Inchcock Today: Sunday 10th June 2018


Sunday 10th June 2018

Sudanese: Minggu 10 Juni 2018

0340hrs: My expergefaction, suffered from confusion between the somniativeness and actuality. Causing me some confused reality, for a short while, a state of paramnesia I think it is called.

A welter of vague yet complex memories of the dreams I’d been having mingled about in my brain. Yet I could recall no details of any of the many thoughts I think I’d had overnight? Just emotions, mainly frustrations, jealousies, and fears. I reckon that possibly Noisy Herbert from the flat above might have crept into one of the nightmares. Because I was positively thinking of him, well, the noise he makes in my muddled-mind-melee of machinations.

It took a while for things to become real, the vagueness to leave me.

WDP02C It helped me to regain reality when I trapped my burnt finger-end from the Whoopsiedangleplop last night, in the £300 second-hand recliner as I attempted to escape the seat’s oh so comfortable clutches. In fact, it was only the hassle from burnt fingers, and Reflux Roger (Although Anne Gyna joined in, later on), that was giving me any bother this morning.

The Health Checks were completed.



The reading were all similar to the last few days.

Although they have been a little up and down in comparison to the day before’s readings in the Sys, Dia, and pulse.

A much better session, I think that Trotsky Terence is easing off now and giving me a break. Which I found most welcome and appreciated.

7Sun02The view outside caught my eye, and I went to get the camera and took this shot through the window, facing North.

I had to pop to the Porcelain Throne in between doing the sphygmomanometer tests. I had clean up after the evacuation, and am pleased to report that the fungal lesion was bleeding for less than at the same time yesterday. Good!

7Sun06c I returned to the kitchen and got the next week’s medication pots made up.

Only dropping one tablet and one capsule as I did so. Smug Mode Adopted. Haha!

WDP02C Then, I did a bit of a silly, daft Whoopsiedangleplop!

I did the hemadynamometer Health Checks again. Why you ask? So do I! What a nitwit I am, unquestionably!

Got the kettle on to make a tasty brew of English Breakfast tea.

7Sun01The temperature on the thermostat on the kitchen window ledge showed 71°f, and the widow had been ajar overnight, too.

WDP02C. I dropped the small mug as I was taking it towards the kettle. I couldn’t believe it, but it did not break when it bounced off the kitchen floor – and I caught it on its first rebound back up! Yet another Smug Mode adopted!

Started to update the Noise from above ridden, Saturday diary. This took some time, but eventually, I got it completed and sent off to WordPress.

7Sun07WDP02C Then, I decided to get the vegetables prepared and into the Crock-Pot. Chopped up some turnip and mushrooms. Ahem! The blood was nowhere as bad as it looks in this photo, I squashed the finger to make it look worse in my quest for sympathy. Only joking, Hehehe!

Then I podded some fresh garden peas. I say fresh, many of them had gone mouldy, so they had to be sorted carefully. Huh!

Got them in the pot with some brown sugar, vinegar and onion salt.

Began updating this diary next, got as far as here, and went to the WordPress Reader section.

0940hrs, now. No noise from Herbert yet. He may have gone out shopping?

I went on to Facebook, hoping it will not mess me about this time. I was alright, now it is sticking again. Grrr!, no, I’m not to a Grrr, maybe a flipping heck? Haha!

1125hrs: Herberts back at it, crunch, bang.

Moved on to creating some Blog Page Header graphics.

1445hrs: Got a few made-up.

Sat down cause I wasn’t feeling too bright.

Tried reading, but concentration was a struggle with the tap-tap-grinding noises from above.

7Sun38Got the meal sorted and served-up.

Ate the nosh to the odd accompaniment of a bang, tap-tap or whining noise from the flat above.

I ate it all up, not a crumb left on the empty plate.

Took the medications.

Tired as I felt, sleep resisted me.

I got the TV on and managed the odd nodding-off for a few minutes. Being woken by the tap, crunch grinding noises. Even with the headphones on I could hear them.

7Sun39Got up to get a drink of orange juice.

And realised I had forgotten to use the slow-cooker contents, the mushroom and peas in the meal. At least I had turned-off the crock-pot.

Horrible time with no getting off to sleep and the odd clang, bang or scuffling coming from somewhere.

I lay there in the semi-darkness, feeling temperamental and uneasy for ages before getting off into the land of nod?


Inchcock Today – Sunday 20th May 2018: Got lost in the thicket. Tsk!


Sunday 20th May 2018

Welsh: Dydd Sul 20 Mai 2018

0505hrs: I stirred and laid there, the mind playing for once; not on worries, fretting, concerns and fears. Just on the dream that I’d been having… and what a mixed up medley of, well, worries, fretting, concerns and fears the dream was, I suppose! (I’m losing it early today!)

For once, I had a severe and disorientating case of dysania this morning. Not like me at all.

I sleepily went through the motions of doing the Health Checks.


7Sun02Made a brew of Breakfast tea, and imbibed the medications.

A sense of catatonia and dolefulness hung over me heavily. I assumed this was due to it being the weekend and after Noisy Herbert’s audio accompaniments yesterday, the certainty that they will be worse today, and knowing that the Nottingham City Homes Oberscharführeress told me he is doing nothing wrong…

Whoopsie O1A  Oh, I nearly forgot about the ban on my mentioning anything communication-wise between NCH personnel and me on my blog! Sorry, Tsk!

I got the computer on and had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. Oh heck, not a good evacuation at all. More blood than ever before from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. This would be due to my having spent so long yesterday sat down at the computer desk. Klutz! A lot of effort, discomfort and time spent cleaning and medicating after the movement.

The first thing I did when back at the computer, was to create a graphic of the weird dream I had. Well, as best I could recall.


7Sun01I went to make another mug of tea, still feeling a bit pensive and anxious without knowing why.

Whoopsie O1A Even the new windows lowered my spirits as I bemoaned them blocking out the light, and now giving me six panes to clean instead of the old windows, four. And getting to them is more awkward too. Boy, am I on a downer this matins!

I got on with updating the Saturday blog and posted it off!

0725hrs: As I made a start on this one, Noisy Herbert from above did a bit of banging and clanging about. Just the two, then all went quiet. Nice!

I visited the WordPress comments, it didn’t take long. Only one there. Hehe!

Then onto the WP Reader section.

Had a go on Facebook again, hoping it will let me post, this time. It did too! Got no end done before it all went too slow.

Went to get the ablutions and medicationalisationing done. Long, but not unpleasant event.

7Sun4bSorted the refuse bags and took them out with me as I left.

Outside the three-flats lobby door, I was gobsmacked to see a right mess on the floor near the new window/air vents. No idea what it was though. Maybe from the.., oh I don’t know, the shredded bits from the insulation being fitted?

Dropped the bags down the chute and made my way down to the lobby of the apartment. Where I met with Julie, no, Josie and Mavis. We had a nattering session for ten minutes or so. Mavis used to live a few hundred yards from where Mam and Dad used to fight each other every day, on Brookfield Place. She lived on Mayfield Grove.

Then, I bade my cheerios, and went out and dropped the empty recyclable glass containers in the appropriated bin. Into which someone had placed bags of household rubbish in carrier bags.

I removed it and placed it on the floor in the corner.


7Sun05I crossed over Chestnut Walk and turned to take this photographicalisation of the flat blocks.

Not many Nottinghamians about this morning. A few dogs were taking their owners for a walk. But far fewer than usually would be on a Sunday.

Ah, bet they are tired put by watching the 7Sun06cwedding and Cup Final?

As I began to walk up the hill towards the tree copse, the beauty of these little flowers, Buttercups I think they are named, caught my eye.

Out now, I was beginning to feel better within myself. Found another footway through my beloved Copse, and took it. A bit tight for room and dodgy underfoot, but it was so beautiful in there.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After getting through and coming out near the gnarled tree at the top of the gravel footpath hill, I crossed over down through a clump of trees to the bottom of the park.

7Sun12In the thickets I got myself disorientated; All right, lost! Had to double back to get to find the train. It had been built and placed on the British Railway’s actual train line that used to run through the park years ago.

A man and woman were sunbathing with their toddler and had left the pram in where the line was. 

7Sun13I wanted to make some witty comment about it, but they both looked like they were smoking weed. So, I thought that they may not see the funny side, and said nothing to them.

I again strolled off, aimlessly into the thicket and got lost still! What a Shlemiel. In my defence, I was looking for the steps that I knew were around here somewhere, will that do? Hehe! I went back down to the bottom, and back up another 7Sun14way, and there they were.

I kept stopping and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Naturally, I thought of Noisy Herbert back at the flats, some nasty thoughts mingled in their, I’m afraid to say. Looking around for any signs of wildlife I may be able to photograph.

7Sun15I pondered over the memories of years gone by and recalled some of the things I had got up to in each area as I came to it.

In the bushes with Chrissie and Grizelda (1964 and 1970ish). The football games I attended and never got picked to play. (No blame attached of ill feelings, I was a crap player and knew it, Haha!) The pitch and putt games I played… then realised I’d strayed onto the course during 7Sun16my recollections.

I turned back and went up the big clump to the thicket area.

Still, musing and fantasising without any definitive intentions whatsoever. Ambling, limping and daydreaming of what will never be, shouldn’t have been and never will be.

As I got to the top and realised there was no way out there and would either have to walk back down to find an opening, or carry on up the hill and climb through the fencing to get out. Klutz! Then I spotted a squirrel and followed it with great patience to get some pictures of the little beauty.


