Inchcock Today – Thursday 16th November 2017: Winwood Tenants Social Hour – Whoopsiedangleplops, Theodore Thighs, Colin Cramps amd lots of noise

Thursday 16th November 2017

Frisian: Tongersdei 16 Novimber 2017

0145hrs: Stirred, Theodore Thighs (Just Christened), Barbara Backache and Hips Hilda, all kindly giving me endeavouring to offer me pain. Bless ’em! As I massaged the thighs, I found they had gone all thin and hard compared to their usual condition? So, I assumed this may help keep the weight down; so I dislodged my body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the scales… Huh! I was the heaviest I’d ever weighed! Dang! Doesn’t weigh up, to me. Hehe!

I got the raffle prizes and nibbles for the tenants meeting into the bag while I was in there with the scary-scales.

Took the morning medications. No signs of any Porcelain Throne demands from Trotsky Terence yet, so no ADRC capsule this morning.

Onto the computer to find that I still had the old Firefox on the system, as well as the new one. So used that one and found it to be quicker than the new one, and I could locate things, and I am more comfortable with this one. Got on with starting this diary up to here, then updated, finished and posted the Wednesday version off.

Started this dairy going up to here. Did some WordPress reading.

Decided to get the stand-up ablutions done early, as the Morrison order is coming twixt 0700 > 0800hrs. And the noise will start soon again from the worker lads. Mind you, the sounds from whatever it is that’s been clanging about outside all night, is another mystery. That’ll cheer the gang up and give them summat else to moan about, what with the lift and all that. Or lack of available elevators at the Social Hour! Hehehe!

Back in a bit.

A proper cleansing and medicationalisicalisationalistical session carried out. Haha! Gave the thighs, knees and hands, a really good buffing with the Phorpain Gel. Which I think helped me out of my acedia ridden state.

0630hrs: Took this photograph from the window.

Seems like a gathering of blue lights on Mansfield Road?

Made a mug of the extra-strong tea, and got on with updating this blog.

Finished the TFZer graphic. A new film from Sandy.

The Morrison’s delivery man arrived and a jolly good chap too.

I put away the many items.

I’d managed to get some of the Scottish Bread at last. But was disappointed at it only having one days life left on it! Naughty Morrisons!

Stocked up on the tea bags while they were on offer price.

I made sure I had everything needed in the bag (I hope) and got myself readied for the Social Hour Meeting. Put the bread in the bag for the Obergruppenfurheresses and Jenny.

Sorted out the black bags and dropped them down the rubbish chute on the way.

Set off down in the lift for the Social Hour Meeting.

I took this picture of the foyer area as I hobbled through and out.

Walked down with three of the tenant gals.

The builder-men were on the other side of the block as well, this morning. I took this photograph and got a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I looked up to photograph it. Tsk!

The Social went well, plenty of folks in attendance.

BJ arrived almost on time, he’s getting better. Haha!

They enjoyed the nibbles, especially the jam tarts. Left the Sourdough bread and insisted that Jenny has one, as I think she deserves a bit of appreciation for all she does for us.

The thighs and knees were terrible again today. If things stay like this, I shall make an appointment with the doctor methinks on Monday when I have the DVT INR Warfarin blood level checks next.

I made my way to the bus stop, a bit of a crowd there. Managed a laugh or two before the L9 arrived. Dropped off at Mapperley Top and limped down to the Aldi Store. Where I believe some real bargains were attained.

I got some vine tomatoes – a bottle of thick bleach for 45p (50p at Morrisons if you buy two) – Two Jam and Cream Doughnuts for 85p (99p at Tesco) – Best chopped tomatoes for 34p (50p at Morrisons) – Garden Peas 21p (39p at Morrisons). And amazingly, tins of Anchovy Fillets for the excellent value price of 59p Lidl 99p! And furthermore and notwithstanding this Aldi one had 57% fish, the Lidl one had only 40% fish! Both were the same contents and weight?

So, that’s four cans of Anchovies I have now, and still, don’t know how or what to eat them with. Haha, wot a plonka!

Also the added bonus of being served and not having to fiddle about with any self-service tills!

I also got a large jar of tomato pasta sauce for 65p, Brown Sandwich Thins for only 59p. One and a bit up to Aldi this time – and a thumbs down for Lidl!

The lady on the till did not sneer at me either, like the lady in Lidl who patrols the horrible Lidl-imposed self-serve till area use, by not having anyone on a proper till.

The only downturn when I departed, was the weight of the bag. Haha!

I wandered along Woodborough Road and turned right down the Winchester Street Hill.

Not many people or cars about, I noticed.

Had to take extra care as I plodded down the incline though. I was coping with the thighs, feet and knee problems bu going very slowly.

