Inchcock Today – Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Maori: Rā Apa 22 Whiringa-ā-Rangi 2017

0105hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner. Slowly the brain engaged and I saw the dinner plate with 75% of the cold congealed food still on it. Signs of nocturnal nibbling surrounded me. I got the shpilkes as I noted the empty cheese nibble bag, the open and much less full now chocolate nuts tub with its lid off. The crumbs laying on my over-ample stomach, and for a few moments, I tried to understand why this sitomania is so sporadic.

Dismounting the recliner in response to a demand for utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne, an escaped teaspoon gave me a shock as it fell down the inside of my pyjama legs and clunked on my foot, then I trod on it. Not too bad a session.

Into the kitchen and took this photographicalisation out through the window.

Caught the reflection of the open door, making it appear like an ET transporter or something like that. Might try to use this later to make something amusing.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.

The computer on and finished off the Tuesday post then started on this one.

Oh, dear, back to the Porcelain Throne again. Painful, but not much bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold. Very sore, though. It seems the past couple of days unexpected but very welcome better health with far less hassle has come to an end. Because Duodenal Donald started kicking off as well. Tsk!

WordPress Reader, lots of great stuff on today.

Then on to Facebooking. Martin Shuttlecock posted about a little quiz on your phycological age profile.

This is how mine came out. Hehe!

Spent three-and-a-half hours on doing a TFZer graphic of the lads.

Going to have to think up a funny caption for this one before I post it off. Really hope that the TFZers like it and it gets some responses this time.

I wondered what the noise was when I went to make a cuppa. T’was the wind along with the occasional drizzle.

A little grim looking outside, but I do not intend to venture out today, as I  am not feeling up to much now, I decided against it.

Duodenal Donald, Trotsky Terence and a rare until a yesterday headache, were the predominant reasons. Oh, and toothache.

As for the penarious plans, I’m going to do a steak pie and remove the crusty top. Or, indeed tops, plural. I have two small ones in the fridge, both with a termination date of today. I may make some gravy to soften it further and not bother with anything else, apart from the last remaining soft cob to dip into the juices.

Made the washing things readied in the bag with the laundry for the morning. I’ll not get them all in one wash, so I’ll do one in the AM and another on Friday morning. All being well and the brain is functioning alright. Haha!

Got making up some humour tops for the diaries and setting up a couple of days worth of templates.

I took time out to do another TFZer humorous graphic. This is Pattie from Canada. ♥

Got it posted to the site, and then back on the Headers creating.

Finished the page-top headers.

Getting tired now, Duodenal Donald is not letting up on me, Tsk!

I was going to put the beef pies in an oven-tray, but could I find the tray I was sure I’d used last night? No! So I got a new one out, foiled it and went to put them on the stove. Then realised I’d left the tray in the oven with the potato-waffle-sticks in… They were very burnt. Whatta Plonka!

Back on updating this post, set the timer for 15 minutes so I can try to add the last of the waffles to it, in the hope they get cooked at the same time. I put the chip things in when the alarm went off.

Done that now. Turned off the computer so I don’t get carried away and forget about the nosh.

The meal turned out very tooth-friendly as it happens.

One of the least painful repasts in a long while. I had not made a good job of the gravy, but it did soften everything for me anyway.

Washed the pots and settled into the recliner, and the phone rang. I struggled out of the chair expecting it to be a Pizza delivery bloke again, but I heard nothing on the other end of the line. I assumed whoever it was had rang off as I lifted the receiver.

Back into the chair, and started to watch a ‘Law & Order’ episode. Got to the first commercial break, nodded off and woke an hour or so later. Could not get back to sleep, the mind started one of its ‘Doing what it wanted, when it wanted, how it wanted, totally illogical wandering sessions’!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 22nd November 2017

    • I use CorelDraw 2017. It costs a lot to get though, you have to sign-up and pay them monthly or yearly. It is a massive programme that drains the computer and often freezes and I have to start all over when doing heavy memory graphics.
      I got the best computer I could afford and it still struggles at times.
      It taken me years to try and learn how to use the facilities properly. But it can do great work. Just that I can’t work out how to. Hehe!
      I start on CorelDraw and convert to Bitmaps or CPT (Corel Photo Paint), usually to store. CPT uses much less memory than PNG.
      I’ve been thinking of trying another package myself, one that uses less resources.
      Which do you use?
      I might find time to do a search, see what’s on offer.
      Take care, Sir. TTFN

      • Thanks for the information! I have been doing my photo shopping on Android devices because of my vision issues. I briefly tried a laptop but I gave it up pretty quickly because it was like trying to wrestle an elephant to the floor. Lol! Android smartphones are perfect for people with vision issues because of the text to speech and speech typing features. I use a photo shopping app called “PicSay Pro” which allows me to work fairly quickly using my fingers on the touch screen, it’s like finger painting for the blind. as near as I can tell, the quality is good and the finished quality is flexible. I will have to replace my current Androids fairly soon. the learning curve of the necessary change to Android version 8 will slow me down for a few weeks. I have a huge PNG/sticker Library that uses up alot of memory and must be installed on the Android I photoshop with and takes days to install from the “cloud” and thumb drives. using a laptop would definitely be much faster and easier during this transition phase.
        thanks again for letting me know what programs you use because many of them are also available an Android app versions! that’s how I found PicSay and “Photo Eraser!” 👍👍

      • It all sounds so complicated, proud of how you manage it.
        I looked up PicSay and it said:
        It all sounds so complicated, proud of how you manage it.
        I looked up PicSay and it said:
        Home » PicSay – Photo Editor
        The fun award winning photo editor. Color-correct your pictures and add word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion. All in a fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
        This is the free Lite edition, buy PicSay Pro and get a host of extra tools, special effects, styles, stickers, and much more.
        Edit and quickly share using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other service you have installed on your device.
        Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)
        Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store
        Open Google Play Store and search PicSay – Photo Editor Download
        Install PicSay – Photo Editor and start it
        Well done! Now you can play PicSay – Photo Editor on PC, just like PicSay – Photo Editor for PC version.
        Too complicated for me at the moment to try it out. I have fear of computer hardware and softwear. Always seem to manage to cock things up I’m afraid.
        Thanks for sharing.
        TTFN Mon Ami.

      • That’s PicSay in a nutshell! I know what you mean about technology. I believe it is the Nerds taking out their revenge on the rest of us LOL! most of it only makes sense when you look at it from a Revenge Maker’s point of view😨

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