Inchcock Today – Sunday 26th November 2017: A dolefulness lingers – Tsk!

Sunday 26th November 2017

Esperanto: Dimanĉo 26-a De Novembro 2017

0035hrs: The body moved, well twitched into life, the brain followed shortly after, with some reluctance I think. The grey-cells and limbs gelled, and the expergefaction process was achieved.

I put on the spectacles and caught the little boil on the nose with the frames, took off the glasses as I cursed under my breath, and found dried blood on my fingers afterwards. Because at the time there was no pain coming from the teeth, it took me a few seconds to realise where that it had been coming from the gums.

The meal plate from last night on the other chair had blood spots on it, and the fodder was hardly touched, I recall due to the pain from the teggies. A sad state. Bloodied dressing gown, chin and fingers, all dried now of course. I had fallen asleep eating I think, must have woken up and just moved the plate away and fell off again?

I extracted my wobbling overweight body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way gingerly to the wet room. Where a cleansing session was followed by a Porcelain Throne Session that left me needing another cleansing session. Tsk!

Took the medications with another ADRC.

I felt a bit like a medical professional this morning. Treated Harold’s Haemorrhoids, the boil, injected the Enoxaparin in the stomach, vaselined the cracked lips, cleaning the gums, drops in the ears and eyes spray, Phorpained the knees, then did the Health Checks and weighing. Oh yes, a right busy little boy I was. Hehe!

0156hrs: All medicationalistical duties tended to.

It was a little less chilly than yesterday morning, too at 41°f.

Got yesterdays diary finished off.

Checked emails and realised I had no INR Warfarin Blood Test on the Calendar. (That has now been updated and I don’t like it!) This cock-up is thanks to the GP Surgery again failing to Email me with the appointment. I’ve begged them to do this, to no avail. The odd time they have done it, I can always go to check and make sure when it is. Now, like last week when they only call me on the phone, knowing my hearing and memory problems I’m surprised they don’t do this. Too late now for me to get in touch with them, cause it should be for tomorrow. I can’t find the note I wrote and am not sure if they gave me a date and time? I’m fed-up. I shall go to the City Hospital for the test, which means an hour or more hobble to get there. Hope it doesn’t rain. Mind you, I might give them a ring and hope one of the receptionists who’s voice I can hear answers, and asked them about it, or not. I don’t feel like even talking to them now, feel so let down! (I must stop feeling sorry for myself!)

With a bitter taste in my mouth, and depressed over this failure, I went on to starting today’s dairy.

Did the WordPress reading.

Facebooking next.

0255hrs: Onto CorelDraw and started a new graphicalisation going.

0745hrs: Got the TFZer graphic finished! Got on well considering how complicated it was. I just hope I’ve not made any Whoopsiedangleplops with it.

The calls to the porcelain have lessened this morning.

Tin of baked beans and vegetarian sausages for nosh.

Not feeling very well.

Settled down to try and ctch up on the sleep. Waking, nodding repeatedly for several hours.

Eventually nodded off, waking at 1130hrs, feeling out of sorts but not poorly?