Inchcock Today – Thursday 23rd November 2017: Alternating twixt good and bad today

Thursday 23rd November 2017

Galician: Xoves 23 de Novembro de 2017

0001hrs: Awake, risen and off to get the laundry things ready, then down with it to get it started.

Two pieces of mail found as I approached the door.

One, the DVT INR Warfarin Blood Level results. Far too late for me to get in touch with the dentist again. And no Email either, as promised from the surgery.

The other from Nottingham City Homes re a Ventilation survey to be carried out.

The winds were howling this morning, all through the corridors, windows, doors, vents etc. I could hear it clearly without the hearing aids in.  So how some folk with decent hearing are coping with it, I don’t know… come think of it though, maybe I could get a job as the local berceuse provider on request, for those who have been woken or can’t get to sleep due to the wailing winds? Hehe!

Got the machine started and up to the Porcelain Throne by 0015h0rs.  Better session.

0140hrs: Back down to move the washing. This trip, only one lift was lit and working, number one.

Got the clobber transferred into the dryer and on the way back up, I could hear the ‘voice recording from lift two; “Door-opening” – “Door closing”,  “Door-opening” – “Door closing”,  “Door-opening” – “Door closing”…? It was hard to tell which floor, but I think it was one just below or close to under the 12th?

The Medications were taken, and the Health Checks were done. The HC results were very different this morning for some reason I could not fathom?

The ululation from the winds was not easing-off at all.

Made a mug of tea and started this diary going. Demands for another session on the Porcelain Throne arrived from the innards, which of course I responded to: All went well, no bleeding at all. But, I felt uneasy, perplexed and was anticipating the arrival of some Whoopsiedangleplop or Accifauxpa; thanks to the EQ.

Finished off the Wednesday Diary. Time to collect the washed clothing, so down again. This time, both lifts were working?

I got the togs out and folded, then in the bag.

I’ve enough washing upstairs for another wash yet but will do these another day. Cleaned the drum and filter. Someone had left a face towel in the dryer, so I folded it and left it on the sink drainer.

I was going to pop outside to take a photograph, but the leaves blew in when the door opened, so I decided against going out. Hehe! Although, the wind seemed to be dropping. Or maybe it had changed direction? I’ll miss these scaffolds when they are finished.

As I was starting to read the end noticeboard, and not even moving, Hippy Hilda gave me a stab and twinge.

In the elevator and to the apartment.

I got the urge to sort out the airing-cupboard, and not before time either. I took out all the things, and refolded them, replaced them in order, as neatly as I could and added the cleaned togs. Feeling well-pleased and satisfied with my efforts, I closed the cupboard door and went to put the bath towel on the heater.

I heard a muffled slow noise… turned and saw the airing-cupboard doors opening on their own, and the neatly stored clothes falling out onto the floor! I think I wanted to cry. Hehe! I assumed the board or supports for the shelf had slipped or broken, but they seemed okay? Had the Aliens moved from the lift into my flat? Haha! I pushed them back in, annoyed, frustrated and with Hippy Hilda giving me some more hassle. Humph!

I got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag ready. Made another brew of tea and went on to the WordPress Reader.

Facebooking next.

Three hours later I’d finished my latest TFZer graphicalisations. Again, I hope they see and like the humour in them.

Oh, Morrison delivery coming today, better get the ablutions tended to.

The delivery arrived, it was the pleasant young lady again. We had a little laugh about the airing cupboard incident when I told her about it.

I got the fodder away.

This week, I got a Scottish Plain thick-cut loaf as well as a medium cut one. I stored one in the freezer, after rearranging it to make room.

I noticed, that although the ingredients were the same for both loaves, the warning tabs on the label differed.

I’d ordered some of the Thompson’s Tea Bags to see what they were like, and took one tea bag out of the box and tried it. Weak, insipid and tasteless! I put the teabags in the bag along with the Polish bread to give to Obergruppenfurheress Deana at the Social Hour. Filled a coat pocket with some chocolate coins to hand-out, the bag with nibbles, raffles prizes and gifts and set out, taking the black bags to the rubbish chute en route, and off to the hut.

The biting wind and heatless sunshine greeted me as I left the building.

Work on the scaffolding was taking place by the builder-men.

I noticed, although of course it may have been like this earlier and I had not seen it then, that they had used wind protection sheets on the cages now. A sage decision. We don’t want any blokes flying off. Hehe!

