Inchcock Today – Monday 19th March 2018

Monday 19th March 2018

Gujarati: સોમવાર 19 મી માર્ચ 2018

0200hrs: I lay trying to recall a dream I think I’d just been having. I was in a swimming pool, filled with Engraulidae, with several people walking around throwing water on the anchovies from an aspergillum. On a tannoy system someone was asking me to answer quiz-like questions I knew nothing about and could not give an answer too. The voice said I must provide a solution or a fish would be killed for every one I fail to respond to. I was a right blatherskite in answering and made no sense at all, but the voice accepted every muttering I spouted as being the correct response? The recall gets very vague here, I have no idea what happened after this. I thought about getting back to sleep to see if I could get back the same dream.

0230hrs: The need for a wee-wee prevented me doing this. I disentangled my short, plump blubbery mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the wet room for my wee-wee. Far less bleeding this morning from the fungal lesion.

Washed and cleaned up and into the kitchen to see what the weather was like.

There were no signs of any snow falling. But the already settled dollop made this photograph rather pretty, I thought.

An Active-Warning was on the BBC site for Ice in Nottingham. When I took this photo of below the kitchen window, I could see they were right, too

The glistening does not show up in the picture, but it was unmistakably going to be risky walking underfoot on roads or sidewalks when I get out later.

I made a mug of extra-strong tea, then wondered if this was such a good idea when I had to return to the wet room for another wee-wee. It dawned on me then, no signs of needing the Porcelain Throne yet? I sensed problems might arise later.

Coming out of the wet room, I noticed something had been posted through the letterbox and had floated over and under the radiator. Being careful not to bang my head against the radiator this time, I bent down to retrieve the notice… and clouted my elbow on the heater instead. Hehe!

The leaflet was a warning of what was about to occur in the next stage of the flats upgrading. Then pamphlet was dated Friday 16th March, but I’m sure it only arrived yesterday, on Sunday? Unless I had not noticed it under the radiator? It included:

Tuesday 20th March (1-day notice given)  And a PM arrival. That will help me to get some sleep a lot. To:

  • Tuesday 20 March PM: Check area is clear to ALL windows – Check access to balcony area to demolish the wall and install protection screen.
  • Warning that the day before your windows are to be installed, you will see operatives on the balcony removing the outer leaf of the wall – they will not need access.
  • Wednesday 21 March AM: Install protection screen, Demolish wall, remove old windows and door and replace with new.

This will prevent me going out today, as moving all the gear and furniture to give them access to the windows and balcony is not going to be an easy job for me to do. So I’ll have to work slowly and carefully on the task to get it all done in time. Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna permitting, of course. Feeling a little apprehensive about this, but its got to be one. I’ll nip to the Obergruppenfurhress Wardens Shed and get clarification on what need doing around 0900hrs.

All this hassle does me no good. I fret and panic nowadays with change, pathetic, I, know. Just sorting the paperwork will take hours.

I admire how some of the tenants have coped with having their apartments done. Maybe it is easier for the couples in situ, than the single occupants, but hey, what do I know about couples! (Desirous plea for someone to adopt me here, I think? Haha!)

Back and got the Health Checks done and medications were taken. Made up the INR record on Excel for the week.

Got the computer on and finished off yesterdays blog. Rushing about a bit now so I can make time before I fall to sleep, to get as much work done on moving the furniture, boxes, wardrobes, bags, cleaning material, stuff off of the shelves. And, to file and store them, run through the paperwork etc. In readiness for the window workers arrival, and get it moved into the files boxes. The grey-cells are racing away, but the body is refusing to go at the same rate of knots! When I finish starting this diary off, I’ll make a start on the front room rearranging, cause that will take the longest time to get done. The most-gruelling work will be the unused apart from as a junk room, bedroom. Not looking forward to that, its bound to set one of the ailments off.

Got this post started up to here.

A quick blast on the WordPress Reader. Then the comments were read and replied to. There are some great posts on the site today.

Facebooking tried. Slow, but got through it.

Started to create a TFZer graphic.

Bondi Beach, with the adorable Marie and me in the rocks. Roxie is keeping her eye on the nosh I’m carrying, of course.

Tended to the ablutions and medicating procedures next.

Got myself wrapped up and off out to the Obergruppefureresses Temporary Wood and plastic shed, to ask advice on the two-day builders visit, and to check if the weather conditions out there would permit me to get out today.

As I opened the door at the end of the flat’s entrance into the elevator foyer. The icy-wind blew in my face, making me shudder and shiver a bit. Brr!

I could hear the wind blowing too. Things did not bode too well for my planned get about session today.

A closer look at where the wind was coming in from, revealed a two layer of iced-up snow in the bottom holding tray under the slatted vents that go through to outside.

With this, and the upcoming window and balcony work starting tomorrow for two days, I thought my immediate prospects of any warmth in the flat to be minimal.

Down in the elevator, it took a while some workers were bringing up window frames etc.

As I departed the building out of the foyer doors, the sight that greeted me, made my mind up straight away, I will not be going out anywhere.

As I got beyond what little bit of cover there was from the scaffolding, the snow and ice made me shiver even more!

Thre weren’t many people about, and they were taking their time on the lethal surface of the road. My slip-defying creep along to the shed, took ages, as I tried to avoid the worst patches of sheet ice.

I ended up walking on the road along Chestnut Walk.

I must have looked a little odd as I made my way along.