Whoopsie O1A By the time I’d stalked him and took the photographs, I was at the top of the thicket. So decided I could get underneath the fence without any bother. Not to fret, it didn’t bleed much. Huh!

7Sun18A man and wife helped me get back up on my feet, and their dog gave me a good licking. Which I did find amusing, cherished and appreciated.

A park attendant came over to check if I was alright and pointed out to me that I should not have been coming out under the fence, but should have walked down to the proper exit at the bottom. Told off again! Fool!.

7Sun19Sheepishly, flustered and embarrassed, I thanked the man and made my way to the footpath at the top of the park and turned left down past the Tree Copse and back to Woodthorpe Court.

Got in did the Health Checks and on the computer to do the updating of this diary.

Two hours later, got the nosh on.

Noisy Herbert: Bang, clang.

7Sun34bThe beans I tried flavouring a little differently this time.

Curry, mustard, balsamic vinegar and tomato puree. This turned out to have a nice and enjoyable tang to it.

The lemon bliss dessert had some orange flavour essence and bitter lemon juice added, and I also enjoyed that one.

7Sun34aAs I was washing up the pots, I noticed the cumulonimbus like clouds had returned to the skies.

Got the Health Checks done, had a wee-wee, settled down into the £300 second-and recliner and got the TV on.

Fell asleep within minutes.

Woke up an hour or so later, (Noisy Herbert: Bang, clang). It was still light outside, at first I thought I might have slept right through until late morning.

I think I was just at my hypnagogic state, and a sudden sneeze just about shook me out of the recliner! This started Reflux Roger off, and I lay there watching the chest as it swelled. Bloated and frit me for a bit. But it was alright, Roger went down and started working again within a minute or so. Phew!

I soon nodded off again.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 19th May 2018

Saturday 19th May 2018

Estonian: Laupäev, 19. Mai 2018

0355hrs: In my expergefacient state, I was immediately aware of my inability to cope sometimes. I felt full of impuissance, powerlessness, unassertiveness, impotence, and ineptness in life generally. I was in a deep EQ self-questioning mode. This is not a nice place to be!

I accepted that I am a natural target in life. Of my pathetic toleration and sufferance being unacceptable. Recognising my sad condition, and wondered if there is a name for it within the world mind disorders?

I’d got myself feeling right low and full of self-loathing before I even attempted to get free of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off to the kitchen, in a moribund state of mind.

Whoopsie2 Had a bit of luck while making the mug of tea. I spilt some boiling water on my wrist. This made me jump and took me out of my depressive-mode tout de suite! Not only that, but I managed to avoid getting the wrist alarm wet as well. Life’s little victories are so rare for me, but most welcome and cherished!

In pain, but feeling so much cheerier now, I got the Health Checks done.


6Sat04I even caught the reflection of my face and camera in this snap of the sphygmomanometer. (Fair enough, I didn’t mean to, Hehe!)

The readings seemed alright.

As I was putting away the medications, a call to the Porcelain Throne had to answered post haste. In the past, there have been some very embarrassing times when I have failed to get there in time. This mornings race to the throne was the closest I’ve ever come to a Whoopsiedangleplop, without any accident. Talk about a close call, narrow escape, and close-shave! The evacuation was loose spurting and messy, though. But of very short duration. Needing cleaning, medicalisationing, and anticepticalisationing activities to be performed after the four-second event. Hehe!

6Sat02By the time I’d finished the cleansing and got back to the kitchen, the brew had gone cold. So I carefully and warily made another mug of tea.

The noctilucence of last nights clouds had gone, but the matutinal blue hue, like the previous few mornings, were bright and sharp.

As I took this snap from the window, it then dawned on me; How the ailments were again being so kind to me. It really still surprises me how I can wake up to find such vast changes in how I feel, physically. Mentally my deterioration remains on a downward spiral, mind. But, apart from plates-of-meat and Duodenal Donald, it seems that all the other ailments are in a good mood? Scary, but I like it!

I took a photo of down below outside. A blind spot, cause I could not see the screen when I took this photograph.

It came out all shaky and blurry. And, how did the dirty, scratched, bird poo’d on white window ledge come out showing as blue? One of the worst snaps I’ve ever taken!

I then got the vegetables prepared and in the 6Sat08crock-pot.

Tomatoes, parsnips, turnip, mushrooms, orange peppers, marrowfat peas and onions all went in with the Llyod Grossman tomato and basil sauce. (Got it on Special offer, Hehe!)

Made a start on this diary. By gum, it didn’t half take me some time.

6Sat07Had a wee-wee, then went to make another brew. And grand-tasting it was too!

Onto CorelDraw to create the diary header graphics.

Whoopsie2 It took me even more hours and frustrations with the computer and the internet connection playing up. But after persisting on, I got them done and filed away. The damned WordPress setting keeps changing to US English, and I have to go out of what I am doing into settings and resetting to UK English. Grrr!

I checked the vegetables in the slow-cooker, made a start on updating the Friday post.

Sister Jane called, and we had a nattering session. I realised I had not finished and posted the Friday diary, so I got on with it.

Back to updating this page, again.

6Sat05Another nip into the kitchen to inspect the progress of the cooking.

I spotted a largish insect on the outside of the glass in the window. Thinking I would take this chance to see if the new camera would do macro work, I fetched it and did my best to find out how it worked. A terribly sad effort this one turned out to be!

Whoopsie2 But failure was again doomed for me. I’ve not done any commenting or WordPress Reading yet, and it’s getting on, the body is in preparation for its fading-out stage. But I must remember to get on the web and investigate how to take close up photographs with the Nikon B700.

6Sat06Taking an ‘ordinary Auto photograph of my beloved Copse was easy enough, though. 

I tried changing the settings from Normal to Fine, and this is the resultant picture. Showing the steep gravel footpath up into the Woodthorpe Grange Park pathway.


6Sat09I noticed the caked on bird poo on the balcony door windows when I returned to the computer.

The Del Boy Double from Willmott Dixon certainly has a good idea about getting the windows done while the hoists are still available.

What was the name of the Trotters tower block where they lived in the series? Ah, got it. (I looked it up) ‘Nelson Mandela House,’ if that were used nowadays it would be banned, I imagine, by the PC Brigade?

Whoopsie2 I got carried away while looking up the name of the flats, by an email came in about Nottingham News.

1Mon001 A respected carer milked the bank accounts of two elderly pensioners – and even continued after one of them died, a court heard. “Callous and mean” businesswoman Dain Parsons was jailed for two years and ten months today (Wednesday, May 16) over her shocking spree of dishonesty.

1Mon001 Terrified residents had to be evacuated when an arsonist set fire to a Sports Direct bag outside their flats – causing £17,000 of damage. David Ogle started the blaze in Rose Close, St Ann’s, as residents were sleeping at around 5.20am on Thursday, August 24. He was jailed for four-and-a-half years over the blaze.

1Mon001 A burglar given a second chance by a judge has been back in trouble. Pole Kamil Kratus, of no fixed address, left the court in March with a suspended prison sentence. He bedded down in a Sneinton house because he ‘needed somewhere to live,’ the court had heard after the property was insecure. And he left cigarette butts in the bath and stubbed them out on a rug. But he also helped himself to televisions, jewellery, Pandora rings and bank cards. The bank cards were maxed out on contactless payments to the tune of £250. After he was dealt with, 30-year-old Kratus re-offended weeks later; stealing a £12 phone case from Tesco, in the Intu Victoria Centre, further shoplifting at eight other city centre stores, stealing from a pram on Goosegate, Riding on the trams without payment, and causing criminal damage while on bail. Today (Wednesday, May 16) he received a 12-month conditional discharge for theft and criminal damage. Twenty rehabilitation activity days were also handed out for breaching the suspended prison sentence? I bet that fritten him, Huh!

The noisy Herbert had started banging and clanging around. And, Arthur Itis is attacking my right wrist with a venom. I nearly cut myself earlier when he affected me while peeling and chopping the turnips. Methinks my current niggliness is here to stay for the rest of the day now, like the wrist problem and noisy Herbert’s tonal accompaniments

I caught up with this updating and went on to the WordPress Reader page. Lots of great stuff posted lately.

I checked the crock-pot vegetables again. Blimus! It’s had six hours on auto, but nowhere near ready yet. I wonder if it’s broken or summat?

6Sat15Did the Health Checks and some more prep work on CorelDraw for WordPress.

The meal was delightfully tasty tonight.

Regretfully, the lemon yoghourt had gone off. Eurgh!
Five days in use-by date too?

Got the pots washed and a tub of nibbles at 6Sat16hand on the Ottoman, and settled down on the £300 second-hand Recliner, to watch the Cup Final.

I stayed awake for the entire match that I thought was not one of the best finals ever by a long stretch.

Noisy Herbert above was doing a lot of clanking and banging again.

The match all finished, as was the nibbles, I went for a wee-wee and rinsed.

Getting to sleep proved more difficult than it has been for ages. Well gone midnight before I slipped off into the land of slumber, so very late for me.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 3rd April 2018: I was treated contemptuously and disrespectfully today. Feeling aggrieved and dejected. Sorry-for-myself and dispirited with life, now! Duodenal Donald is rampant, too. Tsk!

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Dutch: Dinsdag 3 April 2018

0255hrs: I woke and lay there a while to gather my thoughts when the brain joins in with the body and comes to life. The mind united with my blubbery body and cascaded into my head, philosophies, axioms, theories, fears, trepidations and a twitchiness that I have never suffered before. Some form of paramnesia? It took me a while to clear most of these perceptions and unfathomable nervous concerns from my grey-cells.

