Inchcock Today – Tuesday 21st November –

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Macedonian: Вторник 21 ноември 2017 година

002hrs: No doom-ladened or demonosophers affected the brain this morning. Bright, keen and only a headache affecting the health. All the usual ailments were giving me a break, Great!

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee.

I took the cotton wool off of the arm from yesterday’s blood test. I noticed how dark the blood was this time? Almost black.

To the kitchen and to take the medications and do the creaming, injection and gelling.

The Health Checks this week are looking okay, I thought?

0140: Started to do the updating of yesterdays diary. Such a long and eventful day (A good one for me too!), and so many photographs to sort out. It was 0400hrs by the time I’d got it finished.

0149hrs: I went to make a brew and took these photographs out of the window. I forgot to make the tea and returned to the computer. And the Windows Update Arrived, so I thought it best if I got it done straight away.

I got the paperwork I’d let slip, through overindulgingment on WordPressing and Blogging, and Facebooking.

Naughty me! Hehehe!

It took me awhile to get them sorted into their respective folders. Nottingham City Homes, Sherrington Medical, Dentist, Audio Clinic, GUM Clinic, Deep Vein Thrombosis Unit and the Nottingham Oncology services, Nottingham Cardiac Follow-Up Support Group and the Audio Clinic’s forms, letters, instructions etc. They had built up a bit. Shame Mode Adopted here!

Makes me sound so poorly doesn’t it.

But I was feeling quite good this morning again. Worrying, I know. Although this sounds perverse if that’s the right word?

Despite the time spent arranging these letters etc., still, the windows download had not finished. So I made a brew read a few chapters of the Leningrad book.

When the computer came on again, it was nothing but hassle and confusion for me. A synced folder missing that I could not find? A welcome to the Fall Creators Update opened. What the heck is that? I wanted to get on with doing this dairy, so turned off and went to Firefox to start this post.

The photographs no longer are saving to the drop-box? The -saved-work in the Notepad need finding and loading each time I use it now. The send to Email button no longer works in Firefox, and in Google, it does not transfer the address with it.

Again I gave up trying to sort out something I knew I could not.

Depression showed its ugly head again, just when I was beginning to feel better, too!

Pee’d off. I went on Facebooking. With crossed fingers that the windows update has not done something disastrous to that. (Spit!)

Then to WordPress reading.

So late now, I’ll pop off and get the ablutionisationing done. I want to catch the bus up the hill and go to Aldi to get some stilton cheese and long life milk. That’s the plan, but knowing me, I’ll come back with a big bag of unwanted or needed stuff. Hehe!

Had a good shower, shave and scrub-up, with no signs of any need for the Porcelain Throne yet?

Took the waste bags to the chute on the way out.

Toddled off to the bus stop. Called in the shed en route. Doris, May and Hilda (Not sure if these are their names, sorry) were inside. Gave them a nibble and listened to their chinwagging, then went out to the bus point, for a chinwag with Barry and a few others awaiting the buses arrival.

Caught the City bound one, up the hill, and dropped off on Mapperley Road, and walked to the Aldi store.

I had a long waddle around, selecting items that as I expected, were not needed or wanted really, but just took my fancy, as if to put it.

Lots of nibbles for the Social Hour, the Stilton cheese, some strong red grated cheese, a TV paper for next week, vine tomatoes, canned anchovy fillets and a pack of four large wholemeal cobs.

Oh, and some cooked BBQ chicken legs. Nearly £15 worth, Tsk!

Only the feet and knees were giving me any hassle.

I met a tenant lady, Shirley I think on the way out. I walked along the top, passing the car showroom as was until a couple of years or so ago. Another sad sight.

To Winchester Street and right down the hill.

Having to stop once or twice, but not by Anne Gyna, but the feet stinging badly?

It was amusing to see every car that went down near the speed indicated, jam their brakes on.

Nearing the turn-off on the right for Chestnut Way, the scenery was I thought was so pleasant and picturesque, I took this photo on the bend.

Photographicalised the flats as I started to walk down towards them, as seen here on the left.

As I limpingly now, went down the road further, I came to the place where the parked vehicles cause me the hassle on Saturday when I was going home. Then I took a photograph (I thought anyway) of an Eon van parked in the same place right up against the nettles. But when later, it came for me to download and use all the camera shots, it was not there on the SDH card? Most odd!

I struggled on, for the feet were worse than ever now for some reason, back to the apartments, up the lift and into the dwelling, without seeing anyone at all.

Well, that’s not right, I did see one workman in the compound doing something on the new apartments building.

I put away the fodder and nibbles. And decided on what should be for nosh later. Potatoes balls, BBQ mackerel, tomatoes and a wholemeal cob or two.

Then got on the computer to update this one to here.

Then on Facebook for a while. Then on CorelDraw to do a graphic header.

Blimey, the workers have started drilling above and below my flat suddenly. Ah-well!

Got the nosh prepared and served up.

Couldn’t eat much of it, the teeth and my just losing my appetite for some unknown reason.

Got three TFZer jobs done and posted off.

I must have needed the sleep because, after half an hour of watching TV, I drifted off.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 21st November –

  1. Do you remember Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused”? That’s just how a lot of updates leave you these days (you might what to look it up a take a short listen). Firefox recently revamped the browser to make in more compliant with the Google Nazi’s I believe. Whatever the reason, now a whole lotta very cool plugins I had in Firefox no longer work. Referring to Led Z again I do not have a “Whole Lotta Love” for a whole lotta new updates these confusing daze.

    You have a right to be depressed over stupid updates. However, despite it all, you got some great photos and did some superb graphics. I think it’s all enough to make you lose your appetite.

    • You summed up the updates very well there, Tim.
      Glad you liked the graphics, Sir.
      After two days of very welcome ailments easing off, they are back! Humph! Duodenal Donald and Haemorrhoid Harold giving grief this morning. Still, I knew it couldn’t last. Hehe! Cheers.

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