A lot of ice was under the snow, and some it compacted. Finding any free bits to walk on was impossible until I was close to the Warden’s Hut.

Things looked terribly bleak out there.

I ended up walking in the middle of the road on a bit of ice-free patches. But of course along came a car wishing to exit the site, and it was back to hobbling on the ice for me.

About 0910hrs, I arrived at the hut, I entered and the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Deana and Julie were in their office, both on the phone. Cath, the on-site resident Liasion Officer, was not present. But about six builders or window fitters were, they were having something to eat and a warming drink before starting work.

I waited a while until they had finished their communications, and went in. They seemed happy enough. It must be hectic for them on a Monday, with the weekend’s problems to discover and sort-out. I mentioned the noise from Herbert. I found out his real name is John. He is a lot younger than me, and a big bloke. This cheered me up no end!

I asked what needed to be done in readiness for the two-day frenetic, tumultuous work mess and session. “Just leave free access to all the windows and balcony”. Julie asked if they should go and sort me out now. I declined the offer. (I regret doing that now!) Thanked them, handed a fancy cup over for the Residents Raffle and said my farewells.

As I left the shed, the ground around was littered with icicles that had come off of the roof. Some builder chaps were walking along spreading grit on the roadway. Much appreciated by me, I can tell you.

As I made my way precariously back to the flat, I recalled Mary and Cindy telling on different occasions, that there new balcony and everyone’s, was left unsealed for two days, as were the windows. With -4°c forecast for the next two nights, the gale coming in through the outside vents and having mine done… I felt trepidation and the knowledge that I was going to be very cold shortly in the flat! Strewth, it’s cold enough now!

Entered the foyer, made way through several window fitters and their glass and frames and got in the lift.

A bit of sun broke through the clouds as got in the kitchen. I was in a thoroughly disconcerted state of mind at this point. I did the Health Checks Again! Realised what the time was, before I took the medications, luckily.

A tad concerned about this, because I had not had any Dizzies or Funny Turns at all? Something else to mention to the Doctor. That is if the weather will let me get to see her on Wednesday.

Took this photograph, of the hoist below, where the workers were making there way up to remove the outer leaf of my front and bedroom walls. Hence, my fear of getting too cold when it is done, cause apparently, it stays like this for several days before the work is completed. Those who have had theirs done inform me. Not to mention the horrendous noise they have to make doing it.

I set about sorting the access to the bedroom (Spare room) and titivating things a bit. I was doing so well, then Dizzy Dennis gave me a visit. I pressed on afterwards to finish I hope, the clearance. But gave up thinking of doing any more.

Made a brew and got the computer on to update this post. I don’t know how I will manage for the next few days, cause I’ll be in the worker’s way and the dust and noise would prevent me working on the computer anyway. Fingers crossed, but I might have to give it a break for a while, and I do love doing this blog. I’ll see how it goes.

Updated to this point, and went on CorelDraw to do some Diary top graphics.

Got this one of Thomas finished and posted off to the site.

Nipped on Facebook, but things were sticking and oh so slow again. Came off and back to CorelDrawing.

So disappointing!

Back CorelDrawing.

Completed Sandies Latest Film.

Then got the nosh all ready for gobbling up.

I struggled to stay awake while I was cooking this meal.

1Mon09And when it came to settling in the £300 second-hand chair to watch a DVD and eat the meal, it was the same. In fact, I think I might have fallen asleep while consuming it.

I wobbled off into the kitchen to wash the plate and cutlery. Feeling remarkably contented for some unknown reason?

1Mon10The sky looked so beautiful tonight.

Feeling sure that I would get some sleep, due to my feeling drowsy so early, to be on safe side, I put the TV on. Anticipating the arrival of the land of Nod.

But no, somehow I stayed awake through nearly a full episode of ‘Hustle’!

I woke, hearing noises. But could not identify what they were or where they were from?

I got up to have a wee-wee, and had to change PPs due to some bleeding from the haemorrhoids, stubbed my toe on the way back, got down in the recliner, and knocked the bottle of lemon and lime spring water off of the Ottoman, swore to myself, got up and kitchen-towelled the carpet and got my head down again. Off to sleep in seconds, hours later than usual, but still.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 19th March 2018

  1. Crazy dream that one, threatening to murder fish & all. What a bother with them tearing up your flat during such frigid weather. I understand if you can’t make it to wordpess for a bit, will miss you until your return. <3

    • Thank you muchly, Corin. ♥
      I keep staying awake longer and longer to keep up with blogging, which I shouldn’t I suppose, but I love doing them.
      No end in sight yet with the hassle. Hehe!
      No snow now, all gone. Did you have much?
      TTFN X

      • We just had rain, temp is in the 30s (Fahrenheit, because as an American, I’m a throwback with measurements lol), but not low enough for ice.

      • Wet and cold eh, gal.
        Fine here this morning. Bit nippy early on 28.4f. But it warms up a bit in the day.
        Hope work is okay for you at the moment. XXX

    • Gawd bless yer, Tracy. ♥
      I want to find the time to make a graphic of Bertie and me. Not the real thing I know, but he really is so bootiful!
      TTFNski. Thanks. XXX

    • Oh, yes indeedy, I remember that one. I was immediately singing it to myself when I read this. That settles it now. He’s lost his nondeplume of Herbert, and from now on will be either BBJ or Big Bad John!
      “Decent looking plate of food to fall asleep to”… I love your humour!
      Cheers Tim.

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