0305hrs: The extraction of the body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner was almost effortless and mostly pain-free. (Confusing as to how this can change every day, I seem to wake-up a different person physically each morning?)

2Tue02fOff to the kitchen to have a look what the weather was like. But I could not get out of the new windows to take a decent photo, so I nipped into the spare room to make this one.

Whoosie3W01 Getting the tablets, sphygmomanometer and medications out of the drawer, I dropped the olive-oil dispenser, and the rubber end-squeezer broke, distributing the Olea Europaea as mentioned earlier over the floor. Fancy that, I said! After Sunday’s farce in not being able to get back up after getting on my knees to clean this same floor, I got the mop and bucket, using these to clean-up.

Whoosie3W01 Feeling rather proud of my achievements, I emptied the water from the bucket into the Porcelain Throne and spilt some dirty water over the bowl onto the wet room floor! So refilled the bucket with clean water and disinfectant and mopped up. I might have muttered something along the lines of; Botherations!

Back to the kitchen once more. Made a brew an did the Health Checks


2Tue03The Sys has come down at last, and the pulsation rate increased a tad too.

Took the medications with a small mug of the Assam tea.

To the computer and made a start doing the updating of yesterday’s blog. Got it finished and posted off to WordPress.

I had a look at the Nottingham Weather forecast for this week.

2Tue05Seems like showers, thunderstorms, rain and cloudy for this week, then. Fiddlesticks!

Then I started this diary off. I broke off to have a look on YouTube, watched a video on the Grenfell Fire. London Fire Brigade had stopped using the high-rise ladders some months earlier. A spokesman said, they would not have made any difference. Then they said they were going to use them (Long Ladders) again! People were getting phone calls from relatives trapped on the higher floors, with no hope of rescue. One family, who all died, had rung the fire brigade eleven times, each time they were told to stay in their flat and await rescue! Brigade officers all thought people should have been ordered to make their way out. Perhaps some would have been injured or wounded in the ensuing panic, but he felt that fewer people would have become statistics than there was by telling them to stay in their apartments.

This upset me somewhat, naturally. I had tears coming down my cheeks. I closed down the computer and got the ablutions started.

2Tue12aHad a good session. Took the black bags to the rubbish chute.

Noticed the rain was beginning to fall a little as I got ready to leave.

As I was just about to open the door, a knock came from the other side of it.

It was a plasterer-bloke, who asked if he could do the plastering on the balcony window now, cause he’d had been let down with 2Tue15aarranged appointments.

The plasterer looked so sad. So I agreed and then left the door unlocked and shot off and down in the lift.

Some naughty person had left the fire doors wedged open in the foyer. Tsk!

I went through and outside, the drizzle was trying to come through, and the sky kept going dark as I walked along Chestnut Walk.

2Tues001aI stopped to take a picture of the works around the flats, en route to the Obergruppefurheress Wardens HQ and Social Hut. I remembered there was a meeting later today, one of the instructional ones about new things being fitted.

I pressed on the shack. Where a good few residents had gathered. Jenny was organising things for the meeting later on. Cindy and Eric, Big Bad John, Welsh William and about five others were there. I had a chinwag with the ever heartening Jenny then pulrcritudinic Cindy, I’d remembered to take Cindy’s nibble bar.

The bus came, and as it started to rain, the L9 arrived, so none of us got wet. (But I did not get excited, for my EQ told me things were going to get complicated and harassment would follow. It’s rarely wrong, unfortunately.

2Tues001bHad a go at the crossword on the bus. But gave up, my concentration was not right.

Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street, and hobbled up Broad Street up to Hockley and turned right up to and down Victoria Street.

Some retail buildings at the end of Broad Street had closed down and been vandalised. But the ever-optimistic plutomania-ridden Estate Agents had still placed the For Rent signs up.

2Tues001dThe Poultry, where the trams run up and down, (When are haven’t broken down, knocked someone over, had a crash, or had a technical failure, that is of course) and where the ‘Posh Shops’ are. I’ve no idea why, there is insufficient parking for tenants and owners, let alone the shoppers being barred from parking on the street. The shop on the right, well, bar actually, is where the stabbings were last month.

2Tues001eI limped down the road and took this photo of the back of the Little John bell tower.

The drizzle started to come down again, but not enough for me to get the umbrella out yet.

Carried on down to the end of South Parade, and over the road then left down onto Wheeler Gate, to the Poundland store, and had a  look around, hoping they may have some Magnesium tablets on sale. Nope! I still ended up spending £9, though. Chocolate Brazil Nut misshapes, chocolate almonds, some nibbles for the Social our handouts, including some half-price easter eggs. Biscuits as raffle prizes, and two packets for myself, of Raspberry jam Viennese at 2 for a pound. And some yoghourt covered peanuts. I also got two large easter eggs for only £2, an Aero and chocolate button one. Oh, and a packet of Earthworm Pellets to feed the Mallard with on the canal.

I exited the shop, and hobbled along to the end of Lister Gate and through the dying Broad Marsh Centre (Mall) and out and over Collin Street and down Carrington Street, over Canal Street and up to the canal.

As I was leaving the centre, a young girl was sat against the wall and asked if I had any money to spare. The unfortunate thing had blotches and spots on her cheeks. I told her no, no money, but I do have an easter egg for you. I handed it to her, her face lit-up and she thanked me. I think the novelty of being given something to eat, cheered her a little.

Apart from the drugged up alcoholic youth who is apparently2Tues001g a well-trained member of the Nottingham Pavement Cyclist Squad, as he rode off of the pavement onto the road without even looking, while drinking from a bottle, not using the handlebars, and undoubtedly unconcerned about the Highway Code. He probably thinks the Highway Code is a new form of Asian Flu. Hehehe!

You can see the last bit of the Broad Marsh Bus Station and car park as it is being demolished.

2Tues001hWhen I arrived at the Nottingham Canal, I stood a while letting memories flow to and frow. This is the canal that I got thrown into when I was about five or six years old. Although not from this bridge, one further along.
This got me thinking deeper, nearby was the spot I used to wait for Dad to arrive in his British Railway Horse and Dray, then later the British Railways Karrier Bantam articulate lorry and trailer.

I looked over the side of the bridge, to see a bloke sharing a bag of glue with another, and smoking a slightly thick roll-up between them. I thought they were risking things a bit, I felt that adhesive was susceptible to burning?

2Tues001jI moved to the other side of the bank, in case the gentlemen saw me took offence.

There were no mallards about again today. However, the Canada Goose (My sweetheart from Canada, Pattie, told me off for calling them Canadian, it’s Canada), and the pigeons enjoyed the pellets I threw down for them.

I made my way back a different way, through the shopping mall going in from another entrance, into where the Wilko store is. I called in to get some Magnesium tablets. I couldn’t find any, and no one was about to ask. So I went to the pay desk and inquired of the lady there. She went to have a look for some but returned with the news that they do not have any in stock. Shame that, if the hand or leg cramps cone on tonight, I will suffer. She said you can try the shop next to Brighthouse. So, I thanked her and visited the store. Again, I could see none on the shelves. I asked a young lady, and she shouted out for to a youth, in nappies (Well, he was very young, Haha!) to look for me. Negative again. They only had some Magnesium tablet that had Vitamin E in them.

I started to make my way to the other end of the building, to call in the Boots to get some of my tablets, and noticed the Heron Food Store was still open, so I wandered in. Another mistake! I came out with biscuits, biscuit, biscuits (Well they were very cheap!), some nibbles to go in the hand-out box, a box of belly pork and sauce to cook for nosh tonight, some gammon end-bits and some biscuits. Hahaha!

When I got near the Boots store, several officers of the law, (I didn’t realise Nottingham had so many left nowadays) were sectioning an area off from the public. Thus, I never did get any Magnesium tablets, Phuh!

Back into town and caught the Lp bus back to the flats. Met tenant Mary (I think that’s her name, I get confused you know), and we had a natter on the bus back.

Dropped off and called into the Obergruppenfurhresses Hut.

2Tues001kI was still in time Jenny told me, to get to the flat and drop-off my bags the get back in time for the meeting.

So I shot off and to the apartment.

Took this photograph as I hobbled along, feeling in rather a decent mood for once I was indeed.

UGTue3Apr02iGetting into the outer hallway to the three flat’s doors, was so disappointing and instantly down-heartening. Worse than that really!

The state of the carpeting was terribly dirty and covered in bits of plaster and its dust, from the plasterer’s workings I assumed.

With trepidation, I entered the flat.

I have made a post about this incident and the effect it had on me, I’ve already posted it, mostly just all the photographs of the mess!

He’d left plaster in the kitchen sink, every carpet had residue, lumps of half-dried plaster and dust all over them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Curtains left on top of the heater! He even got plaster spilt on my little corner shelf unit. Plaster on the windows. Plaster on the armchair.

Every time I walked anywhere, I was spreading it around and making things worse! I was in a panic!

I spent an hour or so trying to hoover and brush up the dust, deep-set, lumps and granules from the carpet. All I achieved was the hoover battery ran-out, and I slipped when using the scrubbing brush to try an loosen the crap on the floor, bruising my knuckles. Then, trying to get back up again, hit my head on the door frame!


