white matter returned to its usual state of only just coping with controlling and coordinating my mental actions (Poorly), rested.

I robotically removed my mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off into the wet room for a wee-wee. It turned into a Porcelain Throne Session, but an almost perfect one this time. No bleeding bled at all.

Then I gathered the washing things together in the big bag. Got some togs on and made my way down to the laundry room. Only one of the lifts working, the other had a blank blue screen above. Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald both being kind to me, Anne Gyna just a bit of bother, hardly worth mentioning though, yes… I’ll take that back. Hehehe!

0030hrs: Got the machine going and back up the lift. The second elevator now lit up, but stuck on the ninth floor?

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Mug of tea.

0100hrs: Down to move the clothes into the dryer. Both lifts operational now? Someone had not cleaned out the filter, and there were new to me stains in the sink, that I could not get off.

0120hrs: Up and got the diaries updating done.

The time flew by, it was soon 0200hrs, and I was down once more to the laundry room. Number one lift now stuck on the 9th floor again? There are no quotidian moments here, are there. Haha!

Got the washing out, folded and into the bag.

Tried again to clean the sink marks off, without any success. Cleared the filters, wiped the drums and casings.

The number one cage was out of action this time, no lights at all?

Is someone playing about? Are Aliens to blame? Is Elvis still alive? Am I going bonkers? These lifts remind me of two things; Heath Robinson and a Carry-On-film. Hehe!

It was a lot warmer this morning.

Made another brew and got a header done for the upcoming funny ode about my Mini-Ottoman, blog.

0430hrs: Went on to WordPress Reader. Then checks the comments received.

Facebooked next.

Then onto CorelDraw and graphicalisationing prep work.

Got two fun ones finished.

Must get off to the ablutioning session now. Got all cleaned and fresh, dressed.

Did the Health Checks and medication.

Took the sorted black bags to the rubbish chute on the way out, and down the lift and out into the not precisely hot sunshine. Popped in the Obergruppenfurheress Deana hut. Out to the bus stop to join the ganglet of Senior Citizens there amassed. Then realised I had not taken the mobile phone or camera with me, and it was too late for me to return to get them. Fool!

I decided not to go to Arnold after all. Because sorting out the time without the phone could well mean I miss the bus back. So I just caught the City Bus up to Mapperley Top and hobbled to the Aldi Store.

I poddled around and ended up buying 2 pots of lemon yoghourt. Not cheap and very small, but they looked delicious with the lemon settled at the bottom of the glass pots. Some Part-Baked Rolls. The very naughty Frikadellens, and two tins of garden peas. I only spent £4.18. Good for me, that I think.

Had a wee-wee and made a mug of tea.

I then hung out of the window to take a picture of the balcony as was.

I got the computer on and updated this load of absolute tosh.

On CorelDraw to start the idea I had for a Bexit Funny. Had a job setting it up over the next two hours. Got it done. Don’t want to let on what it is yet until I publish the diary that I’m putting it on.

The weariness dawned, so I closed everything down and made the nosh; not that it needed much making. Balsamic vinegared tomatoes and franks.

Did some of the part-cooked brown mini-cobs Ten minutes in the oven) and had a pot of lemon fool and one of the tremendously tasty jars of Lemon Farmhouse Yoghourt, along with the evening medications. Taking the things to put in soak and mail arrived.

The DVT, INR Warfarin Level Results and new doses. No Email from the doctor surgery again. So, no chance of getting to the dentist.

Also, yet another note from Willmott Dixon builders. This time about training for how to operate the new heaters. Wednesday 6th December there will be three training sessions for groups of us old fogies, we have to book a seat with their Unterscharführeresses, Herrens Cath or Lynne by ringing them on their mobiles.

Rang Sister Jane, who rang back a few minutes later. Passed on the messages from cyber-friends for her, over the loss of Fooey.

Washed the pots and got my head down to watch some Jonathan Creek DVD episodes.

Soon off into the land of Nod.

The Mysteries of Inchcocks Mini-Ottoman

I can store stuff in there, like nibbles, out of site,

To retrieve them later, when I want a bite,

Usually, they are out of date by then, a mite,

Sell-by-date of Aug 1999, I found on the jar of Marmite!

_ _ _ _ _

I hid some cash in there once, but retrieved the fivers a little late,

By the time I remembered them, they were out-of-date,

I forgot some mandarins once, boy what a state,

Touched them and they crumbled, I had to wait…

While the flying dust landed and did abate,

I sneezed for ages without respite,

The dried mandarin dust flew, it gave me a fright,

I tripped over the Ottoman falling on the reading-light,

The injuries were painful, and the bleeding great,

The room looked like a flipping Bombsight!

 _ _ _ _ _

I went to retrieve a bottle of pop, the next night,

Dandelion & Burdock, if I remember right,

I struggled, but got it out of the Ottoman alright,

Then the cap shot off, hitting me in the eye,

I put on some antiseptic that made me cry,

I wondered how this happened, and why?

Then saw the price, that on the label did lie,

It didn’t really make any sense,

I/6d, yes, one and sixpence!

 _ _ _ _ _

But what does occur and almost every day or more often,

Is stubbing the toes on this Ottoman,

When I do this, my language is not like that of a churchman,

These words of warning of wot I’ve written,

If you have a mini-Ottoman

Sell it, throw it or give it to Oxfam,

Cause you’ll get yourself injured and fritten,

More painful than getting frostbitten!


It’s so hard to find steel-toe-capped slippers innit?

Just thought I’d mention it!

Written in Support of Suzies Podiatrist Services

Who I am currently Financing until I get rid of the Mini-Ottoman!

