Inchcock Today – Saturday 4th November 2017: Tried to photographicalise the pyrotechnics – they were not very good. Humph!

Saturday 4th November 2017

Uzbek: Shanba, 4 Noyabr 2017

0120hrs: This morning’s expergefaction in the £300 second-hand recliner was a surprisingly pleasant affair. For I had feared that Hippy Hilda would still be giving me grief after yesterdays sufferings, but she had calmed down so much now.

0139hrs: Washing sorted and down to the laundry room. Set the machine and back up to the apartment. Took these photos looking into and out of the laundry room.

0150hrs. Back up into the mini-home.

Porcelain Throne session, oh dear… Splattering, spluttering, windy and wet!

I thought, pondered and showed my dubiety in failing to make a decision about whether I should or shouldn’t take a capsule at this stage, to help alleviate and mitigate these worrying symptoms? Which meant I didn’t have any, rightly or wrongly? Huh!

Got the medications take and did the pots for next week.

0220hrs: Did the Health Checks and it was soon time to go back down to move the washing from machine to the dryer.

Both lifts were operational this morning.

Cleaned the washer filter and casing, got the stuff out and into the drying drum. Oh dear, what a mess in there.

The filter had not been clean out, so I got that done before putting the clothes in and setting it going.

0240hrs: Then back up to the apartment and back on the Porcelain Throne. Another spludgy session, so I did take one of the ADRC capsules this time. Still not sure if I should have – my incertitude persists. Tsk!

I took this picture down outside. This was taken before the mist fog and rain got heavier later on.

I got on with finishing the Friday diary and graphicalisationing when necessary. The time flew by, and it was soon time to go and retrieve the washing.

0318hrs: Bit of a farce with the lifts again as I pressed the call button. Lift one was on the 14th floor, lift two on the ground floor. Number two came up straight passed my 12th up to the 13th floor. Then down to the 6th floor, down to the ground floor – at this time lift no. 1 started to go down from the 14th passing my storey again, to the 2nd floor, lift two came back up and I was delighted to say, it stopped for me to get on!?!?!

Got the washing out of the dryer, folded and into the bag. Cleaned the filter, inner drum and casing.

As I kept bending (No hearing aids in of course) and stretching to do the cleaning, I noticed the left-hand pocket of my jacket was soaking wet! I’d forgotten that I had put an antiseptic spray in there to use on the drum and bin, and had been setting it off as I kept bending down. A perfect example of my occasional Plonkishness? Hahaha! It had gone through to my undies and flesh. I photoed it when I got back up. Fool! Still, I smelt nice!

0349hrs: Got the clobber put away and was amazed at how the weather had changed so quickly.

Seeing this, the idea came to me, for a possible funny Eerie Photograph. So I tried this one, with the hopes that it came out showing behind me in the kitchen, outside and the fog and heavy rain with me waving in between.

Easy for me to recognise the features in it, but anyone not knowing the layout would have difficulty in seeing it, I think.

Never mind, I did me bestest. I tried to get it more precise using Photopaint and CorelDraw, but it didn’t work, so I kept the original one. I’ll post it the TFZ site later.

Making another mug of tea, and I dropped the wet tea bag on the floor. Bear it up, and getting back up again proved a more difficult and hazardous exercise than I needed at this time. Still, persistence paid off, and I did get back upright again… eventually.

I did consider pressing the Wrist-Alert-Alarm but am glad I didn’t.

Finished the Friday post and started to update this one to here.

WordPress Reading next.

Did some graphic tops for upcoming Inchcock Todays.

1155hrs: Made another mug of tea and back onto Coreldraw, doing TFZer graphic work preperationing.

0315hrs: Got the nosh ready.

Potato Farls topped with cheddar cheese, mash with cheese and Balsamic vinegar, tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, pickled egg, mini caramelised pork pie followed by a Lemon Fool dessert. I ate nearly all of it, with difficulty due to the poorly teeth.

Health Checks, medications and Clementine Juice.

Nodded and woke for hours, before eventually almost springing awake at the noise of fireworks close-by.

Got the light on, the TV was still on, signs of nocturnal nibbling scattered around, unreadable scribble on the notepad about a dream. Stomach rumbling.

So I got up and stood for ages at the kitchen window with the camera trying to get a decent photographicalisation of the pyrotechnics.

Many times after waiting for them to shoot skywards, I’d click the button, but by the time the camera took the shot, they had died off.

In the early hours of the morning, I tried to get to sleep again.

I gave up around 0230hrs, dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and went to make a mug of tea.