I decided that I must go to Sherwood and try to get some carpet cleaner, and magnesium tablets if I remember too. Even with Duodenal Donald and Dizzy Dennis nagging away at me. (Thanks again to the health-threatening so-called improvement works). Looked like I was getting Nervous-Hives coming back again on the head and face? Humph!

Off to the shed, where I asked for advice on what type of cleaner to get. Jenny and Cyndy suggested Vanish. I told them of the mess. Then set out to hobble to the shop.

I met with Obergruppenfurheress and Obergefreiteress Wardens Dean and Julie further down the road. I began to tell them of my problems. But, the rain started belting down at that time, Deana told me to talk to them later in the day and in the dry of indoors. I went on a few paces and thought I would return to the flat, as the rain really got nasty then.

Got in and I was in a right mood with myself.

I made up the extra post with the 2Tue19photos of the mess left by the plasterer and posted it.

Now I was really getting ratty. This was due to it already being past my head-down time, and I was nervous about not getting up in time for the blood test in the morning.

Stupidly, I decided to update this diary. Which tool hours further.

2Tues001dGot the meal (Belly Pork) in the oven cooking. Now, my head-down time was really, well gone.

Got the fodder served up. It looked and smelled terrific.

Whoosie3W01 It was terrible tasting! I don’t think I ate a quarter of it. Perhaps my being depressed and morose about the way I’d been left in the quagmire and let down by the plastering chappie and lack of response to my plea for help?

I wrapped and binned most of the meal, had a wee-wee and washed the pots.

Did the Health Checks.

2Tues001bEven the beautiful sun-going-down sky photographicalisation was taken without any genuine appreciation of it, just automatically.

I felt right down in the dumps, bitter and twisted silly thoughts invaded my thoughts as I waited for sleep to arrive. Pondering over the execrable way I thought I had been treated, with contempt, by leaving me with all this hassle and worry, and as I wrote earlier, Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyne and feeling so isolated and nervous. Maybe I am suffering from GAD?

Worried about getting up in time, with it being hours beyond my usual Head-Down time. I don’t want to be late at the surgery for the blood test.

Goodnight all!

Sorry for being so down-in-the-mouth and despondent.

I hope for good news, help (Changes for the better) and cheering myself up soon.

But I won’t hold my breath! Hehe!

Life is not so good with all this undeserved nasty extra-hassle.

TTFNski, each.


Inchcock Today – Friday 30 March 2018

Friday 30 March 2018

Armenian: Ուրբաթ 30 Մարտի 2018

0235hrs: Woke feeling a bit cold and coughing. Then realised, as the brain slowly stuttered into a life of sorts, I was wearing my trousers and not the jammie bottoms? Remembered then, about last night’s farce, and understood why. The mind refused to operate logically, but the body seemed to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner of its own accord. Off for a wee-wee. The brain engaged when the lesion started bleeding. Cleaned and medicated things and to the kitchen.

5Fri001Kettle on, and took this photo of the morning view. The blue moon sneaking through the thick clouds. The lift from the new build site seemingly pointing this out to me.

The ailments were all being nice to me. A bit worrying this. Hehe!

5Fri001bMade a mug of tea, nipped back to the wet room for another wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks. With the INR Warfarin results suddenly being so high, at 4.6, from last weeks 1.1, I hoped the excessive bleeding would not start again.


When I did the graph update for the DVT unit, I noticed that the pulse had been gradually going down for a few days: 98 – 88 – 87 and today down further to 81. I could not help but wonder if this is a sign that the mechanical ticker might be running down? Just a thought.

I got the computer on and began to update the Wednesday diary. Didn’t get it finished until gone 0500hrs.

A sudden demand for the Porcelain Throne was responded to. There was minimal bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. However, when the evacuation was completed the resultant lingering malodorously mephitic aroma had even me, coughing and spluttering.

Started this blog off up to here. Then did some WordPress Reading.


5Fri005There I was, sat sitting waiting and hoping that the Virgin Internet might come back on, and I noticed an incredible looking bird out through the window, that was perched on the scaffolding. I whipped out the SD card from the computer and got it in the camera ready to take its picture. The feathered beast looked like an ornament, all smooth, it was coloured grey with black and white markings at its tail end and around its neck. Only a small creature, about the size of a sparrow. Maybe a little larger. As I began to focus and zoom in on it, in a flash, it was gone! It was like I blinked, seeing it beforehand and it was gone by the time the wink had finished. (Hope that makes sense?) I didn’t even notice it fly off. I’ll have to look up some birds on the internet later. Because this fascinated me.

With it being the holiday weekend, I went to check on the L9 buses and days they will be operating. But…


So I need to get some fresh foods in stock. I must remember to try and see Jenny, and give her some of the meals from the fridge for the poorly lady, Doris I think.

Did the next Health Checks to save time later. Time to get the ablutions done now. Had an excellent scrub-up and got the black bins sorted and dropped in the waste chute. Got prepared and off out to call at the Social Shed to see if Doris might need some of the meals. I can ask Obergruppenfurheress Deana, Untersturmbanfuhrer Julie or Jenny if any one of them is in the hut.

5Fri006Took this photo of the compound, cause I thought it might come out as a ‘Moody’ one. But it didn’t. Hey-ho!

I strolled come limped along slowly to the Warden’s hut. No one there all locked up.

So I proceeded in a downhill Northerly direct on Winchester Street. (Haha!)

This morning the clouds were hidden by a light eerie mist high up in the sky.

Only the plates-of-meat (feet) were giving me any hassle on the way down. They were in a terrible state. However, none of the other ailments caused me any concern at all.

Right and up Mansfield Road and into the Co-op store to see what fresh tomatoes they had on offer. All Spanish (Not tasty, their vegetables this time of year from España) Come think of it, they are pretty lousy tasting any time of the year!

So, I left and hobbled up to the Wilko Store, cunningly avoiding the avaricious Big Issue Seller outside the Co-op. It’s just that someone with three mobile phones asking for money finds me a little unresponsive. I wanted to see how much they (Wilko) charged for Germolid cream if they stocked it, and the same with the dust covers. I can use these in the following upcoming messy jobs to be done in the flat.

I ended up spending £24.70 in the shop! But, I did get a bottle of liquid soap, Garlic capsules, Nasal decongestant, a large Tarpaulin cover, two smaller thinner dust covers, a roll of 40mm black bags, a packet of yoghourt covered peanuts and a small tube of Germoloid Triple Action cream. That cost me £3.50 for a tiny 25g tube. I did a search earlier in-between The Virgin Media Internet going down. Germaloid 25g Triple Actions require payment of £3.99 at Boots, £3.79 at Hyperdrug, 2 for £11.29 on Amazon, and £3.19 plus delivery, whatever that will cost online at Express Chemists. And at BluKoo, they want £5.40 a tube! So, I think I got a bargain. Sadly a deal I shouldn’t have needed, having now received the tube of Anusol Haemorrhoid cream yesterday, that my kind Doctor Vindla supplied for me via a prescription on Thursday. I’ve tried it three times now, but find it very disappointing, ineffective I’m afraid. The Germoloid cream, although I have to pay for it, is so much more useful for me, where the Anusol is not anywhere as beneficial in giving relief, for my Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

I paid the lady on the checkout, and left, walking back down the hill, on the outside of the pavement, thus avoiding the ‘Three Phone’ Big Issue seller again, and to Winchester Street Hill, and started the uphill trek back to the flats. Within a couple of minutes, Anne Gyna let me know her displeasure. I had to keep stopping all the way up the steep, long hill. But, it gave me many opportunities to take some local photographicalisations.


As soon as I turned left onto Chestnut Walk, Anne Gyna started to ease off. And I appreciated this so much, as I slowly returned to my usual magnificently muscled ripped body and energy, and jogged along at a rapid rate of knots, to the Wardens Shed. 1Mon01a Hehehe!

As I found the place still locked-up, it slowly dawned on this Coup de maître of memory-loss, that it was a holiday, Good Friday! Chuffing heck: has Inchcock the Nottingham pensioner lost it or is he still just in the process of losing it?

So, that is the reason why there are no workers or staff on site today! This also means a Saturday bus service today, none on Sunday and none on Monday! What a memerisationalistical nincompoop I am!

5Fri010Feeling discouraged and disappointed in myself, I pressed on limping back to the flat, without seeing a soul around.

I perked up a bit when I saw the electronic information board next to the lifts, though. Seems I did the whole trip down, shopping and got back up the challenging Winchester Street Hill, all in a just over two hours. Although it felt like four hours. Haha!

Got the covers and bits of food stored away, and started to update this diary. For a while anyway, because…


Got on with the last, very early Health Checks.


The pulse-rate continues to fall still. Mmm?

The internet came back on after resetting failed, my turning it all off and starting again solved it.

I tried to go on TFZers on Facebook, but it was so slow, and then, once again…


5Fri012I turned it all off and went into the kitchen, to sort out what would be for dinner later. I opted for bacon and sausage in tomatoes. Had a wee-wee. Checked the door for any mail. An envelope with £2 in it had been posted through the box. It was from Jenny. I assume it was payment as she insisted yesterday, for the Fresh Cream Scones I handed her. Bless her Cotton Socks!

I took the medications and went back to the computer, and it was working again. Updated this blog. It took me ages to get up to here.

Mate BJ rang. Wanted to know if I’d like to go to the Papplewick Pumping Station Steaming with him and David on Sunday. Proof once again of my rotten luck, ill-fortunes and merciless everyday disasters! If Sister Jane and Pete had not changed their day to visit me from Friday to Sunday, I would have jumped at the chance for a half-day out at the PPS and enjoyed it so, I’m sure. Ah well. Too late now. I had to explain things to John, and felt terrible about it.