Inchcock Today – Monday 27th November 2017

Monday 27th November 2017

Azerbaijani: Bazar ertəsi 27 Noyabr 2017

Sunday 2330hrs: Woke-up feeling all out-of-sorts, off-kilter. The brain thoughts and the body not precisely in harmony. The first semi-clear idea was about the INR Warfarin blood test, and I have to ring the surgery at 0800hrs when they open, to find out if I have an appointment and if so, what time was it arranged? If not, I’ll go to the City Hospital for it.

No bleeding from the gums, the boil on the nose seems to have gone (Very odd that!), and Duodenal Donald, as well as Anne Gyna, were in a calm mood with me. Just the grey-cells box to worry about at this moment. Hehe!

I did feel strange. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee. Made a brew, took the medications, then did the Health Checks. Listed the details, in case I do get an appointment at the surgery, and hopefully with Nurse Nichole.

Computer booted up. Much wind was emanating from the rear quarters.

Finished off the Sunday Diary. The refresh connection link button with Facebook, on WordPress, was not working? Tsk!

Quick bash on Facebook.

TFZer Suzieanne in Scotland has her birthday today and is not feeling so good.

Made and sent this off to her Facebook page.

She’s been very poorly. I pray she will improve soon. Bless Her! ♥

Did some page headers on CorelDraw too.

A Porcelain Throne visit, messy again. Much cleansing required afterwards.

Made another brew of tea and made a start on this diary.

WordPress Reader next.

0425hrs: Checked Emails and started off another graphicalisationing session.

0640hrs: Off to do the ablutionisationing.

0815hrs: Rang the GP surgery, guess what? They had not made me an appointment again! I’m pissed off now. Got to rush out to get to the City Hospital and it’s raining! Gumph and Spit!

Back in a bit… well, we’ll see, Haha!

I’ve made it!

Here is the route that was taken. A nice steady hobble and rain only caught me a bit. The further I limped along, the better the spirits were. Just about an hour-and-a-half en route, but I spent another two-hours waiting in the queue. Hehe!

Did the teggies (Carefully), Shaved with only three cuts, stand-up wash and scrub-up. MEdications applied where needed. Got the bags and brolly ready. Wrapped myself up well  (I could hear the winds when I put the hearing aids in). Sorted and took the rubbish bags and took them to the chute. Set out and went back in the flat again when I got as far as the lift. To check I’d not left anything on, likes lights, stove, faucets etc.

Out again and down the road to Obergefreiteress Julie and Obergruppenfurheress Deana’s hut. Where I was lucky enough to find them both in situ. We had a laugh and chinwag, and I got some orange recycling bags given me. I gave them the two dribble-easy cups and explained about the leak when drinking, adding that were the best mugs I’d ever known for keeping the tea warmer for longer. Gave them some nibbles, cause they are a good pair of Wardens and I like them a lot.

Farewells tended, and off back up Chestnut Way and the hill into Woodthorpe Grange Park. I’m not an algophilist, I took this way, so I could have a look at the beloved Tree Copse as I passed it by.

It was so pleasant going down the path to Mansfield Road. Strangers who were being walked by their dogs returned my greetings; every dog was friendly, life was good.

Then the animal of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came belting down the hill and slalomed between the people and woof-woofs! None of us was happy about this. But, it gave us something to spend a couple of minutes chattering.

Onto Mansfield Road and over onto and down Devon Drive.

I thought I might get an under-the-umbrella shot or two in, but the rain held off.

Crossed road and hobbled contentedly down onto the Ring Road. I think I was singing to myself at one stage?

I felt a bit of a Schmoe for not understanding why I felt in such good, congenial spirits now when I was almost depressed earlier on? Perhaps it’s talking to people after the bitterly lonely weekend? Although, the thought of missing Nurse Nichole still wrangled away at me inside. Especially, as it wasn’t my fault, but the surgery staff, again!

Towards the bottom of the hill, I took this photograph, thinking it might come out as a ‘Moody Photo’, but it didn’t really.

Down to the traffic island and left over the Pelican Lights. Two cars shot through the lights when they were on red against them. Swines!

My EQ told me my attitude and contentment was about to change?

A bird I have never seen before landed on the rusty railings as alongside the park. I got the camera out as fast as I could, but it had gone off by the time I was ready. The creature was about the size of a sparrow or robin, and was black or dark grey with a thin white collar and some white specks on its tail feathers?

As I turned right onto Hucknall Road, I took a shot of the Day Brook that runs alongside the hospital. At least I couldn’t see any new rubbish dumped in it from the other week.

The rain started coming a bit stronger, so I walked a little faster, maybe not more quickly, but less slowly (Hehe), the rest of the way to the Haematology Department.

The entrance was blocked off. No signs of why or how to get to it by another route either. Yes, my EQ was getting more confident that things were going to get worse, today!

I managed to find a way around and into the Blood Clinic eventually. And boy, was it busy! When I got my ticket from the machine and turned around, there was just one seat free. So I hobbled over and got me bum in it quickly. Alright then, quickishly! Haha!

I knew it would be a good while before my turn came up, so I got the crossword book out and spent an hour or more failing to do very well with them at all.

When there were only ten tickets to go to mine being called, I put away the book, so I didn’t miss it coming up on the screen. My number got called in after a wait of about two hours. I was summoned to Cubicle Three. A bloke was being trained up, and he asked if he could take the blood, I said yes. All went well, I gave them a bag of nibbles that I had put in the bag last night for the GP surgery staff, and felt a little pleasure in the GP staff not getting it after letting me down again.

Thanked them and went out via the temporary route through two other departments, without getting lost.

To the bus stop on site. Found I had missed the 40 bus that goes close to the flats, so wandered down onto Hucknall Road and caught a City bound bus.

Went to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and poddled to the Tesco store to see if they had any chocolate nougat in, but they hadn’t.