On the hobble to the hut, I thought it a little odd that no one else was making their way to the cabin? When I got in, not a soul in sight? I was, bemused, perplexed and stumped as to why. Had I got the day confused (It has been known, Hehe!). I noticed Warden Dean in her office and entered to ascertain what was what. The meeting had been moved to Friday this week. I handed her the box of nibbles to keep to use and raffle prizes with her bread and the tea bags. Poor old Frank and Bill-William on Sundays had also not been informed and had turned up. I think the reason might be that the room was needed as a resident respite area – while their heaters were being installed, perhaps?

We had a chinwag and laugh about it, and I went back to the foyer area for a sit down out of the wind while I waited for the bus. Took the coat off, to make sure that I did not lose the benefit of it later when I went out. A lady tenant doing her washing came by, and my heart went out to her; she was apparently upset about something and near to tears. She struggled to get the words out, bless her. Hubby was being taken to a hospice later today. She was devastated. I think she felt so sorry because despite all of her efforts to look after and support him, and she did work so hard at it, too, coping had gotten beyond her. This put me on a downer a bit, but nothing like the gal. Bless her, all that hard work, and now she feels terrible. I know nothing can really help feel better, but I need to try and do something, so I’ll give her the Thornton’s Chocolate Nougat for Christmas, a pathetic effort, wish I could help her pragmatically.

I went out to the bus stop. Welsh Bill and three others were there. I explained what I knew of the distraught lady to Doris. I handed out some chocolate coins to help them with their bus fare. Bill was looking a little drained. When we got on the bus, he told me that he cannot have a shower for the time being for fear of getting his surgery area wet, and it was annoying him. He thinks the pins around the trapped nerve area will get removed tomorrow. I hope it goes well for him. We both got off the bus in Arnold, and he pointed out a shop that might sell the screw-lidded tubs to me.

I called in the store and had a look around, but no luck this time again. I limped to the Asda (Walmart) shop and spent a while hobbling around for ages. Which was a bit risky, cause I had no way of telling the time, as I had misplaced the mobile phone. At least I hope I did, and it is at home; as opposed to my having dropped it out of the coat pocket when I took the coat off earlier in the foyer.

I did find some screw-top plastic storage containers, though. Not as big as I wanted, but still. So I bought 6 of them. Also, had the fortune of finding some mini-cheddars Stilton flavour, so got 6 of them. Added to the grated red extra-sharp cheese, 4 tins of Curried baked beans, cooked chestnuts and small fresh plum tomatoes, ensured I had spent at the self-serve counter, £23.35 and had a struggle on to carry the bag! Haha!

Paid the bill and went out and up to the bus stop. I had 30 minutes to wait before the bus was due.

I worried a bit about the phone. Fretted over the world going PC mad. Thought about the gal who’s hubby is going into the hospice and generally depressed myself.

Even the weather went darker as the bus made its way to the flats.

When we got into Sherwood en route, Welsh Bill and Doris got on the bus.

Bill accused me of stalking him today! (In fun).

The three of us hobbled along to the apartments when we got off the bus. Doris is such a lovely woman, and Bill, although not well himself, a source of fun, sarcasm and sociability. I felt a little better, knowing these facts, and cheered up a tad.

In the flat and had a wee-wee. Got the things put away and the Craig Cramps visited the hands poorly. I put this down to the heavy bag carrying stemming the blood flow.

This made the preparation of the cold meal a bit awkward.

Two slices of the thick near perfect Scottish Plain bread, buttered, mature cheese slices, Anchovies and sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette – An absolutely incredibly tasty meal!

But, eating it caused me some hassle. The incisors suffered mostly. The bean salad, nice as it was, had to be abandoned, due to the beans being too hard for the teggies to cope with and made the teeth bleed on the first and only spoonful of them I tried.

Part-way through the nosh, the phone rang! I fought my way out of the recliner and there was no answer when I picked up the receiver and said “Chambers”, twice?

Spoilt the enjoyment of the meal a bit, but at least it couldn’t go cold on me Hehe!

Did the pots and Health Checks, and thought I’d taken the evening medications, but found out later I hadn’t. Plonker!

Settled down later than usual to watch the TV.

The Law & Order episode had started. Within minutes the commercials came on, and I went off, into the land of nod!

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  1. I’m having a huge laugh over your humerus graphics! I will remember to stay in bed 30 minutes longer tomorrow morning!
    It’s also heartwarming to read about the concern and care you share with your friends and neighbors.👍👍

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