Inchcock Today – Wednesday 15th November 2017: Had to install new Firefox – Had to reset all of the defaults on CorelDraw – due to cock-ups from that Nottingham Pensioner Twit!

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Ukranian: Середа, 15 листопада 2017

0100hrs: Gave up trying to sleep anymore. A good job I’m an algophilist (Not really), cause the nocive condition of various parts of this obese-body I have to lumber around with me was giving me grief last night, and this morning.

The thighs (No idea what’s causing this) seemed tight muscled and stiffened in seconds of no activity. The regular attendees Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis, are a bit frisky too. Still, on the plus side, no Dizzy Dennis’s or Hernia Harold bother.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the toes hurt the moment I stood up. Only to be expected with the toe-stubbing I gave them last night.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding anywhere near as bad as Tuesday, and the back pain has eased off well. Made a cuppa, took the medications, with another ADRC capsule, for things were still a bit messy. Haha!

Much rubbing in of the pain gel took place.

Did the health checks:

0200hrs: Sorted the photos from yesterday and started to update Tuesday’s post. During which, I needed to work on a graphic to use.  Opened CorelDraw and found that for some reason or other, all the fills I did were coming out as 50% transparent? I had to take off transparency manually each time. I got onto the Corel Help page on the web. After following as best, I could, all the instructions this did not solve the issue. But I did come across advice on how to revert to Default settings for Transparencies. Close-down and open up again holding F8 down. So I tried it. Oh, ‘eck!

It put everything back to Default settings! I had to start from scratch going through setting it all up as I wanted it. I’ve still not got everything done, and it is annoying cause the things I’ve set again in preferences are in different places, and of course, there are many that I have not used yet and will find I’ve got to do many more changes I’m sure.

Got this job done at: wait for it… 0755hrs. Yes, nearly eight hours lost. I bet things like this happen to everyone. But I haven’t heard of anyone doing it. Hehehe! Wot a Plonka!

Got on with updating of the diaries again, and the lads outside started their hoist going, with the accompanying clattering and noise from the blow-torches or whatever they call them.

Minutes later the massive clump and rattle were heard as the hoist come platform stopped right outside of the window.

The noise was awful as they had all that metal to cut off and holes to fill-in.

At the same time, the drilling started from the flat to my right, and the one above as the engineers were fitting, I assume, the radiators in those apartments.

All necessary work mind, if we are to get modernised. A cacophony of essentiality! I like that I might use it somewhere later. Hehehe!

Got yesterday’s diary done and posted, and went on Facebooking.

Blimey, it’s 1030hrs already, Danged CorelDraw Whoopsiedangleplop!

Did some more WordPress reading.

I checked the Emails.

1100hrs: Made another small mug of extra-strong tea and was about to start on some graphicalisationing.

Guess what happened?

I got a message telling me about the latest Firefox. How it was 3-times faster than Chrome and had added features.

Like a fool, I downloaded it and then installed it.

It is slower than the one I was using, and of course, finding things will take extra time now they moved and altered stuff about.

The constant grinding from outside, and drilling an banging inside has produced a mother of a headache for me. It must be worse for some of the younger tenants and those who cannot take their hearing-aids out.

The place is vibrating now. Hehe!

Ah, the lads have broken for their lunch – I hope they have a long one.

Back to the CorelDraw Graphics, with hopes that I can find my way around it alright.

Gawd blimey, the thighs and knees are terrible when I get to stand up and walk. A bit fretfull about this, or rather, what is causing it.

1305hrs: Clang, bang, drill, shake, shudder… the lads are back off of there lunch hour. Tsk! Bless em!

Made another cuppa and took a pain-killer.

Letters arrived through the post box. Exciting selection; This one on the left for Tree Services and Maintenance. A good idea that was, delivering up here – I’m sure they’ll get a lot of trade from us. Haha! The other one was from the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic with the INR Warfarin blood test results.

I got one Diary top photo done and then went onto creating one for the TFZer site.

Looking a bit glum now, and it isn’t late either.

I hope that the workers outside are going to pack up soon, as it is definitely getting too dark to work safely, methinks.

Good ‘heavens, the workmen are busy right above me now. Thudding, drilling, banging, clunking, drilling. Ah-well!

1625hrs: Got the TFZer graphic completed. It took longer than expected due to the new set-up confusing me. Hehe!

Got the oven on to cook the bacon in later. Bacon, seasoned tomatoes and home baked (Well heated up part-cooked ones, Hehe!) cobs (I hope if I get them right).

Did the Health Checks, pain-gelling and took the Medications.

Posted the picture off to the TFZer site and closed down and got the nosh served up.

Canned tomatoes seasoned with balsamic vinegar and basil. Smoked bacon was done in the oven, and I made sure it was not too crisp.

I had to be cunning with the part-cooked cobs though, to get them a little less hard. I warmed them through and sprinkled some olive oil on them and returned them to the oven for a couple of minutes. It didn’t work, but at least I tried. Hehehe!

The noises from outside, the clanging of metal on metal started after the workmen had ceased working.

Then, after washing up the pots and settling in the chair, the damned phone started ringing. I was sure it would be that Pizza guy again, so put the headphones on loud listening to the TV, and watched the ringing-light on the phone. He rang at least eight times. Tsk!

I think, after the hectic day of Whoopsiedangleplops, noise and stress, I must have been exhausted, for I nodded off within minutes.