However, they did have some Fresh Cream Jam Doughnuts on offer, £1.09 down to 70p. Also, they had some Sokolow Polish Cooked Pork Knuckle.

I paid the poor miserable looking girl at the checkout and tried to cheer her up with a laugh or two, at least she smiled.

Leaving the Mall, I realised that two security guards were showing interest in me, and following me? Nothing happened other than they gave me dirty looks as I exited the doors and looked back at them?

My EQ was warning me again, I think.

I limped along Upper Parliament Street to the bus stop on Queen Street.

Where a tenant lady from the flats, was with her little Granddaughter.

We had a natter about the buses mostly, and I gave the little one some chocolate coins. Only the two of us got on, but by the time three bus stops had been by, the bus was loaded almost to capacity.

In the forty-minute ride, I started and finished a crossword! I was well chuffed for myself. And it was the first time I’d ever done a puzzle in one go in this book. Swanking mode adopted, Hehe!

The lady and girl joined me on the walk to the apartments from the bus stop. When we got into the lifts, there were about ten others had joined us, by the time one had arrived on the ground floor!

Six of us piled into the cage, and some of them who had already got their heaters fitted were moaning about them not working right! Oh dear!

I got in the mini-dwelling and had a much-needed wee-wee.

Put the cakes and pork in the fridge.

Got the kettle on as the rain started to pour outside. I’d usually have got my head down by now, but needs must, so I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Then started to update this diary.

Sister Jane rang me. Bad news, but it had to be done. Poor old Fooey had been put to sleep. As Jane said: He was the one, of all the cats, that needed more care and work than all the others, but he was the most loving one. Jane said she might ring back.

I don’t mind admitting it, I shed a few tears, for Jane and Fooey.

I pressed on with the updating. At least, I hope, this was what the EQ was warning me about. So once again, the day started with me upbeat, and downcast at the end.

By the time I got to here with this chronical, life was no longer so bright.

I went on WordPress reading to try and cheer myself up.

Had a bash on Facebooking.

A couple or three hours later than usual, I got a cold meal of smoked mackerel, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, Stilton cheese and three slices of Scottish Plain Bread.

Went to check that I’d locked the outer door, to find a new leaflet had been delivered. That’s one thing we don’t go short of in these flats, pamphlets and unsolicited mail!

I could not believe this message. Anyone can see that the workers are likely to be using petrol powered tools and oxyacetylene burners etc. on the platforms. If they find out who is doing this, steps should be taken to make it obvious to all of us that this is unacceptable behaviour.


Inchcock Today – Sunday 26th November 2017: A dolefulness lingers – Tsk!

Sunday 26th November 2017

Esperanto: Dimanĉo 26-a De Novembro 2017

0035hrs: The body moved, well twitched into life, the brain followed shortly after, with some reluctance I think. The grey-cells and limbs gelled, and the expergefaction process was achieved.

I put on the spectacles and caught the little boil on the nose with the frames, took off the glasses as I cursed under my breath, and found dried blood on my fingers afterwards. Because at the time there was no pain coming from the teeth, it took me a few seconds to realise where that it had been coming from the gums.

The meal plate from last night on the other chair had blood spots on it, and the fodder was hardly touched, I recall due to the pain from the teggies. A sad state. Bloodied dressing gown, chin and fingers, all dried now of course. I had fallen asleep eating I think, must have woken up and just moved the plate away and fell off again?

I extracted my wobbling overweight body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way gingerly to the wet room. Where a cleansing session was followed by a Porcelain Throne Session that left me needing another cleansing session. Tsk!

Took the medications with another ADRC.

I felt a bit like a medical professional this morning. Treated Harold’s Haemorrhoids, the boil, injected the Enoxaparin in the stomach, vaselined the cracked lips, cleaning the gums, drops in the ears and eyes spray, Phorpained the knees, then did the Health Checks and weighing. Oh yes, a right busy little boy I was. Hehe!

0156hrs: All medicationalistical duties tended to.

It was a little less chilly than yesterday morning, too at 41°f.

Got yesterdays diary finished off.

Checked emails and realised I had no INR Warfarin Blood Test on the Calendar. (That has now been updated and I don’t like it!) This cock-up is thanks to the GP Surgery again failing to Email me with the appointment. I’ve begged them to do this, to no avail. The odd time they have done it, I can always go to check and make sure when it is. Now, like last week when they only call me on the phone, knowing my hearing and memory problems I’m surprised they don’t do this. Too late now for me to get in touch with them, cause it should be for tomorrow. I can’t find the note I wrote and am not sure if they gave me a date and time? I’m fed-up. I shall go to the City Hospital for the test, which means an hour or more hobble to get there. Hope it doesn’t rain. Mind you, I might give them a ring and hope one of the receptionists who’s voice I can hear answers, and asked them about it, or not. I don’t feel like even talking to them now, feel so let down! (I must stop feeling sorry for myself!)

With a bitter taste in my mouth, and depressed over this failure, I went on to starting today’s dairy.

Did the WordPress reading.

Facebooking next.

0255hrs: Onto CorelDraw and started a new graphicalisation going.

0745hrs: Got the TFZer graphic finished! Got on well considering how complicated it was. I just hope I’ve not made any Whoopsiedangleplops with it.

The calls to the porcelain have lessened this morning.

Tin of baked beans and vegetarian sausages for nosh.

Not feeling very well.

Settled down to try and ctch up on the sleep. Waking, nodding repeatedly for several hours.

Eventually nodded off, waking at 1130hrs, feeling out of sorts but not poorly?

Inchcock Today – Saturday 25th November 2017: Got to be the worst day for months. But you don’t like to complain does yer… Humph!

