Inchcock Today – Saturday 18th November 2017

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Catalan: Dimarts 14 de Novembre de 2017

2350hrs: Pandiculated gently, awaited for the grey-cells to activate, then rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, without much difficulty, and went to make a mug of tea and take the medications. Immediately after consuming the tablets as mentioned above, medicines and capsules, a painful visit to the Porcelain Throne had to be made.

Offering an adumbration of this process, I had to think about. I did not want to sound crude, but I did want to explain the tortuousness of the proceedings and aftermath. I decided to tell it how it was; Painfull. A heavy firm torpedo shaped projectile, of haemorrhoid crushing proportions slowly and bloodily evacuated; after I had read a chapter and a half of the Lenigrad book in agony waiting for its appearance, after fifteen-minutes of Oohs, Arghs and Eeks, it was over. Then the process of cleansing things and I followed. I came out of the wet-room and took a Senna tablet. Nuff said, sorry.

0040hrs: Made a mug of tea and got the computer on and made a start on this diary. Then updated and finished yesterdays.

I took a few photographs out of the window, in search of a ‘Moody’ one.

0135hrs: No emails come in?

Made another mug of tea, and had an idea on how to improve the latest TFZer graphic I’m creating, so went on CorelDraw to try it out.

0310hrs: Got it finished at last. I think I have included 16 TFZer gals in this graphic of them at their ‘Getaway Ranch’. Posted it off with high hopes that they like it, to the site.

On to Facebooking. Then WordPress Reader. Then onto creating a graphic that I got carried away with, and am very disappointed with as well. I’ll use it for Mondays Diary top, so I shan’t publish it yet. Took me five hours to do as well.

Ablutions tended to and set off to catch the bus into town. A good nattering session with others as we waited.

I dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and went into the Wilko store to search for any screw-lid containers. I found just one that had fallen under the shelves and bought it. I needed eight of them to arrange things in the cupboard. Humph!

I walked out and into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

No chocolate nougats or screw-top containers found anywhere in there either. I did obtain some Carbolic Soap though, in the Market.

Rang Sister Jane to let her know about it, she likes it too.

As I went down to the ground floor and along to try the sweet shop for any chocolate nougats, I actually thought I saw Sister Jane above, crossing the top of the elevators. I got the camera out, but she’s gone by the time I’d taken it. Then two security guards approached me, pointing out that I cannot make any photographs in there without permission of the owners? Then asked me; Exactly what I was taking a picture of. I explained, and they gave me a look that said “Poor old fart!” and I wandered off to the sweet shop. No chocolate nougats there either.

Out and tried at the Pound World shop; No chocolate nougats there either. Into the mini-Tesco on Upper Parliament Street: No chocolate nougats there either.

Down through the Slab Square, that was very busy today, the Christmas Fayre had started, and armed police were lurking. I suppose if someone was to drive a vehicle at the crowds is why they were there?

Visited the Poundland shop, again in search of some screw-lid containers and or chocolate nougats: No chocolate nougats or screw-lid containers there either!

Back into the Slab Square and over the road passing the rubbish bins and had to stop for a good while, until Hippy Hilda, who came on painfully sharply and suddenly without warning, eased off enough for me to carry on hobbling. Within a few minutes, the twinges and pains had dissipated altogether? Very strange that, but I wasn’t complaining of course.

Walked through the rides and food stalls, the smells were not very appealing to me anyway. The ice rink was not yet working.

At this point, I think I worked out why there were so many more rides leaving so much less manoeuvring and walking space free. Even the narrow parts had stalls in the middle of them this year; I think it might have been designed in such a way as to perhaps, deter or make harder, any attacks from extremist vehicles?

A bonus, being that the Council can collect more rent and back-handers, perhaps? Hehe!

I got through the crowds okay, and up Queen Street, bought a TV magazine and to the bus stop. Being a Saturday, there were only three buses every two hours, so I decided to catch a number 40 from the lower stop. Which was near the ‘Reds BBQ’ restaurant.

I’m not one for eating out at all as a rule. But this place, or rather the food on offer does tempt me somewhat. With the teeth in their current condition, this is not a possibility, though.

I took this photograph of the massive cafe with the signs showing, I’ll post this for my friends on the TFZer site later.

Caught the 40 and had to sit on a side-saddle seat again. The advantage of this for me was I had to hang on and get buffeted about and cling on for grim life, for fear of falling out or off of the seat. But it made sure I didn’t fall asleep! Hahaha!

I dropped off on Winchester Street Hill. Crossing the road here is a bit life-threatening on the steep double bend usually. But, road work traffic control lights were working. And they helped me plan my dash across the road. Well, I say dash’ more of a steady hobble, once I’d worked out the light’s pattern.

Over the road, I got safely and down onto Chestnut Way. When I got down to the where the parked cars yesterday had caused me problems getting by them, the police had out some cones out.

All the length of the road to the end and the flats, not a soul was seen.

Eerie that was.

As I got to the foyer door, Joyce opened it for me, bless her. We had a little natter, and I gave her some nibbles.

Her lift arrived, we said our farewells, and I was off up to the apartment.

Food occupied my mind. I decided to try out an idea given me by my Cyber-mate Tim, in America. I opened a tin of Anchovie fillets for the first time.

Put the battered fish fingers in the oven to cook.

Got a slice of the Scottish bread, anchovies, stilton cheese and tomatoes placed on this slice. Poured a drop of fish sauce on it, and a drop of balsamic vinaigrette on each tomato slice. Added some smoked mackerel, surimi sticks added the cooked fingers and cut up a soft apple. By Jiminee, it went down well! Thanks, Tim.

Checked the TV listings, nothing on I fancied watching. 200+ channels, and nowt to watch? Hehe! I put a Jonathan Creek DVD on. I did not get through the first episode before I’d nodded off.