There was then a dirty-great whooshing sound from somewhere close. I could not make out where from or what it was. Of course, it is impossible with the new windows, to look out and down, although I tried. A little later there were drilling noises from somewhere. I know the workers have the next four days off (Friday to Tuesday) so it won’t be them. It might be Big Bad John? But if it is, he’ll be making the noise in a different room, I think.

Got the bacon in the oven while I worked on the computer. Then when cooked, I added it to the tomatoes in the saucepan, while I wrapped up the computer working.


I savoured the nosh of canned chopped tomatoes with added Balsamic Vinegar and basil, smoked streaky bacon and hot dog sausages with two slices of the Lancashire Thorough Bread.

Put the tray on the other chair and drifted off to sleep while trying to watch something, oh yes, The A-Team, on TV.

6Sat001Woke, and got the pots washed-up.

An eerie mist descended upon Sherwood.

Back to the recliner with a mug of Fresh Orange Juice.

Settled and saw that some Hetty Wainthropp Investigates was coming up on the goggle-box. But, I nodded off when the first set of adverts came on.

Woke as the credits were scrolling down the screen at the end of the last episode of the Hetty Wainthropp Investigates finished. Sacré bleu!

Hearing noises from Big Bad John in the flat above again, put me in a low-mood. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 14th January 2018: Bonkesness came forth

Sunday 14th January 2018

Igbo: Sunday 14 Jenụwarị 2018

0230hrs: Not sleep much at all last night. The brain kept me awake with its noegenesis activities. But none of its ramblings and conclusions made much sense. It kept wandering, escaping from my already limited control; Off on its autonomous, intermittent spontaneous random creating of judgments on and solutions to just about anything and everything. All bunkum, drivel, fiddle-faddle, impracticable hogwash, poppycock, and nonsensical claptrap. I think I failed to regain any modicum of authority, over the grey-cells. I reckon because I was so tired and in need of sleep that these thoughts and aimless wanderings won, and I gave up. And just went along with it all, diffidently.

Sleep did not come. But, the digressional meandering mind stopped and returned to semi-logicality abruptly when it had to deal with a demand for my utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne, suddenly and urgently! It would take several paragraphs to explain adequately the activities and incidents that followed on the trip to and in the Wet Room. (Farcical seems to cover it!) I tripped getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The remote control for the DVD fell off my lap, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman and knocked over an empty (Luckily) bottle of spring water.

Got to the wet room and seated, once again, only just in time; Spurt, trickle yellow, done! Almost totally liquid. It seems that Trotsky Terence has a grip on me now. Cleaned everything up and knocked my head on the sink doing so.

Returned to the front room. Where a search for the remote control proved fruitless? I got down on the floor with the torch to look underneath the chairs, but no luck. Getting back up into a perpendicular position was a painful and lengthy exercise.

My recent thirstiness has not assuaged, and I made my way into the kitchen and made a mug of tea in the new one.

Then I did the Health Checks and took the morning medications. I dropped the dosage pot and had to replace some tablets that fell out onto the floor.

This further bending down started Reflux Roger and Hippy Hilda off. Humph!

Washed up and got the vegetables prepared and in the crock-pot ready to cook later.

Today’s selection is the last of mushrooms quartered, the sugar-snap peas, sliced red onion, and tomatoes.

I added some vegetable stock to the water. After which I noticed that it had (Oh dear) a sell-by date of January 2017 written on the box. So I dished it in the waste bin bag. Hoping that the vegetables be okay to eat?

In actual fact, bearing in mind the lack of rest and the Whoopsiedangleplops, I was feeling in fair condition. Which confused me a tad.

0325hrs: I got the computer on and finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted. Then made a start on this one.

0600hrs: I went in the kitchen to make about the eighth mug of tea. Flipping thirst!

It didn’t feel too cold or wet or windy when I opened the window and hung out to take these photographicalisations.

The one thing that struck me more than anything was that I had my hearing aids in and could have the pleasure of listening to the birds and chics giving it some wallop with their whistling, chirping and singing.

As I leaned on the ledge, enjoying the morning chorus, something flew passed quickly between me and the ground. I wondered if it might have been a bat? It would have been on the floor below level and was a black blur. But it might have been too large for a Pipistrellus? Do crows fly at night? The mass of Nottinghamian’s resting or working, burgling, mugging below, made me… Hello, the grey-cells are wondering again. Why can’t I just see a photograph without investigative delving into and getting insights and sub-messages from the brain, lately?

I reached here in the updating and went on the WordPress Reader. Some good stuff on there today.

Did the WordPress comment responses next.

Then on Facebooking.

0820hrs: Made yet another brew of tea and went on CorelDraw.

I’m a busy-bee this morning. Made up an Ode to the Night’s Thoughts regarding the top paragraph on here, using CorelDraw: Ode to the Nights Thoughts Got it sent off.

Checked the crock-pot vegetables. Coming on nicely.

Hello, Herberts knocking away again. Tsk! Still, not to bad at the moment, just the odd bang.

Sod-it! The funny turns have started. going to get down and put a DVD on and hopefully fall asleep, blimey I need it. Poor thing, Hehe!

I don’t know what went wrong with this unfinished post, but for some reason I forgot to post it? Probably when Virgin internet went down?

For what it’s worth. Here it is. Sorry folks.

Inchcock Today – Monday 19th March 2018

Monday 19th March 2018

Gujarati: સોમવાર 19 મી માર્ચ 2018

0200hrs: I lay trying to recall a dream I think I’d just been having. I was in a swimming pool, filled with Engraulidae, with several people walking around throwing water on the anchovies from an aspergillum. On a tannoy system someone was asking me to answer quiz-like questions I knew nothing about and could not give an answer too. The voice said I must provide a solution or a fish would be killed for every one I fail to respond to. I was a right blatherskite in answering and made no sense at all, but the voice accepted every muttering I spouted as being the correct response? The recall gets very vague here, I have no idea what happened after this. I thought about getting back to sleep to see if I could get back the same dream.

0230hrs: The need for a wee-wee prevented me doing this. I disentangled my short, plump blubbery mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the wet room for my wee-wee. Far less bleeding this morning from the fungal lesion.

Washed and cleaned up and into the kitchen to see what the weather was like.

There were no signs of any snow falling. But the already settled dollop made this photograph rather pretty, I thought.

An Active-Warning was on the BBC site for Ice in Nottingham. When I took this photo of below the kitchen window, I could see they were right, too

The glistening does not show up in the picture, but it was unmistakably going to be risky walking underfoot on roads or sidewalks when I get out later.

I made a mug of extra-strong tea, then wondered if this was such a good idea when I had to return to the wet room for another wee-wee. It dawned on me then, no signs of needing the Porcelain Throne yet? I sensed problems might arise later.

Coming out of the wet room, I noticed something had been posted through the letterbox and had floated over and under the radiator. Being careful not to bang my head against the radiator this time, I bent down to retrieve the notice… and clouted my elbow on the heater instead. Hehe!

The leaflet was a warning of what was about to occur in the next stage of the flats upgrading. Then pamphlet was dated Friday 16th March, but I’m sure it only arrived yesterday, on Sunday? Unless I had not noticed it under the radiator? It included:

Tuesday 20th March (1-day notice given)  And a PM arrival. That will help me to get some sleep a lot. To:

  • Tuesday 20 March PM: Check area is clear to ALL windows – Check access to balcony area to demolish the wall and install protection screen.
  • Warning that the day before your windows are to be installed, you will see operatives on the balcony removing the outer leaf of the wall – they will not need access.
  • Wednesday 21 March AM: Install protection screen, Demolish wall, remove old windows and door and replace with new.

This will prevent me going out today, as moving all the gear and furniture to give them access to the windows and balcony is not going to be an easy job for me to do. So I’ll have to work slowly and carefully on the task to get it all done in time. Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna permitting, of course. Feeling a little apprehensive about this, but its got to be one. I’ll nip to the Obergruppenfurhress Wardens Shed and get clarification on what need doing around 0900hrs.

All this hassle does me no good. I fret and panic nowadays with change, pathetic, I, know. Just sorting the paperwork will take hours.

I admire how some of the tenants have coped with having their apartments done. Maybe it is easier for the couples in situ, than the single occupants, but hey, what do I know about couples! (Desirous plea for someone to adopt me here, I think? Haha!)

Back and got the Health Checks done and medications were taken. Made up the INR record on Excel for the week.

Got the computer on and finished off yesterdays blog. Rushing about a bit now so I can make time before I fall to sleep, to get as much work done on moving the furniture, boxes, wardrobes, bags, cleaning material, stuff off of the shelves. And, to file and store them, run through the paperwork etc. In readiness for the window workers arrival, and get it moved into the files boxes. The grey-cells are racing away, but the body is refusing to go at the same rate of knots! When I finish starting this diary off, I’ll make a start on the front room rearranging, cause that will take the longest time to get done. The most-gruelling work will be the unused apart from as a junk room, bedroom. Not looking forward to that, its bound to set one of the ailments off.

Got this post started up to here.

A quick blast on the WordPress Reader. Then the comments were read and replied to. There are some great posts on the site today.

Facebooking tried. Slow, but got through it.

Started to create a TFZer graphic.