Saturday 25th November 2017

Japanese: 2017年11月25日土曜日

0125hrs: Gave up trying to get any sleep. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with some difficulty, this morning and off to the Porcelain Throne. The complete opposite to last night this session was. Think of ball bearings to get the idea. Tsk!

Health checks were done. Medications were taken. Readings looked okay.

It felt so very nippy this morning again.

0155hrs: Started to update yesterdays diary and get it posted off. Ten minutes later, another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Well, I was flabbergasted at how different this exercise was. Think Messy and spurting. Hehe! It took a while to clean things and me up, afterwards.

Around 0400hrs, still doing the diary photo sorting and update, I was feeling the cold so much, I put the fingerless gloves on after I’d made a mug of so-called Extra Strong, Twining’s English Breakfast tea.

When I went to swap my spectacles, it made me jump… there is a boil or whatever it is on the side of my nose, and it hurts. (Don’t they all!)

Around 0400hrs, I got yet another demand from the innards for me to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Oh dear! I checked the thermometer and Google for the temperature outside.

An hour later, at 0500hrs, I went to make another brew and checked again. The same. Then realised when downloading and trimming the screen scan photos used here, that Google had got the time an hour behind? How do I let them know? Hehe!

Eventually, after what seems a day and a bit, I got the Friday post completed and sent off.

0730hrs: Another mug of tea and I took this picture out of the window.

Drizzling now, the temperature still the same inside the kitchen at 50°f.

When I was struggling to thoroughly turn the window to take the shot, an item I had in my hand slipped out, and I heard something metallic sounding hit the frame on its 12-storey descent to the ground. Went down and out in the drizzle in hopes of finding out what it was, But no chance. I’ll go down again later in the light and have another search. Not the foggiest idea what it was. So, annoying.

Did some WordPress reading.

0815hrs: The Fire Strobe Alarm and Pillow Alert went off again! Did the usual checks, found nothing untoward. The flipping thing is tiring me out! And the Porcelain visits ain’t helping. My Toothache. Nor, not getting any sleep. Humph!

Then went on Facebook.

0900hrs: Off to the throne yet again! Think thick sludge and blood. Took an ACRD capsule.

Back on Facebooking. Knuckled down to TFZer graphic again, and got it finished.

Once again I pray they like it and see the funny in it.

Not feeling too fit now. Going to get summat to eat and rest, try to get some sleep in. TTFN.

Two slices of Scottish Plain, buttered, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, extra-strong stilton cheese, garden peas and a battered cod.

To follow, a whisked lemon mousse and banana. But things did not go as planned or intended.

The teeth made eating so painful, and I fell asleep eating it.

Inchcock Today – Friday 24th November 2017: The day started Poorly – ended up Farcically. Tsk!

Friday 24th November 2017

Africaans: Vrydag 24 November 2017

0020hrs: Awoke and waited a few moments for the brain to join me. Now united again, I moved the limbs and as if in unison, the Incisor Suzie, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald; all let me know it was not going to be a good day, as I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner. (They were right – Vey is mir!)

Made a mug of tea and off to the Porcelain Throne. Sanguineous results, a yucky, messy affair this morning. The cleaning up afterwards took a long time.

By my arrival back in the kitchen, the tea had gone cold.

Did the Health Checks.

Made another mug of tea and got the medications imbibed. I realised the pot of last nights doses had not been taken, so I belatedly took just the Warfarin and Pentoxifylline Blood-release Trental with the morning dosages. When I thought of it later, bearing in mind the lousy Throne session, an ADRC capsule.

Started this diary off up to here, then finished off yesterdays. Checked emails.

0440hrs: Onto Facebooking. 0629hrs: Off of Facebook.

WordPress Reading next. Then Emails.

Sister Jane sent one, with this picture of the local newspaper showing her at the Friary meeting. Apparently, giving a lecture at the lectern? Hehehe!

Had a quick go on CorelDraw and the next graphic preparing.

I did a desperate search to find the liquid Morphine. I know the medics have stopped me taking it until the Haemorrhoids Strangulation operation, but I am confident I had a drop left to use in an emergency. But no. None found at all. I suppose this is due to me memory problems, like the phone yesterday I thought… and that reminded me, and I did a search for that. Humph!

Gave up and did the ablutions.

Sorted the rubbish bins and took them out with me dropping them off down the chute and continuing out into the sunny but oh, so cold day.

Passing the Obergruppenfurheresses shed, Jenny popped out the door and said she was sorry about my not hearing of the day change for the Social Hour, bless her.

Walke down to the Dentists and explained the problems I’m having in getting a provable Warfarin INR level reading in time for me to get to see you in time, to try and get an appointment to get the teeth done. Also about the GP surgery letting me down by not Emailing me the results as they said they would. The pain is getting worse, and I wondered if they could do anything to help me now it has been two months of waiting. A quick click-click on her computer and she explained why they can do nothing about this, but I have an appointment in January. I could have saved my self a lot of time in the first place, by just saying to her; “Ug mjamanda eeck Zorrow, waglabond ug, peed-off!”

Back up to the flats in time to catch the L9 bus. Gave a few nibbles out and had a chinwag or two. The lovely girl from the end care-home arrived, and I listened to how she was going on. She’s got her weight up and the holiday to the Mediterranean was still on for her.

On to the bus, well-packed one to town today. I wanted to get some Pea Snacks from the Chinese shop on Goosegate.

When I alighted from the bus, something about the view across the road, I found attractive and photographable.

Te scene belayed how cold it was, though.

The bright blue sky, the towering crane where the Hockley Woolworths used to be, and now a building site for them to erect even more Students Living Accommodation flats.

It looks as if they are going to high ones again.

Up Goosegate, over the traffic lights and to the Chinese Shop. I got a little annoyed with myself when I realised they do not open for hours yet. I did this months ago and should have remembered indeed.

