Inchcock Today – Wednesday 1st November 2017: Early, morning, afternoon and evening Whoopsiedangleplops, Humph!

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Gujarati: બુધવાર 1 નવેમ્બર 2017

0045hrs: Woke up convinced it was a much later hour than it was. Spent a few moments trying to recall the dreams I knew I had had, without any luck.

A pleasing smell permeated the room as I lay there pondering on whether to attempt to escape the clutched of the £300 second-hand recliner. Then it belatedly dawned on me… I had forgotten about the potatoes cooking yesterday and had I left the Crock-Pot on?

A fumbling painfull few minutes as I disentangled my elephantine frame from the chair, and panic began to attack… A spilt part mug of orange juice and stubbed toe later, I got into the kitchen to check.

Yes, I had left the Crock-Pot on from 0830hrs yesterday until now! That’s about sixteen hours I think. The water had evaporated down to the level of the top spud. Phew! Could have been worse. I put some Germolene on the fingers I’d caught on the lid. Turned off the machine and left it to cool down. I’d put some Maggi seasoning in the pot yesterday around 0800hrs. The mix smelt so morish this morning. I hope I can get rid of the marks on the side of the porcelain pot, they look set-in to me. Tsk!

Had a wee-wee. Started the computer.

Made a mug of tea and got the Health Checks done and medications taken.

No hot water. from the tap? 

Whoopsiedangleplops infractions were starting early today. I’d left the faucet running in the wet-room after having my wee-wee!

Wot a Plonka! After all my recent ingeminating to try not to forget things, as well. I fear for my sanity.

Back to the computer, stubbed toe aching and Duodenal Donald kicking off, and forgot to take the tea with me. Finished off yesterdays post, then went to make another brew.

The sky looked dark and dank, and this was when I realised what time it was.

Still a beautiful view. The outline of the clouds and haziness of the moon.

I thought I heard a noise of something mechanic, grinding outside as I took this photo through the window.

So I opened it and took a look down. I could see nothing untoward. Even the resident’s vehicles looked to be parked up much straighter than usual. For some reason, while taking this photograph, (Possibly because Tim is an Ace photographer?) I remembered a ‘Song’ that Tim Price had written about my ailments and sent to me via the comments section: Here it is…

“Muted Man”
“76 Deep Vein Thrombosis in the morning sun
Followed by 110 capillaries right behind
There were more than a thousand bleeds, spurting out indeed
There were varicoses of ev’ry shape and kind.”

I thought this was so apt and funny. Cheered me up! Hehehe! Thanks, Tim.

Checked the Emails.

Sister Jane Emailed me a photograph of the last two of her Furries, Fooey and Alberto.

Asleep of course, bless them.

She’s having an x-ray on her neck next Tues 7th before the big toe op following Tues 14th.

WordPress reading was done next. By gum, that took hours today, so much good stuff out there.

Onto Facebook. Then a TFZer graphics.

Sandie, in her Halloween costume!

Then I spotted the boo-boo come  I’d made on yesterdays graphics. I’d posted a version of the above graphic, but one of those I saved during the process and not the last one. I’d missed Sandie, who I made transparent to let the flowers show through. I did feel bad. Burke!

Blimey 0800hrs already! Where did the eight hours go from when I got up?

I’d better get the ablutions done, in plenty of time for me to catch the 0930hrs bus to town for the optician’s visit.

The wet-room was flooded! I didn’t notice when I went in earlier, cause only the slippers got wet. What a mess! I stripped off sharpish got the mop and bucket and foolishly the thick kitchen towels and dived back in to try and sort it. The drain was not working and would not until the shower was turned on. I used up both towels in seconds and no signs of benefit. The large bath mat was saturated, so I picked it up and tried to wring it in the sink – this only got more mess and bits floating about. I put it in a bucket and moved it out, beyond salvation that is now. Still, it only cost me £5.99 from Wilko so I can get another one today if I catch the bus on time that is.

The drain under the top was grime ridden and gunky. Got down to clean it and the cap. Had a visit from Dennis Dizzy as I got back up. Things were not good. But I pressed on and eventually got it semi-sorted. Used the shower to move the dirt and bits to one place to get them lifted.

Left everything as it was, checked the electrics, taps, lights heaters etc. were all okay, and had a stand-up wash and shot off to catch the bus.

Only the one lift was working again.

As I left the foyer, some scaffolding (I think) was being delivered.

I could hear the thudding and banging noises again, like yesterday.

The working lads had started to erect some vast metal frames and beams where the new flats are to be constructed between the two current 1962 built ones are.

