Inchcock Today – Monday 20th November 2017: Got wet again, but it was a much better day for me!

Monday 20th November 2017

Finnish: Maanantai 20. Marraskuuta 2017

0040hrs: Woke and was out of the £300 second-hand recliner immediately, and without any ailments (other than Duodenal Donald) hassling me, unbelievable!

I stood almost upright, no Dizzy Dennis, the hips and Arthur Itis was well behaved.

When I got into the kitchen, I was nequient in recalling why I had got up and gone into the kitchen. Marvellous, the physicals improve beyond belief, and the mental deterioration shows itself their place. Tsk! I gave up trying, hoping this intention would return to me later.

I checked the weekly medication pots with the idea of making new ones and thought I’d made a right cock-up, then it dawned on me it was not Sunday, but Monday and it all came right again.

I sorted the black bags in the bins and put two new rubbish-bags in, one orange for the recycling one black. The set of doing the two weeks dosages. Took this mornings doses.

Carefully making sure that the cardboard and foil were kept separate as I emptied them making up the pots. I’d started on the latest prescription packets this time, and the flaming tablets had changed colour again! Especially the evening doses, there were many all white ones now, which does not help me to check that I’ve done the right ones… if that makes sense?

0127hrs: Noticed that the temperature in the kitchen was much higher this morning at 54°f.

At this point in time, an urgent and almost immediate call for my utilisation of the Porcelain Throne arrived. I hastily responded and made my way to the wet room facilities. Where proceedings were long and messy. Another chapter of the Leningrad book was perused, followed by another cleaning up session.

I got the nibble bags made up, for the staff at the surgery and those at the Audio Clinic. It’s going to be close getting to the Clinic on time. I intend to go to the Sherrington surgery early for the Warfarin level blood test, hoping they might get me done earlier, and this will give me a chance to get to the City Centre and my Hearin Aid follow up appointment in time. I hope, else I’ll have to get a taxi if I can get one.

I opened the window to take a view of the morning skyline without reflections from the glass.

It doesn’t show in the photo, but when I closed the window, the rain splattered into the kitchen and me! Tsk!

Did the Health Checks, and chart-totals to take with me to the surgery for the motto be looked at again.

It all looks much a sameness to me. Although, this morning the weight had gone over the 15St mark!

Got the computer going and started this post off to here, then updated yesterdays. The grey-cells often pondering on why I had gone into the kitchen when I woke up. Tsk!

Finished off yesterdays and got it posted.

On to WordPress Reading and messages. Facebooked and then Email checks. Then did a graphic to use as a Diary topper for Wednesday and later Thursday and saved them.

Got the ablutions tended to.

Made sure the paperwork and nibbles for the surgery and audio clinic staff were in my shopping bag. Sorted three rubbish-bags for the rubbish chute and took them out with me on the way down to the foyer.

The meal framework for the new build flats was coming on.

It looks like it will be far further forward towards the road than I thought it would be.

A little drizzling this morning, the very fine drizzle that you hardly notice.

I walked along Chestnut Way, and I felt a bit of compassion for the car owners. Hehehe!

Passing the bus stop and turned right down Winchester Street Hill, the bags already making me struggle a bit, with the weight of the nibbles.

Down onto Mansfield road, and right up and over the incline, and down into Carrington. Where a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist all but hit me.

When I arrived at the Sherrington Medical Practice and went through the outer door, he coat squelched, and it dawned on me just how wet I was! I booked in and sat somewhat uncomfortably in a chair as the rain dripped off of me.

Gratifyingly, it was Nurse Nichole who came out to collect me. We managed a priceless to me, little gossip too because the blood did not want to stop coming and we had a long wait before it congealed. Handed her the bags of nibbles, one for herself and the other for the receptionists.

I thanked her, inwardly slobbered over her and departed. Farewells to the receptionist staff as I left. Out and very belatedly put up the brolly as I hobbled to the bus stop. The short journey into town was another cramped disagreeable journey for me. Kids screaming, the bus full up, people shouting down their mobile phones, everyone wet, the floor slippy… but I did not worry about this until it came to getting off the bus at the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall). The stampede to get off meant I was last getting up out of my seat and being a little slower than most, by the time I got to the front of the bus, the driver had closed the doors and was pulling away… Tsk! Still, he let me off. Hehe!

To keep out of the rain, I walked through the House of Fraser store near the bus stop, and up their elevator and into the mall that way. It’s the first time I’ve been in this store and got myself a little lost but got out eventually. Went the Poundworld in there to see if they had any chocolate nougat in stock. They didn’t. But I got some nibbles and two pairs of the fingerless gloves.

I limped along in the centre to the end and down the escalator and foolishly had a look in the Thorntons shop and asked a lady if they had any chocolate nougat. “Yes,” she said. Fetched a cubed box and asked if I’d like it gift-wrapped, no charge for this. My mind was finding it hard to connect to voice box or logicality as she bent down, revealing more than I could handle of her buxom cleavage, and came back up with a box already done. She added, while putting another box of chocolates on the counter, “You get these free when you buy the nougat selection”. She bent down again for some unknown reason as I got my card out to pay.