I abandoned the plans to get the nibbles and had a walk around deciding to get some photographs as I did so. A bit further up the road, I spotted this shop, now with the upstairs apparently converted into living quarters. I took this one because it took me back to the 1960s when I worked there at Tesco, which was behind where I stood to get this shot.

On the very short walk further up, I’d countered four hairdressers and six eateries that were not there a few months ago.

At the Broad Street junction, .two things caught my eye.

The plastic Cow had still not been stolen. Although on closer inspection, it had apparently been damaged and repaired a few times.

And another new eatery. The name above the windows? Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti? Hehe!

Over the and down the hill into the Slab Square and the Festive market stalls and rides. It looked like the Ice Rink was about to open very soon. I noticed they were putting the finishing touches on the cabin where people pay before skating.

Then, I left the square and wondered over to Lister Gate and the Pound World outlet, to see if they had any chocolate nougat, Misshaped chocolate brazils, or Screw-top containers in stock yet.

Came out with a small thin but high mug, some misshape brazils, a tin of nought with fruit & nuts and a kitchen sieve. Paid at the Self-Serve tills.

When I departed from the store, there was a lady Big issue Seller outside. She looked so cold, my heart went out and gave her a fiver.

Walked to the bus stop through Slab Square. The way they do these temporary retail huts up in decorations and false snow is lovely.

The shops, even the eateries were not doing much trade today, mind.

At the top of Queen Street, I took this photograph of some of the Nottingham buses so I can post it to TFZer creator Sandie in America.

That is, of course, if I remember too. I think the possibility of my forgetting may well be highly possible. Haha!

On the bus and got a lot of crosswording done en route to the apartments and home. Met Welsh Bill and Knowall Nigel (No idea what his name really is) on the way from the bus stop.

I was so tired and weary when I got in the flat. A wee-wee, washed the new little cup to try it. Not a success at all. Fair enough, it did keep the tea warmer longer, but as TFZer Shirley (Or was it Mary?) said, it was highly dribble-able when in use. I had more tea on my chin and shirt than what got down the throat. Haha!

Took a photo of the beloved tree Copse outside, so sad with the leaves dwindling.

The drilling outside and inside at the flat next door was horrendous.

Medications taken, Health Checks were done while I heated the tomatoes and franks slowly in the saucepan. A miserable meal in many ways, this was. I got it all on the tray, as usual, I took a photo. (That this morning I cannot find on the camera card?) The tomatoes were not very good, the franks too terribly painful for the teeth and I ate little of it. The two slices of the Scottish Bread were tasty.

Put the tray down on the other chair, turned on the TV and fell asleep. Woke a couple of hours later when the phone burst into life. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner to get to the handset before whoever it was ringing, rang off, much to Hippy Hilda’s annoyance. It was Jenny. Asking about some raffle prize chocolates I got and asked if I could order some for her and Frank on the next order. T’was my pleasure. After she rang off, I got the computer on straight away and added them to my request for next Thursday. Jenny is in for a pleasant surprise, they are now on Special Offer and half the price they were before!

But don’t tell her yet. Hehehe! I like being able to help someone, it doesn’t happen often. I made a brew and took these pictures of the outside view. Top one from the living room, and bottom from the kitchen window.

Then I glanced down and saw these two vans in front of the foyer.

My EQ told me they were up to something not right. They looked like hire vans so it may be the people who were here this morning clearing out a deceased resident’s flat? Or, not of course. Could be someone moving in?

I didn’t like them for using loads of orange recycling bags to take some stuff out when I only get five or six a fortnight and use one a day! Not that it bothers me seeing folks doing their shopping in with them, when I have to buy white bags to use, but it doesn’t bother me, oh no! Spit! Makes it worse me having a defective memory and forgetting to ask for some every time I see the Obergruppenfurheress or Untergefrieteress. But I don’t mind!

Found a letter stuck in the box. Jobs coming up with the flat upgrade. Wed 13th Dec- Survey – Fri 5th January; Isolate Heaters (That’ll be nice in January, Hehe!) I can use the electric fire and portable radiator though… why not go into liquidation this way?  Mon 8th January Heaters to install.

Feeling all out-of-order now. The nodding off and getting up and starting to do stuff again, threw my internal clock out of sync and I just cannot get to sleep.

Peeped at the TV paper, the England Ladies Football Match, against Bosnia and Herzegovina was showing again. So I watched it. All the way through and enjoyed it and did not nod-off once! Put a DVD on and watched an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey, all the way through again. Put the TV on and that did it, first set of commercials and I was off to sleep.

Only to be woken at what ungodly hour I do not know, by the flaming Fire Alarm Strobe and pillow shaker going off! Of course, I had to get up out of the recliner, put the hearing aids in and go to investigate. Looked out of the window to see if any Fire Service vehicles were there, none were. Checked the door handle with the back of my hand for any heat, it was cold, very cold actually. Opened the door to listen out for any alarms going, heard none. This is now about six times this has happened with no main-alarm going off, in the two weeks since it was fitted for me by the Nottingham City Homes. Each time, I tell myself to communicate this to Warden Obergruppenfurheress Deana, and every time I forget to. Being the weekend again (I hate weekends) there is no one available to report it to, thus giving me a more extended period to forget to. Haha!

The much needed, desired and therapeutic sleep was hard to obtain. The mind did its own thing. Lost its limited aquity. Ambivalence reigned within my grey cells containment box. Perplexing, blurring and confounding thoughts buzzed around without logicality nor understanding.

Sleep eventually arrived, but after perhaps an hour, I was up and on the flipping Porcelain Throne!

Forgive me while I cry! Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 23rd November 2017: Alternating twixt good and bad today

Thursday 23rd November 2017

Galician: Xoves 23 de Novembro de 2017

0001hrs: Awake, risen and off to get the laundry things ready, then down with it to get it started.