Down and around the bend and turned right into Chestnut Way.

Where some people had, possibly with no options, parked right on the kerb come pavement. My choices were to go into the road to pass, or through the close gap and over the leaves. I opted for the tight-gap route.

I now have a small tear in my trouser legs where I caught the thorns on the bushes and a cut on the right side of the knee-cap! Humph!

I faltered wearily along to the flats and was pleased to see that the lifts were available. I’m not sure if I could have walked up those concrete stair again, given how the knees and thighs were. Also, Hippy Hilda was just beginning to get a little bothersome too. The shopping bags seemed so heavy. My own fault.

Got in the apartment and had a wee-wee. Washed and applied some more of the Pkorpain Gel. I don’t think it’s cutting it with this these ailments. So I took another extra Codeine with the medications and did the Health Checks.

Got the fodder put away. The workmen on the hoists, all disappeared as the rain fell. But the endless grinding and drilling noised coming from flats inside was still perpetual.

I knew it was getting on, but I wanted to get the other TFZer graphic started while the idea for it was in the grey-cell box.

I stupidly thought I could change the toolbars with the options and customisation choices, around so I could get the most used ones on display always. Two hours after first attempting this task, I gave up and made do with the mess I’d made of it.

Although, I now have toolbars aplenty with icons duplicated or lost altogether. Still, it might not look very organised (that’s because it is not very coordinated, Hehe!) but, I  think I can manage with it like this. Until I find something, I’ve made a Boo-boo of later. I am thick!

At least I had got rid of it showing off every item I open or import on a toolbar, the ‘Standard Tool Bar it was. I could not get rid of those high length titled graphics, so I took this taskbar off and imported the other individual items I need into other bars. A messy look to it I know.

The outside hoist appeared at the window, and I thought the workers had returned, but it was one of the bosses taking photographs of the work that had been done. I caught his eye: it wasn’t hard he was only about 8ft away from me, I gave him a smile and friendly wave – all I got in reply was an expertly curled lip, and I was ignored. Hehe!

Plans were formulated for the nosh later. A tin of the Aldi tomatoes was put in the saucepan, and some balsamic vinegar added. Then I put some of the contents of the jar of tomato and chunky vegetable pasta sauce I got today, in with the mix and stirred away to let it marinate until I get it cooking. The last of the smoked bacon will go in the oven later. And I have that Scottish Bread to soak it up with and make soft bacon butties with it? I hope this bread tastes like the one used to get years ago. Too salty by far, but so tasty!

That reminds me, being as Morrison’s have only given me one-days shelf life on the loaf, I’ll just have to eat more of it so as not to waste it? What do you think? Haha!

I got updating this diary, then went on Facebook.

The sky looked so beautiful as I got the meal sorted and served up in cracked and aged bowl.

The bacon had come out as I had hoped, cooked through but soft enough for the poorly teeth to gnaw on.

The Scottish bread was delicious! Precisely as I remembered it used to taste.

A large mug of Clementine Juice and the naughty-but-nice cream doughnut to follow, I enjoyed this one.

As I put the pots in the bowl to soak, I took another picture of the sky and surrounding area. On the left is one of the scaffold erections that supports the hoist that the workers use.

I settled in the £300 second-hand recliner. Put the TV on, without checking what was on, for I was sure I would not be awake for long enough to watch much.

I was right. I watched about ten minutes of a ‘Frost’ episode on channel 24 and drifted off.

I woke in confusion, the TV still on and Colin Cramps having taken hold of the left hand and was toying with it painfully. Fingers all over the place, doing almost a dance movement and freezing for a few seconds, freezing, then off again. I emitted a few naughty words several times as it had a grip on me for a few minutes.

I had the camera on the side ottoman, and struggled with the right had to take this photographicalisation in the dark. Then apply the Phorpain Gel on the fingers and hand.

When things calmed down and eased off, I thought as I ejected my well-proportioned but flaccid body from the recliner to go for a wee-wee, ‘Blimus!’ Theodore Thighs is not hurting so much now when I move. A smugness and satisfactory mode overcame me.

Did my water-removal exercise and washing hand afterwards, I saw dried blood on some two the fingertips of the left side? I checked out Little Inchy, the cut knee and the rear end, but found no signs of bleeding? Then as I looked in the mirror, it became clear, the incisor teeth had been the culprits. Tsk!

All well again, no stubbing of the toes either on the way back to the chair. And, Arthur Itis seemed calm.

Just about to nod-off and the ‘Worry-Bug’ got me – Did I turn off the taps in the wetroom? I had to dismount the seat and go back to check. The faucets were not left on, but I had, left the light on.

Settled yet again, and I reckon I was off into dreamland within seconds.