Inchcock Today – Saturday 17th March 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018

0155hrs: I’d been having horrible dreams, all night long it felt. But could I find any scribbled notes on the pad, or recall any details? No! Most annoying making when this happens! I had an idea that I was watching the dream through a clithridiate window or screen? I laid a while trying to remember anything about them, but could only perceive there was nothing redolent about them.

When the sudden need for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised arrived. A bit of a slapstick-burlesque followed in my extracting myself from the £300 second-hand recliner. Lowered the chair, tripped on one of the slippers, kept my balance and avoided going over by putting my hand on top of the Ottoman – the lid slid, and I did: ending up on my side with the arm over the Ottoman. I got up rather quickly, due to the need for the Throne, and limped to the wet-room.

Oh, boy, I could write a few paragraphs on this session. But suffice to say in short; Massive, the shape of the Hindenburg, solid-heavy-mass, struggle and hassle, slow movement, kerplunk, water splashing, blood bleeding and blessed relief! It seems that Trotsky Terence has withdrawn from the scene. Hehehe!

Cleaned-up and off to the kitchen to make a brew.

Looking outside I thought it was wet, so opened the window to take this photographicalisation. You can see the giant raindrops falling from the bottom of the frame in the top of the picture. So I made one downwards of the car park on Chestnut Walk.

This when it became apparent that it was snowing such thin flakes, snow-showers I think they call this type of weather. It seemed to be melting as soon as it landed on the ground.

The only part of the picture where any snow can be seen in close to the street light.

When I got back in and closed the window, the camera and my dressing gown sleeves were slightly wet.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The weight was still the highest ever for me. Despite my having less to eat for my meal last night. At least it hadn’t gone up again, so that was something I suppose. (Says him clutching-at-straws!)

I felt some brewing and churning from the innards. I envisaged another Porcelain Throne session preparing itself in readiness for evacuation procedures to be implemented again shortly.

Got the computer on and started this post off up to here. Then started to finalise yesterday’s diary. This task took me hours and hours to get done. Posted off.

Checked the Emails, and found some terribly lousy news from Sister Jane. She told me: “Heard from our Sis-in-law Frances, that our lovely nephew David Bratton got stabbed in the lungs today while confronting some yobs who were slashing his car tyres – luckily he seems to be improving, but still in Intensive Care.
It was on BBC local news to18 year-old student Mariam Moustafa, dying aft being assaulted by several teenage girls in Nottingham, outside the Victoria Centre on February 20th around 2000hrs.night on TV. Got three youths in custody thank goodness.”

This above, and a few others reported this week:

  • A teenage boy told a jury that he was twice stabbed in the back when three youths came up behind him in a Basford park. He immediately recognised the boy with the knife and identified the other two after being released from the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham Crown Court heard.
  • Mum-of-six kicked a female police officer after a row over son’s drug use.
  • 18-year-old student Mariam Moustafa died after being assaulted by several teenage girls in Nottingham, around 2000hrs, outside the Victoria Centre on February 20th,
  • Police officer and dog injured with a knife following Top Valley aggravated burglary.
  • Stabbing in Nottingham becomes a murder investigation after 17-year-old dies. Police have now launched a murder investigation and are issuing a renewed appeal for information. Detective Chief Inspector Hayley Williams, of East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) Major Crime, who is leading the investigation said:“We believe he left home sometime around six pm and at some point, he was chased and attacked before being left very seriously injured in Stock Well. We are appealing for more people to come forward to help us piece together the exact circumstances of the incident”.
  • A new top cop is to be appointed to look after policing the city, the Police and Crime Commissioner has confirmed. Paddy Tipping said the new superintendent would be in place from April 1 and their role will be to run the police force in the city on a day to day basis.

Inchcock’s Comment:

Bearing in mind that Nottingham has lost more than 380 police officers in the last five years, this appointment of a new top cop seems an empty and futile decision. If the Top Cop has not got the sufficient number of officers, which he or she will probably not have, thanks to the Conservative Governments enforced cut-backs, what’s the point? The only option I see, is by moving some of the preciously few Officers to the City, thus allowing the druggies, car criminals, muggers, knife, machete and gun-wielding gangs and burglars etc., free rein to use the estates for their illegal practices?

While I was reading about the appointment of the Top Cop, I found it interesting that on the same page, were these links.

0720hrs, already. I got carried away.

A little snow shower had left the pretty picture opportunity for me.

So, took this picture, no snow at the moment falling.

Made another brew and then I visited the WordPress Reader. Again, some great stuff on there.

I took this zoomed-in photograph of the car park below. The snow was so subtle and delicate and blowing upwards again now. With very little of it was settling.

But with freezing and below temperatures forecast, I think it might get worse later on out there.

I decided to get the vegetable tray made up ready to go into the oven late. Much later. Why I did this so early in the day, is still a puzzle to my befuddled brain.

I covered it and went to get it put back into the fridge.

What a shame. In my concerted efforts to get the tray back in the refrigerator, I decided I’d have to move some of the other fodder around to make room for it. I managed to knock the milk over, squash a carton of lemon mousse and somehow or other, I spilt some grated cheese over the two lower shelves, the floor and me! What a Plonka!

I sorted the comments and decided to have a rinse and change the PPs again. No further Porcelain  Throne demands yet. But the rumbling innards continue, getting noisier as time goes on?

Onto Facebooking, hoping it would not play me up again. Started to go slow, but I got a lot done first.

I went back on CorelDraw to do some prep work on graphics for later use.

Herbert banging about a bit again, you can tell it’s the weekend!

Health Checks and medications were seen to.

I was feeling all out-of-sorts for some reason, but I at most of it.

Fell asleep for ten minutes, and woke with Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald both giving me some grief.

Herbert from the flat above was so much noisier than he has ever been. No chance of nodding off again.

I put the DVD on, didn’t nod-off. Tried the TV, that should surely send me to sleep. But no. Not a chance. I spend hours watching the banal rubbish on the TV, and occasionally getting up to take a photograph of the weather. I collated the photos taken timewise:

A lousy Day!