Two pieces of mail found as I approached the door.

One, the DVT INR Warfarin Blood Level results. Far too late for me to get in touch with the dentist again. And no Email either, as promised from the surgery.

The other from Nottingham City Homes re a Ventilation survey to be carried out.

The winds were howling this morning, all through the corridors, windows, doors, vents etc. I could hear it clearly without the hearing aids in.  So how some folk with decent hearing are coping with it, I don’t know… come think of it though, maybe I could get a job as the local berceuse provider on request, for those who have been woken or can’t get to sleep due to the wailing winds? Hehe!

Got the machine started and up to the Porcelain Throne by 0015h0rs.  Better session.

0140hrs: Back down to move the washing. This trip, only one lift was lit and working, number one.

Got the clobber transferred into the dryer and on the way back up, I could hear the ‘voice recording from lift two; “Door-opening” – “Door closing”,  “Door-opening” – “Door closing”,  “Door-opening” – “Door closing”…? It was hard to tell which floor, but I think it was one just below or close to under the 12th?

The Medications were taken, and the Health Checks were done. The HC results were very different this morning for some reason I could not fathom?

The ululation from the winds was not easing-off at all.

Made a mug of tea and started this diary going. Demands for another session on the Porcelain Throne arrived from the innards, which of course I responded to: All went well, no bleeding at all. But, I felt uneasy, perplexed and was anticipating the arrival of some Whoopsiedangleplop or Accifauxpa; thanks to the EQ.

Finished off the Wednesday Diary. Time to collect the washed clothing, so down again. This time, both lifts were working?

I got the togs out and folded, then in the bag.

I’ve enough washing upstairs for another wash yet but will do these another day. Cleaned the drum and filter. Someone had left a face towel in the dryer, so I folded it and left it on the sink drainer.

I was going to pop outside to take a photograph, but the leaves blew in when the door opened, so I decided against going out. Hehe! Although, the wind seemed to be dropping. Or maybe it had changed direction? I’ll miss these scaffolds when they are finished.

As I was starting to read the end noticeboard, and not even moving, Hippy Hilda gave me a stab and twinge.

In the elevator and to the apartment.

I got the urge to sort out the airing-cupboard, and not before time either. I took out all the things, and refolded them, replaced them in order, as neatly as I could and added the cleaned togs. Feeling well-pleased and satisfied with my efforts, I closed the cupboard door and went to put the bath towel on the heater.

I heard a muffled slow noise… turned and saw the airing-cupboard doors opening on their own, and the neatly stored clothes falling out onto the floor! I think I wanted to cry. Hehe! I assumed the board or supports for the shelf had slipped or broken, but they seemed okay? Had the Aliens moved from the lift into my flat? Haha! I pushed them back in, annoyed, frustrated and with Hippy Hilda giving me some more hassle. Humph!

I got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag ready. Made another brew of tea and went on to the WordPress Reader.

Facebooking next.

Three hours later I’d finished my latest TFZer graphicalisations. Again, I hope they see and like the humour in them.

Oh, Morrison delivery coming today, better get the ablutions tended to.

The delivery arrived, it was the pleasant young lady again. We had a little laugh about the airing cupboard incident when I told her about it.

I got the fodder away.

This week, I got a Scottish Plain thick-cut loaf as well as a medium cut one. I stored one in the freezer, after rearranging it to make room.

I noticed, that although the ingredients were the same for both loaves, the warning tabs on the label differed.

I’d ordered some of the Thompson’s Tea Bags to see what they were like, and took one tea bag out of the box and tried it. Weak, insipid and tasteless! I put the teabags in the bag along with the Polish bread to give to Obergruppenfurheress Deana at the Social Hour. Filled a coat pocket with some chocolate coins to hand-out, the bag with nibbles, raffles prizes and gifts and set out, taking the black bags to the rubbish chute en route, and off to the hut.

The biting wind and heatless sunshine greeted me as I left the building.

Work on the scaffolding was taking place by the builder-men.

I noticed, although of course it may have been like this earlier and I had not seen it then, that they had used wind protection sheets on the cages now. A sage decision. We don’t want any blokes flying off. Hehe!

On the hobble to the hut, I thought it a little odd that no one else was making their way to the cabin? When I got in, not a soul in sight? I was, bemused, perplexed and stumped as to why. Had I got the day confused (It has been known, Hehe!). I noticed Warden Dean in her office and entered to ascertain what was what. The meeting had been moved to Friday this week. I handed her the box of nibbles to keep to use and raffle prizes with her bread and the tea bags. Poor old Frank and Bill-William on Sundays had also not been informed and had turned up. I think the reason might be that the room was needed as a resident respite area – while their heaters were being installed, perhaps?

We had a chinwag and laugh about it, and I went back to the foyer area for a sit down out of the wind while I waited for the bus. Took the coat off, to make sure that I did not lose the benefit of it later when I went out. A lady tenant doing her washing came by, and my heart went out to her; she was apparently upset about something and near to tears. She struggled to get the words out, bless her. Hubby was being taken to a hospice later today. She was devastated. I think she felt so sorry because despite all of her efforts to look after and support him, and she did work so hard at it, too, coping had gotten beyond her. This put me on a downer a bit, but nothing like the gal. Bless her, all that hard work, and now she feels terrible. I know nothing can really help feel better, but I need to try and do something, so I’ll give her the Thornton’s Chocolate Nougat for Christmas, a pathetic effort, wish I could help her pragmatically.

