Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th November 2017:

Sunday 19th November 2017

Javanese: Minggu 19 November 2017

0120hrs: Woke and awaited while the brain regained its autexousiousness, when it received a message for my need of utilisationing the Porcelain Throne, it let me know. Hehe! Off to the wet room. Bit of a false alarm as it turned out. Splurting winds and nothing else.

Although an extremely long wee-wee had me grabbing for the crossword book.

Got a few clues answered, well one of them. Then to the kitchen to do the Health Checks, injecting, creaming and medications were taken.

Blimey, I was doing an awful lot of sneezing this morning.

It felt really nippy, as well, so I had a peep at the thermometer in the kitchen. 14°c 47°f, no wonder I felt chilly!

And the heater was pumping out and working?

But, the windows might have been loosened by all the work going on outside, there is definitely wind blowing in both the kitchen and front room frames. Brr!

0230hrs: I got wrapped up warmly and collated the washing bag, and down to the laundry room.

Got the machine going and returned to the apartment and got the computer on to update yesterday’s post on the WordPress site. Problems when I opened the send to Email button, the machine began Google Chrome while I was in Firefox? Closed it down, and was in a pickle as to why? Found that the right-click menu that had a ‘send to email’ on it, that had disappeared yesterday, had come back on again this morning? Naturally, I was suffering an imbroglio moment, once more, and must have misunderstood something or other, or got it wrong all both, knowing me.

I can feel draughts blowing around my neck and had to put the hoodie on the dressing gown up over my head, to protect myself from them.

Down to the ground floor. Plenty of activities being planned on the main board. Of which fodder-wise, I can’t partake in, sadly. Waiting as I am, in possibly vain hopes of getting the teeth done, the Hilda Hip and Lesion operations being expected for that I am on short notice lists in case of cancellations puts me out of the picture, I have to say.

Moved the togs into the dryer. Someone had been down to do their drying in the other machine. I checked the filter, in case it was a new tenant, but no bother, it was clear.

Up again to the flat, the draughty-cold-flat!

I got the Saturday post finished and posted off. I tried the send-it-to-email, and it worked okay this time. I get easily confused yer know, Hehe!

Time to go down to collect the laundry from the dryer.

Removed and folded the attire, got it into the bag, cleaned the filter, drum and casing. Swept up around where someone had spilt soap powder with the brush and dustpan provided and was soon on my way back up to chilly cold apartment!

As the lift door opened on my twelfth floor, two things hit me.

One, the lack of any welcoming signs of prettiness or warmth. The other was the cold wind belting into the cage!

0445hrs: I wasn’t sure if it was me or the actual temperature, but I thought it was even colder now than earlier.

I’d got indoors, put the clothing in the airing cupboard. Then got the dressing gown back on, warm slippers, woolly hat on, the heaters all on and was still sneezing, sniffling and so cold! I rechecked the thermometer again in the kitchen. It was 14°c-47°f earlier, now it showed 12°c-42°f? Everything I touched seemed so cold, door handles, keypad, cutlery, cupboard knobs… oh dear, I hope it’s not just me?

Started on today’s dairy.

Very uncomfortable in here like this.

No idea why, but I took a photo of the mug of tea, it came out red. I made another, seconds later and okay? Wonder what I did wrong?

I’d been drinking tea regularly, but it was getting so cold so quickly. Even when I tried the new narrow tall mug, it lost heat rapidly? I was throwing away far more than I was drinking? Tsk!

Still sniffling and sneezing too. Humph!

I checked on the web for the temperature in Nottingham now. Freezing I think. 0°c. Brrr! Yet looking outside, I can see no signs of frost, then again, I looked without opening the window, there is enough freezing wind coming in through the air-vents and cracks in the window frame as it is.

Carried on with updating this post to here. Then went to WordPress Reading, in between sneezes and shudders!

0800hrs: Facebooking next.

1010hrs: CorelDraw graphicationalisationing next.

1225hrs: Got it finished. Phew, a hard one this was. I just hope they like it, this Australian themed on of Jillie and Marie at their Deli Counter.

Tired now, I had to stop on the computerisationalising.

Got the dinner cooking, potatoes in the oven. Hope I don’t fall asleep. The plan is to cook them for an hour and then add the steak pie with them in the tray. Maybe best to give them an hour and a half I think, cause they are big ones? Ambivalent, equivocal, uncertain, unsure, doubtful, indecisive Mode Adopted again it seems! Tsk!

Did a bit of cleaning up in the kitchen while watching the meal, well, the potatoes in the oven.

Got them baked well and halved them and bashed up the flesh in a bowl adding a touch of sea salt, and butter to the mix. Loaded the husks and back in the oven to brown off.

For the first time ever with cheesy potatoes, I didn’t eat them all!

Two of them found their way into the bin.

Two reasons; I made them a little too hard, and the teeth were suffering, and my concerns about the weight increasing encouraged me to resist.

Did the Health Checks and medications and got down in the chair and perused the TV magazine to see what programmes were on offer.

None, as it turned out. Both yesterday and tonight there has been nothing on that I fancied watching. I dislike weekends as it is without the TV schedule is such crap! So I started to watch some Jonathan Creek DVD. Not much though, I soon nodded off.

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  1. You are off 10 degrees on your C to F calculation — 14º C is 57º F, still cold. The formula to go from C to F is Cº x 9/5 +32 or 14 x 1.8 = 25.2 +32= 57.2. More notes on note on the board. Too many notes in Nottingham. That was a good looking meal. I hope they get things sealed up soon so it’s not so cold.

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