Bondi Beach, with the adorable Marie and me in the rocks. Roxie is keeping her eye on the nosh I’m carrying, of course.

Tended to the ablutions and medicating procedures next.

Got myself wrapped up and off out to the Obergruppefureresses Temporary Wood and plastic shed, to ask advice on the two-day builders visit, and to check if the weather conditions out there would permit me to get out today.

As I opened the door at the end of the flat’s entrance into the elevator foyer. The icy-wind blew in my face, making me shudder and shiver a bit. Brr!

I could hear the wind blowing too. Things did not bode too well for my planned get about session today.

A closer look at where the wind was coming in from, revealed a two layer of iced-up snow in the bottom holding tray under the slatted vents that go through to outside.

With this, and the upcoming window and balcony work starting tomorrow for two days, I thought my immediate prospects of any warmth in the flat to be minimal.

Down in the elevator, it took a while some workers were bringing up window frames etc.

As I departed the building out of the foyer doors, the sight that greeted me, made my mind up straight away, I will not be going out anywhere.

As I got beyond what little bit of cover there was from the scaffolding, the snow and ice made me shiver even more!

Thre weren’t many people about, and they were taking their time on the lethal surface of the road. My slip-defying creep along to the shed, took ages, as I tried to avoid the worst patches of sheet ice.

I ended up walking on the road along Chestnut Walk.

I must have looked a little odd as I made my way along.

A lot of ice was under the snow, and some it compacted. Finding any free bits to walk on was impossible until I was close to the Warden’s Hut.

Things looked terribly bleak out there.

I ended up walking in the middle of the road on a bit of ice-free patches. But of course along came a car wishing to exit the site, and it was back to hobbling on the ice for me.

About 0910hrs, I arrived at the hut, I entered and the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Deana and Julie were in their office, both on the phone. Cath, the on-site resident Liasion Officer, was not present. But about six builders or window fitters were, they were having something to eat and a warming drink before starting work.

I waited a while until they had finished their communications, and went in. They seemed happy enough. It must be hectic for them on a Monday, with the weekend’s problems to discover and sort-out. I mentioned the noise from Herbert. I found out his real name is John. He is a lot younger than me, and a big bloke. This cheered me up no end!

I asked what needed to be done in readiness for the two-day frenetic, tumultuous work mess and session. “Just leave free access to all the windows and balcony”. Julie asked if they should go and sort me out now. I declined the offer. (I regret doing that now!) Thanked them, handed a fancy cup over for the Residents Raffle and said my farewells.

As I left the shed, the ground around was littered with icicles that had come off of the roof. Some builder chaps were walking along spreading grit on the roadway. Much appreciated by me, I can tell you.

As I made my way precariously back to the flat, I recalled Mary and Cindy telling on different occasions, that there new balcony and everyone’s, was left unsealed for two days, as were the windows. With -4°c forecast for the next two nights, the gale coming in through the outside vents and having mine done… I felt trepidation and the knowledge that I was going to be very cold shortly in the flat! Strewth, it’s cold enough now!

Entered the foyer, made way through several window fitters and their glass and frames and got in the lift.

A bit of sun broke through the clouds as got in the kitchen. I was in a thoroughly disconcerted state of mind at this point. I did the Health Checks Again! Realised what the time was, before I took the medications, luckily.

A tad concerned about this, because I had not had any Dizzies or Funny Turns at all? Something else to mention to the Doctor. That is if the weather will let me get to see her on Wednesday.

Took this photograph, of the hoist below, where the workers were making there way up to remove the outer leaf of my front and bedroom walls. Hence, my fear of getting too cold when it is done, cause apparently, it stays like this for several days before the work is completed. Those who have had theirs done inform me. Not to mention the horrendous noise they have to make doing it.

I set about sorting the access to the bedroom (Spare room) and titivating things a bit. I was doing so well, then Dizzy Dennis gave me a visit. I pressed on afterwards to finish I hope, the clearance. But gave up thinking of doing any more.

Made a brew and got the computer on to update this post. I don’t know how I will manage for the next few days, cause I’ll be in the worker’s way and the dust and noise would prevent me working on the computer anyway. Fingers crossed, but I might have to give it a break for a while, and I do love doing this blog. I’ll see how it goes.

Updated to this point, and went on CorelDraw to do some Diary top graphics.

Got this one of Thomas finished and posted off to the site.

Nipped on Facebook, but things were sticking and oh so slow again. Came off and back to CorelDrawing.

So disappointing!

Back CorelDrawing.

Completed Sandies Latest Film.

Then got the nosh all ready for gobbling up.

I struggled to stay awake while I was cooking this meal.

1Mon09And when it came to settling in the £300 second-hand chair to watch a DVD and eat the meal, it was the same. In fact, I think I might have fallen asleep while consuming it.

I wobbled off into the kitchen to wash the plate and cutlery. Feeling remarkably contented for some unknown reason?

1Mon10The sky looked so beautiful tonight.

Feeling sure that I would get some sleep, due to my feeling drowsy so early, to be on safe side, I put the TV on. Anticipating the arrival of the land of Nod.

But no, somehow I stayed awake through nearly a full episode of ‘Hustle’!

I woke, hearing noises. But could not identify what they were or where they were from?

I got up to have a wee-wee, and had to change PPs due to some bleeding from the haemorrhoids, stubbed my toe on the way back, got down in the recliner, and knocked the bottle of lemon and lime spring water off of the Ottoman, swore to myself, got up and kitchen-towelled the carpet and got my head down again. Off to sleep in seconds, hours later than usual, but still.

Inchcock Today – Monday 12th March 2018

Monday 12th March 2018

Kannada: ಸೋಮವಾರ 12 ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 2018

0035hrs: Woke up while dreaming of running a corner shop that had no customers, bare shelves, was battered and looked and felt like it had suffered bomb damage. I was crying my sorrows to a stuffed cuddly model terrier dog, and trying to feed it Marmite Crisps?

The nosh tray lay on the other chair, the empty plate, a knife, fork and spoon the only contents. There were no signs of any other nocturnal nibbling around this morning. Although, the remote control for the DVD and a battery charger lay across the room on the carpet near the mini-vacuum cleaner? I had a sense that I was in the exact same location and position as the one I drifted off to sleep in.

The top of the back, chest top and shoulders were aching and itching. Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald were fighting for precedence in the ailment stakes. I could feel the dried blood in the PPs. Attention is needed, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner almost with ease, and off to the wet room and Porcelain Throne. The evacuation was far less messy this time, almost a pleasure.

Funny how one thinks at times. I pondered on whether I should warn my fellow Pile-Sufferers, not to use the quilted toilet paper. It gets shredded on the pustules and or dried blood, and it becomes a nightmare to remove, starting them off bleeding again. Just a thought, sorry. Anyone out there wanting any quilted toilet rolls can call to collect them. Hehe!

Little Inchies lesion was washed, dried and medicated, Harold’s Haemorrhoids the same. I thought as I was doing these unpleasant tasks before going to do the Health Checks and take the medications’ If someone had told me how things were going to get sixty-years ago, I don’t think I would have believed them. For once, not feeling sorry for myself about things, just curious as to how well I think I’ve been coping. Then stopping these thoughts abruptly when I recognised the foolishness of over-confidence. Hehe! Had a clean-up and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

Took the medications, made a mug of tea and got the camera, opened the kitchen window, leant out, and got wet in the light-soak-you-through rain.


Turned to the left and got a half-decent shot of Chestnut Walk and the parked cars, the cranes and the street lights that give-off a Christmas-like scene to me, anyway.

Straight down for the next picture. The puddles of rain I could see with the naked eye, did not show in the frame for some reason?

Then I got the computer on to start this post.

Then I set about finishing of yesterdays diary. Got it posted off.

The need for diary page headers needed attention as I have none left in advance. So, onto CorelDraw to do a few up.

After an hour or so… Oh, dear, attention needed to the Fungal Lesion! So I got the ablutions done while I was in the wet room. By the time I’d got this done, there was none left to do any more graphicalising work, and I got myself ready for the trip to Nottingham City Centre.

Remembered to take the best umbrella, the costly Storm-Proof one I bought from Coopers. This will be the first time I’ve used this in heavy rain, glad I bought it now.

Took the black bags and dropped them down the waste chute on the way down.

Out onto Chestnut Walk in front of the apartments, brolly up, and ambled along to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Hut. The rain wasn’t too hard, but it looked set in.

Walking by the parked cars and I could smell something acrid, but it did not smell like petrol to me. It appeared that one of the vehicles had or was leaking something and it was draining into the sewers.

I pressed on and to shelter in the Wardens shed.

I hope Jenny is alright, I’ve not seen her for a while. Both the Wardens were out doing their rounds. The room slowly filled with folk joining me in waiting for the bus out of the rain. Had an enjoyable chinwagging session and laugh with them all. Welsh William was in good form, his insults and insinuendos were thick fast and witty. Some of my most favourite ladies were there. Two of the girl tenants told me of a fire in a flat for the last two Sundays or Saturdays, both apartments having had fires already earlier this year. They informed me that both tenants were alcoholics and were to be moved where they can have more supervision and an eye kept on them. I thought about pretending to be an alcoholic myself and getting a new flat application in? Haha!

Out to get on the bus, it was lovely being able to hear bits of what the clan were saying for once. The hearing aids seemed more efficient today, very puzzling

In town, I dropped off along with some other tenants, on Upper Parliament Street.