I went out to the bus stop. Welsh Bill and three others were there. I explained what I knew of the distraught lady to Doris. I handed out some chocolate coins to help them with their bus fare. Bill was looking a little drained. When we got on the bus, he told me that he cannot have a shower for the time being for fear of getting his surgery area wet, and it was annoying him. He thinks the pins around the trapped nerve area will get removed tomorrow. I hope it goes well for him. We both got off the bus in Arnold, and he pointed out a shop that might sell the screw-lidded tubs to me.

I called in the store and had a look around, but no luck this time again. I limped to the Asda (Walmart) shop and spent a while hobbling around for ages. Which was a bit risky, cause I had no way of telling the time, as I had misplaced the mobile phone. At least I hope I did, and it is at home; as opposed to my having dropped it out of the coat pocket when I took the coat off earlier in the foyer.

I did find some screw-top plastic storage containers, though. Not as big as I wanted, but still. So I bought 6 of them. Also, had the fortune of finding some mini-cheddars Stilton flavour, so got 6 of them. Added to the grated red extra-sharp cheese, 4 tins of Curried baked beans, cooked chestnuts and small fresh plum tomatoes, ensured I had spent at the self-serve counter, £23.35 and had a struggle on to carry the bag! Haha!

Paid the bill and went out and up to the bus stop. I had 30 minutes to wait before the bus was due.

I worried a bit about the phone. Fretted over the world going PC mad. Thought about the gal who’s hubby is going into the hospice and generally depressed myself.

Even the weather went darker as the bus made its way to the flats.

When we got into Sherwood en route, Welsh Bill and Doris got on the bus.

Bill accused me of stalking him today! (In fun).

The three of us hobbled along to the apartments when we got off the bus. Doris is such a lovely woman, and Bill, although not well himself, a source of fun, sarcasm and sociability. I felt a little better, knowing these facts, and cheered up a tad.

In the flat and had a wee-wee. Got the things put away and the Craig Cramps visited the hands poorly. I put this down to the heavy bag carrying stemming the blood flow.

This made the preparation of the cold meal a bit awkward.

Two slices of the thick near perfect Scottish Plain bread, buttered, mature cheese slices, Anchovies and sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette – An absolutely incredibly tasty meal!

But, eating it caused me some hassle. The incisors suffered mostly. The bean salad, nice as it was, had to be abandoned, due to the beans being too hard for the teggies to cope with and made the teeth bleed on the first and only spoonful of them I tried.

Part-way through the nosh, the phone rang! I fought my way out of the recliner and there was no answer when I picked up the receiver and said “Chambers”, twice?

Spoilt the enjoyment of the meal a bit, but at least it couldn’t go cold on me Hehe!

Did the pots and Health Checks, and thought I’d taken the evening medications, but found out later I hadn’t. Plonker!

Settled down later than usual to watch the TV.

The Law & Order episode had started. Within minutes the commercials came on, and I went off, into the land of nod!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Maori: Rā Apa 22 Whiringa-ā-Rangi 2017

0105hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner. Slowly the brain engaged and I saw the dinner plate with 75% of the cold congealed food still on it. Signs of nocturnal nibbling surrounded me. I got the shpilkes as I noted the empty cheese nibble bag, the open and much less full now chocolate nuts tub with its lid off. The crumbs laying on my over-ample stomach, and for a few moments, I tried to understand why this sitomania is so sporadic.

Dismounting the recliner in response to a demand for utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne, an escaped teaspoon gave me a shock as it fell down the inside of my pyjama legs and clunked on my foot, then I trod on it. Not too bad a session.

Into the kitchen and took this photographicalisation out through the window.

Caught the reflection of the open door, making it appear like an ET transporter or something like that. Might try to use this later to make something amusing.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.

The computer on and finished off the Tuesday post then started on this one.

Oh, dear, back to the Porcelain Throne again. Painful, but not much bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold. Very sore, though. It seems the past couple of days unexpected but very welcome better health with far less hassle has come to an end. Because Duodenal Donald started kicking off as well. Tsk!

WordPress Reader, lots of great stuff on today.

Then on to Facebooking. Martin Shuttlecock posted about a little quiz on your phycological age profile.

This is how mine came out. Hehe!

Spent three-and-a-half hours on doing a TFZer graphic of the lads.

Going to have to think up a funny caption for this one before I post it off. Really hope that the TFZers like it and it gets some responses this time.

I wondered what the noise was when I went to make a cuppa. T’was the wind along with the occasional drizzle.

A little grim looking outside, but I do not intend to venture out today, as I  am not feeling up to much now, I decided against it.

Duodenal Donald, Trotsky Terence and a rare until a yesterday headache, were the predominant reasons. Oh, and toothache.

As for the penarious plans, I’m going to do a steak pie and remove the crusty top. Or, indeed tops, plural. I have two small ones in the fridge, both with a termination date of today. I may make some gravy to soften it further and not bother with anything else, apart from the last remaining soft cob to dip into the juices.

Made the washing things readied in the bag with the laundry for the morning. I’ll not get them all in one wash, so I’ll do one in the AM and another on Friday morning. All being well and the brain is functioning alright. Haha!

Got making up some humour tops for the diaries and setting up a couple of days worth of templates.

I took time out to do another TFZer humorous graphic. This is Pattie from Canada. ♥

Got it posted to the site, and then back on the Headers creating.

Finished the page-top headers.

Getting tired now, Duodenal Donald is not letting up on me, Tsk!

I was going to put the beef pies in an oven-tray, but could I find the tray I was sure I’d used last night? No! So I got a new one out, foiled it and went to put them on the stove. Then realised I’d left the tray in the oven with the potato-waffle-sticks in… They were very burnt. Whatta Plonka!

Back on updating this post, set the timer for 15 minutes so I can try to add the last of the waffles to it, in the hope they get cooked at the same time. I put the chip things in when the alarm went off.

Done that now. Turned off the computer so I don’t get carried away and forget about the nosh.

