Inchcock Today – Saturday 25th November 2017: Got to be the worst day for months. But you don’t like to complain does yer… Humph!

Saturday 25th November 2017

Japanese: 2017年11月25日土曜日

0125hrs: Gave up trying to get any sleep. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with some difficulty, this morning and off to the Porcelain Throne. The complete opposite to last night this session was. Think of ball bearings to get the idea. Tsk!

Health checks were done. Medications were taken. Readings looked okay.

It felt so very nippy this morning again.

0155hrs: Started to update yesterdays diary and get it posted off. Ten minutes later, another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Well, I was flabbergasted at how different this exercise was. Think Messy and spurting. Hehe! It took a while to clean things and me up, afterwards.

Around 0400hrs, still doing the diary photo sorting and update, I was feeling the cold so much, I put the fingerless gloves on after I’d made a mug of so-called Extra Strong, Twining’s English Breakfast tea.

When I went to swap my spectacles, it made me jump… there is a boil or whatever it is on the side of my nose, and it hurts. (Don’t they all!)

Around 0400hrs, I got yet another demand from the innards for me to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Oh dear! I checked the thermometer and Google for the temperature outside.

An hour later, at 0500hrs, I went to make another brew and checked again. The same. Then realised when downloading and trimming the screen scan photos used here, that Google had got the time an hour behind? How do I let them know? Hehe!

Eventually, after what seems a day and a bit, I got the Friday post completed and sent off.

0730hrs: Another mug of tea and I took this picture out of the window.

Drizzling now, the temperature still the same inside the kitchen at 50°f.

When I was struggling to thoroughly turn the window to take the shot, an item I had in my hand slipped out, and I heard something metallic sounding hit the frame on its 12-storey descent to the ground. Went down and out in the drizzle in hopes of finding out what it was, But no chance. I’ll go down again later in the light and have another search. Not the foggiest idea what it was. So, annoying.

Did some WordPress reading.

0815hrs: The Fire Strobe Alarm and Pillow Alert went off again! Did the usual checks, found nothing untoward. The flipping thing is tiring me out! And the Porcelain visits ain’t helping. My Toothache. Nor, not getting any sleep. Humph!

Then went on Facebook.

0900hrs: Off to the throne yet again! Think thick sludge and blood. Took an ACRD capsule.

Back on Facebooking. Knuckled down to TFZer graphic again, and got it finished.

Once again I pray they like it and see the funny in it.

Not feeling too fit now. Going to get summat to eat and rest, try to get some sleep in. TTFN.

Two slices of Scottish Plain, buttered, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, extra-strong stilton cheese, garden peas and a battered cod.

To follow, a whisked lemon mousse and banana. But things did not go as planned or intended.

The teeth made eating so painful, and I fell asleep eating it.