Inchcock Today – Tuesday 27th March 2018

Tuesday 27th March 2018

România: Joi, 27 Martie 2018

0259hrs: I woke to remember a dream I think I was having at the time. I was on a bus, got up to get off, and started getting up again to get off… Every time I got to the door, I found a different driver sat there. Not the foggiest idea about anything else in the dream, just this never-ending until I woke up; getting up going to the door, seeing a different driver and I’d find myself back in the seat getting up again? I seemed to feel happy about this in the dream.

I lay for a long time, pondering, fretting, the mind in vacillation-mode. When I regained a degree of control over my thoughts and tempered them, I dismounted from the £300 second-hand recliner.

WDP03a Crikey did I find a right mess on top of the Medication Ottoman or what?

2Tue02fIt looked to me like I had painted the imitation leather lid with something sticky during the night. I remember putting some BBQ sauce on the meal and not having or using any of it. Perhaps when I put the tray down it slipped off, and the thin sauce ran over the edge… What am I waffling on about? I have no idea where the gunk came from.

I fetched a bowl of hot water and cloth, then proceeded to try and clean it off. Not with a great deal of success, either.

WDP03a Then while on my knees unsuccessfully wiping up the mucus-like goo, I found two teaspoons on the floor between the Ottomans. A closer inspection revealed a pencil and nail-cutters, which I cut the back of my hand on when retrieving them. I spent a while attempting to get the lid looking presentable again. All of this pales into insignificance, compared to my laughable (Even to me!) farcical almost slapstick efforts to get myself back up off of my knees and onto my feet. The pain from Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna amalgamated to form a formidable fighting force with frustratingly fiendish plans formulated for me. Jointly they ensured I’ve had just about as much trauma as it is possible to, in just standing back upright again. And a visit from Dizzy Dennis rounded-off the activities.

WDP03a Then, feeling rather pleased with myself, I returned the bowl of dirtied water and the spoons to the kitchen – that was when I trod on the nail-clippers!

Cleaned things up, and got on with the Health Checks.


2Tue02abI made a delightfully strong-flavoured mug of Olde English Breakfast Tea and imbibed the medications.

But, the tea had to wait, and an instant gurgling came from the innards. Thus, I made my way as quickly as could to the wet room, to utilise the Porcelain Throne.

The massive evacuation; that brought to mind the Graf Zeppelin dirigible came with just a few spots of blood. But the airship-like content was multi-coloured! Multiple shades of the usual colours, with streaks of white and red in it. Naturally, I shan’t show it here, but I took a photograph of it, to show the doctor on Wednesday. Shook me a bit seeing this.

Little Inchies lesion was in a right mess: I just cleansed it, I’ll do the medicating later when I do my ablutions. I had enough pains from other areas to cope with at the moment. (I’m repeating myself now. Tsk!

I washed up and changed the PPs and applied some Germoloid cream to the rear-end. I must get some more soon; the tube is getting low on content now. I took an extra pain-killer. Worra start t’ day!

I felt as if I’d been up for hours and hours, and so tired for some reason.

Got the computer on, and started to update yesterday’s diary. Got it done and posted off.

Then made a start on this one.

Made up this with some photographs from the balcony and spare room windows. When I opened the window in the old bedroom, now a junk room, the locking mechanism sprang off. So I could get out easier to take the one of the builder’s compound.

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I checked the weather forecast on Google to see if it might be okay for me to get out and buy some more Germoloid cream without getting too wet. Precipitation: 59%, and rain forecasted for every day this week! Humph! I’ll stay in I think. I know I have to go out tomorrow for the blood test, so I’ll get wet going there, and might as well stay damp and carry on into town afterwards to get the Germoloid tube then?

I tried to get on the TFZer site to post some photographs. Slow but it’s letting me post some onto the albums. I even did a bit of posting and commenting on the TFZ site. Hurrah! But, it froze again later.

BBJ upstairs is banging about again!

Hamana-hamana-hamana! Drilling coming from upstairs and outside now! The builders I expect.

I actually got some TFZer Facebooking done before it started to jump and freeze. I think I managed to close or block Messenger as well, I  hope I did, this computer does not like it, and often problems arise with using it, although I don’t since I stopped using it, of course.

Did the Health Checks and made a cuppa. Then got some bikkies and watch a YouTube documentary. For ages long.

WDP03a When the workers had packed up, Big Bad John’s noises could be heard. I wonder if he is making a submarine, H-Bomb or metal Teddy Bear?

Got the TV paper and saw that the England v Italy match was on the TV. But I didn’t expect to stay awake long enough to see it all, I did the last Health Checks and got the ablutionisationalistical duties tended to. If this job is done now, so in the morning, I could get away without a shower and have a quick stand-up wash. I presumed, (rightly as it turned out for once) that I would not be getting up at my usual 0000hrs to 0300hrs if I am going to try and stay up to watch the match. I even thought I could watch the Scotland game which was on later on tonight.

2Tues001eI got the meal prepared and eaten earlier than usual.

I got the ready to cook potato slices and dropped some grated Leicester cheese on the tip of each one. Into the oven with them.

Sat in the £300 second-hand recliner while they cooked, and I fell asleep. Marvellous, the one time I want to stay awake, too!

WDP03a Then, I woke up wondering where I was and what I was doing and saw the red light on the telephone flashing. Tsk! Some food delivery service again!

WDP03a Settled again, just drifting off, and it rang again. Brother-in-law Pete. Coming with Jane to see me on Sunday now, not Friday.

I was in a sleepy, confused state, the above cannot be vouched for. Pete’s call might have on another day, like Monday. Oh dear!

WDP03a Managed an hour or so of kip and woke in time for the match. How I stayed awake to watch this lamentable match, I don’t know.

I thought it was a terrible performance all round from England. But with it being a friendly and the new players in the team tempered my frustration. Perhaps if they will listen to my offer to become the England manager now? Things might have been better. To start with about nine of the players would not have been in the team. As someone commented wittily of the BBC site, ‘They should have gone to SpecSavers.

Horrible nights sleep, when I eventually got off, I slept for around seven hours. A record for me. So, at least I can thank Gareth Southgate, the VAR and Italy for being nearly as bad as England were on the night, for my marathon Kip!

TTFN each.