The meal turned out very tooth-friendly as it happens.

One of the least painful repasts in a long while. I had not made a good job of the gravy, but it did soften everything for me anyway.

Washed the pots and settled into the recliner, and the phone rang. I struggled out of the chair expecting it to be a Pizza delivery bloke again, but I heard nothing on the other end of the line. I assumed whoever it was had rang off as I lifted the receiver.

Back into the chair, and started to watch a ‘Law & Order’ episode. Got to the first commercial break, nodded off and woke an hour or so later. Could not get back to sleep, the mind started one of its ‘Doing what it wanted, when it wanted, how it wanted, totally illogical wandering sessions’!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 21st November –

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Macedonian: Вторник 21 ноември 2017 година

002hrs: No doom-ladened or demonosophers affected the brain this morning. Bright, keen and only a headache affecting the health. All the usual ailments were giving me a break, Great!

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee.

I took the cotton wool off of the arm from yesterday’s blood test. I noticed how dark the blood was this time? Almost black.

To the kitchen and to take the medications and do the creaming, injection and gelling.

The Health Checks this week are looking okay, I thought?

0140: Started to do the updating of yesterdays diary. Such a long and eventful day (A good one for me too!), and so many photographs to sort out. It was 0400hrs by the time I’d got it finished.

0149hrs: I went to make a brew and took these photographs out of the window. I forgot to make the tea and returned to the computer. And the Windows Update Arrived, so I thought it best if I got it done straight away.

I got the paperwork I’d let slip, through overindulgingment on WordPressing and Blogging, and Facebooking.

Naughty me! Hehehe!

It took me awhile to get them sorted into their respective folders. Nottingham City Homes, Sherrington Medical, Dentist, Audio Clinic, GUM Clinic, Deep Vein Thrombosis Unit and the Nottingham Oncology services, Nottingham Cardiac Follow-Up Support Group and the Audio Clinic’s forms, letters, instructions etc. They had built up a bit. Shame Mode Adopted here!

Makes me sound so poorly doesn’t it.

But I was feeling quite good this morning again. Worrying, I know. Although this sounds perverse if that’s the right word?

Despite the time spent arranging these letters etc., still, the windows download had not finished. So I made a brew read a few chapters of the Leningrad book.

When the computer came on again, it was nothing but hassle and confusion for me. A synced folder missing that I could not find? A welcome to the Fall Creators Update opened. What the heck is that? I wanted to get on with doing this dairy, so turned off and went to Firefox to start this post.

The photographs no longer are saving to the drop-box? The -saved-work in the Notepad need finding and loading each time I use it now. The send to Email button no longer works in Firefox, and in Google, it does not transfer the address with it.

Again I gave up trying to sort out something I knew I could not.

Depression showed its ugly head again, just when I was beginning to feel better, too!

Pee’d off. I went on Facebooking. With crossed fingers that the windows update has not done something disastrous to that. (Spit!)

Then to WordPress reading.

So late now, I’ll pop off and get the ablutionisationing done. I want to catch the bus up the hill and go to Aldi to get some stilton cheese and long life milk. That’s the plan, but knowing me, I’ll come back with a big bag of unwanted or needed stuff. Hehe!

Had a good shower, shave and scrub-up, with no signs of any need for the Porcelain Throne yet?

Took the waste bags to the chute on the way out.

Toddled off to the bus stop. Called in the shed en route. Doris, May and Hilda (Not sure if these are their names, sorry) were inside. Gave them a nibble and listened to their chinwagging, then went out to the bus point, for a chinwag with Barry and a few others awaiting the buses arrival.

Caught the City bound one, up the hill, and dropped off on Mapperley Road, and walked to the Aldi store.

I had a long waddle around, selecting items that as I expected, were not needed or wanted really, but just took my fancy, as if to put it.

Lots of nibbles for the Social Hour, the Stilton cheese, some strong red grated cheese, a TV paper for next week, vine tomatoes, canned anchovy fillets and a pack of four large wholemeal cobs.

Oh, and some cooked BBQ chicken legs. Nearly £15 worth, Tsk!

Only the feet and knees were giving me any hassle.

I met a tenant lady, Shirley I think on the way out. I walked along the top, passing the car showroom as was until a couple of years or so ago. Another sad sight.

To Winchester Street and right down the hill.

Having to stop once or twice, but not by Anne Gyna, but the feet stinging badly?

It was amusing to see every car that went down near the speed indicated, jam their brakes on.

Nearing the turn-off on the right for Chestnut Way, the scenery was I thought was so pleasant and picturesque, I took this photo on the bend.

Photographicalised the flats as I started to walk down towards them, as seen here on the left.

As I limpingly now, went down the road further, I came to the place where the parked vehicles cause me the hassle on Saturday when I was going home. Then I took a photograph (I thought anyway) of an Eon van parked in the same place right up against the nettles. But when later, it came for me to download and use all the camera shots, it was not there on the SDH card? Most odd!

I struggled on, for the feet were worse than ever now for some reason, back to the apartments, up the lift and into the dwelling, without seeing anyone at all.

Well, that’s not right, I did see one workman in the compound doing something on the new apartments building.

I put away the fodder and nibbles. And decided on what should be for nosh later. Potatoes balls, BBQ mackerel, tomatoes and a wholemeal cob or two.

Then got on the computer to update this one to here.

Then on Facebook for a while. Then on CorelDraw to do a graphic header.

Blimey, the workers have started drilling above and below my flat suddenly. Ah-well!

Got the nosh prepared and served up.

Couldn’t eat much of it, the teeth and my just losing my appetite for some unknown reason.

Got three TFZer jobs done and posted off.

I must have needed the sleep because, after half an hour of watching TV, I drifted off.