Inchcock Today – Sunday 5th November 2017: Bonfire Night

Sunday 5th November 2017

Azerbaijani: Bazar 5 Noyabr 2017

0220hrs: Woke, with evidence of much nocturnal nibbling having taken place during what little sleep I’d gotten, with an acidulous taste in my mouth and throat?

I dislodged my ever growing torso from the ¬£300 second-hand recliner and hobbled into the kitchen to make a brew. I felt like I should make it in an aspergillum; such was the guilty feeling inside of the encephalon, and mind. I suffered from such strong feelings of self-reproach, self-condemnation, feelings of guilt, pangs of conscience, contrition, almost disgrace! After a few moments and stubbing my toe on the bucket I’d left out to remind myself to mop the floor today, I decided whatever I was dreaming about was most likely the reason for this extra-depth depression.

I took a look at the notepad.

There was not much scribbled on it, and I could not decipher what there was anyway.

The last line may start with Picklement? There were no memories or recollections of any details either.

I think that maybe it is a good thing that I cannot recall the nightmare. Considering how it has left me feeling?

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications with the tea.

Then off to the Porcelain Throne. A little messy again, but there was no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, the teeth or Little Inchy.

Onto the computer and finalised the Saturday Chronicle.

Started this one off up to here.

0420hrs: Did the WordPress reading next. Checked the Emails and comments.

0549hrs: Facebooking started.

0800hrs: Took a photograph of the amazingly coloured sky put there.

Had another wee-wee and put the kettle on again.

Started working on another TFZer graphic next.

Nearly ten-o-clock now, I’ll maketh a cuppa and get the ablutions tended to. I nice long shave shower and scrub-up. The weather was so cold. I’ll put the heater on early in the wet room methinks.

Took a nice shower, shave etc.

I got the fish out of the freezer in readiness to go into the oven. A big lump of smoked Cod. I don’t think much will be needed to eat along with this dollop of fish, so I decided tomatoes and one small potato would be enough when I eat the meal later.

I decided to take a hobble up and through the Tree Copse and back down the hill to the flats.

Only a very short hobble, but despite my not feeling on top form, I considered a little exercise would do me some good. Better than being inactive I think.

Dressed and wrapped up well I exited through the foyer doors.

By gum, it was so cold out there. The cunning sun was shining brightly, but not emitting any heat at all. Brrr!

Took this photo to my right, and then turned to face the other way and took this excellent example of a glaring sun with its lack of warmth, along Chestnut Way.

Up the gravel hill and over to the Copse. It felt a bit eerie in a way, no dogs, owners, ankle-snappers or birds about at all?

With the bright but sinisterly cold sun helping me with the photographing, I made my way up the path at the side of the trees. The poor Copse was already looking a little sad, a sign of winter and the bad weather to come.

I hope the Meteorological merchants are wrong about the snow being on the way. Really cold, by the time I got to the top of the hill and out of the Copse. Despite the hard going and Anne Gyna starting off.

Leaving the trees, the sun provided me with a shot of my shadow. It was here that I realised I’d taken the umbrella with me?

Up to the path and right near the family and kids cafe and play area. A lot of dogs walking their owners in this area.

I walked around and down back towards the flats at the bottom of the hill.

Underfoot was a bit dodgy here.

The walkway was blogged with what seemed like millions of Autumnal leaves.

Not wanting to sound like an aretaloger, but I was pleased with how well I managed to struggle down to the flats area. Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna both giving me some stick in their respective styles. Hehe!

I should have known better than to get feeling satisfied and cocky with myself… At the bottom of the incline turning right, I slipped on mud hidden under the dry leaves. I didn’t go over, though. But Hilda Hips was hassled an not harmlessly with my sudden imitation of a hippopotamus ballet dancing to try to keep his balance! Very sad, yet so comical at the time. I wondered if this was caught on the CCTV camera? Hahaha!

Limpingly, red-facedly and painfully I made my way to the apartment’s foyer. Fellow tenant Roger was sat in there, and we had a little chinwagging session. Apart from him being able to hear without any aids, we both, I found, shared a lot of ailments. And his Hippy Hilda was also not in a good mood with him either. Bade him farewell and up to the apartment and onto the Porcelain Throne. Messy again, so I decided to take the medications and added an extra painkiller for Hilda and an ADRC capsule to the dosages.

Getting the fish into the oven, and Sister Jane rang. Hubby Pete had gone out, and she had time to call me. A very good natter was held.

Anne Gyna calmed down now, the hobbling had stopped, and even Hippy Hilda was not so painful now.

I got the nosh served up. It looked and smelt appealing. Very illusory and ambiguous! I decided never to freeze any fresh fish again. Everything, bar the lemon dessert on the tray was terrible. The bread too hard, the tomatoes foul and bitter, the potato tasteless and the fish tasted and masticated like cardboard! Still, no bother with the teeth. Humph!

Washed the pots up and settled to watch something on the box. Nodded-off and woke in the dark, with the noise of fireworks outside.

So I rose and took some photographs from the kitchen window.

I think I’ll do a WordPress blog page with these photographicalisations tomorrow, along with yesterday’s efforts.

I took about twenty shots in all, but am aware that some (Many!), would not be up to scratch nor unusable.

Belatedly did the Health Checks and medications taken.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner and soon drifted off again.