I got the best umbrella out of the bag, the costly Storm-Proof one I bought from Cooper’s, and it broke when I put it up! A white cord appeared, all chewed up, from the top centre of the pole bit! Damgloberations!

I popped into the Poundworld Store to get a cheap one from there and changed my mind when I remembered seeing some larger ones at the Sports Direct Shop last week. This proved a somewhat costly mistake for me.

As I left the shop to walk to Clumber Street, to have a look at the umbrellas they had on sale, I saw these poor pigeons. They were in a right state, neither could seem to stand or walk properly and were sodden wet through.

Felt a bit sorry for them.

The shop had cunningly placed a large display of umbrellas, right near the doors at the front of the entrance. They offered some at 2 for £6, they were not the collapsible type. I thought, they will have a larger area for cover, and they were a fair price too. I made my way to the pay counter. Foolish move! I ended up buying two crew sweaters, the umbrellas and just what I didn’t need more socks! £33 lighter, I left the shop and out into the rain. But, of course, I now had three umbrellas to carry, the broken one I put in a waste-bin further down Clumber Street. The two long ones, I struggled with much. They were too long to go in the bag, and I had to use one at the same time.

They were coloured deep red and felt very delicate, and I just knew they would not last long. Taking this photograph on Clumber Street, I had to put the bag down, hold the umbrella, stop the other one from falling over from in the carrier, and manipulate the camera.

What a picklement I got into taking today’s shots!

I hobbled along while the bag got filled up with rainwater and the shoes letting precipitation in now as well!

And forever having to adjust the brolly in the bag or pick it up when it fell over. Uncomfortable would be the word… messy and wet!

Through the Slab Square.

Down to Wheeler Gate and into the Marks & Sparks Food Hall in the basement. Where I bought two small pork pies and two boxes of triple-fried fresh oven chips.

I took this photo as I departed from the store. I walked back up towards the City Centre.

I slipped a Big Issue seller near St Peter’s Church a couple of quid. He looked wet and in need enough to me!

Up Exchange Walk and I crossed South Parade into the front of the Council House.

Where I took these pictures. The damp, dank atmosphere and pessimistic, depressed looking Nottinghamians did nothing to lift my spirits. Then as I made this one of the Slab Square: a wet warm sensation from the Fungal Lesion area. This was turning into a struggle of a trip out for me now

I took this last photograph of the back of the right Lion in front of the Council House building, facing Queen and King Street. And made my way up there to the L9 bus stop, one was due in three minutes.

I had a most pleasant discussion with a lady on the bus en route. Amazed at how we both shared the same views on how the world is going to pot and missing beef dripping sold from basins with thick jelly on the bottom! ♥

Offered my fond farewells as she got off the bus two stops before the flats.

Back at Chestnut Walk, the roadway was partially flooded. I think it was just due to the excessive rainfall and the drains struggling to clear in.

As I neared Woodthorpe Court, I could see that the workmen were still hard at it, even in these conditions.

Sooner them than me up there. Hehe!

As I moved off on my way to the apartment, I felt the rainwater squelching in the right shoe, and the blood flowing from down below and the lesion.

So I knew the first things that needed attention when I got indoors.

Got in, put down the wet bags and brollies, into the wet room. Cleaned up the fungal lesion, Daktarin cream applied, had a wee-wee, new PPs adorned, changed the socks after drying the right foot, then I threw the shoes in the rubbish bin. I got into the night attire.

Hung up the wet clothes to dry. Got the used new brolly opened to let it dry-off in the spare room, put the other one in the hallway. Then emptied the carrier, drained the rainwater from it and threw that away in the now full bin.

At this point, it dawned on me that I had a sore throat coming on, and was coughing a little. Hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Got the Cumberland pie, added a lot of extra grated cheese on top of it, and the triple-cooked chips into the oven cooking. Did the Health Checks and took the meds.

Got the mini sausages, sliced apple, halved min tomatoes with onion salt and lemon mousse on the tray ready.

I gave the pie and chips a little longer in the oven, so they browned up a bit more. Absolutely fabulous meal! 9.58/10 rated this time!

So tired now, but I’d dried out well. Haha!

Got watching some Jonathan Creek episodes on the DVD player. Viewed through two full ones too, before nodding off into the land of dreams.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 11th January 2018

Thursday 11th January 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 11 Ionawr 2018

Odder than usual morning today. I stirred into imitation life around 0215hrs, no memories of any dreams, although I know I had some. I had to make a concerted effort to create a bee-line for the Porcelain Throne, after the most amazingly straightforward and near painless task of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. All of the ailments, apart from Hernia Harry were still asleep I reckon. Haha!

But, once I settled on the plastic seat, Dizzy Dennis awakened, fiercely. I even thought I was going to topple off of the Throne! Only lasted a minute or so, though. Another messy multicoloured session. Not that it concerned me overly, what with Arthur Itis, Hippy Hilda and the other ailments being so kind to me.

I knew I had run out of advance prepared drafts and Top of the page graphics. So I decided this needed doing first.

It took me until gone 0800hrs to do the pictures on CorelDraw and make up the diary drafts.

Then, I did the medication taking and Health Checks.

Still got a bit of a thirst on me.

I semi-cleaned myself up ready for the Morrison delivery.

Then realised that they were not due until 1100 > 1200hrs. What a clot.

No signs of any workmen down below yet?

Lots of tasks to get done yet. WordPressing and more CorelDraw stuff in the queue. Facebooking and mails to examine; and, the time ran out. I must get ready for the Tenants Social Hours, TFZer catching-up, get the prizes and nibbles sorted, bo the waste bins. Oh dearie me!

Back later.

I’m back. The Tenants Social Hour went exceptionally well, today. The gals burst into song occasionally, well, twice. I led the applause after each occasion. Very upbeat session. Plenty of sarcasm flowed twit us all. Along with laughter and leg-pulling. I put the prizes with the others. Jenny was in good form. Bought the raffle tickets and gave them away. BJ came, and we managed a little natter before he took the raffle trolley duties up. I left a bit early in case the Morrison van arrived.

Back in the flat, and made yet another mug of tea. This thirst is bamboozling me!

Got on the computer to update this load of codswallop.

The site was buzzing with busy people by now.

I feared that the Morrison man would not be able through to the flats with all the commotion of the delivery lorries bringing concrete blocks, cranes and more scaffolding for the Willmott-Brown men.

But he got through on his second effort.

I’d forgot about ordering the tomatoes and bought some yesterday. Seems like I’ll have to live on these tomatoes now for a few days or more?

What a thumble brain I am!

1125hrs: The door chime rang out; It was none other than my old mate Mick Charnley!

Boy, was I glad to see him! Stories, memories and recent history were exchanged. We shared much laughter for hours. Mick departed around 0330hrs, leaving a happy, but tired Inchcock behind him.  I pictured him leaving and giving me a wave as left. Bless him.

I pressed on with the updating of this post to here. Then, got the nosh sorted out.

Scottish Plain bread smoked sliced belly pork sandwiches, mini-tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, sliced apple (Without cutting any fingers!), potato chip sticks, sugar snap peas, BBQ lentils, red onions, two miniature pork and pickle pies. A case of the eyes being more prominent than the belly again, and I left some of it uneaten. But enjoyed it.

Got the washing up done and settled to watch some TV. A farce really, kept nodding off and waking to a different frame or programme altogether to that I was watching, when I drifted off. This went on for ages until I found the sense to turn off the TV and sleep.

I woke up in the early hours, wanting, no, almost needing a drink. The mug of clementine juice was empty, so I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and went to refill it. Signs of nocturnal nibbling and possible somnambulation were spotted. A tub of chocolate nibbles had the lid off of it? – The cold tap was gently running? – A cupboard door was left open? Most mysteriously to me, my fingerless gloves were on top of a lidded saucepan on the stove?

Got my head down again.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 2nd January 2018: Mayhem Day

Tuesday 2nd January 2018


0150hrs: The body stirred, and waited patiently for the reluctant brain to activate. As far as I could tell, only Hippy Hilda was giving me any pain worthy of mention at this stage. When the grey-cells joined me, I was having difficulty in the disponibility of my thoughts, plans, worries and fears.

There lingered a sense that I had been dreaming and wanted to recall it. But no memories and no scribbled notes on the now crumpled notepad I found between my fluid-filled thighs and the £300 second-hand recliner. As I moved to manually try to raise the right leg, affected by Hippy Hilda’s determination that I should not do so without excruciating pain. I became aware that the now broken pencil was also down the side of the arm of the chair, and doing its best to lodge its pointed end in my bum!

1Mon01Bent forward manipulating the leg by the knee, the pencil pressed against the right buttock, I got in a pickle as to1Mon03 how to and what was the best way, to avoid setting off Hilda, and avoiding the splinters of wood from the half-pencil penetrating the skin of my rear end at the same time? I failed entirely in this. The leg fell, and Hilda let me know, and the pencil drew blood as it punctured the fleshy skin.

“A good start this, I thought. By 0205hrs (15 minutes from waking-up) I’d managed to get myself perpendicular, in pain, yes, but I was up. Even I had to laugh at myself. Off to the wet room to check things out.

There was only the tiniest speck of blood from the rear-end pencil wound with no pain whatsoever. Hippy Hilda was doused with the Phorpain Gel, and the Porcelain Throne utilised. Messy! Unfortunately, Little Inchy had been bleeding again. I cleaned up the place and me and limped to the kitchen.

2Tue001aGot the kettle on.

Cleaned the pots from last night’s delicious plate of fodder.