My attention was again distracted. I got the two boxes into the bag and made my way to the exit doors. I thought I’d better try to make sure the chocolates don’t get wet, so stopped under cover of the canopy to rearrange my bag. During which I came across the receipt for the nougat… £20!

I hope that the person destined to get this present, are not reading this.

That made sure there would be no Morrison delivery this week. Thinking about it, that is not a bad thing. I can get to use up some of the tinned and frozen stuff this week, and I have some pies, cheese etc. in the fridge anyway.

I crossed over the road, and along Upper Parliament Street towards Derby Road.

Oddly, the Nottingamians did not seem so depressed as of late.

Crossed over the double-pelican lights on Maid Marion Way, and up Standard Hill. Stopping part way, to allow Anne Gyna to calm down.

This is one of the most deceptive looking hills in Nottingham. A slow incline that takes it out of us old folk who are unfortunate enough to have to climb it on foot. The feet and knees started giving me bother shortly after this. Hehe!

As I crossed over East Circus Street, I took another rest and this photo. Bad as the feet were, I hobbled to the for sale sign to get the details. Just out of curiosity, to get to find out later what the rent or price is.

I went on the web in the morning and found out that is was a Two-bedroomed flat, for sale at only £232,500.

I’m thinking of buying it, so I have somewhere to sit-down when I pay a visit to town and the ailments play-up. Ahem!

Despite the rain and Anne Gyna and the feet, I was in a better mood, thanks to Nurse Nichole who had cheered me up and for once had time for a natter with me. And, I suppose, the pleasant but far too late in life flashes of cleavage may have temporarily given me a lift, but the realisation that I could no longer enjoy such things from the past got me down again. Hehehe! A glow inside installed bu Nurse Nichole was sensed.

I got up to the top of the hill and into the Audio Clinic. The receptionist was patient with me as I fumbled getting the record card out and dropped it. A young lady nearby came and picked it up for me, I thanked her. (I was doing well today, with people being friendly to me… I hope it lasts, I like it!)

I took my seat and got the crossword book out. Which was on second thoughts, was not a good idea. Because I missed it when they called out my name and showed it on the board! However, the lady Audiologist who approached me was very nice about it. (Am I dreaming, how come people are so kind to me today? Not that I’m complaining, just confused at the lack of sneers and my being ignored?)

We walked through a maze of corridors to her treatment room. The girl asked me if I was feeling alright, and I told her yes, thank you. Seems that I was looking very pale and drawn, as were her words? Which was a bit of a surprise, because I was feeling better than I have done for ages. The test was carried out which took about an hour overall. She took off the E facility after asking if I used it, and made sure the sound control of either hearing aid, would change both at the same time. Very tolerant of my questions and did not rush me at all, bless her. Thanked her, gave her the nibbles and she led me back through the corridors to the main hall.

Outside, the rain had stopped altogether now.

Limping along I got to the bus stop on Queen Street.

Took this photo from the top. I can’t remember why I did now though.

Across the road and down to the terminus.

I spotted this capsule on the floor near the seating. Wondered what it was?

An L9 arrived at the stop, but it was Not in Service. The driver was going on his her lunch-break.

I got this picture of the Little John dome and clock as it arrived.

A few minutes later the replacement bus came, and I was off on the way back to the flats.

Feeling good, needing a wee-wee and the feet stinging!

Took this photographicalisation of the bottom end of Trinity Walk, on Upper Parliament Street en route.

Fell asleep for a big part of the journey.

As  I alighted the bus on Chestnut Way, a few words were exchanged with those tenants that were getting on the bus. Bill ‘William on Sundays’ said; Come on dodo, get a move one, some of us need to gerron the bus! Fred (I think); Out of the way you old fart! I felt like I was arriving back home to a family.

I was glad not to see any workmen up on the platform hoists on the building in the rain.

Met Welsh Bill on the walk down to the complex. He was back on the liquid Morphine. I think he said in 24 hours he should be having the pins removed from his left knee. He was obviously suffering. I like this lad.

A wagon delivering some machinery passed by us.

This picture show just how narrow that Chestnut Walk is, and the difficulties with ingress and exiting this presents to the building contractors daily.

I know I’m unacquainted with building practices, but I think it is marvellous how this company is coping and seem to be safety conscious at the same time.

As Bill and I entered the foyer, he pointed out a new poster on the wall. We both agreed that the sign was not there at 0900hrs when I left the flats, nor 1000hrs when Bill departed. Tsk! Both of hoped we would not be deprived of our mugs of tea! Hehe!

Up in the lift, farewells to Bill and got in the flat and had the much-needed wee-wee. Another marathon session, but eventually it stopped. Haha!

I got the pressies and nibbles stowed away and started to sort the meal out. I knew I’d soon fall asleep, I could sense it.

I cut two small cobs in half. Buttered them, added some sharp cheddar cheese and topped them with sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette. Min-franks as well. A banana and lemon mousse to follow.

The planned watching of the TV was not achieved. I’d nodded off before I ate the banana!

Woke a few hours later. Washed the pots, had a wee-wee and back down in the recliner to watch a DVD.

Nodded off once again.

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  1. Nice to see you had a bloody good time time with nurse Nichole. While you are all wet, we are simply cold and dry. Sounds like a good hearing with the audiologist. At least the note about the work on the water supply isn’t yelling at you. Meal looks good.

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