Clunk, bang thud-thud!

Onward I hobbled, Dennis Dizzy now departed entirely, nice that.

Caught the City Bound bus along with a few others from the flats. It took a long while to get there, and the poor driveress had cope with roadworks on Mapperley Top and heavy traffic to-boot.

Dropped off the bus and made my way into the Wilko Store. After a long search, I found the bath rugs with the towels. No idea why, but I bought a cloth the same colour as well as the carpet thingy. This one was a lot dearer at £7. Some Duracell batteries (used for the BP machine and little clocks), Mould Mildew spray and Muscle Power spray all ended up in the basket with the towel and mat.

Out and over to the Victoria Centre (Mall).

I called into WHSmith to peruse their diaries. But for what they were, the prices put me off. Further along, a saw a retail outlet called Card Factory and went in there.

So glad I did now. I got this one on the right for just £1!

Tickled pink, I plodded on to the Tesco Store. Where I got some baked beans with vegetarian sausages, mackerel in sauce, cheese slices and vine tomatoes. More money is gone, Tsk!

Out and through Trinity Square to the bus stop, as it worked out well I thought, only ten minutes and one would be due.

I spotted this ‘Herbert’ at the ATM, he never got off of this bike, and even I could hear the tinny noise coming from his earpieces.

For a second I thought the sign read ‘Massage Sale’ But it was Massive Sale, so I calmed down. Hahaha!

At the bus stop, there is a bench with room for four, or three if one is my size to sit down on. But, this Nottingham Street Art put me off sitting, and I stood instead.

And Nottingham launches a bid to be named European Capital of Culture 2023. Still, it might just possibly get cleaned-up by then. Hehe!

I took this ‘Moody’ photographicalisation of the Council House Dome, with the Fothergill Watson designed building on the left of the clock (Little John).

The bus was over ten minutes late, but I half-expected that with all the bother on the route.

As it pulled away – I remembered the Optician Appointment! !!!

Plenty of time en route to enjoy my cruciverbalist tendencies. (See pic right) This word was given me to use by Sister Jane, she’s smart yer know!

Of course, she’s never finished a Daily Telegraph crossword, well all but one clue, like wot I dun when I was in ward D19 having the lasering treatment. (Swank, wriggles head. Hehe!) That was a fantastic time for me. I think it must have been the drugs, cause I’ve never got more than three or four answers in one before or since.

Got back to the flats eventually. Took this photograph through the end gate, it shows the metal things being put in place to build the new tenants flats.

I got into the apartment, put the bags down and checked out the wet-room first.

Phew! All looked okay. I put the cleaner and new mat it straight away. Not only was this rug costlier than the first one from Wilko, but it was also half the size of it. Grrr!

Got the kettle on. Did the Health Checks and made a cuppa.

Put the fodder away and got the oven warming up for the potato to go in later.

I got the new dairy out and compared it to the old one in use. I think I got a bargain there.

Got the computer on and updated this diary.

Got the potato in the oven and carried on with this.

Mashed and bashed the flesh of the potato in a bowl, adding cheese and a few drops of Balsamic Sauce to it.

Put it back in the husks and into the oven to brown it off.

Poor old thing, I ended up with the cramps in the fingers, and I stabbed my wrist with the fork. Haha!

Back to computing.

Got the tatties and cheese out of the oven. Left the things to soak in the sink and delved into the feast.

Canned mushy peas with vinegar, Polish Smoked Ham, and two delightfully cheesy potato halves.

Regrettably, although so delicious, the ultra-desirable skin tops cause havoc with the incisors, by the time I’d worked my way through this tastiest meal, blood had flowed down the chin, on my jammies, on my chest, on the plate, on the tray and much pain suffered. This problem, I put down to six things:

  1. The INR Warfarin level being a little high
  2. The broken and bad teeth
  3. The over-tempting and tasty cheesy potatoes
  4. The medical support letting me down with the tests and Dentist
  5. Old age and insanity
  6. And, my own stupidity

In a weird way, despite the hassle and agony, I enjoyed this so much.

I put the TV on, many suitable for me programmes were on the schedule (Old). Many to sleep through.

 Had to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner to go to the Porcelain Throne. The session went bloody and afterwards, it took me a lot of time to stop Harold’s Haemorrhoids bleeding.

Then the rumbling innards started? On the way back to the chair, I stubbed my toe on the new spinning mop bucket that I had got out and used for hours earlier, to clear the flooded wet room floor. Humph!

When I got back on the recliner, sleep would not come, but the winds from within did. Tsk!

Norra Good Day overall!