Made a strong-brew of Yorkshire tea and then I did the Health Checks, all looking very fine to me this morning. Actually, despite the earl Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplop, I felt surprisingly good at this stage. Even the 1Mon04scepticism drifted from my brain. Mind you, a lot of stuff escapes my mind nowadays, Hehe!

2Tue01Stuck my head out of the window to see what the weather was like.

Drizzling a bit. But it did not seem as cold as of late, although I felt it was nippy in the flat despite the four heaters all blasting away in a fashion that will upset the Bank Manager.

The vehicles looked parked better, too. This brought to mind that I have an INR blood test to get to for 0930hrs today. No buses till 0930hrs, so hobbling is the only choice. Not that I mind the limping along, for I desperately need to get out and some exercise after being stuck indoors for three days without a bus service to use.

1Mon05Got the computer going and checked the weather forecast.

It looks like I might get another soaking like the last blood test I went to, it’s gonna rain! Hehe!

Not looking forward to that then. I got on with updating and finishing off the Monday diary, then started on this one up to here.

Then I sorted out the nibbles for the nurses at the Sherrington Park Medical Surgery and the GUM Clinic. Should have plenty of time to get there and beg then have a look at Little Inchy. Oh, I’ll check on the web for the drop-in days… Ah, holidays, no drop-ins this week.

Made sure I’d got the Health Checks lists, mobile phone and camera in the coat pockets, the Anticoagulation Card too.

0700hrs: Ablutions tended to. I pondered on how long it is taking me now, to get the socks on. This, the hobbling and the falling asleep early will possibly result in four-hour days for me soon. Haha!

Set off at around 0830hrs, brolly in the carrier, remembered to take the INR card, gloves, brolly, nibbles, camera and mobile phone with me. Also, I put two empty jars in the bag to drop off at the recycling bin on the way out.

As I exited the flat into the elevator area, there were four workmen with parts of some old heaters working there. I greeted them with a genuinely cheery “You’re doing a good job lads!” Three ignored me and one cast a glance in my direction that said: “Silly old fart!” with a practised degrading-casting look up and down my torso. I’d say almost up to the Lidl staffs standard, but not quite.

I got in the lift and down to the foyer. Tenant Roy was having a fag near the doors, and as usual, he did not have his hearing aids in. Since I’ve been in residence here, this had turned up some humorous exchanges – but I think this one takes is the most confusing. Me: “Morning, Roy, everything okay mate?” Roy: “No, she had a shower!” Hehe!

2Tue02aaAlthough I didn’t realise it at the time, I waddled off down the road wondering what it might have been that he thought I had said, and forgot to drop the glass off at the bin.

The Obergruppenfurheresses Portacabin was still locked up when I passed, and the site was jam-packed with new workmen putting out parking cones and moving heaters from the compound to various flats.

2Tue02abI did notice that the external work to the balconies and windows was still on hold.

All bare of bodies on the hoists and scaffolding on this dark, dank and miserable morning.

I expect the Wildlife Preservation people will call sometime today about the bats?

I pressed on along to the end of the road and 2Tue02acturned right down Winchester Street Hill.

Where I had a bit of a struggle, with the foot that sticks out and carrying the heavy bag, to get through between a lorry and the fencing. He had apparently parked up to await a timed delivery to Willmott-Brown?

Onward down the hill and I cut through a road.

2Tue02adThere was a small squirrel on a low wall, who didn’t seem bothered when I got out the camera and zoomed in on him or her.

The moment I went to press the button, he was off like lightning flash. Hehehe!

I thought squirrels hibernated? No doubt I’m getting all confused again with some other creature or other.

2Tue02aeUp the slow gradient on Mansfield Road and over the crest, down towards Carrington.

Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda both in a decent mood with me at the moment. Only Anne Gyna to worry about for now.

From a distance, I spotted a van parked on the pavement. I hoped it would be moved by the time I got down to it.

2Tue02fAs I approached the vehicle, a man came out of the garden, gave me a good stare, and got it and started the engine.

He pulled out onto the road crossing three lanes of traffic and getting some horns blown at him in response to his dangerous driving.

As he passed me, he shouted something to me, but I don’t know what it was he said. I did 2Tue02gunderstand the sign language he used, though. Naughty!

Aha, a clear pavement to plod along to the surgery on.

But, is that a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist I see in the distance heading my way? It is!

I took a risk in photographing this rather large 2Tue02hcyclist.

He was totally unimpressed with my actions, nearly hit me on my right side as he sped past. He even said “Morning” to me as I was doing my best to get out of his way. And with a cheeky grin on his face. At least I think he said “Morning” to me. You never know do you, it might have been something else he said? Hehe!

2Tue03I got to the surgery and went to register with the receptionist, who was busy on the phone.

So I got a prescription form filled in for Little Inchies Daktacort cream while I waited.

I think I might have had a funny turn then. Because I sat down and got the crossword book out, and the lady asked me what it was I wanted earlier? Blown if I could remember asking her anything?

Within minutes my beloved Nurse Nichole came out to collect me.

As she was taking the blood, Dr Vindla came in and asked me why I had put Codeines on the request form. I could not remember doing this. Further proof of the likelihood that I’d had a funny turn. Yet at the back of my mind, I thought there might have been something else I’d asked for? She departed, giving me looks of suspicion and distrust. Nurse Nichole had a chinwag and laugh after she had gone, and I gave her the bag of nibbles. The Doctor returned, and we spoke about Hippy Hilda and Little Inchy. She is to send appointments to me when she gets them, for the GUM Clinic about Inchy, and the City Hospital about Hippy Hilda. She handed me the prescription for the cream. I said my thanks and farewells and departed. With Nichole’s feature firmly in my head and foibles.

Its been a hectic and busy day so far. Irritations and memory losses, been attacked and insulted, nearly knocked over and glared at. Hehehe!

I took the prescription to the chemist and got it filled. Then hobbled to the Lidl store. I should have known better really. I bought three cheesy cobs, Lime & Mandarin yoghourts and some cheese slices. Foolishly I used the self-serve checkouts. Where I have never done without a problem and had to summon unwilling help every time I’ve used them! Today was no exception. Having got only five items to scan, I thought, At last, success! The bill was precisely three pound. I put in a £2 and £1 coin. And the pound coin kept getting ejected, five times!

There were two Lidl trained experts gossiping nearby. I asked for help. One of them ignored me totally, the other tossed-up his head as if to say, “What?” He deemed it fit to meander over to me, and using all the Lidl staff training expertise, said “Huh!”. I told him about the coin being rejected, and this man actually used real words to me. “I’ll Gerrit changed fer yer!” He won’t last long at Lidl like that. Haha! He returned and threw a £1 coin into the tray and said, “There ya!” and wandered off to resume his natter with his mate.

Out to the bus stop and waited for one to arrive. I was dropping off in Sherwood minutes later. Boy, could that driver drive!

As I alighted the bus, I had to walk around some Nottingham Street Art in and outside the shelter.


Kebab and chips, I think?

2Tue03aaA sad sight a few yards up the hill on my way to the Pelican lights.

So, we had a new cafe opened and two more units closed down in Sherwood this week!

Over the road, and into the Wilko Store. Where I invested 90p in a nail brush and sponge. ♫ Hey, Big Spender ♫.

2Tue05Out and up the road, and called in the Card Shop, no, Card Warehouse it’s called. To see if they had 2018 diaries on offer.

Ended up getting one laid out like the one I bought last month. But much more substantial, meaning that writing and reading will be a lot easier, and just 50p more than the little one.

Something else to sort out now. Must get all the details transferred from the old one into it.

Out and up to the bus stop. Had about ten minutes to wait for an L9 bus. The rain started to drizzle, but I got myself under the shelter in the corner.

2Tue03bAlthough it doesn’t show well in the photograph I took of it, but there came all at the same time, seven buses!

Never known that before.

As these cleared, the home-bound L9 arrived.

In minutes I was getting off at Chestnut Grove, home at last.

2Tue04A lot of workers but not many tenants about as I walked to the foyer.

I got in and had a wee-wee and put the Daktacort cream away ready for later in the wet room.

Had a wash and got the cheesy cobs out ready for having later with some smoked bacon. Mmm!

1Mon01Got the computer going to update this post.

What a confusing, annoying and angry-making farce! I’d done up to here on it, and for some reason, it would not save! I ended up losing it all from where I left the flat! Grrr! Humph and Globdangerations!

1Mon01I had to contact WordPress helpline. No idea what they were saying, or instead, telling me to. Kept losing contact with them. What a shambles!

Spent well over an hour with them and eventually after moving and trying Chrome instead of Firefox, it came back on. Still not Working on Firefox though.

Then I had to redo it all again! Gnash!

Just finished it up to here now.


Feeling worn-out and confused, I got the cobs and bacon served up.

Found pieces of stuff in the fridge that was at the end of their use-by-dates and piled them on the plate.

Ate at most, 30% of it.

Atrocious. 3/10 rating. Might have been all the hassle over the WordPress mess that had put me off?

Herbert at it again with the knocking tapping and scraping noises, but not for so long or frequent today.

Got the TV on, but for the duration of my so-called viewing, I spent far longer nodded off than awake.

Remembered I’d not took the medications or done the Health Checks, so I fought off the tiredness, battled to get out of the recliner and did them.

Don’t recall much else, so I must have got down and nodded off.

What a busy, mayhem Whoopsiedangleplop, poorly making and wearying day!